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  1. Note the recent sandboxing changes in Mojave require security authorization for apps to access each other's data Script and Dragging is working for me I'm not counting on the link being active over time. I store the .eml file in the note
  2. Nuke your Mac installation and start fresh The application AppCleaner is recommrnded for this. It deletes the Evernote app, database, other files Reload the app, login; the database will be rebuilt from the server. Warning; the rebuild doesn't include Local Notebooks or unsync'd notes.
  3. I'm guessing you're using the web access at www.evernote.com If you're using the beta version; downgrade to the previous version. Instructions at
  4. There is a request posted at the top of the discussion. You're welcome to indicate your support using the voting buttons at the top left corner of the discussion. The vote count is currently
  5. afaik There are no plans for "sub-notebooks as well as sub-sub-notebooks and so on" So far, Evernote's design is to create a Stack or Space element to organize notebooks. A hierarchy has been implemented for the Tag element. It allows for unlimited sub levels
  6. Basic accounts are allowed access with two simultaneous devices, not counting web access. Use one of your other devices (or web access). Use the Devices page in account settings to revoke access to your inactive device.
  7. Basic accounts are allowed access with two simultaneous devices, not counting web access. Using your other device (or web access), you can view devices using your account in Account Settings Use this page to revoke access to your inactive devices
  8. You'll find issues with every version. Review the feedback discussions and decide if the issues are significant for you. My concern with the current version is we lost the Spotlight integration (a Mojave thing). Others find the sidebar New Note button unbearable. If you do encounter something unworkable, it's easy to switch versions.
  9. There is a beta version available for testers. It's not a complete version - some of the features are outstanding. If you're not interested in testing this version, downgrade to the previous version
  10. There is a "check for updates" in the direct download version (www.evernote.com/download) Updates for the app store version are handled by the app store.
  11. There is a feature request posted at the top of the discussions. Current vote count is To indicate your support for this request, use the voting buttons at the top left corner of the discussion.
  12. Evernote/Mac has a couple of display options for pdfs; no display of page count. I would switch to Adobe Reader or Mac Preview for a page count indicator
  13. Evernote's email feature works well for forwarded email, but it's a paid account feature and as you noted, there's no mail headers processing. This is a problem for bcc email; also direct email using a user's enernote address. There's a request for the email feature posted at
  14. I agree - it's a Postbox thing; for clippers, it's possible Evernote isn't even aware there is an email Using the Evernote email forwarding feature, I get Evernote is aware there's an email, but only parses for the subject and stores it as the note title. The contents are formatted by the email client.
  15. Digital filing cabinet works for me. My documents are Word/Pages format and include ToC/bookmark navigation
  16. Where are you expecting this metadata to be stored? Macs have no email clipper; I use scripting for mail>evernote and to extract the metadata. - the email is stored in both .eml and .pdf formats - Subject, From, To, ... are identified and stored within the note contents - note title stores the Subject - a tag stores the From id
  17. I would like to see end-to-end encryption. We can encrypt our own data but we lose Evernote features; OCR, indexing for search, ...
  18. Assuming we're using database software, what would we see for the note contents. I'm guessing a BLOB object but I'm unable to verify. I have no ideas on viewing that kind of object.
  19. Just wondered about Windows and the "in their respective databases" Are the note contents really plain text? I'm using a Mac and the note contents are plain text. There's a content.enml text file for each note.
  20. It's a good point, we should revoke access to unknown devices in addition to changing our password. I'm not usually concerned about my known devices. My understanding is that revoking access will cause devices to log off when they go online. The new password is required to log on.
  21. >>No one else has my account on their phone. Make certain of this - Change your account password Use the password only on Evernote - no where else
  22. Just tested with my Basic account; dragged a file into the Evernote/Web window The file was appended to the note. Yes, Evernote Basic accounts see messages to upgrade. I've always simply ignored the messages. LOL
  23. And yet, here you are posting in the Evernote forum. There is a request for highlight colours posted at the top of these discussions. To indicate your support, use the voting buttons at the top left corner. It's clear that this feature isn't a priority for Evernote. For those needing highlight colours, I recommend the Evertool utility. >> I loved the app in the past. I'm still enjoying the features delivered by the Evernote service. I use it to store all my documents and task management. It's not perfect - but I have a glass half full mentality
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