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  1. Hi everybody! Help me out here. I just spent 20 minutes searching the web trying to figure out how I can email Evernote support to ask some questions. The only thing I came up with was their new third-party chat service for which there is an additional fee. (! 😞 ) Can anybody point me to where I might best get in touch with the apparently very busy Evernote folks?
  2. YAY! I also found that Evernote reported that 10.18.3 what is the latest version but I download attend at 19.2 and so far so good!
  3. I got lucky and only had to restart the incomplete downloading of a dozen folders. Thanks for heading me in the right direction!
  4. I had to resolve this by deselecting all of the partially downloaded notes/notebooks, restarting my computer and then redownloading them. PITA.
  5. I'm having the same problem on all of my machines. I uninstalled/reinstalled on one machine. No love.
  6. Hi all, I might just be blind or missing something, but can you not use an Apple Pencil to highlight text on an iPad?
  7. I have a related problem where if I select more than one note and I want to copy it to another folder I can't. In the old version you could make a selection of several files and copy them to a new folder but with this one you have to do them one at a time. And then when you open the list of what folder you want to send it to you, the list is not sorted alphabetically… this is one of the reasons that I keep the legacy version around for.
  8. Hi am very thankful that I can have both versions available. The current version is not ready for prime time although I'm trying hard to make it work. But there are still so many things that are either broken or haven't been carried over from the older version...
  9. Glad the issue has already been officially reported! Are the Evernote folks in Texas? Oh man....I feel so bad for them. Here in central NY we're like "whatever, maybe I need a coat today....."
  10. I was all set to email support about this but there is apparently a 10 DAY WAIT FOR A REPLY? What is the point.... Yet another broken feature that keeps me living in the legacy version of Evernote.
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