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  1. I was just doing some work where I had a single note open in 2 different windows. In one window, I was updating text in the note and, in the other window, I was annotating a PDF attached to the same note. When I closed the annotation window, the attachment was saved correctly, but all the text in the note reverted to what it had been when I had opened the annotation session. It's almost as if the window with the annotations carried along the entire state of the note when it was opened and, when the annotations were saved, it overwrote the rest of the note with that original state. Fo
  2. @DTLow is correct. I have had both Legacy & v10 installed side-by-side, on and off since v10 was released. Since I was interested in getting familiar with v10 as much as possible, I usually keep Legacy in a zip file and unzip it when I need something that v10 doesn't yet support or if I want to do some feature comparison between the two. The reason I keep Legacy zipped up is that I want all of my evernote:// links from other apps to open in v10. For whatever reason, as long as Legacy is available, those App Links will open in Legacy instead of v10; keeping Legacy in a zip file prevent
  3. This is working as expected for me. Whether I use the default key combo or if I assign a different one, the main, Evernote window comes to the front and the Search field is active.
  4. There are a couple of threads on this issue already. I'd recommend looking at this one for starters: I haven't experienced this issue myself, but there seems to be some advice about a workaround from @Menno Borst that might be helpful.
  5. @Aaron7718 I use App Links between Things 3 and Evernote 10 every day of the week. If Evernote 10 is not running, it will start and go directly to the intended note.
  6. This shortcut works just fine for me & I use it regularly. The other Cmd-Opt shortcuts work just fine for you but just not this one, @Tim Lawson?
  7. In addition to @iNik's solution, there's an "Open in new window" option under the "More actions" ellipsis in the upper right corner of the main, Evernote window.
  8. You're right, I would hope that which application it is wouldn't really matter. On a different thread, I shared some troubleshooting that I did with a number of apps on my computer. With the exception of Microsoft Teams which wouldn't allow a evernote:/// URL to be assigned to the selected text, everywhere I tested App Links they worked. I see in your original post that you were on 10.2; have you upgraded to 10.6? If you haven't already done so, you might try deleting the Evernote app and downloading a new copy. I have a vague memory from my days of doing Mac desktop support that, w
  9. I remember seeing this pretty regularly with Evernote 7, but it only occurred when I copying text from Outlook when the reading pane was in Dark Mode. If I needed to copy text into Evernote, I'd switch off Dark Mode for the reading pane, copy/paste, and then switch Dark Mode back on. For what it's worth, I don't see this same behavior now with Evernote 10. Which is to say, it doesn't seem to matter whether Outlook's reading pane is in Dark Mode or not ; text pastes just fine into Evernote either way.
  10. What task manager are you using? I use App Links with Things 3 every day of the week and it has been working just fine for me for quite a while.
  11. Maybe this is an issue w/Slack. I use App Links with Things every day and it's been working fine for me. For the heck of it, I just tested out a couple of App Links from some other applications and had mixed results. Firefox, TextEdit and open CLI command produced the results you'd expect (bring Evernote to the front, switch to the note) but neither Teams nor Outlook seemed to know what to do with the link. Outlook at least brought Evernote to the front, but the corresponding note didn't come up. Edit: Outlook does work. What I described above occurred clicking the link while compos
  12. @Aaron7718 I use Evernote app links in Things 3 to open notes in Evernote 10 desktop, not web. If I'm not mistaken, this feature has worked for at least a month or so and it has been working reliably for me since then.
  13. The editor in iOS Evernote seems to work more like Evernote Legacy in terms of support for links, while macOS Evernote is very picky and seems to only support a limited set of protocols. For example, if I try to create a link in macOS Evernote, the only supported protocols seem to be http://, https:// and evernote://; if there are others, I haven't found them. However, in iOS Evernote, it seems to support just about anything in the protocol portion of the URL. In addition to the protocols mentioned previously, I regularly use file:// and things:// links . In order to get them to work prop
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