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  1. The tags-menu (ctrl+alt+t) seems ok, IT EVEN STARTS WITH THE CURSOR ACTIVATED. shame that when selecting multiple notes, then adding tags, the cursor is not activated. the arrows to select tags are working, but pressing return or Enter does absolutely nothing. They really want us to jump from keyboard to mouse to keyboard again! Evernote complaining that a small number of people is using tags: yes, the whole process of adding tags and managing tags is PITA
  2. Hi, please look into this, it's a "hiccup" in the note moving UX You have a note, and you move it using the "move note" button You add the notebook name, and it goes there - OK! the blue info bar (if the note/notebook name is long enough) covers the current previewed note location and the move button. love this new design! cheers
  3. Hi all, the idea is the following - to unify the tag adding and searching experience (this post is Windows, web and iOS only), so that any string of text can add or search the wanted tag on any platform Example - to add or search the following tag: "WP-add drive motor to CAD model" At this moment Windows v10 ADD - app will offer to add the wanted tag only if the input matches exactly character after character (but is not case sensitive), that is "WP-add drive motor to CAD model" Windows v10 SEARCH - app will offer to select the wanted tag if typing onto search bar
  4. Hi all, sorry if there is existing similar posts and/or ideas, I did a search on the forum but found nothing - if someone finds something, pls forward so we can vote. : to have the notebook name styles synced between platforms. It is a significant visual clue when scrolling. regards,
  5. Hi, to solve problems, the EN team needs to know what version the user is using. So instead of this, to have an elegant button like this: What do you think? Dean
  6. This is a must-have. How can we implement A-Z reference fast? The workarounds are corrupting the workflow. I mean, adding a sort feature isn't rocket science?
  7. Hello, I've had similar problems, and a notebook with 3 week old notes. When I change some text in EN web in a specific note appearing only in EN web, pressing sync in WIN10 app gives me that note in that exact notebook in WIN10 app. Suggestions?
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