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  1. Ugh and argh, I am SO frustrated. The newer/newest versions of EN for Android is far inferior to the 8.12.5 version, AND I can no longer install the APK for that version. Throughout the past few years I was always able to uninstall the crappy new version and reinstall from the APK file for the 8.12.5 version that I had saved to my device for easy access. Reinstalling from that APK always worked fine until a few days ago. Now I get a message saying "you can't install this app on your device". Now I'm "forced" to use EN desktop in browser.
  2. So EN Android version10.14 (which I actually detest, and I think I'm going to go back to one of the 8.something versions soon) the "share via email" option is available from within a note.
  3. you can export EN notes to the "Notion" app, they have a web-client and android/ios apps. the export process is pretty straightforward too. currently I'm paying for BOTH EN premium and Notion's basic, non-free tier, which maybe means I'm not using my tools in an "ideal"fashion", but at the moment it seems to be working well enough...
  4. i can no longer edit tags from within a note in the new version of the app...i can record my screen to show this... or....?
  5. disagree, but interested in why you think/feel that way.
  6. I was just curious if the change in functionality was intentional, or if it was a bug. It was (ironically) "convenenient" (as far as conveniences related to inconveniences go) to be able to ask EN to try to clip again instead of "forcing" me to go back to the website and do it myself....oh well. Adaptation....
  7. Hi, sometimes notes fail to be clipped, not a huge deal. But I recall in the past there was an option on Android (whether or not the clip had failed) to "clip again". EN would ask "what went wrong?" and would present me with (if I recall correctly) three options: "clipped ads instead of content" (or something like that), and then a second option that I do not recall, and the third option was "something else". I do not see any options to "clip again" anymore. Pizel2XL Android9. Is this intentional?
  8. my temporary (hopefully) "solution" has been (sometimes) to clip just a bookmark instead of the full page, and then clip the full page from desktop later.
  9. You're right, it doesn't take that long, but it takes more time than it "should". Maybe I'll uninstall and reinstall and time the process so I can have some data to add some weight to my experience. Of course, "long time" is a matter of opinion/perception... But the issue about tags not being saved is "legit", regardless of length of time it takes for notes to populate on a fresh install. I will try to record that as well, for the sake of data-substantiation.
  10. I frequently have issues clipping from Wikipedia (Android, usually Vivaldi browser, but also FF and sometimes Opera [almost never use Chrome anymore ]). From desktop clipping is fine but Android bizarrely has serious issues for some inexplicable reason. "Solution" has been to revisit failed clips on desktop later, but it's a painful situation. Notion is much better about clipping, but EN still my main tool, for various reasons. Guess I'll have to look into Pocket again though...
  11. Having the same problem, I think. Maybe. Or at least a similar problem. On Android anyway, not web client. If I make changes to a note's tags, and then click the arrow to go back (since there's no "save" button), all tag changes I made will disappear. I think I'll have to record my screen and submit it, I guess....I don't know, I'm really tired of uninstalling and reinstalling EN on my phone, it takes a long, looong time to reinstall/reindex all my notes.
  12. this problem seems to have reappeared. Whenever i create a new note on my phone, whether or not I add tags before clicking the check mark in the top left to mark the editing mode as "finished", all of the content of the note disappears. I can record this with a screen recording tool if that would help...but I guess I'm just gong to reinstall first and see if that fixes the problem. i have sooo many notes though (although none of them are "offline" i guess) that it feels unbelievably inconvenient.
  13. I know this is not exactly the right place for this comment, but it is relevant. The "Notion" app can embed YouTube videos and has a web-clipper. I've started using both Notion and Evernote, although I realize that makes things a little less streamlined.... https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=notion.id&hl=en_US
  14. As others have mentioned, it is possible to work with EN wen in an Android browser. on many Android browsers you can "request desktop site" and use EN that way. it is a little tedious, of course. Here are two screenshots of EN in Android browsers. one in Vivaldi (Beta) browser and one in Duckduckgo browser. I'm sure it's also possible in Chrome, Firefox, Opera, etc.
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