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  1. @gazumped I am not sure what you mean when you say that is what local backups are for? Does some version of that allow me to access Evernote data when logged-out and offline? Regarding security, I keep much more sensitive information on my PC than in Evernote. That is what people even recommend - do not put the sensitive suff in Evernote. I do not see why basic encryption and a password for a local login to use Evernote would be an added risk to my data. I am responsible for protecting my PC data - which I do with the Windows tools to start with, and sensitive data is always stored in a password protected file. I find it more a risk that for some reason, Evernote servers, which are outside my control, are not accessible for a long period, or gone, and that I no longer can use my Evernote data. Keep in mind, I lot of the value of Evernote is the the structuring of the data, tags, and links. So simple HTML dumps would still result in a loss of data/value. I need the app, and the data, always available offline, with local login (security). Perhaps wishful thinking, but it seems like it would be an option that is useful for many, and so add value to Evernote (and its business) in general. But this is just my view of life 😉
  2. @gazumped Yes, I had discovered that too - and right now, its only a (tedious) substitute for the "backlink-to-section" feature I prefer to have. The useful scenario is pretty basic: I am writing up knowledge documents that include summary texts, plus links to notes/references with details - eg PDFs, Videos, and longer texts. I have typically more than 8 sections in the main document, and its several pages long. Right now, if I link to a note with details, when I want to return to my master document and use the backlink feature, I land at the top of that document, not the section I just left. I know some might say to use a table of contents at the top, and just click on the section there to go where I was, but is an extra click and disrupts the natural flow of attention. And for some of us, who forget where we linked from (eg when returning to reading after a 4-hour interruption)d, results in having to scroll the whole document to figure out where we left from.
  3. Hey @Mike P, I am not sure I follow. If I link from a section in one note, and that section has a unique link ID (that can be used to link directly to that section if used elsewhere), could not the backlink in the second note (or section!) you link to, not be back to the original section in the first note? Why would it be logical to only backlink to the top level of the first note? I am not arguing, but am trying to understand to see if I am missing something.
  4. I will add that local storage does not equal universal offline access either. If you log out of Evernote, rather than quit, you can not geto to your data until you are online again. It would be extremely cool if I could also login locally, if I happen to be logged out, when I am offline. I would not need this often, if at all, but it would provide me with peace of mind, knowing I really always have access to this important database of my life...
  5. Out of curiosity, I have noted that if I link from a section to another note, or a section in another note,), that the backlink takes me to the top of the originating note, not to the section with the link. Do I see this right? In anycase, while I find this a desirable and logical behavior, is there counter-information management logic that indicates this is not a good idea? And of course, are there programming reasons not to make this work?
  6. I think @Zenspiration, who is new to this forum and deserves a bit of polite leeway, was more or less expressing the wish for default settings. I agree it would be handy, and is in my experience, possible in most other apps so people are likely to be surprised it´s not possible. Mike P has a good observation too - it should remain set in a template.
  7. When I try to create a link to a particular view in an application document, nothing happens. This used to work in Dec 2023. This does work in MS Word. This is the format that works in Word: mlo://C:\OneDrive\Documents\MLO_Local_T470\MLO_Local_T470.ml?{403A7523-7A8F-44E2-ABBF-DADC85615458} Does anyone else link to particular locations in apps, or documents? What format link works for you?
  8. @AdmiralP Yes, you are correct, that tagging of notes vs tasks could be complicated. But my hope is, with the re-coding of Evernote, that the framework uses a more object-oriented approach, and that Tasks are seen as a separate entity. From what I have seen, from the way tasks are managed so far, they are indeed a separate class of data, so they should be able to have their own tags outside of what note they are embedded in... But i am only guessing and hoping... In anycase, the overall effort of the Evernote team is fine, even if most of the improvements are interface coding as opposed to content object-oriented...
  9. Projects? Does that category or type already exist? While fine, I do not want another key category beyond Notes, tags, tasks, files (which also needs improvement) and tasks (again, where the core functionality, especially in connection with the calendar, and typical task functionality has a long way to go...). What would maybe work better in the current framework (and in my world 😉) is to be able to attach tags to a task. Then you only need a tag for each project, and its easy to change. Earlier, I would have also said I do not like the random collection of tasks in various notes as you create them, but now I see we can move a task to another note (which would be my tasks notes for a particular project) which helps, but, again, tagging, would even remove that extra step. We will see... I like the avalanche of new "features" but I see them as more cosmetic (easy to implement) rather than fundamental core capabilities. Cheers!
  10. Does anyone know why I only see a limited set of my files? It seems to be consistently around 30, under All, Media and Docs. I have tried changing the sort. I see also that it's not just selecting the most recent (or oldest).
  11. Hummm, niether can I..... (I am in Europe... so guess its not possible) Edit: Safari does indeed work - also /command and collapsing. Alas, my iPad is largely retired
  12. Thanks for the reminder to use the desktop mode. I use a tablet with a physical keyboard (Lenovo P12) Using Chrome, on Desktop mode, I can get to Evernote, but the / command, while I see the grey promte, nothing happens when I type the slash. That, of course, could also be a hardware issue, except that also using the onscreen keyboard it also does not work. Maybe I have popup's blocked... Using Firefox in Desktop mode, I get the popup of options, and can select one (I can not jus go on and type, but I think this is not how it works on Android), but if I have any text on the page at all, I get very irratic behavior, like the word "Press" showing up somewhere as text, of the cursor moving all over the place, etc. I can not say if this is an Evernote, a Firefox or tablet and keyboard incompatitiblity... I will keep fussing with this to see what I can find out.
  13. I note too that the web version does not work on Firefox for Android either - I was thinking that might be a work-around.
  14. I have started using the Android version with a keyboard more lately and it seems that the latest new features, like the / command and collapsible sections are not (yet?) available. Also long standing functionality like multiselect, and I assume many other functionalities. Is there anywhere where we can see the detailed functionality of each platform app, preferably next to each other?
  15. ShopNotes #142 (Vol. 24) Let's give BS a bit of room... you do not see the list if you actually type HTTP:// You see it with the first slash, but its gone if you go on and type the second one. Maybe not elegant, but it works....
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