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  1. I use WhatsApp web in Firefox. I cannot drag and drop to WhatsApp from the desk top let alone Evernote.That's a WhatsApp web thing. But I cannot drag and drop from Evernote v10 to a Word document. @Mike P offers the only solution I can use at present other than sticking with the standard advice to use the legacy version until the issue is resolved.
  2. A lot of imported content is from HTML sources - forwarded Emails, web clippings etc. In the legacy versions this was not evident and it could edited in place. veriosn 10.x recognises this as HTML source and displays it in an HTML block. This can be removed by using the 'Simplify Formatting' option in v10.x but this typically messes up the layout. If this is key to your workflow then, as ever, stick with the legacy version.
  3. I anticipate that the options menu will be broken up into various individual settings in the other menus. Of course I may be wrong... It has been known
  4. THis is unfortunately not a universal issue which will make it harder to fix. The only good thing is that updates are coming quite frequently so 10.5 should be along soon...
  5. @Kev@n I fear you're talking to fellow users There are threads about the startup question - create a shortcut in %appdata%\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Start-up
  6. This happens to someone almost every time there is an update. Never the same person but if you search back you'll find almost every release finds someone with this issue. @gazumped suggests uninstall/reinstall. I've found just downloading the new version from the website and installing it over the top of the existing version works just as well and avoids the delay while the new version rebuilds its data which happens with an uninstall/reinstall. I think either route will work however.
  7. Actually it isn't broken... What has happened is that a poorly communicated rebuild is underway. The new platform is way behind the so-called legacy software but that is still available, works as it always has and should be the default option for anyone with a use-case that requires function such as encryption-in-place. So the answer to everyone with the problem of encrypting text is to stick with the legacy edition which isn't going away anytime soon. If you want to try both then download the legacy version and run it alongside. Both versions will co-exist if you wish and have disk space. I entirely agree that the implementation of encryption in v10.x isn't complete or adequate for purpose so until it is remaining with the legacy version is what is necessary for those who need it to work. Grab a copy of the legacy version and keep it on your PC for the future. https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/360052560314
  8. Since 10.4.3 I have ScanSnap back working. I had to configure the ScanSnap Manager software which Fujitsu had to update first. The only issue (for some, not me) is that the scan always goes to the default notebook rather than the one which last had focus. I haven't tried the ScanSnap Home software which is, I think, Fujitsu's preferred approach but I'm impressed that Evernote andFujitsu have worked together to revive the depracated ScanSnap Manager.
  9. You are correct printing is terrible in the v10.x release. Little more than a dump of the raw data to the printer queue.
  10. I suspect that PC having been in sleep or hibernate mode may be a coincidence. There is a documented issue which behaves just like this but not only in the awakening from 'stand-by'. I'm told that the devs are hoping for a fix in the next update (10.5.x). Meanwhile the solution is Quit/Restart
  11. One of those things that isn't where it used to be... OPen the notebook | Click the three dot menu icon at the top of the column | Select Export Notebook
  12. I agree. I have my select limit set to 500. For anyone with a little coding courage it is possible to edit the config.json and change the select limit to a maximum of 1,000 notes. Of course an end user shouldn't be expected to be editing config files but for the time being it is possible for brave hearted... 😬
  13. @tim.bushell you are largely speaking to fellow users here in the peer support area so you won't get an answer to your second paragraph 10.4.3 does have a known issue affecting some but not all users that sounds like the issue you mention. The recommended action is to delete the data files and then allow the program to rebuild the data. The suggested fix is: Quit Evernote Go to search located next to the start button Search for `%appdata%` Locate and delete the Evernote folder Launch Evernote again and sign in
  14. I think you may have confused us by talking about export to PDF. Evernote talks about EXPORT for the purpose of transferring the note to another Evernote account or into a different note taking program. You, of course, mean the ability to save/print to PDF that existed in the v6.25 version of Evernote. At the moment all the printing of notes is poor in Evernote 10. It is little more than a dump of the note content to the printer. There is no margin setting so text is just cut off at the end of a page with the result that lines are often printed the top half on one page and the bottom half on the next. Tables are often cut off on the right hand margin. The same applies printing to PDF. So you can certainly print but the output is likely to close to useless. If priting to paper or PDF is a key part of your workflow then stay with the legacy version of Evernote - at least for that process.
  15. These niggly issues can be immensely frustrating. Especially when you realise that it has to be something unique to you. Delighted you've found the issue.
  16. @RightPaddock I'm afraid that you are mostly talking to other users in these forums. THis isn't really the place to assume that Evernote staff will read your post. These are peer support forums. One of the key elements of Evernote is that it is a cloud based service. So it has always been assumed that the bulk of a users notes will be stored in the cloud so that they can be accessed on multiple devices. I note that you have a BASIC account so the number of devices is dropping and this also means you can't usefully raise a support ticket. As @DTLow notes, install the legacy version of Evernote and that should give you access to your local folders that will work while this software is available. If you want a local only service then I fear you will need to use these transition weeks/months to find an alternative service provider and export the notes. That said, most of the alternatives are cloud based as well.
  17. @hhayes I'm going to say that I and, I think, many others are not having this issue so it seems likely that it relates in some manner to way you are working. I can log out and back in and I still get into Evernote without needing to provide my username/password pair. I can hibernate or sleep and not have the issue either. I can't look over your shoulder but since you say you have colleagues with the same issue I wonder if your IT department has implemented some form wiping og the cache files that hold the login information. There is an updated version of EN 10 than the one you report. Perhaps you could completely remove 10.3.7 and install 10.4.3 from scratch. That might do the trick
  18. @Mark. Create a shortcut to the Evernote program is C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup = %appdata%\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup THat will set Evernote to start when you reboot your PC. @MikeDuncan177 I'd hoped that setting the shortcut to open minimized would do the trick but apparently not
  19. This issue was noted by @notetakeingguy in the beta process and continues in version 10.4.3 Take some text which is prepared in Word including bullet points. Here's an example... Copy and paste this into a note in Evernote v10.x In fact it seems to be pasting all bulleted text. I can copy from these forums and achieve exactly the same. The bulleted lists are concatenated. Try it again with one of the lists bulleted and the other numbered... Paste this into Evernote v10 and the numbered section is bumped below the closing text... Something very buggy pasting lists from Word into Evernote 10...
  20. I note that Import Folders are now officially listed as coming in the future in the Release Notes accompanying version 10.4.3
  21. You've posted in the regular Windows desktop application forum. You might be better placed to get an answer if you move or re-post in the Evernote for Business forum channel.
  22. If you have both v10 and the legacy version installed it could be caused by accessing the note in the other version before the sync has completed right through the chain. This is one of the issues that can be faced having both versions installed together. In particular the legacy version syncs every 5 minutes so lags version 10. As @Mike P says, try making changes in the web version and see if that works. Then work only in, say, the new desktop version and check that changes stick in that platform. If that works OK, use the legacy version after forcing a sync and see if that works using only the legacy.
  23. There is no expectation that version 6.25.x will be withdrawn at anytime soon. This wouldn't be a 'downgrade'. In reality version 10 is a restart providing a platform from the base up. the legacy version will work alongside v10 sdo you can have both installed at the same time if you wish. The only promise is that v6.25 isn't going to be developed further. Hopefully it means that, eventually, v10 will catch up and overtake v6.25
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