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  1. DTLow, Thank you for your helpful reply. After your post confirmed that the classic note link could still be retrieved in Evernote 7.5 I realized I did something foolish yesterday right before I updated to the latest Evernote. I tried to set up a keyboard shortcut for "Copy Classic Note Link." That was a failure. I didn't realize that it would interfere with the old tried and true click-on-note-control-option method. In any case, I deleted the failed keyboard shortcut, and all is now well. I wish there was an easy way of retrieving the classic note link just from the window of a giv
  2. Pre Evernote 7.5 I could click on a note and use control-option to retrieve a classic note link. I can't seem to find it now after updating to Evernote 7.5. Does anyone know how to copy a classic note link in Evernote 7.5? Any help is much appreciated. Thanks. Evernote Version 7.5 (457109 Direct) macOS 10.12.6
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