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  1. I think you should win in the category of most emojis in a single note 😊 They look good Kudos for including search parameters. It gets around the limitation of no links to a saved search Another work-around is dynamic Table of Content notes My dashboard is more spartan than yours. I'm comfortable with accessing the tag filter for less frequent selections >>Evernote also is a CRM for me Another topic; I'm still working on this Apple Contacts is my front end, but I store content in Evernote I need to figure out links to my Apple Contacts entries
  2. I know how to set up the automatic renewing subscription What method did you use to "cancelled my subscription"
  3. I use the email note in the share feature on my Mac Attachments are included automatically
  4. Only with self-inflicted damage. Trying to move text around, ...
  5. Were the lost notebooks Local Notebooks? If necessary, Evernote will rebuild your local database from the servers; - the rebuild doesn't include Local Notebooks >What was most curious was that the info box showed they were deleted in October, but were from a different folder. That's a clue Were these notes moved from a Sync'd notebook to a Local notebook; - the original note is deleted (trash) and a new note created
  6. That would be the sketch feature I wasn't happy using that feature for note taking One serious concern is lack of an auto-save. Work is lost if you don't manually save My solution is a third party dedicated product (Notability) I save the documents in Evernote as note attachment files
  7. My solution for corrupted data is to recover from backups I have personal backups, and as you mentioned Evernote has Note History backup It's running several times a day; for all accounts - Basic included Access to the Note History data is a paid feature, but you can subscribe for a single month.
  8. I was unable to duplicate your results Email was successfully received, with a cc to myself
  9. You should be posting feedback in the release notice at
  10. I suspect you're using Find in Note; this is a different feature that Search Notes
  11. First, identify if sharing with an Evernote user Non-Evernote user Sharing by email works; the user receives a copy of the note Sharing by url works; the user views the note in a web browser Evernote user Sharing works; the user receives a notice via Evernote chat
  12. The function you're using is to share notes with other Evernote users The note is shared via the Evernote/chat feature There's other options to share notes with non-Evernote users; email, web url
  13. I use a combined note for Dashboard, Journal, Tasks @Terminal inicated automation using Automator AppleScript & Bash My generation is via applescript on my Mac, scheduled to run at 7am each day A new note is created with title yy-dd-mm Journal .... Organized by note title, and tag !Type-Journal Yes, I have notes going back years The note is generated from a template The project/task list portion is generated from project/task notes by the script
  14. A discussion for another day. I'll leave you with
  15. How did you "deactivate" Is it possible you have a different account with pre-authorized renewal? The account you're using was created on Saturday >>Anyone else finding the whole experience of Evernote clunky and useless I find the process of using Evernote on my Mac to be straightforward and simple It's quite useful in the storage and organization of my 13,000+ notes and documents Was there anything specific that you had trouble with?
  16. Which device/platform? How did you "delete one account" Deleting notes will move them to the trash - they are available for retrieval
  17. The contact for Evernote support is https://www.evernote.com/SupportLogin.action For issues using this web page, see https://discussion.evernote.com/announcement/72-issues-accessing-evernote-support-channels/
  18. I merged your two discussions for this topic Evernote is a generic digital filing service; storing and organizing (computer) document/files The target market is anyone with a collection of document files; which is basically anyone with a personal computer, tablet or smart phone. Evernote provides a note editor; another target market is anyone who wants to create content However files of any format can be stored; images, pdfs, word processing, spreadsheets, ... Evernote supports document sharing; this is another target market >>Is it more targeting business professionals or other users? Evernote is attempting to move into the business market. I don't know how successful this is; the 200 million plus user-base is mostly non-business
  19. Please provide specific details; like a screenshot of the search and the note >>It appears to depend on how you are connected. WiFi is particularly unreliable. If you have internet access, the search is run at the server I wouldn't expect any difference with Wifi vs Cell access Without internet access, the search is run locally. Offline notebooks provide a complete set of data.
  20. No, it's a valid request. My only concern would be a performance hit on our devices.
  21. The search indexing operates on specific rules which do not include parsing text You're welcome to add your vote to a feature request; vote buttons are at the top left corner of the discussion
  22. Which platform/device are you using? On my Mac and iPad, the single note is displayed for a Notebook, Tag or Search >> Android The discussion has been moved to the Android forum
  23. You should also revoke access to the iPhone; and change your password It's an indication that your password has been compromised A best practice is to only use your Evernote for Evernote Hackers are collecting passwords from less secure services
  24. Sorry; nothing on the Evernote side unless you have backups Can you do anything on the Outlook side?
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