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  1. @Ian Small, thanks for another great video. Structuring the Beta version to run separately, side-by-side, is huge for me. This will enable me to actively participate in the Beta Program.
  2. I had a very similar issue after upgrading to Mojave and EN Mac 7.10. After trying a number of things I had to do this: Remove EN Mac 7.11 and ALL supporting files using AppDelete NOTE: If you have any Local Notebooks you want to keep, you MUST first export all of them to ENEX files. Download latest version from Evernote.com, and install After about 4 hours, I had to goto menu Help, holding down OPTION key, and then to Troubleshooting > Recreate Spotlight Search Index . Wait a day or two, and then everything was working fine. If you prefer, you can first try just recreating both Search Indexes shown above. I tried that, seemed to work at first, but then I was still missing some Notes. All of your notes are most likely still there (in the EN Cloud), and maybe even on your Mac, but the faulty index is preventing the EN Mac app from showing them. If you have a Premium account, I highly recommend that you file a support case (see link in my signature below).
  3. @Ian Small, thank's for another great video. In general, I love the direction you are headed in with respect to tags. However, I do have one UI request: Please don't waste so much vertical space on the listing of tags. This would apply to all devices, but especially to mobile devices. It is far, far more important to those of us who have lots of tags (> 1,000) to see as many tags on the screen at one time as possible, and still be readable and touchable. Also, please greatly improve the contrast of the text. The light shade of grey used for the Tag Names make it very hard to read.
  4. I have seen the same behavior running Evernote 7.11 (457846) on macOS 10.14.5.
  5. I am in a very similar environment, so I encounter the same need. I suppose that "clean and tidy" is in the eye of the beholder. When I look at your example, which you call "very messy", I do not see why you consider it messy. It seems well organized to me The questions are clearly marked, without adding any real clutter The only thing I can think of that might help would require a feature not in Evernote: Collapsible/Folding text sections. Can you please show us an illustration, using any tool, of what you would consider "clean and tidy"? I have been using a very similar layout to capture Q&A within my Notes. The only thing that I do that is somewhat different is that if the question requires an extensive answer, then I generally put both the Q&A in a separate Note, and just include the Note Link in my main set of notes.
  6. BUG REPORT: "All Notes" Selection in Note List Fails to Show ALL NOTES This has happened several times now, for no apparent reason. Running Evernote 7.11 (457846) on macOS 10.14.5. See
  7. I have had the same issue several times now, and each time this fixed it: OPTION-HELP > Troubleshooting > Recreate Full Text Search Index. You would not think ALL notes would require such an index, but evidently it does. It made take several hours to rebuild your index.
  8. There is a very small group of forum members who seem to feel the need to always defend Evernote, and to jump on members whose posts they don't like. They often come across as hostile whether or not they intend to. My advice: just ignore them. They are not going to change, and you will just be wasting your time trying to respond to their defensive posts. If by "dysfunctional" you mean "not operating normally or properly", or, in my words, "not functioning well enough to deliver a high quality product", then prior to the arrival of the new CEO Ian Small in Oct 2018, I would have to agree. My assessment is not just based on third party reviews, but my own personal experience using Evernote for a decade, and observing the many failed attempts of Evernote management. IMO, the most obvious, egregious, example of dysfunction is that for years Evernote continued to make new releases with substantial new bugs, many of them very obvious. There's good news and bad news. 😉 The good news is that there is a new sheriff in town. The new CEO Ian Small seems to clearly understand the issues, and really knows how to listen to his customers/users. He also once (years prior be becoming CEO) felt Evernote had major issues, and, in his words, "fired Evernote" -- he stopped using Evernote. So It seems to me that he feels our pain, and has set about trying to restructure Evernote. For evidence of this, see the Behind the Scenes Series with Ian Small. The bad news is that Mr. Small has said that it is going to take some time to first complete the restructuring, then to begin adding features many users have been asking for. He has NOT given a specific time frame, but I get the feeling that it could be 2020 before we see any new features. That's just my opinion. But, for the first time in many years, I am very hopeful about the future of Evernote. I have 20K+ Notes and don't have any plans to switch, even though it has some bugs that really annoy me, and there are a few features that I would really like to have. Finally, to the point of this thread, outlining/text collapse is a feature I would much like to have, as it would make longer Notes much more readable/usable.
