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  1. For a scripting overview, see Scripting on a Mac (AppleScript) The use of this script is to insert a keyword into a note, or attachment; for example Tag: Sample Evernote's tag feature only works at the note level. Keywords can be inserted anywhere in the contents Notes are retrieved using the text search feature; for example search "Tag: Sample" The keyword is retrieved from the Tag list, starting at the top level and drilling down to the bottom level set the clipboard to "Tag: " & Get_Keyword() on Get_Keyword() tell application "Evernote" to set theList to name of every tag whose parent is equal to missing value -- Top Level List repeat while count of theList > 0 set theList to simple_Sort(theList) set theTag to item 1 of (choose from list theList with prompt "Select Keywod") -- Choose from List set the clipboard to "Tag: " & theTag set theList to Child_List(theTag) -- Drill down to the next level end repeat return theTag end Get_Keyword on Child_List(parentName) set theList to {} tell application "Evernote" set parentTag to tag parentName set theList to name of every tag whose parent is equal to parentTag end tell return theList end Child_List
  2. This was my post. I deleted it when I realized your point was the Shortcuts page and I was viewing the Notebooks page. Sorry for the confusion.
  3. No indication of a Family Plan addition but Evernote is making subscription level changes. We recently saw the dropping of the Plus account level.
  4. Evernote only offers a text encryption feature; consumers own the encryption key. For note encryption, check out third party Saferoom Another option is the native encryption in attachments; PDFs, Office/iWork documents, ... To indicate your support for this feature request, use the voting buttons in the top left corner of the discussion.
  5. DTLow

    Search quirks

    Evernote's search feature is documented at https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/208313828 I would not expect "glasses" to be indexed if embedded in the word "eyeglasses". Can you share the note where this happened.
  6. DTLow

    Native Markdown Support

    It seems your interest is beyond the Markdown feature request; you might want to create a new discussion There's documentation at The Evernote Help Center For consistent formatting, I use templates. I'm also concerned with consistent tag assignment; I use scripting on my Mac. The Evernote editor/format doesn't support text expand outlines. Notes are independent entities, but can be cross referenced using links and notebook/tags. You also have the option of using a word processing editor that supports these features.
  7. DTLow

    Evernote, is it for me?

    I encrypt my sensitive data, but it's one-off; pdfs, office/iwork documents ... Does anyone have a bulk encryption solution? I'm confident my local data is secure; I use FileVault on my Mac.
  8. An export to .enex format includes note metadata with the exception of notebook and note-Id. Some users do separate exports for each notebook so the notebook information is retained. >>3. Could someone fix this sentence in Evernote help on the backup page "Drag any notes you'd like to recover into whichever notebooks you'd them to live."? It seems an accurate instruction - what would you prefer? When you import the .enex file, the notes are loaded into a temporary notebook. You select the specific notes you wish to recover and move them to the permanent notebook. edit: got it, it could say "whichever notebooks where you'd want them to live" I'm not happy with the "to live" terminology, but it seems conventional.
  9. DTLow

    Update to 7.2.3

    In reference to downgrading from v7.3(beta) to v7.2.3 My standard process is to delete the local database and let it be rebuilt from the servers.
  10. There is no special location for Local Notes; all notes are stored together in the database folder. The "Local" designation is Notebook based, not Note based. On my installation (direct app dowload), the database folder location is /Users/<user>/Library/Application Support/com.evernote.Evernote/accounts/www.evernote.com I located the database folder as per the latest instructions posted at https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/104518-where-are-local-evernote-files-stored-on-a-mac/?do=findComment&amp;comment=494131 >>surely my local notes will be in jeapordy. Confirmed, Local Notebook/Notes will have to be restored from personal backups. >>Any Evernote employee. You're posting in a user discussion forum. To contact Evernote Support - All Accounts Twitter @evernotehelps - Paid Accounts Contact Evernote Support
  11. DTLow

    Using AppleScript to Process Tags in EN Mac

    I also use a repeated-prefix naming standard For example Timeline Timeline-US Timeline-US/CivilWar Timeline-Us/RevolutionWar Timeline-Canada Timeline-Mexico This allows child tag selection using wildcards; for example search tag:Timeline* - bypasses the Tag Hierarchy that's only available on select menus on select platforms - bypasses the scripting requirement
  12. DTLow

    Update to 7.2.3

    I posted a solution here to rebuild your database
  13. DTLow

    Printing Notebooks

    I can copy the title list into a note (Mac/Widows Group Copy Links) and then print the note
  14. Command ⬇️ with an external keyboard
  15. DTLow

    Evernote, is it for me?

    The best way to see the Evernote features in action is open a free account and try it out. >>an app with group and subgroup feature  Evernote has two note organization features: Notebooks and Tags - Notebooks can be organized into Stacks; i.e. two levels - Tags can be organized into unlimited hierarchy; i.e. many levels A note is assigned a single notebook; multiple tags >>ability to attach the patients medical image Images can be attached to notes; actually any format files can be attached Evernote is excellent for attaching images. >>reminder feature for the future appointments A single reminder can be set for a note. You could use a separate note for each appointment. What "features" were you looking for? Evernote can produce a list of reminder notes for a specified day, or specified patient.
  16. DTLow

    Evernote fails when opening a stack

    Standard troubleshooting is to delete the app and reinstall.
  17. DTLow

    How to listen to audio notes on ipad

    I get that panel by pressing the share icon. What version are you using?
  18. DTLow

    Native Markdown Support

    The "state" has never changed Evernote was Implemented with an enml/html format and has not indicated an interest in switching. Notes can contain files of any format, including Markdown; an external editor is required. Evernote has been experimenting with basic markup options in editing text. This is a one way implementation and the code is converted to enml.
  19. DTLow

    How to listen to audio notes on ipad

    A single tap on the attachment opens a play bar
  20. In the current version of Evernote you identify the database folder by Click on the Help Menu while holding down the option key Select Troubleshooting > Open Database Folder
  21. To rebuild the spotlight search index Select the Help Menu while holding down the option key select Troubleshooting > Recreate Spotlight Search Index
  22. Date There is actually a subject date field; I access/update it using Applescript I prefix note titles with subject date (yyyy/mm/dd)Notes can be sorted by title on all platforms For dates prior to the common era epoch I use -nnn aaaaaaa where nnn is a sequence number Tags I use primary/sub tags such as !Ref-Timeline !Ref-Timeline_US !Ref-Timeline_US/CivilWar !Ref-Timeline_US/Vietnam !Ref-Timeline_Technology ... This allows me to list a general timeline (tag:!Ref-Timeline*) or a specific subject timeline, for example tag:!Ref-Timeline_US/CivilWar