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  1. 2 different macs, both running Catalina using Safari No extensions other than web clipper FWIW My iPad does the same thing.
  2. It's finally working! I had to select no off-line folders and let the app sit open for a couple minutes and then re-select download all in order for this process to start properly. Everything synced, and I have a lot of stuff, within a couple hours. I hope that as time moves on that the server response will get faster because it's pretty much slower than any other synchronizing app that I use. Whew!
  3. day 3 and my notes are still not downloaded on both my 2020iphoneSE and my 9.7" iPad Pro. This is completely unacceptable. I am losing my patience with this.
  4. A month ago I left both my iPad and my iPhone unlocked and unplugged for over 48 hours in order to download off-line notebooks that in the previous version download it in a matter of hours. This morning I noticed that they are all downloading all over again. Both of these devices have been on with Evernote open and the screen unlocked for seven hours and the downloading of off-line notebooks has not completed. This "new improved" version of Evernote has been out for sometime now, and this behavior is inexcusable at this point. I'm really wishing I had another option but
  5. FWIW I started a thread on this on Sept 16. I have exactly the same issue. Seems to work fine speed wise on my 2020 iPhone SE but runs like a dog on my first gen 9.7" iPad pro. Very frustrating. Previous version ran fast and smooth. 😞
  6. Bumping this. I just had this lack of tiff support stop the college class I was teaching today dead in its tracks. Opens fine on my Mac thank god. I have tiff images throughout ALL of my semesters lesson plans. Why take a step backwards?
  7. FYI- folks on this forum were reporting that the web version was repeating notes in July/Aug. Coincidence? Same code base? "I've got a bad feeling about this" - Han Solo
  8. the list order for selecting/deselecting is in some kind of crazy random order. Can this list be sorted logically somehow? Super easy to make mistakes with the seemingly random order.
  9. On my iPad under displays and brightness -text size I have enlarged the dynamic type which causes the problem in the attached picture rending that info unreadable. Problem did not exist with previous version.
  10. Same here. made 7 copies. unusable in this condition. Please tell up how to downgrade.
  11. Hi, I am trying to figure out the best workflow for highlighting notes sent by clients as I do work for them. On a Mac, its pretty straightforward, either with text or pdf. On an iPad, its a mess, or at least it is for me. How do you folks do this on an iOS device? Do you "annotate" a pdf? How do I get rid of the stupid extra window the doing this creates? Also, god forbid the piano locks while the evernote document is open. There are unpredictable results when you reopen. Help?
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