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  1. Seems obvious to me that if you backup something, you might want to restore (import) it some day.
  2. This is so funny. First, many users are admonished to NOT use Notebooks -- use Tags. Now, we are being told that we use too many tags. What works for one user does not necessarily work for others. I have had many tags for years, and they all come in handy at various times. A good UI will help the user find and select the tags he/she wants to use. The EN Mac Tag Filter is a good example of this. Also, the Chrome Web Clipper does a great job of allowing the user to quickly find/select tags.
  3. You guys are missing the point. For those of us, like me, that have many legitimate tags (>> 100), the current process to move a tag to a new Parent tag is ridiculous. We should be able to right-click on the tag ( in BOTH the left Sidebar, and in the Tags View), select "Move to Parent Tag", and be provided with a popup, auto-complete list like the Tag Filter uses. Reducing the number of tags is NOT an option for us.
  4. ENEX is a much better choice for backup purposes. When you restore (import) ENEX all data will be restored except Notebook. This is NOT the case with HTML. But you should test this for yourself. Export the same Note as ENEX and as HTML, and then import both. Examine the differences.
  5. @Hamburglar, nope, have NOT upgraded to Mojave, and don't have any immediate plans to. The latest version of Evernote Mac still does NOT support macOS Spotlight, which I use a lot. I've been running macOS Sierra for over a year now, and really like it -- no problems.
  6. You can try using a app deletion tool like AppDelete that not only removes the app itself, for all of its related data. Note that if you have any Local Notebooks they will be permanently lost, unless you have a good backup.
  7. Roger that. It is so obvious that it makes one wonder if the developer of this feature ever tested or used it???
  8. I have a similar setup: I have both an "Archive" stack and an "Active" stack. So when I want to restrict my search to active notes, I can either select the "Active" stack, and then enter my search; OR enter "STACK:Active" in the Search box.
  9. In terms of a tool, I'd have to go along with the suggestions by others for Backupery, although I have NOT used it myself. This is mainly because I'm a Mac user, and don't have the need for a 3rd party tool. IMO, there is no question that the ENEX format is best for backup, since that is exactly what it is designed for. HTML is good for use with other apps, but not nearly as good as ENEX for recovering Notes. Keep this in mind: Other than Notes in a Local Notebook (NB), all of your Notes are stored in the cloud by Evernote. So you can download a fresh copy any time you like from the EN Cloud. So, the only issue is the one you raised: a corrupted Note. Note Corruption I suppose a Note could become corrupted, and then upload to Evernote. But I've never encountered a corrupt Note in my 10+ years of using Evernote, and I now have 20K+ notes. But it could happen, most likely due to user error, like force-quitting the Evernote app, improper shutdown of your PC/Mac, etc. And also, from use of Evernote Beta Versions (which I never use). So it is up to you to decide how risky your situation is, how much insurance can you afford? Full vs Incremental Backups With regards to doing all full backups vs incremental, remember that if you have to do a full restore, then you start with a fresh download from the EN Cloud. If you have just a few Notes that are lost/corrupt, then you just need to recover the ENEX file that contains the good version of the Note. You do the recovery to a Local NB, and then move the target Note to its normal sync'd NB. So I would backup only Notes that have changed since my last backup -- incremental. For EN Windows, Backupery would seem to be a very good tool for this. Use of External Drives If your Evernote data is very important to you, and you want to keep for many years, then just buy a large, multi-TB external drive -- they are very cheap these days. Of course, you now have to worry about another problem -- failure of the external drive. I have addressed this problem by getting an external drive that houses two physical hard drives, and run it in Raid 1 mode -- mirroring. I am betting that it is very unlikely that both drives will fail at exactly the same time. More Info All of this has been discussed many, many times before, ad nauseum. If you do a forum search on backup, you'll find many hits. I, and others, addressed this issue extensively a few years ago. See Backing up and restoring Evernote data (Reference article)
  10. Thanks for sharing. That is really a great solution thinking out-of-the-box!
  11. @Metrodon, thanks for sharing. That is very good to hear. Now if Evernote can just get Spotlight and AppleScript working properly.
  12. For what purpose? Is there something specific that you find hard to see or use? Can you provide examples of what you would consider a good/better UI? Personally, I dislike changes in UI just for the sake of change. I like tools that I know how to use, that I have formed muscle-memory for most of my main tasks with it. Changing the UI that just moves stuff around (menus, buttons, layout) for no good purpose highly disrupts my workflow. There are some UI changes that I would like that would greatly help my workflow. But I'd much rather Evernote focus on fixing all of the material bugs that have existed for months, if not years. I especially would like Evernote to produce a solid, stable, bug-free version that works on macOS Mojave, including Spotlight indexing/searching.
  13. @DTLow, thanks for sharing. Have you submitted an EN support ticket for the AppleScript issues? If not, please do so. Like you, I heavily depend on AppleScript.
