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  1. Thanks for sharing. This looks very useful. Now I just have to figure out how to create such a Siri Shortcut!
  2. You will probably find better support for AppleScript developer questions at AppleScript for Developers topics - Script Debugger Forum . I can tell you this: Accessing Evernote via AppleScript does NOT require any use of the Evernote API. Catalina presents new challenges for all apps, especially those that want to interact with other apps. Selling an app through the Apple Mac Store presents additional restrictions and challenges. Many developers have opted to sell directly from their own web site to avoid these issues. Good luck.
  3. This topic has been discussed at length here: See Evernote Backup and Restore Options
  4. Hey Ian, thanks for taking an interest in this topic, and for jumping in. We all really appreciate the attention you are paying to a sound restructuring of Evernote. Obviously I don't see a difference, since I made that statement. 😎 I have three succinct points about having Evernote "fully hierarchical Notebooks that work like OS folders": This would be very intuitive for just about all users, since all of us have used either the Mac or Windows OS, and know how OS folders work. They are essential for modeling real-world objects, like Projects, that are inherently hierarchical. Their use with tags is very, very powerful, allowing us to file Notes in an organized structure, while still allowing cross-cutting categories, easily overcoming the "where to file" issues several users have raised. If you'd like some detailed examples of this please let me know. Finally, if you do provide fully hierarchical Notebooks, I don't see a need to change how tags work in Evernote.
  5. If you are using a Mac, you could automate this workflow with either AppleScript or Keyboard Maestro. KM makes it easy to use AppleScript and other Actions to quickly write a Macro to automate workflows. Highly recommended.
  6. My records indicate it started as early as EN Mac 7.11 running on macOS 10.14.x (Mojave). As noted above, doing a clean reinstall is a major undertaking. The spotlight crashes stopped for me after I removed the EvernoteSpotlight plugin several weeks ago. See above for instructions.
  7. I'm running macOS Mojave, so I can't comment on Catalina. It works fine on Mojave.
  8. I am NOT hijacking the discussion. The topic title, "Nesting Multiple Notebooks / Creating Sub-Notebooks" and "fully hierarchical Notebooks that work like OS folders" seem the same to me.
  9. Glad you recognize the purpose. Unfortunately you seemed to have missed the point of my analogy and testing. But let's not digress into a side issue. Perhaps the tags themselves are hierarchical, but I'm sure you know that hierarchy (i.e. its child tags) has no influence on the selection of Notes are assigned to the Parent tag. To be clear, we expect that if a Parent tag is selected, that all Notes with the Parent tag and any its child tags are also selected, just like when we select a Stack, it includes all Notes of its NBs, or if we select an OS folder, it includes all of its files and the files of its sub-notebooks. If we had fully hierarchical NBs, then we would not necessarily need for hierarchical tags to behave in this manner. I can see the benefit of having the tag structure as we have it now in that case. So the focus is, and remains, on the request for fully hierarchical Notebooks that work like OS folders.
  10. Yes, very sad that all of the previous Evernote CEOs have ignored this request, which will bring EN Mac up to par with EN Win. Our hope now is that the new (last year) CEO @Ian Small will fix this, since he has already stated a goal of parity of features across all Evernote platforms. It is such a basic feature across all Mac editor apps, that it is hard to imagine that it won't be fixed.
  11. It is not a matter of agreement. What some of us need, others do not. That applies to many features of any app. There are some users who prefer to use only plain text files for their notes. Others of use see the benefit of rich text, hyperlinks, tables, and attachments as being part of our Notes. Use of most features is optional. I have proven, at least to myself and a few others, that using Mac Finder Folders (which are fully hierarchical) WITH Finder Tags (which are not hierarchical) is an extremely effective and efficient method of organization. If you, or anyone, do not see this benefit, or do not need it, that's fine. Many of us do see the benefit.
  12. @annemie, as a follow-up to my above statement, I wanted to give you an example. I am not specifically recommending Daylite, but this story may give you some insights into the value of a good CRM system: How Daylite Helped a Solopreneur Achieve Stress-Free Productivity
  13. Hierarchical tags are NOT supported on the iOS platform, a very popular platform for Evernote. Even if they were, using hierarchical tags, in lieu of true folder-like hierarchical Notebooks, is a poor second to a real NB solution. I know because I have been using Tags in EN Mac as pseudo Notebooks for several years now. There are two main issues with this technique: Tags must be unique, so you can't have two child tags with the same name. In EN Mac and EN iOS, there is no way to apply a Parent Tab to tag filters or tag search, and have it automatically include all of its child tags. @Ian Small. So we really do need true, OS folder-like, hierarchical Notebooks. There is no good workaround today. As you design the new foundation for Evernote, please consider this.
  14. I agree. For those of us to make great use of tags, we definitely need better ways of managing the tags. Both the Tag Tree in the sidebar and the Tag List need a major UI overhaul that will support thousands of tags, just like can be easily done with the Mac Finder or Windows Explorer.
  15. If this is for your business, then IMO you would be better off using a CRM system (app or web) than with Evernote. A decent (and inexpensive) CRM system will make it easy and effective for you to track and develop leads and customers. You will quickly find Evernote to be a PITA for this use case, and this comes from a big-time fan/user of Evernote. It's all about picking the best tool for the job. One lead developed, or not lost, will quickly pay for a good CRM system.
  16. The EvernoteSpotlight plugin has NOTHING to do with Evernote web clipping. Please check your assertions BEFORE you post so others are NOT mislead. I removed the EvernoteSpotlight plugin several weeks ago, and I continue to use the Evernote Web Clipper many times a day without any related issues.
  17. I applied this fix, and I no longer get the error, and my Notes are still being indexed by Spotlight: Actually, what I did was this: I zipped and deleted the EvernoteSpotlight.appex folder: /Applications/Evernote.app/Contents/PlugIns/EvernoteSpotlight.appex
  18. I totally disagree. It is NOT "just expected", at least not by many. Yes, those in teams or organizations might need collaborative editing, but for most Evernote users, whom I believe are just individual users, we do NOT want to complicate the EN Editor, nor delay delivery of the new Evernote for collaboration features. That was tried by a previous Evernote CEO, and it was a disaster. Further, I don't think collaborative editing, as in multiple users changing the same document at the same time, is a good idea. In fact, it is a terrible idea. If you need full-on document editing with version tracking by user, then use MS Word or similar. Let's keep Evernote simple until the basics are completed and reliable.
  19. @Alexander Schatten, see my post at Search with "stack:Active"
  20. In addition to, or instead of, using a "Archive" tag like @DTLow suggested, you can create a Stack, that I call "Active", and put all NBs that you consider active (not archive) in that stack. Then it is easy to do a Search with "stack:Active" plus whatever else you want.
  21. This whole forum (discussion.evernote.com) is officially "user supported", but Evernote employees often respond to various posts. As you noted, the official statement says this, points back to this sub-forum.
  22. Glad that it worked for you, but it did not for me, using a very similar procedure. IAC, for those with a large number of Notes, that is not a very practical solution. Obviously, the solution is for Evernote to focus on this for a bit and solve it.
  23. For those of you on Twitter, I suggest a Twitter campaign to put pressure on Evernote to get this fixed. I don't do Twitter or Facebook, or I would start it.
  24. I think this is a question best put to Evernote Support. See the link below in my signature.
  25. Agreed, it is hard to understand why this issue has NOT been fixed six months after it was first reported.
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