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  1. Many thanks for posting. This looks very interesting. Will check out tomorrow.
  2. Could you please upload, or provide a link to, your Alfred workflow. Looks very impressive.
  3. I agree with the need for Evernote to provide full OCR as part of the app, especially when there are free developer tools like Tesseract OCR that do an excellent job. The great Mac automation tool Keyboard Maestro now provides this OCR tool, which I use almost on a daily basis because KM makes it so easy to do so. For more info, see Keyboard Maestro 9 adds support for OCR .
  4. I think you and maybe some others completely missed my point. So let me spell it out: The notion of having Styles in any kind of text display, and/or text editor, is so old that it should automatically be provided by default, in the very first version of any decent app that supports text editing. It is a long-since well-proven UI for a text editor. Or, as you said: "Heading styles are a great idea for note taking and organizing text in a note taking program."
  5. As compared with a more professional tool like DevonThink Pro.
  6. As @DTLow suggested, try PRINT to PDF. Select all of the Notes, then File > Print. This will print each Note to a separate PDF file. Fortunately there are tools that will merge all of these PDF files into one PDF.
  7. Thanks for sharing. This is very interesting. Given that Evernote is a low-end, inexpensive, personal information manager, it seems unlikely that Evernote (the company) would add that to Evernote (the product). However, it might make a great add-on or "pro" app for those who need that level of information analysis, and or willing to pay for it. Unfortunately, Evernote has been struggling for years to produce a solid, stable, near-bug-free app that works consistently across its platforms. That's what the current CEO Ian Little is focused on now, and I really hope he succeeds soon.
  8. There is a setting in the Evernote Preferences for that:
  9. If all of your Notes were in sync'd NB, then all of them should still be in the EN Cloud, and most likely are also still on your Mac -- and some macOS or Evernote bug is preventing them from showing. Here are some troubleshooting steps. Do each step, then open EN Mac and test for your notes Make sure you are signed into Evernote with the same account as you were previously using on your Mac. If you have more than one Evernote account, and are not sure which one to use, goto Evernote.com Login to the EN Web app with each account login until you find the account you want on the Mac Restart EN Mac. Restart your Mac. Reindex your Notes in EN Mac Open EN Mac Hold down OPT key and click on Help menu Goto Troubleshooting > Recreate Full Text Search Index This could take a few hours, even a day, depending on how many Notes you have If all else fails, then do a clean reinstall using a app uninstall tool like AppDelete Before you start, backup/export all of your Local Notebooks to ENEX files (one per NB). Don't manually move EN Mac app to the trash Use the app uninstall tool to move to trash the EN Mac app and ALL related files. Restart your Mac Download the latest EN Mac version from the Evernote.com web site Install and open EN Mac It will automatically download all of your Notes from the EN Cloud. After all Notes are sync'd, then import the ENEX files (if any) from Step #1. If at any point you are not comfortable with proceeding, submit an Evernote Support Ticket, report the issue, and ask for help. Good luck, and let us know how it goes.
  10. Exactly. I have been using my own template system for years -- long before it was introduced in Evernote. I see you are using EN Win, but since you posted in the General section, there may be some Mac users reading this. Using EN Mac, AppleScript, and Keyboard Maestro , I have developed a highly automated template system, that includes the use of placeholders in the template note for things like date and time.
  11. @PinkElephant, could you please stay on-topic. It really makes a thread hard to follow with your long off-topic posts.
  12. But that is very easy to do. All you have to do is press CMD-Delete with the wrong note selected, or maybe accidentally selected with a bunch of other notes. And then, much later, after you have lots of Notes in your EN Trash Bin, you just empty the Trash because you don't have time to go through each note in the trash. Now, months, or maybe years, later you try find a Note you know you have -- but it's not there -- it's long gone. Backups are like insurance -- you hope you never need it, but you're in a world of hurt if you need it and don't have it. The only effort with a good backup system is the initial setup. After that, very little effort is needed to maintain it. So I really don't know what you are complaining about. You're already doing TM backups, which are effortless. You don't need to do anything else until you need to restore one or more notes.
