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  1. Hi I can't see the update to EN 10.2 in Windows store ( I'm in Montréal , Canada) . Has anybody else the update ready ? It is supposed to fix several issues
  2. the edit protection feature doesn't work for me either to use internal links in exteranl apps ; it'sd a nice feature the edit protection , however doesn't seem to fix the links
  3. same forvme , with TickTick ( task manager ) ; intermal links only work when EN ipados has been closed and it's not running in backgound
  4. Is anybody using TickTick as task manager ? I used to use it a lot with EN 8 , sharing to ticktick the EN note link to create a task , and when opening the task in ticktick , the EN note will pop up . It was very useful for me for managing simple tasks ( and avoid using reminders , still not very helpful) . while managing projects with EN. With this new EN 10 : when the app is not running in background ( either iPad or iPhone) , clicking on the EN link within TickToick , it works fine .; but,m if the EN app is still running in background of iPad or iPhone, clicking o
  5. Yes,I.ve seen that ; but with the former EN version , the update was almost immediat . Now is a bit laggy
  6. as an argument , it seems to be ridiculous ( no offense to EN Team). Applying GTD to EN clearly focuses on tags ( a way at least) ; the problem I have : the tags don't dissapear , but because they are placed horizontally , if the text is long , voila ; impossible to read several placed together you are right , they are placed as per created left to right ; another big problem. Like many people , I use prefixes ( @ , #1-9 , spaces , etc) to prioitize tags Why not give the chance of dropdown , if the html format it allows ? Similar feature I'd like
  7. current display of tags in the EN 10 Windows notes is really difficult ( they are at the bottom of every note) ; not easy to visualize if a tag has been chosen or not ( I organize my notes basically by tags) . Has anybody found the same problem ? if several tags are assigned , it is difficult to see and navigate ( in iPados is much easier )
  8. My 2 cents : iPad mini 5 , last week , 28% of the battery was due to EN v10. almost 10% than the 2nd "offender " ( Safari) I also think v10 drains the battery faster than former version ( I can't mesure this, but I see the % goes down fast ), besides consuming a lot of power
  9. several issues found in the Windows app ( slowly getting better, but slowly), but when I've tried to submit a ticket , the web form doesn't allow to click SUBMIT ( nothing happens) . Did it happen to anybody elese? main issue now is the duplication of notes while editing
  10. they work different ; the checkbox , when checked , doesn't affect the text ; the checklist , the text gets the format in grey & strikethrough not a huge difference however
  11. thanks in the former EN it was possible , and very easy and useful .Hope it comes back Yes , I have used and currently use the syntaxis ( for example the checkboxes ) , clearly a great tool BTW , that you mentioned the syntaxis : do you know if it's possible to have searches of checkboxes and checklists , as two different searches?
  12. Anybody knows the answer to these questions ? the process to submit a ticket seems to be not working Claudio in former Evernote ( befeore 10) , it was possible to save a search after sorting several tags .Now, I can not find a way to , when I apply 2 or more tags filter , to save the search .? Also , the shortcuts were great to be displayed on the top ; now , not anymore
  13. I had the same problem with ipados 14 : no option to setup badge or any other notifications: it was solved by EN Support : if you receive a workchat , the notifcations request will pop up in your iPad / iPhone and you'll be able to setup .The other option : create a reminder for today and earlier time , and after saving you' receive the notifications request and back to normal . It worked for me
  14. Having thousands of notes to nbe kepft offline, seems to be n ot an fix to uninstall and re-install ; especially if the offline takes several hours ( for me, 14 Gb and after 7 hours ,less than 1.5 Gb doewnloaded ). how long will it take to have a decent 10.1 version? editing and interface is now great , but the other issues ( speed,, multiple notes , offline) are roadblocks
  15. I can't see the former (and very useful ) back to note ( when using an internal link )
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