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  1. This is like watching a train wreck in slow motion -- Two trains colliding at 100 Mph. The two engines (Web beta) have already touch in the super slow motion -- a total disaster, Now the the Mac OS cars (number two in line of cars) are starting to crumple in with bits and pieces flying everywhere -- it's a The Matrix movie with bullets -- you see it coming. It's surreal to sit here and watch this, as I am a windows user but, Windows OS is the 3rd car in the two trains The most bizarre of all is this is totally self inflected [ EDIT ] but unlike my silly analogy, this train wreck is reversible . . .. there is still time . . .. . or is it? f = ma Force = Mass * Acceleration Phil Libin has put all his eggs into "Workspace" and apparently they have had the foot on the gas of a long long time before they went public with this. These two trains - Workspace Vs how people actually use Evernote -- their core users -- have been at full throttle in opposite directions for a long time -- we are just now seeing the impact And it aint pretty . .. . It's pretty sad really . .. . and for me and millions of people who need an external brain for us personally and for our jobs -- this is tragic Evernote Executives, Please do some soul searching before its too late
  2. I have been following the advise of some of my favorite mega users. Roll back to a stable version and turn off Auto Updating
  3. No . . . . They Are Not Listening. Evernote had HUGE amounts of Goodwill from it's users. When I got really serious about using Evernote, I was blown away with the amount of Goodwill / Good Faith / Trust / that the hard core user community had about this app. It was people like Gazumped, BurgersNFries, JMichael, and Csihilling and many others that convinced me, through learning from them and their faith in the app, that going premium was a good idea for me -- YOUR CORE USERS ARE WHAT SOLD ME. Not you. Not your slick promo videos, Not all your marketing efforts. You Are Not Listening. You are now bleeding goodwill in buckets. The people that really use your service are telling you they can't use the beta to do any kind of meaningful work with their existing data and You Are Not Listening.
  4. I am a premium user with a pretty high intolerance of ads - I am not bothered by ads I don't see pop-up ads or distractions during my day -- been premium for more than 2 years Having said that I have some serious concerns on where Evernote is going with "workspace" but that is off your question
  5. You don't say what computer you are on OS Help -> Go to my Account Page will take you to your account on the website and will show you how much you have used and how much you have left Obviously you must be on a free version. I have had premium for over 2 years and have never ran out of capacity and I am a heavy user. So if your clipping rate hasn't changed then the pages you are visiting and clipping has -- all those pictures might be very heavy loads PNGs as apposed to Jpgs
  6. But to answer the question more generally, Has Evernote lost the plot....?uh huh, with the new "workspace" they seem to not understand that their core users actually need to retrieve information and they are not listening
  7. Eeeeak I am so sorry for these people's problems I have taken my cue from some of my favorite Mega users and I Have Stopped Downloading New Public Releases I am on windows 7 (which Evernote has had major problems such as synching and locking up) I rolled back to 5.2.0 I found Evernote for Windows [edit] here: https://www.evernote...11aff00bd04d617 my start up load time dropped to just a little over 2 minutes. Individual notes load screaming fast too. My deepist sympathy to BasieBand and evernoteluvr, but Public Releases are now the new Betas and the Beta's are nothing more than early Alphas
  8. hi Sabugar I am on windows 7 as well -- there is a known problem with windows 7 with synching. I personally have rolled back to Evernote 5.2.0 and its working perfectly for me. I am staying at this version you can read about it at this thread https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/61178-evernote-keeps-freezing/
  9. [ Edit - csihilling beat me to it -- I am pretty much telling you the same thing] gazumped and csihilling are both awesome (and my heros) but let me try to come at it another way TURN OFF AUTO SYNCH You have your have your database and and exported the files -- THAT'S GREAT Be VERY careful you do not mess up these files Now . . . take a deep breath . . . You have a clean install of the program (which will mess up your special changes to locations of your old data) -- this can be fixed 1) Let us see where your data files are right now in the new clean install a) from your menu bar at the top Tools -> Options -> Open Database Folder *this is a blue hyperlink) b ) mine is located here C:\Users\[myName]\AppData\Local\Evernote\Evernote\Databases c) since this is a clean install it will not have your local files on it -- but you have the files saved somewhere else -- GOOD!!! d) Log out of Evernote, you may need to log out of anything Evernote opened in your Task Bar too -- Lower right - Let's first get your Local notes back e) I AM SSSUMING YOU HAVE SAVED ALL your old database files -- if you did then just delete these NEW database files which do NOT contain your local notes sunil.accounts sunil.sessiondata sunil.exb sunil.exb.activitylog sunil.exb.cardview.snippets sunil.exb.context etc etc f) now open a new Directory window where your old database files are located and copy these old files over to the Current location Evernote is using and wher you just deleted those files G) start up Everynote again and you will need to log into your account. If you have saved all the database notes it should open for you If you only saved the .exb file, I have had problems with getting just that to work
  10. Evernote is writing the chapter of WHAT YOU DON'T DO to your core user base. 1 ) You throw at us a "Web Beta" that is clearly not even close to complete. It's stripped of all functionality 2) You give the user community NO INFORMATION on where you are going with this other than spouting the new company policy of "workspace" 3) You get hammered with feedback on how HORRIBLE and UTTERLY USELESS this new UI is for working with existing notes and data 4) you do NOTHING but say "This is great feedback", "We want to hear your feedback", "Keep the feedback coming" and things like "3 more functions are going to be added in the new Beta," and maybe "6 more functions on the drawing table" 5) Crickets Chirping . . .. . . . . NOTHING . . .. . . No word . . . . No response . . . . No attempt at addressing the most basic core problem many people have with the Beta AND their people's growing concern over the direction of the desk top platforms as well . .. . . Crickets Chirping . . .. . . .
  11. So . . . back to how the new Web UI Beta sucks pond water. It's as if Adobe Photoshop started stripping away functions so they cold look more like Microsoft Paint -- that is insanity, Phil Libin. NO ONE likes the "Suggested" content Facebook pushes on people. WE DON'T need yet more INPUT platforms -- we have our phones. We have our Pads WHAT WE DO NEED is meaningful context platform to do meaningful searches and the ability to move information, data and notes. We can't do that wtih the new Web Beta You are KILLING the most prized thing you have -- the most versatile visual platform database on the planet WHY ARE YOU BETTING THE FARM . . . so you can look more like Facebook??? Put the gun down Phil Libin, Step away from from pulling the trigger. Life is meaningful as an External Brain . . .. It's okay Phil . .. You were doing good. . . You were at the top . . . You were . . ., You were ALREADY "bending the universe" You want a platform for working with business -- build it -- separately -- link it somehow. YOU DON'T KILL WHAT IS WORKING AND WHAT IS LEADING THE WORLD ALREADY Put the gun down Phil . .. . .. Put it down . . .
  12. Yup. the web beta is worthless for GTD, its' worthless for Research where you need to do complex retrieval, its worthless for any kind of retrieval where you need context, switching quickly back and forth between notebooks and tags. [edit] took out the -- evernote employees aren't reading this comment lol
  13. mmm hmmm kind of what I thought too, JMichael. We are all just spitting into the wind. When you're "Bending the Universe" -- deep into forum threads is not where you spend your time
  14. Obviously it was way too useful of a function to allow the Evangelists to clean up quickly. Didn't you blokes get the memo? Functionality is sooooooo yesterday. Doesn't fit with the clean "workspace"
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