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  1. With a lot of companies being hit hard already, do you think Evernote can maintain it's servers and updates with an (almost) exclusive remote workforce and keep all the employees? Even little things like maintaining the webclipper (which is malfunctioning the last couple days). Just curious if there's been any chatter. I know it's early.
  2. This isn't a huge program breaking issue or anything, but an odd annoyance that just started a few days and doesn't coincide with a recent update (I have the current public version installed weeks ago I'd guess). I'll be searching like normal one minute, and the next minute nothing at all comes up... but there's a connection. I'll notice my list of tags in the side panel, which I always have collapsed because it's a bloody jungle, will be expanded. I confirm the cursor IS indeed in the notes panel where note searches are performed, and it will fail to find *anything*. When I got back to the left panel, collapse that massive tag list, back to the middle panel to search notes, it will find things. Then the cycle will repeat a handful of times per session (sessions these days are fairly short to begin with). This issue survives reboots, so...I don't know. It's easy enough to get passed, but it's just too strange not to post. I guess I'm the only one?
  3. Hah, that blog post says it all. I didn't notice the logo change at all and probably never would have had I not skimmed it, but it's no surprise there was a long winded dramatic newsletter posted about it. I guess it's better than them investing in 80 dollar notebooks and 60 dollar elephant sock merch.
  4. Well, I'm a different user, but chiming in to say I'm glad you asked those questions. I had this non stop with shared notes several months ago, and it seemed to have cleared up. Even tonight, I was making some entries in shared notes doing just fine, then it started again all of a sudden. (I did update to the current public release recently, but that was a few days ago). It definitely happens more likely in a separate window (glad you brought that bit up), because force editing it in the internal windows seems to be preventing the cursor jump, but in place of the jump, my old friend keyboard lag every few seconds instead. But yeah, it's only on shared notebooks for now. Truly maddening. The lag doesn't seem as bad as the time months ago, where I was forced to use the web version and jump on the client only when I needed to merge something. I guess I could've copied and pasted from non-shared notebooks, but the level of frustration must've hampered my mental clarity before I thought of that, haha. Out of all the bugs left to run wild (and in this case seemingly die off and resurrect), it is mind boggling that this one gets swept under the rug. I'm far too entrenched to migrate, and I love the program for a hundred other reasons and put up with the headaches, but it is a tad alarming.
  5. That's true. I got hopeful when I stopped seeing ads for 40 dollar socks and 70 dollar smart moleskins or whathave you. Luckily I'm not getting bit by the broken features since my clipper isn't working period (unless I switch to an outdated version of Firefox, which I've been resorting to). Instead of bandaging a paralyzed update you'd think they'd roll it back. Luckily copy and paste has improved compared to how it used to be (I can paste this thread without too much butchering). Thanks to Ian for posting the link to the past versions, by the way. I used to be diligent on downloading my own copy of Firefox extensions for this reason back in the day, but Firefox Evernoted itself long ago and I only use a sandboxed old version if I need to look at something in my old Scrapbook archives. I hope no other stand-by software I support Evernotes itself, because 10 years in with my data is too deep to have much leverage. As usual, I can't even remember where my train of thought left off before diverting myself here.
  6. Thanks to this thread I'm just now finding out we can change the number of recently used notebooks. This has been on my wishlist for years!! Cranked that puppy up to 7. I wonder when that feature was implemented. I wonder if they listened Thank you
  7. I remember having these issues back in the Evernote 4.x days on my PC, then 5 it seemed like it came around and fixed a lot of these usability issues. Then along came 6, with some cool bells and whistles, and like a ghost from the past the usability started tanking. (I mentioned in a previous thread that I get these input lag pretty bad, but for some reason on shared notes it was downright crippled constantly). It seems to have improved some on my desktop for regular notebooks (not shared), but the lappy still suffers. Mobile apps though, I remember trying to load simple notes back in the humble iPod Touch 2 days and the note load screen would just spin and spin. I have the same issue on certain notes on my Nexus 7. The workflow isn't interupted there though, because I don't even reach the start and give up and jump on a machine or forget what I was doing. I'm still tempted to go down to the last version of 5 and wait for a few versions in of 7.x to see if a possible rebuild goes back to the stability of the 5.x days, but for now I'm teeting between content/complacent that I have one machine I can input into again (though it's back to eating Wiki clips like it always does every couple years, but what are ya gonna do. she's a complex beast). Just can't collaborate with a shared notebook (at least one I didn't create and share myself.) I'm pacified after fixing a couple minor annoyances with some buried settings I had no idea they added. Who would've ever thought to do a ctrl-Help, or that there are note settings buried 2 layers under the toolbar heading "Tools" aside from the "Note" heading for instance..I guess I'm guilty of note reading release notes close enough.)
