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  1. When I updated to the most recent EN client version (10.22.3), the repeated crashes disappeared. However, a new problem has arisen. The web clipper will no longer allow clippings from any site that is "Not secure" if I am using Safari; it works with Chrome (I don't use Firefox and so I don't know if the problem exists there). The technical folks were able to duplicate that problem and are working on it. I am running the more recent versions of MacOS, of Safari, of the EN clipper...on the newest iMac. I have no idea what will happen when I install the soon-to-be-released new OS for the Mac.
  2. Yes, that seems to be the case. Both my iPhone and iPad (now updated to iOS 15) are accessing the EN database. I had problems with the EN client off and on over the past year. The current version had been working fine for a couple of months...until yesterday. The most recent app update to my iMac was that of Readdle's email program, Spark. And so nothing dramatic. Now to try the procedure you suggested...
  3. "...wrong subforum (it is for iOS), but..." Oops. I didn't look closely. I am going to give your suggestion procedure a go. Right now I am in the middle of updating my iPhone and iPad to iOS 15 and so can't answer your second question. As for the first, I can access the web client. Thanks for the help.
  4. I am subscribed...Premium. (I have been at this for a long time--since July 2008; current number of clippings: 82,013.) Evernote is my most-used tool.
  5. The same thing here; however, it only started happening to me today (Monday, September 20). Does "our end" have anything to tell us at this time?
  6. I am having a similar problem. The app freezes but often brings my iMac to a stand still, freezing every other app...and I have to reboot. And then the app usually requires 3 or 4 tries before it opens. Also after doing incremental system updates, the app won't work at all unless I reinstall (after removing a huge number of app-associated files using App Cleaner). For now I have stopped using the Evernote app; the frequent iMac freezes and reboots are disrupting my work. And I don't have the time to yet again go to Support to help figure this out. I find the situation unfortunate because I really like the app when it's running well.
  7. I contacted Support several days ago. Part of the response was "As it happens, it is expected the algorithms that power the smart filing feature won't be as accurate as a brand new account,...". My account started in 2008; I now have over 75K clippings. I am not clear as to how/why having lots of clippings would affect day-to-day current Smart filing by the clipper. Luckily, probably 90% of my clippings go to one Notebook, so I turned off Smart filing and set that one Notebook as the default. For those few that I clip each day that belong elsewhere, I simply do that manually. Every now and then I will check to see if Smart filing is working again. This misdirection occurred once before (a year or two ago; I don't recall—maybe there's a record of it in past postings); the situation cleared up and Smart filing began to work again.
  8. My clipper (I am using Chrome but it also happens using Safari) "Smart" files into "Holding to sort". Interesting to see that Smart filing makes a consistent mistake that differs from person to person reporting here. Consistently but variably wrong!
  9. Everything is being clipped into "Holding to sort". The Smart sort is not working. This just started today (February 11). (It happened some time ago...eventually corrected.) Is happening with both Chrome and Safari browsers.
  10. Hah! I had read the description of What's New but did not continue to read down the page. That was sloppy of me. Thanks for pointing this out.
  11. I installed the new Evernote app on my iMac after deleting the beta. The new app is running fine EXCEPT when I access the Preferences all that shows is a check mark next to the phrase "Save Data at Logout" (which is also all I saw in Preferences when running the beta). I think I missed a step (or misstepped) when deleting the beta. Any ideas as to what is wrong? Should I try reboot?
  12. I submitted a support ticket yesterday and received a prompt and encouraging response; here is part of it: "This is a problem we are aware of and our development team has been working on a solution that will be included in our next software update for Web Clipper. We don't have an ETA when the update will be available as the public release is still being worked on, however, we are finding that this problem is resolved in our testing versions on our end." In the meantime I am simply using Safari when necessary or going to the Evernote app on my Mac. Which is my way of saying, the bug is little more than an annoyance for me; it's gnat size!
  13. Me, too. Don't see the full list of my notebooks. And if I try searching for a particular notebook, nothing happens. Something is definitely amiss and needs to be fixed soon.
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