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  1. As far as I know it’s just not compatible. I’m running the same set up for os and hey the same thing in legacy.
  2. Just so you don't go searching on mobile. It was removed from those platforms as well a couple years ago.
  3. For now, yes that's correct. BUT if you read the release notes and other threads in the beta forum @Shane D. posted that the feature is coming it's just not ready yet.
  4. Download Project Centered To Do List #project #todo
  5. Download Employee Sign Out Register #business #employee #log
  6. Download Emergency Preparation Checklist #checklist #emergency #household
  7. Download Author Website Checklist #branding #author #webdesign
  8. Birthing Plan - Download #birthingplan #household #healthcare
  9. Eisenhower Matrix - Download #EisenhowerMatrix #todo #EvernoteMade
  10. 2021 Home Headers May -December - Download #design #header
  11. I've been making templates for years and sharing them when asked. I thought it was finally time to share them here in the forums in one place so people can grab them when they need them. The thread will be locked to comments to keep it clean and easy to navigate. I will try to add a tag to each template that will make it easier to search and find from anywhere in the forum. If you are looking for something specific, please shoot me an email at everydaywithevernote@icloud.com
  12. Thank you for reminding me this is possible. I would have eventually thought of it, but probably not until they release a native fix lol. If you are running a beta, I just tested it and doing this once will make it work in the beta too.
  13. Are you downloading from the app store or the direct download from the website?
  14. It's any link in the PDF, Internet, web links. I tested it with a note that has EN web and internal app links, web links in the body of the note for reference, links to Notion, Goodreads, et cetera. In v10 the actual ability click and navigate those is stripped. Legacy is good though.
  15. Are your links clickable @Stacey? Was just in another thread where the flow of Print>Save to PDF on Mac isn't preserving the links in the conversion to PDF in v10. Legacy is working like it should. I'm running Big Sur and the other user who brought up the issue is on Catalina so it doesn't seem like an OS problem.
  16. While I'm not too familiar with design/UX rules, I think I get what you're saying. I kind of like it at the bottom since my iPhone is a Pro Max since I always forget that reachability is a thing.
  17. This is inaccurate. The Legacy app always preserved links when printing and saving to PDF. It still does. I just tried it and the links were preserved. Also tried it on the beta desktop app and the production one and they are not preserved, which is something that needs too be fixed asap.
  18. I understand that people are upset by the newer apps, but not sure what the intent of this post is. Doesn't give very much insight other than you're irritated. What are your concerns about the placement of these two things?
  19. I can only speak for iOS but we have edit protection. You just need to turn it on. Desktop does not have a specific edit protection, but there are version history‘s on the paid plans.
  20. This may be a bigger issue than the clipper for EN. Multiple times this week I have gone to share something to different applications and they haven't been there in the clipper. Apple Notes, Goodnotes, Instapaper all have disappeared and reappeared with no rhyme or reason.
  21. I'm on Mac, so not sure how the apps work on Windows, but usually that does the trick. P.S. Glad to see someone else that likes the Home feature on the business side.
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