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  1. I found out if I make a bullet first, and paste the shortcut that it remains indented with the bullet. I assume this will work for files too. Alas, this does not work for tables
  2. Yes, the ability to indent (or freely locate) tables, and also attachments icons is key to good organization - which I thought Evernote was all about?
  3. A solution that works, and might even be simpler anyways, is to create a shortcut in Windows explorer, and copy and paste it into your Evernote. That still works. Still, the ol´file:///.... option, is something that would indeed be handy to have implemented (again ;-), if only so we have more control over how we enter our information. Cheers, Grant
  4. Hi, I was looking to create some handwritten notes, including expecting Evernote to do some OCR on them for searching later on. I thought ink notes was the way to do this, but I do not see the option to create one anymore.. Some other posts suggest its been removed from Evernote If its removed how can I create handwritten notes that are searchable. The Scribble tool is a bit laggy and also does not seem to be searchable. Thanks Grant
  5. Yes, I really miss and need the import folder - just scanned in 20 documents and now I have to manually create a note for each one... geezzzzz......
  6. When using clipper, I can not enter, anywhere at least the ? character, but as I recollect others... I am using the most recent version, and also commented on this during the beta...
  7. Sorry!!! I should have been clearer on that point: It does not work anywhere in the Clipper extension.
  8. I can not enter a '/' or the upper case '?' when creating a new clip using Firefox on a windows 10 PC. I can enter these characters in the browser, and notepad, etc. I can enter it using the ALT Key code 63. I have an international English QWERTY board. I have restarted my system and the problem remains. Can someone help me fix this?
  9. Hi, I used to regularly link from my task manager and other inform management tools and documents to local evernote entries. eg evernote:///view/987000/s8/21f000-64e9-483b-97af-05ab2b40000/1111514-64e9-483b-97af-05ab2b40000/ I used to be able to simply use the 'Copy Internal Link' command, and then paste it into another application document, note etc. But now these links are pasted as cloud links (this only happens outside of Evernote - internally the links are as above - if you use 'edit' to look at them), eg https://www.evernote.com/sharx/s8/en/98111/1111514-64e9-483c-97af-05ab2b40000 Is there a keyboard short cut or something so that I can still do a simple copy and past sequence, and not have to "copy - paste into evernote, -edit, copy the text of the internal link - delete entry used for this step - paste actual internal link into other app" sequence? Thanks Grant
  10. Hi, I had moved mine sometime ago, but with the last update, Evernote seems to have moved the files back to the default directory. Does this sound correct, or ? I could easily use the Tools to move it back to where I did have it, but my concern is I would not have seen this execept by chance, and my back up service was not configured to back up the database from the default location, so it was a bit worrying that it got moved without my permission. Grant
  11. Hi Dave, for me, using Chrome, there is no search box in the upper right, but if I use Edge, I do see it... odd... that is indeed what I would like to see...
  12. Hi, Is there a user manual for evernote (for windows)? All I wanted to find out was if there where shortcuts to insert time and date. 25 minute later I still do not know. First I clicked on Help expecting a typical index off line help tool to pop up. Nope, off to a web page. Well at least i can search using that. Nope, just a bunch of articles on general topics with no search function. Off to this forum. Searched on ' user manual ', ' user guide ' and, nope, nothing... So now I bow to my fellow users on the forum for explaining what I missed as far as getting detailed instruction on how to use each function of evernote. Oh yeah, and if there are short cuts for inserting time and date. Thanks grant
  13. HI, I have this problem too. I would rather not have to delete files I know nothing about, unless instructed by the support team. I have tried clicking through, but the 5 items do not accept a check mark so I can not complete them. I have dismissed the whole box and restarted maybe 20 times since this started. (probably with a few updates inbetween) @Austin G, or @dconnet can you maybe help? I sent a ticket in last week, but have not gotten any reply than the automated one confirming they got my request. Ticket# 2427859 Grant Nelson (paying customer)
  14. DT Low, of course I searched this forum before going sending an email to support (I have been a member since 2011). My issue is, and others have it, but from what I saw, no straight forward solution, is a small thing, but I do pay for support, so would expect some kind of rely inside a week.. The issue: I always get (probably 20 times) the ' Evernote Essentials, lets Get Started' dialog box when I restart Evernote... its not possible to complete the 5 tasks either, which I assume would make it stop popping up... other posts say its supposed to stop after a number of times, or, of course, I should finish the tasks, but that does not work. If you can find an answer on the forum the helps more than the answers that already where supplied, i would be very happy. Metrodon, I will wait a few more day, and then try the Twitter mode... I agree, there is no reason to not answer me because my question is not as 'big' as other peoples... Regards, Grant
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