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  1. Ab👏so👏lute👏ly perfect It was the "Screen Recording" option. I wasn't even aware of this option, but somehow over the past couple of days, it became unclicked. Thank you so much!
  2. Many thanks, PinkElephant. (Thanks also for the correction in terminology--noted!) I tried those steps you suggested, and after logging back in, when clicking on the EN helper, it does either of two things: It just gives the options "Sign in to Evernote" and "Quit Evernote"...even though I've already logged back in It gives the regular options of "Clip full screen" and "Click rectangle or window", but it doesn't clip my selection; instead, it just returns a black window, or some pre-formatted image. In the meantime, I found some similar issues on another forum thread (here), so perhaps the EN helper tends to be a bit wonky, and it'll be resolved in due course. Thanks anyway!
  3. First of all, apologies--I'm not sure I'm getting the names for the various features right. I'm using Evernote on iOS 11.5.2 (Big Sur). On my screen (Safari browser), there are two "elephant" buttons that allow me to clip whatever I like from my screen. There's a green elephant next to my URL line that is the actual web clipper (only clipping what is displayed within the browser window), and at the top bar of my screen (same line as date, time, battery level, File, Edit, View, etc.), there's a white elephant, which is another sort of clipper, but one that I use much more, because it allows me to select anything on the entire screen (not just within a browser). Since a couple of days, this no longer works. I got a message telling me to enable it in my Privacy settings, which I think I did, but it still doesn't work. Could anyone help?
  4. Thanks @PinkElephant, but the quotation marks don't work either. (Neither do underscores, like I said.) Perhaps it isn't possible. Not a huge deal, but would've been more of a "nice to know". Cheers
  5. Hello, Probably a basic question, but when I email an article (or anything) to my Evernote and want to include tags that consist of multiple words, what is the correct format to use? For example, I created tags such as "freelance translation", or "language volunteer work", and it's no problem to add these to a note already within Evernote, but in an email where you put the tag in the subject line (in last place), I've tried writing the words out separately, all together as one word, separated by full stops, and separated by underscores. None of these work. It's not a major issue. It would just be convenient, if it's possible. Thanks for any tips!
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