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  1. It seems that Apple has removed legacy extensions from Safari Extensions Gallery and Clipper is no longer available if the users update the latest Mojave version or reinstall Clipper. A workaround is to install Clipper in other supported browsers such as Firefox or Chrome.
  2. Evernote has signed me out. I've stayed logged in to Evernote for months without this happening. Do you have any idea? 

    1. gazumped


      Hi.  Personally,  no - I'm just another user like you.  Try posting in the 'technical issues' forum for whichever version of Evernote you're using - Windows / Mac / Android / iOS etc...

  3. Thanks for this report. Please try these steps to fix this issue: Select File > Exit to close EvernoteOpen the task manager to confirm Evernote is not running as a background process (select "Evernote and End task")Open 'regedit' (Windows key + R, then type regedit)Expand the HKEY_CURRENT_USER folderExpand the "Software" folderExpand the Evernote FolderClick on the second "Evernote folder" so that a list of Values displays on the rightRight-Click "EnableHardwareAcceleration"Select "Modify"Set Hexidecimal Value to "0"Select File>Exit to exit the Registry EditorReopen EvernotePlease let me
  4. Evernote on Windows device the notes content is black. 

  5. Firefox web clipper addon for Evernote asks to "Access your data for all websites."

    TECHNICALLY, this would allow the Evernote web clipper to read all passwords typed, web page contents and emails.

    What info does the clipper send back e.g URLs, surfing categories, keywords surfed, Google Analytics etc?(other than information clipped by user using the web clipper

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