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  1. Tagging certain sections is not possible with the current database structure Evernote would have to develop a new database entity In the meantime, we can implement keywords into our contents like kw-Sample
  2. To be honest, I don't know if EN is working on adding the delete option For me, delete is necessary Fortunately, I'm using a Mac and using folder actions to process an import folder
  3. Install the Legacy product from https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/360052560314-Install-an-older-version-of-Evernote This installs the app named "Evernote Legacy" (we can"t have two apps named Evernote) It also does't auto upgrade to v10
  4. Is Bookshelf an Android thing? Please provide some details Also, I understand stacks, notebooks; but not the reference to "pages" For myself, the notebook/tag trees provide organization I also have select tags/notes/searches in the shortcut section I also reflect hierarchy in the tag names
  5. HTML Export Option - still a work-in-progress (links to attachments don't function) Import Folders - still a work-in-progress (edit; delete option is missing)
  6. I'm using a Mac and have a local "full" copy of data (optional) Export does not require an internet connection; the export data is not downloaded from the server For those who opted for no local storage, and internet connection is required, and the export data has to be downloaded from the server I also use the Legacy product for my backups
  7. You can have both Legacy and v10 products running side by side I use the Legacy product for data backup via export
  8. Wildcards will work in a search by tag Search tag:#travel* Search any tag:#travel tag;#travel/*
  9. This would indicate there's something happening to the file that triggers the re-import Is there anything unique going on with this one file? My preference is to have a delete option I don't need two copies of the files, and such re-imports wouldn't happen
  10. The blog says "the recent re-introduction of legacy features such as bulk export" afaik this is not correct We are still limited to selecting 50 notes for export An alternative is exporting all notes in a notebook There is no limit to number of notes
  11. Your discussion title is misleading For organizing with a dashboard, I use my own customized note It's a combination dashboard, planner and daily journal It's the first item in Shortcuts, so quick access with command-1 There's a dashboard discussion forum at forum/644-home-dashboards/ >customizing is only for "Premium" holders Are you sure about that - I don't think customizing is a Premium option Compare-Evernote-subscription-plans
  12. Local storage is optional, and only used for offline access The option can be disabled in Evernote > Preferences > Save Data
  13. Evernote has two product lines, accessing the same database Legacy can be downloaded at https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/360052560314-Install-an-older-version-of-Evernote (Windows/Mac) v10 is the new product, designed to eventually replace the Legacy product It can be downloaded at www.evernote.com/download >explain the steps I need to go through to exportALL of my notebooks with the notes inside them Using the Legacy product, I select the notes to export > right click > export
  14. Right, my use of the Evernote editor is for notes, which by definition are short I use a word processing app for "large documents" They are stored in Evernote as a note attachment file And added benefit is the outlining functions of the word processing app
  15. It's optional, but Evernote continues to maintain a local DB We do not have to be 'always' connected
  16. Off topic, but Evernote has no support for folder structure All notes reside in a single folder This can be observed with the Evernote Legacy product on a Mac This works for me For note organization, I use the Notebook/Tag metadata fields (Tags are Evernote's primary organization tool) Notebooks can be organized into two levels Tags are a hierarchy and can be organized into unlimited levels
  17. Currently Evernote supports the following export formats; .enex, ,html, .pdf If I need a document in word processing format, I use a word processing app to create it Documents of any format can be stored in Evernote as a note attachment I merged your post with an ongoing discussion fo this request
  18. I'm a tagger and see this as an important addition to Apple Notes Evernote supports tags and a hierarchy for unlimited levels No folder support, but Evernote supports Stacks/Notebooks, for 2 levels
  19. My daily backup is incremental; only changed notes (filtered by modification date) - this keeps the storage relatively small I do a weekly full backup (20GB), but keep only one version I also have Mac Time Machine maintaining it's own set of backups
  20. Can you confirm your subscription level It should be visible in your account settings
  21. As per @PinkElephant, I use the Evernote Legacy product to backup my data Separate exports for each notebook are necessary to preserve notebook assignment This can be automated using third party Backupery My automation is via applescript on my Mac >>currently I have 93 notebooks I basically have a single notebook I use tags for organization (preserved in the backup)
  22. And what's your opinion for the Legacy app? (I use the Legacy product on a Mac)
  23. Confirmed; the account tiers have limits and feature restrictions If this is important to me, I upgrade tiers
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