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  1. If you place the images in a table, the size is constrained to the cell dimensions You can also merge cells to provide interesting image/text layouts
  2. That's perfectly clear 😉 OneNote is a fine note editor, although I know nothing about the .one format. I'm familiar with Evernote's enml/html format, and find it quite workable. As I said, I'm concerned about my 12k+ files/documents. I'm not going to import them into OneNote.
  3. I'm interested in what app/service you'll be using in the future. Not note-taking; there's plenty of editor apps. My concern is storage and organization of my files/documents.
  4. Again, this is not the appropriate discussion for such comments.
  5. My impression is we're to comment on the video contents. This discussion isn't the place for general complaints.
  6. Sorry, I thought it was a Print problem. You want to combine multiple pdfs into a single pdf. Still seems like you need a dedicated pdf app. You may have to first export the pdfs from Evernote (save attachments)
  7. I would open the PDF in the appropriate application and print from there. Evernote can store files of any format. This doesn't necessarily mean display/print.
  8. I find "Web" in the title ominous, possibly foreshadowing the future of development at Evernote I look forward to enhanced search features, with the hope it extends to all platforms. I also enjoy seeing the employees behind the scenes. As per @CalS, also not a fan of relevancy sequence. I just use the current order options. My fixing the basics priority for search would be full boolean and/or eliminate the exceptions for notebook arguments
  9. I've filed support tickets. Critical issues have been addressed; still some outstanding non-critical stuff, but there are work-arounds. I continue to be productive using Evernote (Mac and iPad). It's my digital file cabinet.
  10. The OCR process is queued on the servers, but I find it runs quickly I can check the Note Info to see if the indexing has completed You might leave your images in image format instead of pdf The OCR standards are less restrictive, and even identifies handwriting
  11. I added your image to Evernote, and here.s the OCR text identified 3172F1A2-42C8-4D4C-8B20-876ECB44DA5D.en-reco The font is non-standard, so a lot is missed I think you have the right idea - type the text into the note or title
  12. Can you include post some of your images.
  13. Does this help https://support.office.com/en-ie/article/enable-or-disable-security-alerts-about-links-and-files-from-suspicious-websites-a1ac6ae9-5c4a-4eb3-b3f8-143336039bbe https://www.technipages.com/disable-hyperlinks-can-be-harmful-to-your-computer-and-data-message
  14. Generally speaking; for a clean reinstall, I would not go with the export/import process The import creates a new set of notes, which then sync You end up with a duplicate set of notes The export>import solution is an interesting idea It might a new set of notes, with the updated images; these might sync to your other devices You might want to test this with a single note. I'll sit this out; once bitten, twice shy (my Evernote crash)
  15. ToC works. It's a static list, although there are options to make this dynamic. I've merged this request with the other discussions. You can indicate your support using the voting buttons at the top left corner.
  16. The OP is currently using a Mac for batch editing of images in notes. Instead of the back-end edit, I would use Applescript; processing each note to Export the image(s) Launch the editor (Image Events/GIMP/..) and update the image Import the images >>Re the Applescript approach: you would probably have to include a step to access the EN API, in order to tell EN to sync the changes? AppleScript uses EN APIs; the sync is automatic with the image update/import https://dev.evernote.com/doc/articles/applescript.php  >>If I read correctly, the OP has access to both Mac and Windows clients. The GIMP has Linux, MacOS and Windows flavors. A problem is that the images are locked inside the Evernote database. The have to be exported before any editor operations  GIMP could be the editor, depending on the requirements. I like command-line options.
  17. I make some back-end updates to images, and replicated your issue. The updated images will not sync. I now have different image files on my Mac compared to the other platforms The note contents sync ok, not the images I had an idea; duplicate the note with the updated image. Don't try this. My installation is corrupted and I will have to reinstall We could open a support ticket but I don't think it will go far. Back-end updates are not a sanctioned activity. fwiw The sync process is device <> server <> device When debugging sync issues, check the server data using the web platform at www.evernote.com
  18. It might help if you post a screenshot. I don't spend much time troubleshooting my devices First step would be to trigger a full sync - Hold the **Shift** and **Option** keys on your keyboard and click the sync wheel Next step would be remove Evernote, and do a new installation. - The app AppCleaner is recommended for this.
  19. I have a different style in providing assistance. You write/update the script; if you run into issues, I'll give advice Take it slow; don't address the entire script in one pass; just one section at a time Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime >>is there a way to get it to apply to all of the notes in a specific folder or with a specific tag? These are the lines identifying the notes being updated; item 1 of the Selected Notes To use the entire set of Selected Notes, use set selectedNotes to get selection This returns a string of notes. You use a repeat loop to extract each note repeat with oNote in selectedNotes .... end repeat I think it's safer to use Selected Notes, but using a search string is possible - example: set theNotes to find notes ("tag:aaaaaaaa") >>I need to make the title the first line of the body In the script, these are the lines identifying the line being extracted for the title It's currently line 2, change it to line 1 Short form is: set title to item 1 of nbLines
  20. I'm not an Android user, but a common search feature is: In the search box notebook:aaaaaa tag:bbbbb tag:cccc tag:ddddd However, the notebook parameter can not be negated The search feature is documented at https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/208313828
  21. On Macs, only the metadata is stored in the database (LocalNoteStore.sqlite) The note contents and attachments remain in the file system, a separate folder for each note.
  22. Multi-Select/Merge is a feature on the Windows/Mac platforms. https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/209004857-How-to-merge-multiple-notes-into-a-single-note It's not available on the Web platform
  23. This is my experience also. The Evernote editor/format is ok for basic notes, not for complicated web pages. Screenshots are reproduced exactly. I also save web pages in web archive format, for viewing in my web browser (Mac Safari)
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