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  1. Ahh, I get it now, thanks again, to both of you.
  2. Ok, many thanks. I wasn't even aware of that feature. I just make sure to sync on a regular basis, so effectively I have up-to-date access on any of my devices. No need for a subscription, for my needs. Thanks again!
  3. Thanks for replying Creating/saving notes without Internet connection works fine. I'm not sure I understand what you mean by "download the contents of an existing note". Is that any different than syncing? I know a connection is required for that. Basically, I don't see what I would *not* be getting, if I go back to the Basic package. The second bullet point above confuses me. "For Basic, offline access to notes is available only via Desktop". That suggests that I can't access previously-synced notes on my smartphone, if I have no Internet connection. If that's not the case, and any synced notes are accessible with or without Internet access, then I'm fine with Basic.
  4. Hello, I need to decide whether to continue using a complimentary Evernote subscription, or whether reverting to Evernote Basic is fine for my needs. It's personal use only (some extensive note-taking, but otherwise just as a personal organiser). No groups or business use. Apparently Evernote Basic doesn't allow offline access to notes via mobile (see image), which seems weird. I don't need notes to necessarily sync straight away, but surely I can still create and save a note to mobile under the Basic package, even if I have no Internet access? Thanks for any thoughts.
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