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  1. Has anyone tried any of the last beta iOs 15 and Evernote performance ? Should we expect steps backwards or forward next week with Evernote ? iOs 15 is offically launching I mean, is Evernote prepared for the new iOs ( stability , performance , side by side 2 notes working simultaneously - long time requested - ? Just curiosity
  2. I was helped yesterday with this issue. Just : File / sign out / select for remove my Evenote data from this device m them restart the computer and launch again EN. It worked for me
  3. You can create a search , save it and then create a filtered note in Home based on the saved search saved searches according to http://dev.evernote.com/doc/articles/search_grammar.php , for example reminderTime:day ( Shows all reminders from today and the future ) -reminderTime:day ( shows all remindes excluding today, excluding future, including reminders without date ) -reminderTime:day+1 (shows something that does not make sense at all. )
  4. Hi , after upgrading to EN 10.20 Windows , the tasks sections just syncing all the time, ( green spinning) , not displaying any of the task ( all of them available in iOs / iPados / and web ) is anybody experiencing the same ? uninstall / reinstall - reboot , etc , nothing changes
  5. It happens to me too ; however , when it comes Today and tomorrow , the tasks as OK . The glitch is with next week and future
  6. I guess, you're asking for sub-tasks. It's been noted by several users and probably in the queue list of future versions
  7. about widgets , not only having them inside Evernote , also outside Evernote ( as iOs / iPados home screen widgets) to have the chances to have direct access to tasks and agenda tasks directly from home screen
  8. Yes , I’also used to use another task app/s ( tick tick and now MS TO DO fir flagged emails I just like to standardise the tasks app and the badge notif is crucial ( connected to app’e watch even better ) kein Problem , alles wird kommen , EN ist noch fuer mich die beste app fur Produktivitaet Ich bin nicht Deutscher wie dir , ein Argentinier / Kanadien , schon 18 J in Montreal ich habe in Bs As in eine Deutsche Schule studiert (bis Gymnasium ) ,in BASF gearbeitet und jetzt , Ich arbeite in eine Firma mit Sites in US, Kanada , EU und Asien , ein site naechts zu Lubeck und eine. anderen nachest zu Berlin. Du siehst , eine andere Opportunitaet mit jemanden Deutsch zu sprechen tschuss , Claudio
  9. For Windows is a known issue by EN Support , they told me are trying to fix it I don't use Android (I used iPad & iPhone) , reminders work fine but not badges notifications I'm not sure if applicable ot Android : in iOs and iPados ( Apple) , when you want to have a reminder to a task , I have to choose the separatly reminder option , not remind the task ( see screenshot)
  10. it works great , freezing simple post its on teh screen
  11. BTW , do you have Apple devices and the same problem ?and to be sure I explained myself correctly , I'm talking about the badge notification ( red dot in the EN icon on home screeen) . I haven't seen many people interested in this potential problem , EN Support said it's a known issue ; any app in a portable device , the visualisation of remainding or incoming reminders is ( for me ) crucial .The reminders on time work fine , in the Banners and lock screen If you put a simple , old fashioned reminder in a note ) not in a task) , the badge notifications appears I guess I'll wait a bit more , yesterday they solved the issue with accessing notes with tasks in the due view ( BTW,, are you European ? your popsts are mainly in - my- morning time , ET Canada )
  12. Or wait for iOs 15. ,the incoiming new quick notes ; it should cover your needs for iPados (. For Windows , the Sticky Notes free app asllows you the freeze notes in the different screens as a really Post It)
  13. I'm in the Professional Plan, @PinkElephant So far, Tasks is improving a lot ( today they released an update ,wherethe notes containing the tasks , can be accessed freom the Due Date view) , maybe just a matter oif time .My experience with EN 10 is farvery good
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