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  1. Having thousands of notes to nbe kepft offline, seems to be n ot an fix to uninstall and re-install ; especially if the offline takes several hours ( for me, 14 Gb and after 7 hours ,less than 1.5 Gb doewnloaded ). how long will it take to have a decent 10.1 version? editing and interface is now great , but the other issues ( speed,, multiple notes , offline) are roadblocks
  2. I can't see the former (and very useful ) back to note ( when using an internal link )
  3. Evernote seems to be repeating EN 8.0 launch ios problems , again .Very slow version , Looks like a beta version
  4. so , no need to delete and re-install , I was worry about potential duplication instead of opverriding notes. Thanks a lot for the feedback ; BTW , the new editor looks great , we'll see the performance
  5. before EN 10 , I used to have off line notes for about 14 Gb . As soon as I upgraded, most of the notes can't be accessed without internet but iPad storage stillhas the 14 Gb . Furthermore, the clear cache ( to delete offline dowloads) is not there anymore ; my question : w=If I have to download again , will the data be duplicated ? Thanks, claudio
  6. Same is happening to me with an iPad mini 4. I have contacted EN support. (I have a Premium subscription) , we tried everything (clearing cache , uninstall /reinstall, deleting all off line notes, testing a note from EN support ,etc ), nothing fixed the problem. myself, I also have the problem with an unusual delay while filtering tags before reading your post , I was going to start from scratch with the iPad (reset to factory settings), now I doubt it’s the hardware Sometime works better for me while offline (no internet connection).I don’t know , it’svery frustrating claudio
  7. Another option.: use WritePad ,the keyboard option is great, very Smooth; Better than Stack
  8. There is Way : install MyScript Stack keyboard (free and pretty decent app to handwriting converted into text , like the old times of Pocket pc or palm ) and Doodle keyboard (cheap app)that will allow you draw in a rectangle at the bottom of the iPad and paste it into the EN note Switching both keyboard You can use EN note as a notepad
  9. Hi I want to share a site , that offers the possibility to calendar-tag notes ( for free) and this notes date ( date must be written in the subject of the note) will be synced into a gmail account . It's extremely easy to use , the sync is fast , and the website (after sign in) shows a dashboard of all new "appointments" . It's very useful and can be used as reminder for notes. Www.evernoted.com Claudio
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