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  1. Wow! I just found out about Filterize shutting down. I had no idea until I visited the website. I use it mainly to make TOCs, and I have not found another service that does that. Filterize is very useful and reduces workflow friction. FWIW, concerning email workflows, I have been using SaneBox for years, and SaneBox does a great job automatically sending designated emails to Evernote. If anyone finds a suitable Filterize alternative, please do share.
  2. As promised, here is an update about the status of my support case. Thus far, I have been through two layers of support. Initially, I received help from a Customer Support Representative. I emailed activity logs to support and then followed these instructions: "To help resolve the issue, kindly sign out of your Evernote devices. Before signing out, make sure all of your notes are synced to avoid any data loss. Also, when signing out for Mac, please remove your Evernote data for your device by clicking on the circle next to the option." This did not resolve the issue. Next, I met with a Technical Support Specialist who took control of my computer, looked at the console (with the web app loaded), and saw something like the attached file. After reviewing the console the Specialist then passed on my case to an engineer, but I have not heard anything since (9/28). I have emailed twice since then, but I think they are pretty busy rolling out new versions. I keep hoping my problem will go away with a future version, so I immediately update whenever a new version comes out. I think the problem might have something to do with repeated events. I might try creating another Google Calendar (I've gone through about three thus far trying to get rid of ghost events). This time I will add each event manually and not rely on Google's repeating events feature.
  3. Thanks for your reply. I kept hoping it would be taken care of by updates so I waited. I contacted Evernote support today and will post an update when I learn anything. Thanks again.
  4. I am using a Mac and I have the same problem. I have a number of 'ghost' events. I can't delete them since they do not show up in Google calendar and I have no way to delete them in Evernote. Repeating events are especially troublesome. I tried disconnecting Google calendar. Sometimes when I reconnect the problem goes away for awhile but it always returns. I eventually abandoned my original Google calendar and set up a new one just for use with Evernote. The same problem has reappeared.
  5. I would like to be able to search for notes that contain the following code block . Is that possible? I know about the general code block search 'contains:enCodeblock' but I was not able to successfully combine it with a search that only found 'workflow.' Thank you any assistance that you can provide.
  6. In Evernote 10.18.3 under the help menu select release notes, then select 'coming soon'. Then you will see the following: Coming Soon 📣 - Tag your notes quicker! Drag a tag from the sidebar directly into a note to apply it to that note. - Need to link to one note from another? Drag it from the note list into the editor and Evernote will automatically create a link for you. - We're working on a new web page for non-Evernote users to make it easier for them to see their assigned tasks and mark them as complete.
  7. Hi, I upgraded to professional. I logged out of three devices and then logged back in but no joy. Is there anything else I can do?
  8. Nozbe and FascileThings integrate with Evernote.
  9. Recently the Evernote faithful made several sightings of the ever-elusive Home desktop GUI (See these discussions here.). It would be great to have a built in dashboard for projects. As it is now, I build dashboards using tables + linked pics + some Filterize automation. It works, but it can be time-consuming to set up and maintain. It would be great if this Home desktop GUI with widgets could be set up per stack or notebook. That would provide a great way to get an overview of projects.
  10. I, too, had the same experience. I was looking forward to playing with this new functionality, and then poof, gone. Thanks for posting this. I am looking forward to this new feature. It would be great if I could have this kind of built in dashboard for each of my projects. As it is now I build dashboards using tables + linked pics + some Filterize automation. It works but it can be time consuming to set up and maintain. It would be great if this Home desktop GUI with widgets could be set up per stack or notebook. That would provide a great way to get an overview of my projects.
  11. DTLow, Thank you for your helpful reply. After your post confirmed that the classic note link could still be retrieved in Evernote 7.5 I realized I did something foolish yesterday right before I updated to the latest Evernote. I tried to set up a keyboard shortcut for "Copy Classic Note Link." That was a failure. I didn't realize that it would interfere with the old tried and true click-on-note-control-option method. In any case, I deleted the failed keyboard shortcut, and all is now well. I wish there was an easy way of retrieving the classic note link just from the window of a given note. I frequently have many note windows open at a time and it would definitely speed up my workflow. Thanks again for replying.
  12. Pre Evernote 7.5 I could click on a note and use control-option to retrieve a classic note link. I can't seem to find it now after updating to Evernote 7.5. Does anyone know how to copy a classic note link in Evernote 7.5? Any help is much appreciated. Thanks. Evernote Version 7.5 (457109 Direct) macOS 10.12.6
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