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  1. Thanks so much for doing the heavy lifting on this! I've been half-heartedly looking for previous releases because the current one is SOOOOooooo bad. You've got to love the quote: "... hopefully addresses the performance and crashes... "
  2. What is going on with Evernote development? It seems that every release of their software is worse. I am currently running the legacy version on my PC because the new one is so bad. I just downloaded the current Android app and it is extremely slow and cumbersome to use.
  3. I scanned a document with my scansnap scanner. Sometimes it is imported, sometimes it is not.
  4. I do a lot of work where I send notes via email to people. It appears this feature is missing also so disappointed 😞
  5. The new version looks like it is built on the chrome browser but it seems slower than actually using the web page (if that's possible) So disappointed 😞
  6. Looks like it is built on the chrome web browser (if you click developer tools you can see the html) but the web version is actually faster. So disappointed 😞
  7. Not sure what version you tried this on, but on my Windows 10 it did not work. I tried ctrl as well as shift (like it used to work in previous versions)
  8. Since the new version is ***** and has actually caused damage to my documents and forced me an inordinate amount of time to fix, I went back to the legacy version. This one completely ignores the 2FA that I set up! One would think that the 2FA would be authenticated at the server, but apparently it is (not) done at the client? The reason it is here rather than in the "legacy" forum is because (I believe) that 2FA is not being done at the server(!) because the legacy version didn't prompt for it.
  9. This new version is horrible! Its almost like they hired a high-school student hacker to throw it together from a design that came from a guy high on crack and was tested by a lab monkey. My god, if this this is the future of Evernote, we are doomed.
  10. And it has become soooooo slooooooow!!!!! The only explanation for all of these problems is that this is only a Beta release. I am going back to the previous code base. Turns out I don't know where to get a reliable copy of the previous version. Evernote doesn't publish them or even have hashes for them to confirm you have a legitimate copy 😞 AAAARRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! AND FOR SOME REASON. THE NOTE TITLE DOESN'T APPEAR IN THE MIDDLE PANE (SO WHAT IS THE POINT OF CHANGING THE TITLE?!??!?!??!?!?!) Now the title is back. What a POS!
  11. I just imported about 80 notes that somehow wound up as notebooks that I can't move! Normally these notes would have gone into the TODO folder. I am extremely irritated with evernote's developers right now.
  12. You can't select multiple notes to move to a different notebook!!!!!???!?!?!? Who's *&^%$##% bright idea was that?
  13. I've upgraded to the new codebase. Unfortunately, when I import a note from my scansnap scanner, it tags it with the name of the temporary file. I can easily change the title of the note, but not the name of the embedded pdf. Can I just put it back to the way it was before?
  14. I thought that CalS was on to something. There is a setting on Mac, but it didn't do anything
  15. This is not an iX500 setting because it is an Evernote popup. This is an Evernote issue. There are so many (horrible) differences between the Mac and Windows versions that I dread using Evernote on my Mac.
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