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  1. This really bothers me about the Mac version (this works fine in the Windows version!). Every time I try to move a note to/from a shared folder, I get this incredibly annoying popup asking me to confirm. This is a PITA because I share my folders with my wife, accountant, and business partners. I have all new notes coming into a TODO folder and move them as I review/process them. I can't believe that this problem only exists on the Mac version!!!!!
  2. I am on windows, using version (308292) Public (CE Build ce-62.1.7539) I somehow deleted a PDF from a note I was editing, but when I tried to undo, it did not. I deleted the PDF, then clicked off the note (but did nothing else). When I clicked back on the note, clicking undo and typing ctrl-z did not work.
  3. thanks for the suggestion. You are right, this is a work-around. Unfortunately I am coming from a PC where they have already fixed this bug that some bright young engineer thought was a good idea and should be fired for. I had a very lengthy discussion with every tech support they have (it was a dozen back-and-forths and it seemed that every time I had a different person.) . The upshot was that I had someone actually google this problem (yes, I actually sent them this link!) They responded:
  4. OMG! I thought this was dead. I'm in the process of switching to a macbook from windows and this ugly, nasty, no-good "feature" is here!!!!! This was removed in the windows version! PLEASE GET RID OF THIS ATROCITY ASAP! THIS REALLY MAKES EVERNOTE UNUSABLE FOR ANYONE! WHOSE DUMB*SS IDEA WAS IT????
  5. I have been using 2FA from LastPass with Evernote (works great with pushes) and have been very happy with the configuration. I have been reading a disturbing number of articles about people having their sim cards hijacked and have recently purchased a physical key (Google Titan). As far as I know, this cannot be used with Evernote yet, but is that the final answer? Does anyone know of a timeline when physical keys will be supported by Evernote?
  6. This ridiculous "feature" still plagues me! I have postponed cleaning up my ToDo until it is fixed! I have not seen an update for Evernote in months... Are they still maintaining it?
  7. It is obvious, but there is no alternative that is easy to do. It would be much better if EN just allowed notes to exist in multiple notebooks.
  8. Seems like a lot of hassle. I have multiple notebooks that I share with multiple people. I just found the "duplicate" option this morning and made a copy into the second notebook. Unfortunately, any changes I make in one will not be reflected in the other.
  9. I share multiple notebooks with different users and I need to be able to share one or more notes in those notebooks. They only way I can make this happen in EN is by copying. It's not hard for EN to introduce the concept of links(!)
  10. After doing a little research, I understand why evernote does not support network folders: when you add, delete, or rename a file on the local file system, you can register and receive instant notifications from the operating system (Windows and Unix). This is not the case for network file systems. I have written a java application that will do what I need (scan a network file system periodically and copy any new files to a local folder for evernote to ingest.) I have set it up so that evernote deletes the file from the local folder (I have the original in the network folder.) On my computer (running in a virtual machine) I get a 2% increase in CPU activity every time it recursively searches the folders (configurable amount of time). I feel this is acceptable. I would be glad to share this, but I don't see how to add to "My Media" in this forum. If you pm me, I will send it to you, or if someone can tell me how to add it here, I would be glad to do that as well.
  11. Thanks for pointing me to that thread. I had read it before, but missed where they said to initially set it up dot DELETE the files, then put it back to NOT delete the files. It is working for local folders, but not for network folders. I read the explanation of why evernote doesn't use network folders to store its repository, but I don't get why they don't allow network folders for importing. Does anyone know if there are plans for this? thanks, Jordan
  12. Hi all, I have created a folder (c:\temp\junk) on my hard drive I have added this import folder to evernote (Tools - Import Folders...) I specified this import folder to not delete the original file and put the note into "To Do" I added a file to this windows folder (testing.txt) and I expected it to appear magically in evernote, but it does not appear there. I have tried syncing and even restarting evernote What am I doing wrong? How often does evernote check its import folders? thanks for your help
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