  9. Confirmed Bug in EN Mac 7.11: EvernoteSpotlight Plugin Crashes Occurred after I logged in from Screen Saver The same error occurred the last two days, also after screen saver login. Running Evernote 7.11 (457846) on macOS 10.14.5. I submitted an Evernote Support Ticket, and quickly got this response:
  10. @Ian Small, thank you so much for enduring the pain of "sticking needles in my eye" to be on camera and let us hear/see your thoughts. You're doing a great job, and we really appreciate it. Patience is something I've taken to a new level with Evernote. Long before you appeared on the scene, I learned that I could NOT trust a new release of Evernote Mac. So, I stayed with my current version until I could see no one was posing issues about the current version that would impact my critical workflow. Thus, I stayed on EN Mac 6.11.1 for over a year, until finally I felt safe to upgrade to Ver 7.10, and now 7.11. So, while there are a number of fixes and new features I'd love to have, I am more than willing to wait until you can get it right, and release a version with no material bugs. Since I know you read every post here, I'd like to take this opportunity to let you know that the upgrades from EN Mac 6.11.1 to 7.10, and then to 7.11, were very painful, and both gave me a scare that I had lost all of my 20K+ Notes. If you'd like more info on this, I'm sure you have my email address, and I more than welcome any/all follow-up from your and/or your staff on this. Please keep up the good work, and the sharing of behind the scenes videos.
  11. @DTLow, I agree. Thanks for asking for this. Are you seeing any new issues with 7.11?
  12. I agree all of us don't need the BIG SHARE button. My preference would be to provide us with a completely user-configurable toolbar. So each person could decide what to show on the toolbar, and what to put behind the meatball "Show More" button.
  13. @John in Michigan USA, I always thought Facebook was a waste of time, and now that we've seen how FB has abused our country and our citizens, many have withdrawn from it.
  14. Well done guys! 👍 I really like the design you have so far. I hope we will see it soon. Keep up the good work, and, again, thanks for sharing.
  15. @Nick L., thanks for the fixes! My favorite update. Any new issues we should know about?
  16. Feature Request @Nick L., please add an option to display the entire EN Mac UI in light mode.
  17. I agree. 👍 I have set the display/preview of the Note body to light mode, but the other parts of the UI are very hard to read. ATTN: @Evernote: ( @Chantal Leonard, @Johnathan Hebert, @Jason Miller ) Please ADD a preference to display the entire EN Mac UI in light mode.
  18. BUG Report: EN Mac 7.10 -- Excessive CPU% & Slowdown After Moving Notes to Another Notebook
  19. No. Evernote was generally running OK prior to the move. However, I have noticed that EN Mac 7.10 on my NEW very fast iMac is MUCH slower than Ver 6.11.1 on my old 2015 iMac running Sierra.
  20. Support Ticket submitted: Support ticket #2858304 @Ian Small, you should know that now it is very very hard to submit a support ticket. If I had not had a bookmark for it, I would not have found it. It used to be very, very simple: "contact support" was in the Help menu for the desktop apps, and in the "more" menu for the web app. Why were these removed? Do you not want people to submit support tickets?
  21. BUG Report: EN Mac 7.10 -- Excessive CPU% & Slowdown After Moving Notes to Another Notebook After I moved ~4,500 notes to a different Notebook (NB #2), Evernote 7.10 usability went to about ZERO! CPU usage went to 100%+ for > 1 hour It was syncing continuously, but ONLY uploading -- It did NOT download any of the new Notes I had created via Chrome Web Clipper AFTER the move notes When I would change the selected NB to the NB #2 (or any other NB), after 30 sec the note list still had not updated so show the notes in it. All I did is to change the NB -- this should be a very fast and simple database update! I am running a brand new 2019 iMac with 512 SSD, 40GB RAM, 3.6GHz i9 (8 cores) processor!!! I will submit a formal bug report shortly via the Evernote Support web site. Screenshot:
  22. My suggestion would be to use a really good text editor that is strong on RegEx usage. For the Mac (my platform), that would be BBEdit. This comes highly recommended by every experienced Mac user I know, and is probably the best all round text editor for the Mac. Someone else will have to suggest a text editor for Windows. BTW, one strong point for the Mac -- AppleScript. I have recently learned that if you are careful, you can use Mac AppleScript to edit the HTML contents of a Note, and retain all of the Notes non-text features, like images, attachments, etc.
  23. Please don't use all caps. That is the Internet equivalent of shouting. Be patient a while longer. The new CEO, Ian Small, is directing a complete rewrite of the core Evernote so that all platforms will have the same basic feature set.
  24. @Scott T., many thanks for a very thoughtful reply. This is really good to hear. It now sounds like you guys are on top of your game.
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