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  1. Evernote only offers hierarchical organization for tags; i.e. a tag can only have a single parent I needed multiple parents for tags Work-Around; I stored the info in a note I'm able to access this information with scripting on a Mac
  2. DTLow

    Date/time stamp?

    For all those wanting to indicate support for this request, there are voting buttons at the top left corner of the discussion. The current vote count is 0 Two solutions for datestamp The keyboard shortcut is command-shift-D on an external keyboard You can use Siri Shortcuts to format a date and copy it to the clipboard. You would then paste into your note.
  3. The discussion has been moved to the Feature Request forum. Users can indicate their support using the voting buttons in the top left corner of the discussion.
  4. Here's my daily journal template Template-Journal.enex The journal note is generated each morning via a script running on my Mac The script sets the title to the current date, creates a link in my calendar, ... An ifttt script sends me a weather report; I copy details into the journal note The date section was supposed to be a reference for alternate year systems, for example Chinese year of the dog. I substituted with year of me. A search generates my Current Task and Project lists I copy the links into the journal note The Activities section is a log of planned and actual I copy hard date entries from the calendar into this section I move hard date entries from the current task list into this section I add entries throughout the day. One or two lines, or a link to a separate note I append quick one-of pictures, but usually these would be in a separate note with a link in the Activities section
  5. There's a story about Henry Ford starting out and customers were asking for faster horses. >>folder structure (which I say is the same as notebooks) In my use, notebooks are not the same as folders structures Notebooks and Tags are two columns in the Note record. In many ways, either field can be used for the same purpose.
  6. DTLow

    I'm Sticking with Evernote

    I'm not going anywhere; and I'm not asking for anything. The continued processing of my data works for me, along with scripting on my Mac.
  7. I requested clarification on your post; no lecture; no suggestion. >>you apparently didn't read the previous post. I was only following up on your comment, "I DO NOT LIKE TAGS", bold, all caps
  8. I rarely exit the app so I guess I'm always at the same working point. Also, my default note sequence is update sequence. My current notes are always at the top of the list.
  9. I don't know what you read. My understanding is that a note may contain files of any format. I haven't encountered any issues. >>So do you reach your 10Go limit on premium plan ? do you upload thousand and thousand of files/document each month ? what kind of files do you store in your EN ? My monthly upload is way under the 10 GB limit; this month less than 1GB Also, my data is mostly static. If there were files I update frequently they would require multiple uploads. I use external storage for apps, videos, music, photo's, ...Otherwise I tend to use Evernote for all my personal data storage. >>it would be great if part of the EN storage could be used as a cloud drive (with a "file browser" inside evernote app maybe) How would that impact your personal use of Evernote? Files would not have to be exported to temporary storage to be used. My Mac handles this automatically; it even replaces files with updated versions. It's not automatic on my iPad (IOS).
  10. DTLow

    problemas al abrir una nota

    Hola That's the extent of my español I can get by with Google Translate; What problems are you having?
  11. DTLow

    Bug: note formatting lost on exit

    We're a user discussion forum here; you can open a support ticket at https://www.evernote.com/SupportLogin.action
  12. DTLow

    Evernote for Family

    There's no indication Evernote is interested in "Family" pricing. The Basic account continues to be free. - I have a premium account; basic accounts for the rest of the family. - All primary notebooks are owned by the premium account and shared to the others.
  13. For those interested in IOS scripting, these screenshots show the Evernote Actions available' The initial screen shows a menu of actions on the left You drag the action to the workspace on the right to form a sequence Below are Evernote Actions Get Notes Append to Note Create New Note Get Note Link Delete Notes
  14. DTLow

    Evernote for Mac 7.5

    Can you explain the note deletion method you used in previous versions I'm usually working in the note list and use the ⌘ Delete shortcut or right-click > Delete
  15. I understand "checkbox in note" Can you explain "sub-task in reminder list" edit: reminder list is a list of checkboxes extracted from notes with a reminder I actually use reminders to identify notes as active tasks My daily journal has a Current Tasks section, a checkbox list of links to the task notes edit: my list doesn't show the "project", just individual tasks; there's no hierarchy
  16. DTLow

    Can I delete Share button?

    There's no option to remove the share button I posted in the feedback discussion that I think Share should only be displayed if the note is shared
  17. DTLow

    New Web Experience Beta now Available

    I also want quick access for new notes. I should not have to specify notebook at all With no notebook selected, new notes should automatically be assigned the default notebook. I see this as the definition of "default"
  18. DTLow

    New Web Experience Beta now Available

    There's a Notebook icon in the sidebar to launch the Notebook page In the Notebook page, I see and alpha ordered list of Stacks/Notebooks How does "Inbox" apply to this? I do want my default notebook (@Default) listed first. I achieve this by prefixing the notebook name with @ >> I usually have one or two notes that represent a summary of the activity going on in a notebook and I would like to have easy access to them. There's no pin feature. I can adjust the title or dates so the notes naturally sort to the top of the list. (date adjustment requires the Mac/Windows platform.
  19. You've made that quite clear, but what's the reason for this? Notes have the two fields for organization, Tags and Notebooks. Why do you prefer one over the other with such emotion?
  20. There's no indication Evernote is interested in expanding this UI. They did purchase the Penultimate app but it's languished on the sidelines. >>within the EN ecosystem I want my data to be stored in the EN ecosystem. This does not mean I'm restricted to using the EN editor to create/edit documents.
  21. DTLow

    REQUEST: Evernote Archive

    In that case I would export the data to a backup; I use html format so I still access my notes. >>I would rather loose one out of 10 databases of 1 gigabyte than one database of 10 gigabytes. My database is over 10GB and I don't plan to loose any data. I've not needed them but I have backups.
  22. DTLow

    Evernote lost one of my most important note

    Did you check the Note History backups. https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/208313858-How-to-view-old-versions-of-a-note
  23. DTLow

    Export Option - Can't find it?

    The screenshots are from my Mac I can right-click the note in the note list to display the export option I can also select File > Export
  24. DTLow


    On my Mac, the reminders section is at the top of the note list I use the caret to display the section. I can also do a search reminderOrder:* Other search terms are reminderTime reminderDoneTime
  25. DTLow

    Evernote App

    No, there's no option to set the initial view. This was also discussed here