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  1. Hello. I saw your suggestion re the “view only” locked notes. As suggested, I tagged all of my notes and everything was OK for a few days. Now all of my notes are locking again.  Have you seen any other solutions to this problem?



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    2. bilzer


      One other question.  Do you know if anyone has been able to switch back to older an older version of EN? Has this helped?



    3. Sayre Ambrosio

      Sayre Ambrosio

      You're welcome. :) So far the bug is just messing up the iOS Devices. I know some are having issues on both iPhone an iPad and others it's just one of their iOS devices. I personally have only ran into it on my iPhone. Not sure about Android or Windows. When it comes to the Mac I haven't had any issues.

      For older versions of the app, you can roll back to the legacy on Mac and Windows. I'll attach the link below in case you don't have it. When it comes to iOS, there is no way to roll back that's easy. I think some have tried rolling back with an old iPhone backup but unless you know how to do that or your phone is Jailbroken (which I don't recommend)  the only option is what is offered in the App Store.


    4. Jbarstow


      Frustrating bug causing view-only notes on iOS. Thanks for the tip - Added a tag and it allowed an edit.

  2. I’m not sure I have the same issue but I definitely have a problem. I have my notes on an iPhone, iPad and 2 windows laptops. On the iPhone and iPad I access a note to try to edit it. I can’t edit it, but there is a green check mark to save it. When I touch the green check mark I get a “view only” notation at the bottom of the note. This has only started happening in the last several weeks. I’ve also had issues with syncing and notes disappearing. I have been deleting and reinstalling app on the iPhone and iPad on a daily basis recently. Is there any help available for this issue?
  3. I have deleted and reinstalled Evernote on iPad and iPhone. It seems that everything is working now. Thanks to all of the other users who suggested this.
  4. Hi Shane. Unless I am missing something, i have to say Evernote’s communication on this issue has been very poor. Why no communications over the weekend? Was there really no communication from you on this yesterday?!
  5. I have been having big problems with Evernote since update I have Evernote (EN) on an iPad and iphone EN is Operating slowly iphone and iPad not syncing edits made to notes disappear. sorting not working. Edited notes do not go to top of list. I sign in into iPhone with fingertip or 6 digit number. I sign In to iPad with 4 digit number. I do not separately sign into EN after signing in to iPad or iPhone. EN is unusable since new version updated.
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