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  1. Isuru, Ive started using the web only version and will delete the downloaded version off my Imac. This should solve the auto updating since I wont have the application on my Imac. Might be worth looking at as well for you. I was going to upgrade to the paid version for 1 month just to get access to their chat help to ask directly but decided not to.
  2. The free version I think is not much better than a Virus the way it updates so often, no idea how it compares to the paid one but Im not going to risk it. Im going to delete it soon, just trying to figure out a way to save all my info first. There doesn't seem to be any way to contact them for help or advice which is terrible customer service. i will be recommending to anyone who asks to avoid it .
  3. Hi All Is there any way to stop Auto updates? Im getting them often and don't want them. I'm using an Imac. Thanks in advance
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