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  1. I have the same issue. I've found that unchecking "Automatically check for updates" works for me as a workaround.
  2. This problem, so far as I can see, has been fixed in version (307551) Prerelease. You can get it if you check "Enable beta features and updates" in the General section of the Tools --> Options menu. I'm using this version on my desktop and my work laptop, and I'm no longer experience this issue.
  3. Also, if one uninstalls Evernote completely, how do you preserve local notebooks??
  4. Question on this: Is it possible just to reinstall the older version over my current version (6.13 beta), or do I have to uninstall, resync, etc.? Thanks!
  5. I currently have 6.13 Beta. Yes. After selecting the note on the left, I have to double click in the actual note on the right to begin editing. If I just single click and start typing, the cursor just disappears or, in a larger note, jumps around. Even more irritatingly, when I do double click next to a word, the result is that that word gets selected, and then it requires an additional step to get that word de-selected before I can start editing. This has been happening now for three months or so, through a couple of public versions. I've recently switched to beta versions, in hopes it might get fixed. Sadly, it's not. Note: This behavior is the same on my home desktop and my work laptop. The laptop is Windows 10 Enterprise. Thanks for any help you can provide. PS: This seems to be the same issue discussed in this thread:
  6. Yes, I'm having the same issue. I have to double click in the note to edit. What's going on? This is extremely annoying!
  7. After using Evernote for years, I have found that something's changed in Evernote for Windows. I used to open a note, click once where I wanted to edit, and start typing. Now, recently it seems, I have to double click to edit a note. Not only that, when I switch to another document, or a web page, then go back to the note I was editing, I have to double click again to edit. If I just single click, in either case, the cursor seems to just jump randomly. What's going on? Has anyone else noticed this? I'm running the latest version of Evernote on a regularly updated version of Windows 10 Pro. I noticed this behavior in the previous version of Evernote, and had hoped the update would fix it.
  8. I'd like to see this feature implemented. I have many notes with attachments, with all kinds of words therein. But sometimes I just want to find some simple information such as a name or an address, and would like to search the typed text only, narrowing results to the typed text only. As it is now, I get all kinds of results from PDFs and other attachments that are extraneous to such a simple search.
  9. Miscommunication here, perhaps. URLs copied and pasted in do come up as links, instantly, as you say. However, URLs and email addresses, if they are typed in, do not. Even after hitting return, which always used to do the job. I am a premium user. Have been for years. I'd be interested to see if typed-in URLs and email addresses convert for you as they used to. Thanks!
  10. Yes, as I have always done, for years. It doesn't do anything with this update. Note that I am experiencing the same issue on two separate computers, albeit with the same OS on both. Is there some setting that turns this funtion on and off? Perhaps I've inadvertently changed it?
  11. I've just installed this prerelease version on my desktop and laptop. It seems that the authomatic hyperlinking feature (for URLs and email addresses) is broken. When I hit enter after inserting a URL or email address, nothing happens. I'm using Windows 7-64, w. latest updates. Any ideas?
  12. I'm having the same problem, and have noticed it now for over a year. Windows 7, 64 bit. Printing italics, especially (it seems) with sans serif fonts, is extremely problematic. Odd for a program as seemingly sophisticated as EN. See attached file, in which I've tried to include several different fonts. Notice also the further oddity that hyperlinks print with the underscore as a striketrough. I'd be interested in hearing from someone who might have some ideas. Thanks!
  13. Thanks, jefito. This was helpful. Also,building on your suggestion, searching for "untitled notes" and sorting them by size caught a few more blanks. You are correct, it seems that the presence of metadata can make an otherwise blank note larger than notes with small bits of text. Cheers! LN
  14. A simple question, but I haven't been able to find an answer by searching the forum: Is there a way to search my Evernote database to find and delete any blank or empty notes? Thanks! LN
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