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  1. Same here ; upgraded to Evernote Professional this afternoon , only available in iOs & ipados , but not in Windows . Logged out 2 times, no change BTW, the problem accessing the notes ( that contain a task ) from the Task By Date view , is still not working ( when clicking on the note, it gives the option to change the notebook but doesn't open the note ; I was hoping this issue to be solved with the final version but clearly not : this way ,the By Date feature is useless , adn teh whole chance to convert the EN Task into a Task manager app is very difficult ) Thanks
  2. Thanks @PinkElephant, so far the feedback from support hasn't been very optimistic. I agree they are aware and I hope they don't need several months to bake the fix (considering Tasks is called Early access = sort of beta)
  3. @Ian Small: I've attached a quick video of this behavior with iPados : you'll see, when trying to open the note containing the task from the due date view, it's not opening the note . Only giving the option to change the notebook ( with the note view it works great) it's a behavior frm iOs and iPados, with the Windoes EN app it works great I've already submitted my Log with my ticket I really appreciated your involvement ; for myself , this task feature is a game changer ( adding productivity toeh the notes taking plattform . Claudio IMG_0032.MP4
  4. yesterday I got the feedback from my EN ticket . they are aware of the problem and should be solved in the incoming versions ; even if not functional ( due date view) , in Windows works fine , and from the note view you still can open the note .So , unless you may have hundreds of active task you may still live with the probelm while the fixed version comes ( I used to work only with GTD tags , it worked but tasks and due dates is so much better ; I'll wait a bit more to give up, teh feature doesn't need much to be mature )
  5. this behavior ( not opening the note from the due date view , but yes from the Note view ) only happens in iOs & iPados ; in Windows , the note containing the tasks, can be accessed from both views . I have issued a ticket to EN , they were not able to provide a solution ( were a bit surprised of the behavior too) and I was expecting next version . For me at least is very useful and necessary to open the note from the task view , and usually I mostly use the dy date view ( especially not haviong the collapsable feature in teh note view , at a time, many notes are listed and going by title is far from ideal)
  6. Stacey , in the meantime ( still they fully tune Tasks and , maybe, implement these non dated reminers) you may use non-dated Tasks for the pinned note ( just a message , withou an assigned date, using trh GTD key words ofr example ) . At least , in the Task section , you may see them listed at the bottom . Far from ideal, just a patch ( they also will have to implement collapsable buttons to easily visualize the list of tasks ) and an idea
  7. Hi , has anybody seen the same problem ? from the due date view in iOs / iPados , the note can't be accessed . In the Windos app works fine, from the By Note view, the note can be click and it opens , but from the By Due Date , not. Thanks Claudio
  8. @gazumped no, I was talking about EATags - https://eatags.com ( if you cklick now, it sends you to a website not related , it doesn't work anymore ) It was pretty simple, just prefixing with one or several # and then adding an eat tag , then the TOC was built . It was simple , and not as the typical Notion option to collapse line of text into compacted blocs I agree with you about long notes, but in any case , we always have the EN recycling bin , to delete a note, you have to delete two times . But still , I think the text collapsing feature could be a great option
  9. I fully agree , other note taking apps can do this ; it's sometimes annoying to browse a long note without an internal TOC. There used to be a thrid party service that allowed to cretae internal TOC, but it dissapeared Frustrating, we hope it comes one day
  10. @garps I sent my support ticket via Ipados and they have answered pretty quick ( but the agent couldn't solve it ) I'm still waiting for a fix Very annoying
  11. I have an open ticket with Evernote , they were able to reproduce the problem but no solution yet . @agsteele: I can confirm , it's not a problem about losing the extension. I suggest @garps , you open a support ticket ( if not yet) so EN will actively work on it .I'm surprised no more repplies on this issue . In my case I use the attachments a lot to manager projects , not been able to directly open them ( they have to be downloaded first) can be , like @garps said, a game changer . Ios works smooth Claudio
  12. Hi has anybody experienced a problem while opening an attached file ( any kind : excel , powerpoint, pdf, etc) using the EN Windows ? With the ios app, no problem at all, but any attachment in Windows is shown as not available anymore . I have contacted EN support, they reproduced the problem but couldn't solve it yet . If anybody has found a solution , it will be really appreciated ( my setup of the web EN is to , when clicking on an attachment, to download it and then open ; may be I have to change the setup for web eN in the meantime?) Thanks in advance , Claudio
  13. Hi I can't see the update to EN 10.2 in Windows store ( I'm in Montréal , Canada) . Has anybody else the update ready ? It is supposed to fix several issues
  14. the edit protection feature doesn't work for me either to use internal links in exteranl apps ; it'sd a nice feature the edit protection , however doesn't seem to fix the links
  15. same forvme , with TickTick ( task manager ) ; intermal links only work when EN ipados has been closed and it's not running in backgound
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