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  1. @John in Michigan USA, I always thought Facebook was a waste of time, and now that we've seen how FB has abused our country and our citizens, many have withdrawn from it.
  2. Well done guys! 👍 I really like the design you have so far. I hope we will see it soon. Keep up the good work, and, again, thanks for sharing.
  3. @Nick L., thanks for the fixes! My favorite update. Any new issues we should know about?
  4. Feature Request @Nick L., please add an option to display the entire EN Mac UI in light mode.
  5. I agree. 👍 I have set the display/preview of the Note body to light mode, but the other parts of the UI are very hard to read. ATTN: @Evernote: ( @Chantal Leonard, @Johnathan Hebert, @Jason Miller ) Please ADD a preference to display the entire EN Mac UI in light mode.
  6. BUG Report: EN Mac 7.10 -- Excessive CPU% & Slowdown After Moving Notes to Another Notebook
  7. No. Evernote was generally running OK prior to the move. However, I have noticed that EN Mac 7.10 on my NEW very fast iMac is MUCH slower than Ver 6.11.1 on my old 2015 iMac running Sierra.
  8. Support Ticket submitted: Support ticket #2858304 @Ian Small, you should know that now it is very very hard to submit a support ticket. If I had not had a bookmark for it, I would not have found it. It used to be very, very simple: "contact support" was in the Help menu for the desktop apps, and in the "more" menu for the web app. Why were these removed? Do you not want people to submit support tickets?
  9. BUG Report: EN Mac 7.10 -- Excessive CPU% & Slowdown After Moving Notes to Another Notebook After I moved ~4,500 notes to a different Notebook (NB #2), Evernote 7.10 usability went to about ZERO! CPU usage went to 100%+ for > 1 hour It was syncing continuously, but ONLY uploading -- It did NOT download any of the new Notes I had created via Chrome Web Clipper AFTER the move notes When I would change the selected NB to the NB #2 (or any other NB), after 30 sec the note list still had not updated so show the notes in it. All I did is to change the NB -- this should be a very fast and simple database update! I am running a brand new 2019 iMac with 512 SSD, 40GB RAM, 3.6GHz i9 (8 cores) processor!!! I will submit a formal bug report shortly via the Evernote Support web site. Screenshot:
  10. My suggestion would be to use a really good text editor that is strong on RegEx usage. For the Mac (my platform), that would be BBEdit. This comes highly recommended by every experienced Mac user I know, and is probably the best all round text editor for the Mac. Someone else will have to suggest a text editor for Windows. BTW, one strong point for the Mac -- AppleScript. I have recently learned that if you are careful, you can use Mac AppleScript to edit the HTML contents of a Note, and retain all of the Notes non-text features, like images, attachments, etc.
  11. Please don't use all caps. That is the Internet equivalent of shouting. Be patient a while longer. The new CEO, Ian Small, is directing a complete rewrite of the core Evernote so that all platforms will have the same basic feature set.
  12. @Scott T., many thanks for a very thoughtful reply. This is really good to hear. It now sounds like you guys are on top of your game.
  13. Thanks for sharing. Please keep doing so. I'm glad to see you guys fixed this design flaw. But I have so say that it was very predictable, and the solution is decades old design technology. Use of replicated databases to reduce loading has been used for decades. @Ian Small, one thing I have noticed over the last 10 years that I have been using Evernote, but particularly the last 5 years or so, is that it appears that the Evernote engineers and designers seem to be very young. I've always wondered if there were any senior, seasoned, highly experienced senior engineers that were at least guiding the design process. It seems to me that all too often the infrastructure and UI design seems to lack an understanding of, and appreciation for, time-tested techniques and technology. No matter how smart, or how dedicated, a person is, there is nothing that truly replaces experience. To be clear, I'm not saying that you should not have new blood, young engineers, who can push on existing technology and methodology. I'm just saying there needs to be a balance, and that the voice of experienced engineers needs to be given due consideration. I can clearly remember when I was a young engineer, I sometimes had what I thought was a great idea, only to find out later from the "old" experienced hands that the idea had been tried/considered previously, but didn't work for reasons I had not considered. OTOH, I did have a few really good ideas that were fully embraced by the senior engineers, and were implemented with success. But I wish you and your team great success. We are all depending on it. 😁
  14. I experienced the same thing when I upgraded from EN Mac 6.11.1 to 7.10, although I am running Mojave. As @DTLow, suggested, rebuild your Search Index in the OPT-Help > Troubleshooting menu. This fixed the problem for me. Screenshot:
  15. I share your concerns, and I have made a post in the main thread about this video:
  16. @Ian Small, Now that I've had some time to think and review the changes you have made so far in the Editor Beta, I'd like to provide some more detailed feedback. Semantic Headers -- AKA "Styles" First, please don't start using new terms for well-known entitles. Please call these "Styles", which almost everyone knows and understands. Second, styles are NOT just for headers, they are also for general paragraphs, and even in-line text. You mentioned this, but just to reinforce, please do allow us to modify all styles, and create/add our own. Fonts I appreciate the challenge of multiple devices/users/readers, but this problem was solved long ago on the web. It is called CSS font-family Property Please don't try to create your own solution to this without first giving due consideration to a solution that has been used for decades, and seems to have weathered the test of time. CSS font-family gives us the best of both worlds: Allows the creator to specify, if he/she wishes, a specific font to be used if available But then has a fall-back to the general font class, as in: font-family: Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; Fonts are fairly personal, and each of us may have a particular font that we prefer. So you could allow the user to pick any font on their device, and then append the standard Evernote fonts, and finally the generic font class Please don't force us / limit us to use some font that some UI designer thinks is best -- IME these UI designers almost always pick what I don't like. For reference, this is what you showed in the Video: Another user has already started another topic on just this issue: Thanks again for listening to our feedback.
