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  1. I didn't think to try this, (great suggestion!) but unfortunately the attachment is missing in the web client as well.
  2. This is not what happens to me. My note is saved with the attachment. I go back to the note after some time and it is still there. I change the title of the note and sometime later, when I check the note the attachment is gone
  3. I am a subscriber for 10+ years. I checked the history (thanks for the suggestion - forgot about this) but the only change was my addition to the title "missing data"
  4. I reported this problem a year ago. EN checked, admitted that the data was lost, compensated me for a year and promised it wouldn't happen again. Well, it has happened again. My work process is this: 1) scan notes into a "to do" folder 2) after some time, go back and update the title of the notes, based on the content of thes canned files. 3) move the notes to the appropriate folder When I go search for certain notes, the title is intact, but the scanned notes are missing. I know that the were there originally because I had given the note a title. There is no reason I would have deleted the attached file without deleting the entire note (the only thing in the note is the attachment.) This is SOOOOOOO frustrating for me and I am never sure what is going to be missing next 😞
  5. Thanks for the suggestion. I have opened up a trouble ticket for this as well as another one for missing data (again.) Mark as Solution
  6. I reported it to them years ago (when the current version was initially released.) I just have dealt with it, but I had a few emails to generate and it irritated me enough to post. Apparently I am the only user with this combination of windows, gmail, and evernote having this problem and irritated enough to say something. I'll just add it to the rest of evernote's shortcomings.
  7. Not sure what the "contacts roll" is. I don't use windows for my emails, I use Gmail. AFAIK, windows knows nothing about my contacts. Somehow evernote recognizes my email address as mine because when I do complete it and click off of the text box, it fills it in with my full name
  8. I am on Windows 11. It finds what it can (and shows me a dropdown of possibilities) until it can't match any more.
  9. This is the evernote dialog that pops up. It has nothing to do with the email provider. Once the email has been filled out and I click off of it, Evernote fills it in with my name. All of this occurs within the evernote application
  10. When I have something that needs to be handled after scanning, I send it to myself as an email because generally I need to forward it to someone else and will be handling it in an email thread that I need to keep track of. I always have to type my entire email address in the evernote forward dialog (altough other, similar ones pop up, mine never does.) When I click out of the text input, I changes my email address to my name, so it obviously recognizes the email address. Thanks in advance
  11. Well, actually, I really want an application that won't lose my data.🙄 Drive does allow searching inside pdf files, just (AFAIK) not the additional notes.
  12. I see that you can add notes directly to the pdf (via a pdf editor like foxit) AND you can add notes in Drive, but neither of these methods allow for searching 😞
  13. I exported the folder as individual html files. Nearly all of my notes have pdf attachments. When I open the html file for the note, the link to the pdf is there, but it doesn't work. On the otherhand, the pdf is there (in the folder but not accessible from the html file) and Drive is able to search inside of it. One thing I don't know how to resolve (easily) in Drive is the note concept (having text and the pdf in the note/file): when I scan a new pdf into Drive it will create a new pdf and put it into my todo folder. I can rename the pdf file and move it to the appropriate folder, but will not be able to attach notes to it. I could create another new folder, move the pdf into it and add a text document, but this seems klunky and time consuming (even though I don't normally do this very often.) Any suggestions on this?
  14. This is the second time this has happened. The first time, evernote spent a month loolking for the data, gave up and gave me a free year to placate me. This time I am not even going to bother. I have 10 years of data I need to export 😕
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