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  1. Archiving is one of the biggest reasons the mega users recommend tags over a heavy reliance on Notebooks, . . . .Just say-en For me, tags tend to really cut the clutter of false positives, then if your looking at your snippet by "last updated", the older things -- presumably things that would be archived are at the bottom. For GTD -- saved searches in shortcuts for "Important+Urgent", "Important+Not Urgent" etc - saved searches with "Unfinished to-do- items" will automatically Archive a note off the search when the last check box is checked
  2. Is it just me? I wonder what it would be like to be retained to market a file folder system? . . .. .. Now let's see . . . how would I go about doing that? hmmmmmmmmmmmmm I need a problem .. . . a problem that isn't getting answered. . . . say what? . . . you say it's been answered? . . .. . .that won't work . . .. . Let's just pretend it isn't answered . . . .. [name drop] . . . [name drop]
  3. Ha ha ha . . . . okay, NOW we are getting somewhere. I get that your frustrated. I really do. And I get the Clueless as well. CLUELESS is my middle name and Clueless is my native state. Take a deep breath and just reflect a little bit here. We are 89 posts into this thread and BurgersNFries answered your question in Post number 2. If it were me . .. . . and I am just say-en, if it were me I would run to her and give her a big fat kiss on the cheek, a big thank you, and a big fat PLEASE forgive my cluelessness -- but that's just me . .. . . because I'm always clueless BurgersNFries is on here everyday . . . . she is not paid (that I know of -- she sure as hell should be) and she has answered people's cluless cries for help 12,857 times . .. . she didn't have to . . . . Ever one of your questions have been answered. Every one . . . . and Vance . . . . ..if you can stop seeing red for just a minute . . . . BurgersNFries is STILL reaching out to you STILL trying to help you solve the fragmented image folder problem -- this is tips and tricks you won't get from me (why? because I'm clueless but she knows it) she is telling you EXACTLY how to take all those fragmented images in all the folders and move them into one . . . OMG, Vance . .. . . .. she is STILL trying to help you BurgersNFries deserves the Evernote equivalent of the Congressional Medal of Honour !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! anyway . . . . . I do understand the frustrations, but please . .. please understand who is trying to help you. Good luck with CloudHQ and wish you the best/
  4. Vance, No . . . . . No it's not. The pdf or photo is *referenced* inside the HTML and you can see it there but the pdf or photo is OUTSIDE and separate of the HTML document in it's original state There are all kinds of free HTML text editor programs -- Look at Sea Monkey, there are hundreds -- I don't see the problem It does that -- it exports the original photo in its native format -- JPG, PNG, whatever -- I don't see the problem
  5. hmmmmmmm ok . . . . so it's one-to-one and you can move it right in to CloudHQ if Evernote goes bad. but as Bruce.0 has pointed out there is a VERY steep charge to do so on CloudHQ (per their price page), but you can already download exported HTML files for free that jefito just explained . . . . .. hmmmmmmmmm Why would you do that Bruce.0, Why did you pay the fee at this time if, you said yourself the price was much steeper than Evernote? Not that it matters too much, other than it helps me understand motivations and how his motivation may or may not reflect my own, but Bruce.0 says he has been a member of Evernote since day one (that's impressive ok I am going to listen to this guy) but this is the first thread he has ever added to . . . . . .O.o . . . . .. (so maybe this is an Alt account and he wants to keep his main account private .. . . maybe . . . maybe he is CloudHQ employee . . .. shrugs) BINGO! So we are really back to the question of -- What is wrong with the way Evernote exports its notes? All the original documents are all right there in the same folder. There is no one-at-a-time extracting JPGs and PDFs files, clearly these forum posters refuse to try a sample export OR they have alternative reasons not to -- Edit -- OR they are just stumbling around and have no idea what Evernote can or can't do -- now *THAT* would fit my MO. I understand clueless very well hmmmmmmmmmm
  6. Have you guys looked at TagSpaces? http://www.tagspaces.org/ It is basically a non-synched local only evernote system with tags and searches. I had seriously considered using this for my financial papers I want to keep private on local computer only, but for now. I prefer the I-Can-Search-All-My-Notes-At-Once approach thru evernote and just use private notebooks. I haven't tested it but TagSpaces seems awesome and for some of this people that are using evernote as a file manager only this might be something to consider, you could certainly have it set up in your dropbox folder online or Google folder -- that would back it up
  7. Vance . . . . seriously . . . .this is just . . . . bizarre. You are venting your frustration. . . . . ok . .. . I get that. That's your point. That's your real point. You're venting. . . . this is sort of how it comes across to me . . . . .you say, . .. "I get it. I get it. It does wonderful things, but all I want to do is drive it to the corner store to pick up milk and bread, like probably most everyone else that uses their NASA Delta III liquid hydrogen second stage Rocket. . . we now understand that its purpose is for deep space exploration and expanding the outer limits of human knowledge, that doesn't mean we have to LIKE it. I'm not saying NASA should supply reverse lights on it for when we back out of the parking spot after buying our lotto tickets, I am just objecting to this idea that somehow Interplanetary Space Travel is somehow as useful and convenient as an end product for individual convenience store shoppers" Vance . . . .We agree with you. . . . . the use you are using it for is not useful and convenient for your use -- a folder system We agree Now if you will excuse me, I need to get some cat food and I am at T-Minus 47 and counting.