  8. I had that happen at first, then I realized you had to check the little box (or radial button) under "Free" or "Paid" (something along those lines) and then pick whether you'd purchase it or not, which didn't make since seeing as checking the free version was one of the options you were supposed to select. That bit was a little convoluted and hard to follow, but it won't proceed until you check one.
  9. I've been noticing constant hanging every few sentences in current versions of Evernote for at least the past 6 months, probably more. I use it on two different Windows 7 machines, one 2012 era, and one 2015 era. No other applications hang on these machines. I used to always have frequent syncing on with no problem, and this was one of the triggers of this issue, but not the only. I'd be typing a sentence then the cursor would suddenly hang, then the buffer of what I was typing would either appear at the top of the note after the automatic sync, or skip to another note entirely and plop the new text at the top of that one. I dumbed down my syncing frequency, but it still hangs way more often than it should (nothing else unusual or extensive running, just basics), and even still will suddenly skip to a random note in the middle of working on something with no rhyme or reason (no recent sync, which never used to be an issue to begin with). I've just been wrestling through it thinking with each update the issue will go away, but since I've been working in a shared notebook collaborating on notes with someone, it's there where the hanging becomes downright crippling; I cannot even make it through a sentence (half, if I'm lucky) without it hanging. This shared note issue I haven't experienced on my desktop only because I don't have access to it since I've been working on that project, but since the other issues are pretty much the same on both machines, I wouldn't rule it out. Anyone else dealing with this? I'm toying with the idea of sacrificing my colored notebooks and tags and going back down to the last version of 5 due to this issue, coupled with a previous issue that botched a lot of long notes with broken word-wrap since going from 5.x - 6.x.
  10. I noticed the same issue. I even just got done complaining to myself that to this day , by default it doesn't even recognize it's own name, Evernote, the abbreviation GPS, or the contraction "doesn't". It's extra frustrating when it forgets my manual additions of these words. I don't see why the dictionary file doesn't sync across devices (as far as I can tell).
  11. Thanks for the feedback... Luckily this is only happening on one of two Windows machines now, so I guess it's isolated.
  12. This is mainly an issue for all of the old notes I manually typed, and while "simplify formatting" does correct it, it destroys all of my text formatting (basic stuff, nothing fancy or web clipped sources). I have been through a few updates since then and it still remains. I've seen others report similar issues under various scenarios, but haven't come across a working resolution for this. Any other ideas? I was late to update (as I like major updates to be broken in before making the plunge myself to avoid being bit by bugs.....), but I've been tolerating it for some time.
  13. It's been like this for a long time, but it wasn't always. I've either had to destroy the formatting completely, put up with it and squint, or give up and forget about it unless I happen to think of it when I'm on my phone (which is not great for long articles). All of the work arounds destroy the text; Ctrl-+ squishes it all together, 'Simplify Formatting' turns it into an eye-boggling mess. It looks fantastic on a tablet, of course. I no longer have a tablet. I save articles to read later and most of the time I would be doing that is on a desktop, not crunching my neck down staring at my phone for more than a few minutes at a time. Is there anything we can do, to bring back webclipping to a usable state for desktop users? It wouldn't be so bad if I still had a tiny monitor, but Evernote itself is designed for widescreens these days as it is. Example: Web Page: Initial Webclip: Attempts to manually adjust text size after clipped via Ctrl-+ Giving in and using Simplify Formatting: (it doesn't look so bad here, but when looking at the bulk of any article like this it makes reading very frustrating, where as the formatting is great on mobile devices)
  14. Well, Wikipedia clips broke again. Can't get anything beyond the title. Same effect on a handful of other sites I frequent, while others clip same as before. Did an update slip in there when I wasn't looking? If so, how easy would it be to revert to previous versions so I can get back to work? EDIT: Well, it's only apparent with selective clipping. If I blindly clip the whole page without selection, it still grabs it. Not sure what caused this change, but at least....(getting tired of saying this) ....there's a work-around.
  15. EDIT: I didn't realize this had to be done at the device/app manager level, I thought that was just for cache - whoops. It's been a while since I had a mobile device, sorry. I sure hope I don't have to sync all the headers and such from scratch after clearing this just to get rid off my offline notebooks. : / EDIT: Aww, HELL no......... Is this really the only way to remove offline notebooks? When selecting notebooks to save offline, it doesn't even say how much space they take up (in my Evernote usage, the amount of notes in a notebook isn't indicative of how much space they will take up), so I have to do it by trial and error). Why doesn't "Disable Offline Notebook" remove the data without having to set up the whole app from scratch via app manager? I thought it'd be nice to use my premium account for offline access for my trip, but so far I've crippled the phone by bringing it down to 200 MB, froze the phone requiring battery removal when wiping Evernote's app data from the App Manager, and now I'm watching my headers and "snippets" trickle back in like day one. Not something I anticipated with a premium productivity app. If I knew that, I would've waited til I cross referenced with the desktop version's individual notebook size info, and settled for sneaking on and off of my data allowance if I wanted to read something until I'm off the road.
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