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  1. The way @Atif has his stuff set up is a bit confusing if you don't know what you're looking for or at. looking at the image he shared going from left to right you have: Notebook list > Notes show in Card View > Actual note with content in it Does that make sense?
  2. While it doesn't have the two screens open at once for EN itself, you can use it in split screen and drag content to other apps. I just did it with an article I needed to share with someone via Apple Notes. Is that not working for the build that you're on? (OS build, not the EN one)
  3. That's exactly why I did it. I had it as just a text based system earlier on and change it when some of the older residents that use it mentioned that sometimes they couldn't see the text without blowing everything up. Not gonna lie, it also gave me an excuse to pay for Canva which I love lol.
  4. I (she) am a Mac user but it’s super simple to do in windows as well. All I did was custom make images in Canva and stick them in a table. Adding a link to each image to jump to a note and you’re done. 🙂
  5. This is the dashboard that I have in the community notebook that I keep. Clicking the different "tiles" takes you that section of the notebook.
  6. It’s no longer on the website. It should be installed from the App Store. The constant update thing may be remedied with a full system restart. The problem is coming from the Apple App Store in regard to the update loop.
  7. I too had the relocated items folder after upgrading way back with the first beta of Catalina, but I haven't had any issues in regard to Evernote. Here's a link that kind of explains what the folder is. Just some information for ya. Not related to EN. https://www.idownloadblog.com/2019/10/24/relocated-items-folder-macos-catalina/
  8. @Terminal @PinkElephant I think I figured it out. Go in and check the App Store to see if you have it downloaded from there or not. I just checked and my install is from the Mac App Store and it's the most recent version with dark mode. I then went and checked the direct download from the Evernote website and it's the 2.8.1 version. So it looks like the direct download hasn't been updated yet.
  9. Make sure that the Evernote Helper is closed (the elephant in the top menu bar on your Mac) as well as the Evernote application and Safari. Once you close all those try uninstalling again. I personally use CleanMyMac for uninstalling applications, but I don't think it matters. If you are deleting them by just deleting from the application folder try an uninstall after everything is closed. I personally haven't run into this with Evernote, but I did run into a similar situation for another application. Just making sure that everything was closed out allowed me to uninstall the clipper for that app. Might work for your issues as well.
  10. You are correct that 2.8.4 is the latest version. That's what I'm running and it has the dark mode feature that you mentioned. Click for large view - Uploaded with Skitch The only thing I can think of it that it just hasn't been updated on the work computer or the version of macOS can't be upgraded to support the newer version.
  11. You have to enable it in settings. Click for large view - Uploaded with Skitch
  12. I can’t speak to the lag since we are on different machines, but the clipper works with safari. You have to download the new version for the App Store extensions gallery.
  13. Ran into the same issues and a restart of the computer worked the same as a complete uninstall and reinstall.
  14. So glad that you were able to get it sorted.
  15. You title of the post is a bit confusing. Are you having issues with the iOS app or the desktop running on Catalina?
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