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  1. I thought that CalS was on to something. There is a setting on Mac, but it didn't do anything
  2. This is not an iX500 setting because it is an Evernote popup. This is an Evernote issue. There are so many (horrible) differences between the Mac and Windows versions that I dread using Evernote on my Mac.
  3. I am running Catalina 10.15.4 and Evernote 7.14. I have my ScanSnap iX500 setup to scan directly to Evernote. Every time I scan something, Evernote puts the new note where I want it (do to) but it pops up the note in a separate frame (as if I just double-clicked on it.) How do I get it to stop? thanks in advance!
  4. That gets back to the 250MB limit. With today's internet fast connections, there is no reason for such a small file.
  5. I'm not suggesting that EN have unlimited uploads. I am saying don't put a limit on uploading a single note (the limit will be dictated by what the user has available for that month.) For example, if I have a 10GB limitation for the month and I upload 9GB of data, I should be allowed to upload a single 1GB note before the end of the month. After that, I am done for the month unless I want to pay for it (I have actually paid to upload data beyond the limit on one occasion.)
  6. why limit at all? You can always pay for uploads that exceed the monthly limit. Besides, this is the first time I have run into this problem, so obviously I won't be doing it very often
  7. I agree that 200MB is small in today's world. I just ran into this today on my Mac (not sure if the same limitation exists on WIndows - where I do most of my Evernote work.)
  8. Believe me, I have. Honestly if there was another product out there that was as good, I would seriously consider switching. I really like the windows version, I tolerate the android version, and I loathe the Mac one.
  9. I'm not talking about speed, I'm talking about the layout, the fact that it warns me every time I try to move a note, etc
  10. Sure, it may run, but it is horrible when compared to its windows sibling.
  11. Here's another reason: Evernote on Mac is really, really bad. It downright sucks. I was using wine to run the windows version and it was much more acceptable than maintaining a virtual machine. Now that Mac OS has "updated" to 64 bit, the 32 bit windows apps won't run on it.
  12. This really bothers me about the Mac version (this works fine in the Windows version!). Every time I try to move a note to/from a shared folder, I get this incredibly annoying popup asking me to confirm. This is a PITA because I share my folders with my wife, accountant, and business partners. I have all new notes coming into a TODO folder and move them as I review/process them. I can't believe that this problem only exists on the Mac version!!!!!
  13. I am on windows, using version (308292) Public (CE Build ce-62.1.7539) I somehow deleted a PDF from a note I was editing, but when I tried to undo, it did not. I deleted the PDF, then clicked off the note (but did nothing else). When I clicked back on the note, clicking undo and typing ctrl-z did not work.
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