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  1. jefito

    Selective Sync of Notebooks per client

    You don't necessarily need two premium accounts. I use a paid account for personal stuff, and a free account for work. I can share notebooks freely between them, mainly from my work account to the personal paid account for when I work from home. The personal account is premium because I wind up doing a fair amount of R&D clipping, so it gets most of the content -- since it would relate to most any job I'd ever have, it can go along with me wherever I work. Works fine, a couple of nice to haves. Or you could use selective sync, as others have suggested. Well, you don't need to have all of your personal notes on your corporate server. See above. Well golly -- I've devoted a fair amount of my time making suggestions, beta testing and helping other users in the forums, and never been paid for it, maybe I should complain that my ideas haven't implemented too. Oh wait, it doesn't work that way...
  2. jefito

    Showing time due on notes with Reminders

    Not that I know of, no. That would be useful, so I'll add my vote.
  3. jefito

    SIMPLE Add Notebook to a group

    Moving to a Mac specific forum...
  4. jefito

    Can EN encrypt Tables, Yes/No ?

    Sounds like there should be a black market for encrypted tables out there. Buddy, can you spare an ENEX?
  5. jefito

    PNG image paste failure

    I'm wondering whether the common piece here is the CEF that Evernote uses and, I'd guess that GMail uses as well, given that the CEF is a Google thing.
  6. jefito

    Iriska Evernote for Windows 6.17 beta 2

    Hmm, haven't heard that term before is that the panel that appears when you click on the "notebooks" entry in the left panel? Anyways, thanks for the clarification.
  7. jefito

    Bring Back Reminders!

    This post pertains to the Evernote web client -- you should probably post about problems with the Mac client in a Mac-specific forum, probably, here.
  8. jefito

    Iriska Evernote for Windows 6.17 beta 2

    Probably due to all of the Brexit turmoil...
  9. jefito

    Internal Links expire upon merge

    The analogy is true enough, but in this case, the problem becomes one of finding all of the notes that link to a particular note (which is going to disappear after the merge takes place). That's not easily done by hand, but Evernote could surely do it more easily and reliably (and this might be a handy tool to add to Evernote's filtering capabilities), and warn if a merge was going to create dead links, and even better, help to resolve them.
  10. Note that for most issues here, it doesn't matter whether you are a paid user or not (bugs should be fixed or suggestions noted regardless of a user's subscription type), but you don't need to mention it in your posts, as your subscription type is noted in your user information to the left of any of your posts (yours' says "Subscription:PREMIUM"). So you're saying that you want this in Tools / Options / Search? Something like a checkbox labeled "Search only note titles for text terms", or something like that?
  11. jefito

    Iriska Evernote for Windows 6.17 beta 2

    I'd like to clarify this one. This implies that Ctrl+N will always create a new note in the default notebook. What I'm seeing is this: If the current context contains more than one notebook (e.g. "All Notes", or a search that has results in several notebooks), such that there is no 'current notebook', then Ctrl+N will indeed create a note in the default notebook. On the other hand, if there is a current notebook, then Ctrl+N will create a new note in the current notebook, not the default. The behavior I see makes the most sense to me: if there is no current notebook, create the note in the default notebook, otherwise use the current notebook. Which raises the question: what's the intent of this item, particularly since it doesn't seem to do what it implies?
  12. Right, because pasting isn't done by simulating keyboard input, or at least, the automatic conversion of strings like '"[]" is handled in a different way. You don't need to reverse engineer it; it's documented. See "en-todo" in the Evernote ENML document here: https://dev.evernote.com/doc/articles/enml.php
  13. jefito

    Pinning Notes

    I use reminder notes for pinning notes. Works great for me.
  14. jefito

    Why no dark mode for Windows ?

    Ha-ha -- yes, my early computer experiences were with PC (or rather, Compaq Portable) Dark Mode (if you discount the PDP-8 paper tape, IBM punch cards and teletype; that was just college). We used Wordstar as our first programming editor for awhile, I wrote a Lotus 123 spreadsheet reader (hacked the Lotus 123 executable in debug.exe so that I didn't have to have the floppy disk inserted on launch). *sigh* Those were the days, I miss them so... like a hangnail...
  15. jefito

    Sharing Questions

    OK, you are not using the Windows Evernote client, you are using the web version. That's different. I'm guessing that you are using the beta version of the web client; you should switch to the earlier version, where you can change notebooks.