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  1. The Notes/Reminder toolbar takes up space. I'd like the option to turn it off.
  2. DTLow

    Evernote for Windows 6.16 GA

    fwiw here's a comparison screenshot of the the Mac platform In addition to the empty space above, we have a Notes/Reminders icon bar below
  3. DTLow

    cant see how to open attachment

    On my Mac, I attach a spreadsheet by dragging into the note; right click on the spreadsheet to open it >> I assume that the excel sheet is the best way to organise this What are the benefits of storing the contact information in a spreadsheet? I would use a separate note for each contact I would store to-dos as a separate note for each action. Using the search feature, it's easily to assemble note lists - contact information - to-dos for a contact The list can be transferred to a note or spreadsheet when required
  4. DTLow

    AppleScript + Reminders

    No ideas on the Services issue; I use Fastscripts to simplify the shortcut process
  5. DTLow

    Rearrange Notes Manually

    The "arrange headings" and "wonderful notebook" is confusing. You can prefix your note titles wih a number, theb view then in title sequence; for example 01 Note Heading, 02 Note Heading, ...
  6. DTLow

    Geotag notes on ipad

    I'm seeing several places for location. Check Evernote > User > Settings > Notes > Attach Location
  7. DTLow

    Latest Version of EN won't run

    Delete and reinstall. The app AppCleaner is recommended to completely remove Evernot from your device. You are in control of the version you install.
  8. Is this issue specific to the one note? Are other notes syncing to/fom your Mac?
  9. DTLow

    Need help

    My understanding is Cmd + Delete is used by Evernote/Mac to delete a note Are you posting a feature request? fwiw On a Mac, we can change the Evernote shortcut
  10. Do you have notes in your trash awaiting sync?
  11. You can find the exact details in your account settings Viewing my account settings on the web platform, I see
  12. https://evernote.com/blog/ian-small-new-ceo/ Ian Small Background
  13. I'm not a Skitch user but I tested drag and drop with Version 2.8.2 (264830) I was able to drag to the desktop, and drag into email
  14. DTLow

    Tables on iOS devices

  15. DTLow

    Word cloud as Tag suggestions

    I followed up on a Word Cloud using scripting on a Mac. I can parse the note text and generate a list of words for selection as tags. I haven't addressed pdfs and other attachments. I'm still not clear that this will be useful for day to day use. I'm thinking it's more useful to generate the tags on the fly as I'm reviewing the note; so highlight the text and a keyboard shortcut to generate the tag
  16. In Evernote, a note has to be assigned to a notebook; this is not optional Reassign the notes to a new or existing notebook Then delete the old notebook >>I am not able to move notes Which devce/platform; this is an easy process on the Windows/Mac platforms. .
  17. Macs have Evernote Helper in the top menu bar. This allows for a series of screenshots which can be dragged to your work As per @gazumped, I just save screenshots to the desktop
  18. I know the Evernote features; can you provide details on your cost for this "expensive software"? I see you have a Basic account; the software is free, the account is free
  19. Pessimist or realist? The pessimist complains about the wind; the optimist expects it to change; the realist adjusts the sails. >>I still wonder where all that money went... Same here I do know there was data center costs, a necessary expense at the time.
  20. Just a guess, a hacker has obtained your userid/password and is trying to access data in your Evernote account. I recommend you immediately change your password. Only use this password for Evernote; not for other services.
  21. imho The Windows/Mac platforms are required for using Evernote. These plaforms provide access to the full featureset; the other platforms are supplemental. There are requests for specific features on the Web and Android platforms. You're welcome to indicate your support using the voting buttons.
  22. DTLow

    Cannot remove a notebook

    Using the current version of the web platform with the Safari browser on a Mac Switch to the notebook page using the icon in the sidebar Click on a notebook and click on the trash can icon beside the notebook --------- Using the new beta version, click on the ... menu
  23. DTLow

    can't find my all notes in Mac suddenly

    The master version of your notes is stored on the Evernote servers. You can view this data using the web platform at www.evernote.com. Verify your data on the server, then address your device problems.