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  1. Confirmed - Unique names is a restriction Evernote applies to Notebooks/Tags Personally, it works for me; for example I assign notebook/tag "Insurance" to a note without caring about it's place in the tree
  2. Looking at the clipboard for both links, I see (the private browser link) When pasted into the note, this url is converted and inserted as evernote:///view/1156250/s10/77b43c1e-bdf9-4c40-9388-c51721e35812/6284dc7a-93ca-4df2-9918-e286a6df39c3 (the in-app link) This link is working fine for me in both the web and mac clients
  3. Please add more detail Issues I have - Notebook hierarchy is 1 level (poorly implemented, half baked) - Unable to access tag hierarchy on my iPad I understand this will be resolved shortly Screenshot is from my Mac showing the notebook/tag trees in the sidebar
  4. This request has over 400 user votes however there's a skeuomorphism problem; they want an organization hierarchy and it must be called Notebooks, no other name is acceptable Evernote has taken the organization hierarchy seriously - this was implemented long ago with the Tag feature
  5. The master data on the server can be viewed with the web platform at www.evernote.com
  6. There doesn't seem to be much interest in this request To indicate your support, use the vote button at the top left corner of the discussion The request has 128 user votes
  7. Scannable is simply a scanning tool; there is no legal auditing for signatures >>What process does scannable have for transferring documents between users? The primary purpose i saving scans to Evernote via internet, however email to users is an option along with other IOS share options
  8. Notebooks can be "gone" but what about the notes? Notes can be viewed using "All Notes" If deleted, the notes can be viewed in the Trash
  9. You have the option of subscription payment for the entire year, or just a single month It's automatic renewal so make sure you switch account levels before the end of the month >>Are my files stored in the cloud or directly on my computer? I think that once it's synced it's no longer on your pc or am I wrong? Evernote is a cloud service, with the master copy of our data stored on the servers Mac/Windows have a full copy of data on our devices Offline notebooks are an option for IOS/Android >>Knowing that I only have limited uploads I was surprised that it was letting me do multiple The limit is 60MB per month - this allows for many uploads >>BUT I then went to the Evernote WEB There are various web versions; make sure you're not using the new of beta version - there are issues The syncing process is device <> server <> device If you are seeing the data on both your devices, it will also be on the server >>but I don't see HOW to change the other NOtebook to sync Sync is the default for notebooks - you don't have to change anything Windows/Mac have a Local Notebook option, but that's a more advanced discussion >>Dies, Stamps, Dies and Stamps I use Tags, and can assign multiple entries to a note - I don't need the "Dies and Stamps" category >>"NoteBooks" or what I would call "Folders" My preference is to keep this simple - Notebooks and Tags are simply fields in the note metadata The problem is, some users think that because it's a "Folder", it must have certain properties - there are some bitter posts about lack of sub-folders >>Last question, is it possible to have the ENTIRE Screen Black and not only the Left Side? We need more details on that; platform, screenshot, ...
  10. I don't have an answer but the same icon issue was reported here
  11. So far emoji are working for me (Mac and iPad) but I know I'll be in trouble if/when I work on other platforms
  12. Search any: tag:next todo:false This is the "or" search, but also covers your "and" cases Search is documented at https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/208313828
  13. I moved your post to the feedback forum, and merged it existing discussions To indicate your support use the vote button at the top left corner of the discussion (currently at 14 votes) >>Personally switched to using Notability for handwriting, text / organization in Evernote. Not optimal but works, no more losing notes. Notability is my app choice for note-taking (handwriting) Evernote continues to be my choice for storage and organization and the documents continue to be stored as attachments
  14. And if a note fits several categories? In addition to the Notebook field; notes also have Tag(s) You might want to take a look at the Tag feature
  15. Check out the outlook integration tool listed at https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/209005997-How-to-use-Evernote-for-Outlook
  16. We do not need another discussion thread on this Go to the topic linked here https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/118497-looking-for-an-evernote-alternative-probably-found-the-closest-option/ There are plenty of recommendations
  17. I added my vote In the meantime, I convert my images to pdf format
  18. Evernote is a good tool for the storage and organization of your trading data For the actual trading activity, I would take my Evernote data to a spreadsheet. I'd like to see charting, graphs, and other analysis
  19. I know others keep reporting problems It's not a feature I use, but whenever I test there are no problems. The note is created minutes later
  20. Starting with naming standard with the prefixes I have four top level characters ? ! @ . used for ?Who !What @Where .When I decided I need to identify budget categories (a what) - my tag names are !Budget-Food, !Budget-Entertainment, !Budget-.... On my Mac, I have access to an actual hierarchy and drag tags under other tags Coming soon to Android and IOS
  21. I was confused at first - there are two different and independent search functions Search for notes, and "Search in Note" The issue being reported is with "Search in Note" In my testing, I'm unable to replicate the "No Matches" error I'd like to see specific test samples
  22. Can you provide specific examples of fails >>But maybe the indexing is done on the EN server. With Evernote/IOS, if online - the search is run on the server with the server indexes >>the < > won't search through the finds The <> are note navigation controls; not related to search finds Correction: Switching to "Search in Note" supports <> search item navigation
  23. A tag managent strategy I use is to maintain hierarchies - an actual hierarchy (Mac/Windows) - name prefixing; for example Budget-Food, Budget-Entertainment, .... Vendor-Walmart, Vendor-Apple, ...
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