  14. Evernote Mac on Mojave -- Anyone have any version running well? I'm getting closer to being ready to upgrade from macOS Sierra to Mojave. Currently I'm running Evernote 6.11.1 (455059) on macOS 10.12.6. Does anyone have any version of Evernote Mac that runs well on Mojave? If you do, but still have some issues, please list the issues. Thanks.
  15. I agree. The problem I have is when sending an email (via MS Outlook) and I bcc my Evernote account, Evernote does NOT put the email header info into the body of the Note. What I expect, and would like to request, is that Evernote put the same info (that almost all email clients do when forwarding email) at the top of the Note body, like this: Thanks.
  16. I like your idea. Unfortunately a stumbling block for me is that many of my Notes already use the SourceUrl field to point to the actual web page source for the Note. I really wish that Evernote would support the notion of child Notes (records) that is so common among most full featured PIMs. It would be awesome to have a "Child Notes" tab in the UI that list all of the child Notes, using the same list UI that is used for Notes in general. Of course, each Child Note could then become a Parent Note, and have its own children.
  17. "Conceivable"?? Perhaps you meant "feasible". I'm pretty sure it is conceivable since OP did just that. 😉 IAC, it is definitely feasible, and, seems to me, one of the easier things to track for undo's. Just record the tag and affected Notes in a temp database. You might think an account with tens of thousands (up to 100,000) notes might be a challenge, but decades ago we had databases that could easily handle millions of records. Many advances in both DB technology and HW tech. since then.
  18. Yes. This is easily done with tags. You could create tags "Personal" and "Business", and tag each Note accordingly. A chief advantage of tags is that you can tag the same Note with both tags, whereas a Note can be in ONLY one Notebook. I use Tags as Pseudo Notebooks (pNB) , and I have ".NB.Personal" and ".NB.Business", which works quite well.
  19. Yes. See https://dev.evernote.com/doc/articles/search_grammar.php For example: resource:video/* to find all videos. You can try other MIME types to get what you want.
  20. Well, anyone can make a wild-ass guess, and I would *guess* that you are quite wrong, that there are many more EN Mac scripters among paid users. IAC, I would hope that Evernote does NOT guess, but use some type of in-app measurement tool to get a better indication. Of course, use of scripts is like any other feature whose use largely depends on how well advertised it is, and how easy it is to discover. Microsoft, for example, provides a script menu item and a number of useful AppleScripts that come with Outlook. Other apps do the same. Scripting is really an advantage to the app developers as well. It allows each user to customize the app, automate the app, without the app developer doing much work after the initial setup of scripting. Scripts are much like browser extensions, except that every user can do some scripting with a modest amount of work. I, and other Mac users, have be enjoying Templates in EN Mac years before Evernote made them generally available. These Mac templates were fully automated, more so than Evernote's templates.
  21. I also highly doubt that Evernote will ever significantly add to scripting EN Win, since they have not even kept EN Mac AppleScript up-to-date as they have added new features, and changed existing one. If Evernote Corp wanted to really take Evernote app to the next level, then they would implement their own scripting engine, using something like MS VBA, and enable it to run in the cloud so it would work on phones/tablets as well as desktops. I guess it depends on whether or not you enjoy programming. Scripting to enable you to change and automate the existing behavior in ways that you would probably never get the app devs to do, certainly not on the time scale you'd like. I have highly automated and enhanced EN Mac using AppleScript, not only within the app, but with other apps. In essence, I've been able to automate entire workflows that cross over multiple apps, saving me hours a day, and eliminating mistakes likely made during manual steps.
  22. Of course, you can backup your Registry so you can restore if need be, but if you're really uncomfortable with making these changes, then probably it is best not to do so. Once you install Evernote on your new PC, you can quickly tell if any of the user settings are maintained in the DB. Frankly, I'd be very surprised if they were since this is exactly the type of thing the Registry is designed for. OTOH, this is how we learn -- stepping out of our comfort zone to try new things. Of course you always need to first backup, and carefully research and prepare for making new changes.
  23. Well, that's not the answer we wanted to hear, but I really appreciate you being candid and letting us know up front.
  24. I don't think anyone has answered this question. I'm currently a Mac user, but in my Windows days all (or most) of an app's settings were stored in the Windows Registry. It should be possible to find and export the Registry settings for Evernote, and then import them in your new PC. Sorry, I no longer have the details of how to do this, but I would expect one of the Windows gurus to come along and provide this info. Good luck, and let us know how it goes.
  25. @EhsanE, as you probably know, Evernote will ASSIGN the tags in the email subject, but not create them. Changing that to CREATING tags is a double-edge sword: If you make a typo or misspell a tag, then it gets created in error. Having said that, it could be useful. Perhaps Evernote could all double # to indicate create the tag if it does not exist. Of course, what would really be great is some type of add-in or helper for our email clients that allow us to select existing Tags/NBs, and create one if need be, much like happens on the Note Tag Assign block.
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