  17. Nope. Copy works fine for me running Evernote 7.10 (457750) on macOS 10.14.5 (Mojave).
  18. I offered my feedback with the hope that my information/situation when the text is properly presented will help Evernote solve the problem, for those that have it.
  19. @Ian Small, I completely agree with the comment about Tags. I need for the Tags of the Note being edited to always show as part of the header being displayed for the Note. I, and many others I think, are very tag-centric, and it would be a real PITA if I had to click on something else just to view the tags for the Note. Thanks again.
  20. Wow! This is terrific! You guys are doing a great job. 👍 And Sasha did a great job of presenting and explaining the new editor. I really like everything you are doing to the new editor. This time, I do NOT have any complaints/issues. 😉 Thanks again for sharing as you develop.
  21. I agree with @gazumped, about use of Airtable, particularly if you have a number of fields that you want to track, sort, and/or search on. Also, it is easy to include a URL field in Airtable that is a link to your Evernote Note. I do this extensively in a Medical Records database when I have extensive links to Evernote Notes for details. Airtable also has an API that I believe (but I have not tested) you can link to a specific AirTable record from an external source, like Evernote. If you want to keep all of this in Evernote, then here's what I have done many times: Set the EN Creation Date to the Source Date of the contents of the Note -- Date of Publication in your case Set the Note Title to the title of the publication Set the Note Author (via the Note Details popup) to the Publication Author, and then add Author as a column in either the Side List or Top List view. Here's an example screenshot of Evernote 7.10 (457750) on macOS 10.14.5: (click on any column header to sort by that column) I'm using EN Mac, and so I use AppleScript to quickly/easily set these fields. Finally, I'd suggest that you try the top 2 or 3 methods that have been suggested, and see which works best for you.
  22. As you say, Evernote Mac has a limit on the Note Title length, so you will either have to revise the text for the title, or let it be truncated. I'm not clear on what action you want to perform at this time. Do you want to modify the Evernote Notes that you imported from Apple Notes? OR, do you want to re-import the Apple Notes and handle the Note Title differently? How many Notes need to be revised? What script did you use to import the Apple Notes? Once we clearly understand what you want to do at this point, most likely there is a simple AppleScript solution.
  23. Hey guys, if this is on an iOS device, then this feature is NOT provided by Evernote. It is provided by Apple in all iOS apps. To confirm, try typing the same thing in the Apple iOS Notes app.
  24. I am NOT seeing any of this. Running Evernote 7.10 (457750) on macOS 10.14.5 (Mojave). Everything looks fine on both my 2019 iMac-27 Retina screen, and my ASUS-27 monitor, both with resolutions of 2560 x 1440 (default for display). Example Screenshot from my ASUS-27 (I have to say the actual screen looks better than the screenshot. Click on image for best view.)
  25. Upgrade to Evernote 7.10 Complete I have now upgraded to Evernote 7.10 (457750) on macOS 10.14.5 (Mojave). Although it was a bit scary in the beginning (like reporting no Notes found), after I reindexed both "full text" and "Spotlight index" (Evernote menu OPT-Help > Troubleshooting), and gave Evernote a day to fully complete the upgrade and reindex everything, all appears well as of today. As reported above, it does appear that Spotlight is only indexing the Note Title. Since Spotlight is so good at full contents indexing, I do hope that in the near future Evernote will fix this to also search Note Titles and Tags. I can also report that so far I have NOT has any AppleScript issues specific to Evernote. In fact all of my frequently used AppleScripts are working fine with Evernote. If anyone has any specific questions I will be glad to answer. Thanks to everyone for sharing your experience with Mojave.
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