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  1. Hi all! The option to add a specific note to Home Screen should be available in Android 10.6!
  2. Thanks for reporting this discrepancy! To confirm, we released Evernote for iOS 10.5 yesterday. Do reminders with the latest date still show at the bottom for you @david grant and @TonyLim after updating?
  3. Hi all! Evernote for iOS version 10.1 is now available on the App Store. As always, we welcome your feedback. New: - Sort options in search results - Open password protected PDF files - Offline notebooks now continue downloading in the background Fixed: - Issue with Apple Pencil missing strokes on iOS 14 - Note appears zoomed in when switching between notes - Issue with loading a large number of search results - Note would not always open at the top of the note - Edit button would flicker when adding attachments - Sharing a PDF file would sometimes open the keyboard - Issue with occasional note conflicts - Miscellaneous bug fixes - Stability and performance improvements
  4. Hi @Dmitry Mi, thanks for reporting the issue with the blank space in the left side bar. Our development team is investigating, we hope to have the fix available soon to you all. As for the Apple Pencil strokes issue, we partially fixed the issue in 10.0;4 - it should be completely eradicated in an upcoming release. While we work on a permanent fix, disabling Scribble in iOS Settings > Apple Pencil > Scribble should solve the problem.
  5. Hi all! You'll find below the release notes for Evernote version 10.0.4 that was release today to the App Store. Mobile clipper fixes: destination notebook selection not working, source URL not appearing in clipped notes Additional fixes for note conflicts Fixed: Apple Pencil strokes appeared 'jagged' Fixed: Issue with offline search Fixed: Issue where the app would sometimes display in Simplified Chinese instead of Traditional Let us know if there are any questions!
  6. Hello all, we know there have been requests to see what specific fixes went into our most recent releases. We'll start including these fixes as part of our main App Store release notes soon, but in the meantime, posting them here: Version 10.0.2: Fixed: Too-frequent note conflicts (note duplicates) Fixed: Incorrect date formatting (not respecting 24h date format) in the note list for certain regions Fixed: Lag when editing note title Fixed: Occasional issues loading note body Fixed: Edit button not always responding Fixed: Crashes related to search Version 10.0.3: Fixed: Additional note conflict fixes (primary fix was in 10.0.2) Fixed: Slow sync/app performance when clipping multiple items using mobile clipper Fixed: Issues clipping photos Let us know if there are any questions!
  7. Thanks @cofercarv. Could you confirm that you see the notebooks list as expected from the notebooks page? To access the notebooks page (or notebook kingdom), tap on "Notebooks" from the left side bar to access the notebooks page.
  8. Hello @Ian Patterson, thanks for raising this. We are aware of this issue and hope to have it resolved soon.
  9. Hello @DeeDee2020, thanks for letting us know. Could you clarify if you restored all notes from trash at once or one by one? How many notes were in the notebook? When you restored the notes, did you see an error message? Have you checked if the restored notes are to be found in your default notebook? Thanks in advance.
  10. Hello @Ian Patterson, I'm sorry to hear that happened. I've reached out to you via email to gather more details on this. Thanks!
  11. Your feedback is always welcome. Release notes: New: Dark mode in Evernote is now set through system settings in iOS 13 Fixed: We came; we saw; we conquered bugs.
  12. Sorry for the delay — 8.24.2 Release Notes are the same as 8.24.1: New: Dark mode in Evernote is now set through system settings in iOS 13 Fixed: We came; we saw; we conquered bugs. As always, we welcome your feedback!
  13. Hi all, Evernote 8.24 is now available on the App Store. Feel free to share any feedback! New: -Remember when you were a kid, anxiously counting down the days until your birthday? That’s how we feel waiting for iOS 13. For now, we’re busy tweaking the app to get ready for all the cool new features.
  14. Hi all, Evernote for iOS was released on 8/21 to the App Store. As always, we welcome any feedback. Fixed: - Occasionally, images you'd captured with your device's camera wouldn’t show up when you opened a note. They were there all along, but now you’ll be able to see them too. - We also fixed some specific issues that were causing the app to misbehave.
  15. Hello everyone, Evernote for iOS 8.22 is available in the App Store. Thank you in advance for your feedback! Fixed: - Bug fixes and performance improvements = the name of our new band
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