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  1. I was only testing in the Evernote desktop client for macOS since this post is in "Evernote Mac Issues". I really don't use Evernote in the browser, so I couldn't comment on if/how this works there.
  2. I'm not able to reproduce this myself. I tried copying text from copying from Evernote, Apple Mail, VS Code and IntelliJ IDEA and pasting into a code block is working in all cases. From what application are you copying the text?
  3. I mostly posted this for the folks whose workaround involves emailing from Outlook which seems like way more work than toggling off the message pane's dark display for the copy portion. Either way, I agree. That said, I think there's an entry further up this thread about filing a ticket with Evernote since discussion here doesn't mean that an issue is officially reported & will be addressed.
  4. I've noticed this behavior and found it to be somewhat unpredictable but just figured something out: I can copy/paste from Outlook into Evernote as long as Dark Mode isn't enabled on the email message itself. In my Outlook for Mac v16.37, there's a button called "Switch Background" which will toggle light/dark mode on the message content. As long it's toggled to the light background, copy/paste into Evernote seems to work just fine for me.
  5. In the event that you haven't already found it, there's another discussion on this same topic related to how Dark Mode in Outlook might be related to the inability to copy/paste into Evernote.
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