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  1. I have an iMac that I can't upgrade past High Sierra so I'll be keeping the original software on that one. I will upgrade my laptop to Catalina, so I'll put Home on that. I figure if I dislike the Home version I'll just save scanning until I have time to do it at the desktop. After really taking a look at what I do with my scanner that I paid too much for lol ;), I use one or two methods. I either scan into Evernote or scan photos (but not often). I let EN do the OCR for most things and every now and then I'll run OCR with PDFPen as well as EN.
  2. For anyone who is using Evernote on Mac and worried about the storage it takes up (mine used to be 50 gb or more) it looks like the way the hard drives are handled in the upcoming macOS Catalina helps with it. My application data now shows less than 200mb and all my notes are there and I've added quite a few more than I had when the size was bigger.
  3. You more than likely inadvertently clipped using one of the hot keys on Mac or when you were working with it. It will stay there until you save it to Evernote or delete it. I do it all the time. The hotkey I have set up is very close to another keyboard shortcut I have so when I'm moving along too fast I will do it. If you don't need it anymore you can delete it. If you want it click the save button.
  4. I'm with you when it comes to keeping documents in EN as attachments. However, my ASD very unorganized child didn't fair to well knowing where the correct versions were. He likes the web version better than the Windows client so he would download the attachment every time he wanted to work on it and wouldn't remember to re-upload to current version. I will never forget the day a presentation was due and I had to hunt down the correct version of the file that he had no clue which one it was.
  5. DON'T UPGRADE when it is released and don't do any of the betas if you rely on Safari and the clipper. IT DOES NOT WORK (won't even let you install and will delete any installation you have). I'm running Catalina beta and Safari 13 and no dice on the EN clipper. I'm forced to use Chrome until it's updated when I want to clip things. No blame going to EN on this though. It was my choice to run the beta and if I absolutely had to I could downgrade (but I don't want to )
  6. We have my son set up with the following workflow and it has served us quite well for years. Documents are created in Google Docs (whatever format they need to be in) and then we link to them via the Google Drive integration. This allows him to edit them on the go via iPad without the headache of "copying to" whatever program it is in. Also, with the latest developments from Google on their docs platform such as being able to edit native Microsoft Office files in Google Docs with no conversion necessary, it makes so much more sense to do it this way and after testing it today it streamlined things since we didn't have to convert and then export in a certain format. Something that you may want to look into.
  7. I don't work for Evernote so I can't let you know anything but my opinion. I know that they were working on bringing the Safari clipper up to par with the one in Chrome the last time I spoke to someone involved with that whole thing. However, that was before the MacOS Mojave betas came out and the whole "extensions/clippers/etc will have to be downloaded via the app store" thing went into play for those of us running the beta. As of right now, the latest developer beta for Mojave Catalina, Only a handful of apps that have clippers that I use on a daily basis still work. Evernote, OneNote, Buffer, and more no longer work in Safari. I can only image that it puts a kink in the development for any company wishing to update their tools. Quite a few actual applications are not working either as they are still on the 32bit framework.
  8. I've been on both platforms (though Android has been a while). I will never go back to Android for other reasons, but I can say that in my opinion Evernote works better on Apple products period. I'm not sure if that is because of Apple or because of Evernote, but it seems to just work better (barring any beta updates or normal issues from either platform).
  9. This looks really interesting. Thank you for sharing it again. Look forward to checking it out.
  10. Here is a link fro Fujitsu in regard to converting the software if you aren't able to find an install file for the Evernote Edition. http://scansnap.fujitsu.com/global/evernote/index.html
  11. Presentation mode on iOS was discontinued two years ago.
  12. Public betas have been releasing about a week after developers. So maybe next Monday if they stay true to the schedule.
  13. This issue is actually with Apple and not the EN app. I am running the latest developer beta released yesterday and it’s working fine. Better actually. If you are on the public beta you should be up and running with the next Apple update whenever that releases.
  14. This has been fixed with the iOS/iPad os update that was released yesterday
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