  13. I think it might surprise a lot of people, including Evernote program managers, that lots of users might take advantage of a full boolean search, although they (the users) have never heard of the term "boolean". It largely depends on the UI that Evernote provides. Years ago I built a database app that had a wizard-like "query builder", which allowed even the novice user to build very complicated searches. Almost all of my users loved it, and took advantage of it. The other use case is for EN Business Accounts, where you could maybe have the Account Admin (or other user) who could build some complex saved searches that everyone in the company could easily use. This would make it easy to automate many business processes/workflows. @Shane D., perhaps you could bring this to the attention of Ian or some of your top program managers.
  14. I also like the benefit of having my data offline -- mostly on my iMac with a large SSD. But on a small SSD MacBook Air, I would like the OPTION to not download certain NBs.
  15. Have you tried this with older Notes? I just checked several notes and there was NO backup at all in the Note History. Evernote does NOT store every version of the Note. You may not be able to find the version you need. You said you were already a TM backup. No need to create ENEX files until you need them. I was just making the point of how to restore a Note from TM.
  16. The easiest way is to just forward the Mail Message to your Evernote inbox address. You can see this address at https://www.evernote.com/Settings.action. It is the "Email Notes to" field. This ensure you get the rich text formatting of the Message, as well as images and attachments.
  17. Actually, there is a great need for ENEX if you want to restore selected Notes or Notebooks. As @DTLow stated above: So after you have restored Evernote data from TM, it will be overwritten when you next sync with the Evernote Cloud. To restore selected Notes, you have to: Disconnect your Mac from the Internet Restore the Evernote data from TM (or other backup) Export to ENEX the Notes you want to restore Restore the Evernote data back to original (prior to Step 2) Connect to the Internet Sync, just to make sure Import the Notes exported in Step #3 to New Notes Replace the original Notes with these, if you wish.
  18. Hey guys, may I suggest we get back on topic, now. If you want to discuss Catalina, then please start a new topic.
  19. Well, we are considerably off-topic now, and I have contributed to it. My main point is that I would NOT upgrade to macOS Catalina just to gain a massive amount of free space in my Evernote data. Highly unlikely.
  20. The link you provided deals ONLY with the new read-only partition for system files, and has NOTHING to do with reducing user file storage. I don't know what you did, or how you are obtaining the size of the Evernote databases and files, but I don't believe Catalina reduced Evernote storage from 50 GB to 149 MB.
  21. Are you sure about this? I haven't seen anything about macOS Catalina that makes radical changes in the file system from Mojave. IAC, I really doubt any change could reduce storage by factor of 341. Here's a good review on Catalina changes: macOS 10.15 Catalina: The Ars Technica review
  22. I pretty much agree with everything @DTLow posted, except for the export format. For pure EN backup purposes, ENEX is the best format. For more info, See Evernote Backup and Restore Options
  23. Nope. A "selective store" option for EN Mac Notebooks has been requested for years, but Evernote has not shown any interest in providing this option. I agree it would be a really great option to have, especially on laptops with small hard drives.
  24. I can confirm that it is still a bug running Evernote 7.13 (458080) on macOS 10.14.6 (Mojave). I also have reported this several times as a bug via Evernote Support Ticket. The last I heard was that Evernote could not reproduce the bug, but they did confirm having many reports of the bug. Seems like to me it is past time for Evernote to reach out to one or more users who have reported the bug, and ask for detailed help (like calling Evernote immediately when the EvernoteSpotlight tool crashes. I offered, but have not heard anything from Evernote.
  25. Like you, I held off upgrading from 6.11.1 to 7.11, for the reasons you mention. But after I upgraded my Mac to Mojave, I really wanted to so I could enjoy Dark mode and other features. So, I'm on 7.13 now, and the only issue I have is that the EvernoteSpotlight util (that runs in the background), seems to crash several times a day. As a result, the Spotlight index is not always up-to-date. But I just tested it, and it worked. I did have one issue when I upgraded -- at first none of my notes appears, and then not all of them. Eventually, I had to do a clean install. So, if you have any Local NB, be sure to export them to ENEX before you upgrade. Overall, I am happy that I upgraded, and most everything is working OK.
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