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  1. Please explain the difference in a tag tree structure, and a notebook tree structure. You seem to believe there's some importance to the name "Notebook". Tags and Notebooks are simply fields in the note's metadata. Understand that neither of these fields are "Folders". That's a different filing concept. >>export the majority of my data to archive it, but it sure sucks to have to recreate note books everytime you import data back into evernote.  Not clear on your exact usercase but separate exports per notebook will preserve the notebook info.
  2. That's old news, and has been dealt with in other discussions. >>Googles policies promise not to give out data to third parties but nowhere state that they will not use it themselves. You seem confused with Googles policies for their user accounts, and their business server accounts. Yes, they state they will not use the data for themselves. https://evernote.com/legal/terms-of-service https://cloud.google.com/terms/ >>There is no way I'm going to encrypt several hundred thousand notes I only encrypt my sensitive data. I'd prefer my entire database be encrypted end-to-end but that option isn't supported by the Evernote processing.
  3. https://evernote.com/blog/looking-ahead-evernotes-priorities-2019/
  4. My mentality is that I'm interested in all methods of improving my use of the hardware and software. I do read the feature requests and add my votes for features that will improve my use. fwiw As an Apple user, my editor choice for Word Processing is the Pages app.
  5. I know no one is reading and using my content that I encrypted.
  6. DTLow

    Evernote Calendar

    imho These functions are better handled by a dedicated calendar service. I use Apple Calendar, and include links to Evernote notes. Do you have a preference as to which date is used for the calendar? Notes have various dates; created, updated, subject, reminder, reminder-completed I sync selected notes to my calender app using subject or reminder date. I use a script (Mac); there are third party utilities like Cronofy
  7. No need to move folders; and not a good idea while Evernote is running. The files in the folder can be deleted if no edits are in progress.
  8. Without extensive debugging, I suspect the tell code for Evernote and Numbers is getting confused. You can simply separate the Evernote and Numbers processing So the complete Evernote code is tell application "Evernote" set theNotes to find notes "notebook:Reference" set theNotesTitles to {} set theNotesModDates to {} set theNotesCreateDates to {} set theNotesTags to {} repeat with theNote in theNotes set end of theNotesTitles to title of theNote set end of theNotesModDates to modification date of theNote set end of theNotesCreateDates to creation date of theNote set end of theNotesTags to tags of theNote <<<<< THIS WILL REQUIRE MORE WORK end repeat end tell And the Numbers code is tell application id "com.apple.iWork.Numbers" ... tell selectedTable set theIndx to 0 repeat with theNote in theNotes set theIndx to theIndx + 1 add row below last row tell last row set value of cell 5 to "hi" set value of cell 4 to item theIndx of theNotesModDates set value of cell 3 to item theIndx of theNotesCreateDates set value of cell 2 to item theIndx of theNotesTitles set value of cell 1 to item theIndx of theNotesTags end tell end repeat end tell A clue about the Tags. "Tags of theNote" returns a list of tags You need to include a repeat loop, and I'm guessing you want the tag names separated by commas.
  9. A recent update moved icons from the header bar. Users want the choice of which icons appear. This is currently a feature on the Windows platform
  10. The list of forums is displayed at https://discussion.evernote.com/
  11. We can discuss this issue, but you need to post in an appropriate discussion/forum.
  12. The ticket submission is an option for paid accounts. (Note: Opening a support ticket for a technical issue requires a Plus/Premium subscription. Basic subscribers will only be able to open support tickets for certain issues... Basic accounts can contact Support via Twitter @evernotehelps
  13. Can you provide the exact search string to use. Your example illustrates a negated text search Here's a sample of the search string for notebook @Inbox and text Journal Include Notebook notebook:@Inbox Journal Exclude Notebook -notebook:@Inbox Journal *** Not Valid ***
  14. The external editors/formats will always provide extended features. I have no problem saving the documents as attachments in Evernote. I agree, the Evertool utility is very useful when working with the Evernote editor; it provides formatting and markdown
  15. DTLow

    tiff image files

    Just an fyi .tiff files are displayed inline with the current version of the software
  16. Here's the complete script for Evernote_Reminders.scpt Explanation of the code is Identify the reminder date set reminderDate to to date ((text returned of (display dialog "Reminder Date" default answer (yyyymmdd & " 8:00 am")))) Identify the current selected notes tell application "Evernote" set theNotes to get selection Process the notes repeat with theNote in theNotes set reminder time of theNote to reminderDate end repeat end tell
  17. DTLow

    Flag notes

    Currently Evernote supports two fields in the note metadata - Notebooks and Tags. Why is there a need for a Flag field? Is the next post goint to ask for quick labels? Create tags Flag1, Flag2, .... You can even use emojii 🚩🇦🇩
  18. DTLow

    Missing note

    Notes don't usually go completely missing. The first step is the note is moved to the trash folder and can be easily retrieved
  19. DTLow

    Evernote API

    No; afaik there is no OCR api Evernote's OCR processing is a server function and the results can only be used for Search purposes.
  20. DTLow

    Output of Evernote data

    I use scripting on a Mac (Applescript); copy-links also works On Windows, I understand you can use copy from list view, and paste into a spreadsheet.
  21. I use scripting on a Mac (Applescript) For example, this is a screenshot generated with command-option-R
  22. DTLow

    Move Notebook

    On Macs, this function is done on the Notebook page; not the sidebar. Notebooks are collected in Stacks by right clicking the notebook.
  23. To report issues to Evernote, open a support ticket at https://www.evernote.com/SupportLogin.action
  24. DTLow

    Evernote 7.8 Release -Trash icon is gone

    You"re late to the discussion for this. The changes were implemented in evernote-for-mac-75/ Actions like delete were moved from the note header bar to the ... menu.
  25. seems like an issue for Evernote Support; open a ticket at https://www.evernote.com/SupportLogin.action