  8. This is for other readers The ones ofi is asking for I don't think are currently avialbe -- but make sure you check out the ones that are available -- there are a LOT of Keyboard shortcuts https://evernote.com/contact/support/kb/#!/article/23168552
  9. That's your perception. It wasn't mine. I love what I have learned from the "one helper" ok, yeah . . . . I can see how that would be extremely frustrating especially since you have been using Evernote since , , , at least 22 Jul 2010 -- I mean that sincerely Edit -- I have been using evernote about the same length of time and I had never actually tried to export a sample either. So it was my first time too. I'm just not as upset with the output as you are. I don't dismiss that you might be extremely disappointed. It would suck to be that disappointed in your expectations. No . . . I don't think you are silly. I think your frustrated . . . . and that is understandable. I apologize if you took it wrong . . . .and I mean that. I don't think you are silly. But I was really talking to the people reading this . .. . Seriously, (you other people) export a sample and look at it. if the format is not what you want or scares you, learn from this and plan for other options.
  10. Lets see if I can understand what is happening here. First the fact =============== The Facts =============== 1) Evernote has been experiencing some lag issues, thsi has a lot of people concerned. Even BurgersNFries has reported, on another thread, that her windows client is lagging and she has tens of thousands of notes. 2) People are starting to get concerned. Will the Evernote Team get this fixed? Just how portable IS Evernote and how easy is it to get your files out? That's a legitimate question and one I am asking myself as I am just as concerned as the next person 3) Along comes Vance who wants to get his files out exported "in their original format" A ) If the evernote note is a text file he wants the note exported in txt, B ) If the note contains pictures, he wants that picture exported as a JPG or a PNG whatever it originally file type c) If the note had a PDF file in it he wants it exported as a PDF So in other words, apparently each of Vance's notes are either Text, Image, or PDF -- there ins't a lot of multiple formats in each note 4) BurgersNFries trys to explain, it's misunderstood, other join in -- concern grows -- Can you or can you not get your files out?? !!! ============= I tested it myself ============= I went and exported a bunch of my notes and it worked even better than I thought it would. Internal links from one note to another note are honored and I can move around inside my exported notes. WHAT A RELIEF I can even see the embedded files be it photos, PDF and see the spreadsheets that are embeded JUST like they look in Evernote. The original embedded files be it Jpg PDF are unchanged and everything I took a deep breath. =============== Why the confusion? =============== People, apparently don't understand what Evernote is -- Evernote is a data base. It's not a folder system. What is a Database -- A Data Base is a glorified spreadsheet that can do complex searches with links to things -- Links to JPGs, links to a PDFs links to a text documents But Evernote is so much more than a Database because it displays all these linked things right there in the note view and you can work with them in amazing complex ways. If all you are doing is just using it as a file system where each note is purely a Jpg, purely a PFD, purely a text file, Evernote is not the best application for what you are doing. There have been threads which have talked about how storing all your images in everynote is clunky and not efficient, other applications are better at that etc etc Seriously, if a person doesn't like the envelope idea of a HTML file that is fully and almost universally understood format which will let you put *context*, *meaning* to what is contained inside the note -- then clearly you didn't want to be using Evernote to begin with. What if a note has Text, and PDF and a Jpg and a Recorded note all in the same note? How did you expect Evernote to export that? A) Evernote could just guess which is the most important based on size and export it that way B ) Evernote could export the same note multiple times for each file type Both of those options, I personally find inferior to its current approach. Currently you STILL get the original embedded files in their original condition and format and there is only one note instead of many ========================= so . . .what am I to make of this ========================== Vance has more posts than I have on the forum so he is pretty active .. I guess, Confused is pretty new, bigbobbyboogie is new, a lot of the people worried seem to be pretty new. What is the chance that they havn't reached a level of understanding what Evernote can do and can't do yet? -- maybe kind of high Is their concerns about the sluggishness and portability Valid? yeah . . .. very valid Speaking to readers not yet posted -- Why not just try to export yourself to a temp file and see what it does for yourself. it wasn't hard 1) do a complex search 2) Select all those files 3) File -> Export -> Export as multiple Web Pages 4) then go look yourself. If what you see scares you, then your not using evernote the way it was intended and there are clearly better ways, such as Drop Box or Google cloud drive BurgersNFries can be abrupt but her advice is always spot on -- and the help she has given to people, me including, has been phenomenal with insight I have gotten from no one else
  11. Ha!, Isn't that just the way? It should default to editable and then a special key or button to lock it
  12. Not avialable in iOS -- or if it is it's not easy to find
  13. Okay . . .. I have been sitting on the sidelines until the right moment to add my two cents worth. I figure 6 pages into the thread is about the right point for me to jump . .. . Tags are awesome!
  14. ROFL . . . . . you were just talking to one of my personal GODS of Evernote. Gazump knows more about how to organize in Evernote than almost anyone else on here It might have been Gazump that pointed me to this website a few years back http://ruudhein.com/evernote-gtd It has been my bible, it was free and I *think* it was one of the sources that David Allen used before he wrote his booklet --Having said that. After 3 years of using Evernote for GTD I second Gazump said regarding methodologies. -- . .. . .. . . I know .. . .I know .. . . I didn't answer your question either. Let me save you the time to post . . .I will do it for you . . ."Next"
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