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  1. There's a separate folder for each note for the storage of attachments Attachments are no longer embedded in the .exb database I wouldn't have expected a significant GB total My Mac experience is from 15.45 GB 183,009 items to 13.55 GB 97,195 items
  2. Version 10 set a temporary limit of 50 notes - we expect/hope to see that limit removed In the meantime, I'm running the Legacy version and can still do a full export
  3. Right; if we include dormant accounts it turns out a small % is using any of the features 🙂
  4. Top list view is planned for an upcoming update You can also install the Legacy Version here
  5. Find and Replace has been implemented in Version 10
  6. Evernote posted that Import folders were not available yet I still have faith
  7. Click on the tags icon to open the tag window Hover the mouse cursor over a tag to get the ... Click on the ... Click on Move tag
  8. You're posting in the Windows forum Sorry, I only know rollback process for Windows/Mac
  9. Also known as "Legacy" version Of course we have the choice of not installing the update; or rolling back to a previous version,
  10. My solution is Personal/Work tags A shortcut to a saved search generates separate the note lists I also have separate tabs (Legacy Mac)
  11. I would be sticking with html format, but I don't have a suitable editor alternative to the Evernote editor
  12. Likewise, I'm renewing my subscription (due at the end of the month) I can't say how long I'll need the Legacy version, or how long it will remain functional so my only concession is switching to monthly payment
  13. Thanks for your research I'm from the Mac platform and we're used to seeing this structure; a separate folder for each note The metadata was stored in a small sqlite database >>These folders contain our attachments ONLY Right; Macs historically also had a content.enml file for each note Also native extension was maintained; we didn't have to check a .mime file >>C:\Users\USER\AppData\Roaming\Evernote\conduit-storage\https%3A%2F%2Fwww.evernote.com this appears to be our note database as an SQL file. There is a "localstorage.sql" version and a "remoteGraph.sql" (the most data) This will be painful to use Did you notice the sql is loading a database with our data
  14. Tag use at 2% came as a surprise to me - I simply don't believe it and I don't believe tags are an endangered feature Evernote is a tag centric product but I know many users have trouble switching from a folder paradigm
  15. The issue was assigning default fonts to a new note Yes, font selection is limited in v10; the legacy version will provide more options for fonts
  16. That's good to here. Can you link to a source for that My source says emphatically that Local Notebooks are no longer supported https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/360047889214-What-s-new-in-Evernote-for-Mac
  17. I'm using a Mac but the structure may be similar It looks like Evernote has switched database formats from .sqlite to .leveldb I can work with .sqlite; I have no idea how to work with this new format
  18. There never was a "default font in a new note"; just default display fonts for the platform Notes by default have no font specifications at all If you need default fonts in a new note, use a template with specific font specification
  19. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7gz0mxGC4-0. 00:00 Introduction 02:01 Why Ian Small joined Evernote 04:56 Why did it take so long to get the new framework of Evernote right 13:47 What is "Electron Apps" 17:50 Missing Features: Harmonization of Evernote experience between different platforms 22:21 Missing Features: Decision-making process on what features to bring back first 26:32 Evernote Desktop: How to open two notes next to each other (Why tabs are missing) 28:12 Difference between Checklists and Checkboxes 32:27 How to Markdown in Evernote 33:08 Why are tags placed differently now 35:17 Idea on how to add tags or crosslinks easily to inline text 36:34 Evernote vs Notion vs RoamResearch: Reminding vs Thinking 41:03 How Evernote could become the best knowledge manager 42:33 Note-taking vs Knowledge Management vs Task Management 47:27 Future outlook next months and years to come 50:01 Evernote's New Search functionalities 52:42 Ian's message to my community 54:42 Ian commits to next interview in January 2021 discussing new features 55:15 My Summary and final thoughts
  20. And some of them have support for Markdown
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