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  1. My understanding of the Zettelkasten methodology is Notes each having a unique note-id Tags to identify the note topic(s) Links between notes Tag Index to find notes related to a topic Notes are the basic element of Evernote I'm easy on the note content, however true Zettelkasten restricts the note to a single thought A template can be used I use the generated Evernote note-id It is hidden metadata, but I append a copy to the note contents example: 70b889b9-63fc-479f-ab98-5dd75e6bc2ed I use the Evernote tag feature True Zettelkasten is restrictive on tags described here My tag-naming reflects hierarchy example: Budget, Budget-Food, Budget-Housing, ... I use the Evernote note link feature It's actually a url like evernote:///view/1156250/s10/70b889b9-63fc-479f-ab98-5dd7... To find Notes, Evernote has an extensive search feature In addition to the tags assigned to the note we can also use text search, dates, .... More information at https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/208313828
  2. I use scripting on a Mac (Applescript) and can access the Evernote database to select random notes >>automatically emails me a note every day I think access to an email facility would be more complicated to set up For myself, scripting gives access to my personal Mac email I actually have scripts emailing status/warning notes
  3. All Notes Is a list of every note, regardless of notebook You are not moving a note from All Notes >organise and clean up my 'inbox' For me, my 'inbox' is my default notebook (named @Inbox) I list the notes in this notebook, then process them
  4. Export is a feature on the Windows and Mac platforms I run a weekly full export as backup (html format) Information at https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/209005557-How-to-export-content-from-Evernote Warning; notebook information is not included in the exported data Some users do separate exports for each notebook
  5. I share "notes and records" using Evernote's shared notebooks Evernote's public URL links to network files in Evernote notes >>Webpages are confusing to many people when used as documents. I don't use web pages as documents, but find it useful when web pages contain embedded links to document files
  6. fwiw I have a permanent shortcut to tag !HotNotes For quick access to notes, I assign this tag
  7. No, but then I have no storage issues (Mac and iPad) I prefer having a local copy of my data There's a request linked below To indicate your support, use the vote button at the top left corner of the discussion
  8. Reinstalling Evernote will not fix a corrupted database You need to delete the database folder
  9. This type of notification is not supported by Evernote If you're referring to notes shared by public URL, there are third party options; example
  10. Offline notebooks are not an option on the Mac platform We automatically get a full copy of our Evernote data The only option for a small data footprint is to use the web platform How much space is being used - I'm currently at 16GB for 13.5K notes
  11. I maintain an Evernote data backup on a cloud drive (export in html format) It's somewhat functionable >>I can get most of functionality of Evernote (some is missing, some is gained) I see no gain; just missing functionality edit: The search index can be superior in the exported data I often switch to search in my data backup >>as a common file type Still wondering which "common file type" to use I currently use html for notes, but attachments retain their native formats
  12. Local Notebooks? To identify the specific notes - select all the notes on the desktop and add a temporary tag Then search on the laptop for notes missing the tag
  13. That's a known problem with note links As you discovered, the links are coded with the note-id of the original note evernote:///view/1156250/s10/ee54e6a3-dd90-4b0f-8196-72b0b6868776/ee54e6a3-dd90-4b0f-8196-72b0b6868776/ but the note-id gets lost when copying/merging/importing I make a practice of appendIng the note-id to note contents. Id: [ee54e6a3-dd90-4b0f-8196-72b0b6868776] This allows me to use text search to resolve broken links
  14. Negation For example -tag:test The search feature is documented here
  15. Wow - that actually works I learned something today Changes for Add myURL to note tell application "Evernote" set theNote to create note title theName from file theFile notebook hardcodedNotebook set source URL of theNote to myURL end tell btw - You're retrieving page url from the browser. I'd also retrieve page name
  16. No, there's just a small database for metadata on the iPad Note data is accessed from the severs via the internet
  17. It tends to be a collection of small files Content is a folder containing note content There's a separate subfolder for each note LocalNoteStore is a folder holding a small SQLite datable that holds the note metadata
  18. You need to have Evernote's software installed on your Mac (www.evernote.com/download) Launch this software and login to your Evernote account
  19. Correct, hold down the option key while clicking on Help
  20. There's a tag list in the sidebar Dragging tags works I can also start typing the tagname and a drop-down list appears
  21. The master version of our data is uploaded and stored on the Evernote servers (except for designated Local notebooks) We don't have to worry about a device crash A full data copy is stored on the Mac The location can be accessed by selecting option key Help > Troubleshooting > Open Database folder
  22. Not really a Scannable question It's possible to add a signature to document It's an annotation thing The Evernote editor does annotation; I use the Notability app on my iPad
  23. I understand the advantages of markdown and the advantages of html and the advantages of a wysiwyg editor I don't understand why markdown people are using the Evernote wysiwyg editor
  24. WorkFlowy does not support embedding their lists This is do-able, using other editors; for example MS Word lists, and embedding the document
  25. Shared notebooks are documented here >>I would prefer to identify "internal" notes only for me and and "external" notes that anyone can see (without logging into Evernote) Instead of a notebook, share a Table of Contents note that has public links You have complete control of entries in the note
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