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  1. Thank you Mike, I switch to new web interface, and problem solved for search without "intitle:", please see my result.
  2. Thank you Mike, I just tried the web interface, it's still not working. : (
  3. None of the following syntax work : ( ",id," "id," ",id"
  4. Hi fellows, For the situation I just know the "id" in between underscore in a note title, how could I search for the sample below? Many thanks in advance. s
  5. I find it's working in Copy into wordpad then cut to Evernote!
  6. I have exactly same issue on EDAMNotFoundException. Does any one have solution on on this? (If I move to Evernote 10, there would be no issue, but Evernote 10 is hard to use, not my option now)
  7. Evernote is for note taking, items movement is essential. +1 for The SHIFT-ALT-ARROW keyboard shortcut for moving paragraphs, including bullet points
  8. Another alternative way is to leverage keyboard short cut. e.g. Microsoft keyboard mouse center. Here is my setting in Chinese(pic) to set specific macro for evernote
  9. Hi all, Is there any way in windows does the following action(return from note link) When you click to follow a note link during presentation mode, your presentation will move to the new note. Press Cmd + open bracket ([) (Mac) to return to the original note. Thanks, Damon
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