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  1. Wow, am I glad I have refrained from updating the app on my iPhone and iPAD. I would be lost without my data. I'm thinking class action lawsuit for breach of contract given that we are paying customers who are being taken for a ride. In all the time I have used Evernote, I never expected to see this company take such a pounding for their inability to maintain access availability. Shameful!
  2. I use to use Penultimate and liked it, but it required opening a separate app, behaving like an external standalone app rather than being embedded in Evernote in an intuitive way. If I am typing a note, and I want to take some notes within that note, or maybe doodle inside the note, like drawing something, or creating a flowchart within a note, I should be able to do so. If it is not integrated into the note taking experience it is not worth the effort. For example, right now I can record sound, add some type written notes and add a photo to a note. What is missing, is being able to add some handwritten notes, a sketch or drawing all within the same note. Maybe annotating within a note would also be handy. Thank you for asking for feedback. It will only help make Evernote the best again if implemented correctly. Thank you in advance!
  3. What they should do is make a small update or tweak on the last working code and resubmit it to Apple add an update.
  4. Did you get an update because I'm not seeing it in the app store.
  5. I would agree, that would be a great compromise and temp solution.
  6. I must say, I never expected to update Evernote to be left hanging by a non-functioning application. I depend on Evernote and without it, I'm on a deserted island. Please fix soon, as this is impacting every aspect of my personal and business life. I too have to much data to be messing with deleting and re-installing the app so please update and upload to Apple. Thank you so much. I know you guys are the best and stuff does happen and you have never let me down before. Cheers!
  7. Amazing, Evernote listened and they gave us an awesome enhancement too Evernote iOS and we are still gripping about what it's not rather than focusing on what it is. Baby steps folks. The implementation is great, so keep the feedback coming on enhancement request, but slip a thanks in there every so often. It doesn't hurt to let these folks know how much we appreciate their listening and responding. Cheers Thank you Evernote team. The best idea, thought, note taking app just got better, continuing the trend of being the best of the best
  8. Totally excited to see that Evernote now facilitates taking handwritten notes in Evernote for iOS. I like the implementation so thank you for being open to customer comments and suggestions. You guys rock and are top dog in my world. Feel free to continue building on this successful move to note taking supremacy. For those that don't realize it, you can take a picture, annotate that picture, take handwritten notes and all the other greatness that Evernote brings to the table. THANK YOU EVERNOTE. I can now remove yet another app from my ecosystem. Cheers!
  9. I just hope we can bring simple parity to Evernote iOS with Evernote Android. Lets keep it simple and make it available. Bottom line, I want to stay in the Evernote eco system and not need to jump out of it to take or manage a note. Thank you Evernote team.
  10. I would agree with David Low. Let's not over do it. Just think of it this way. Evernote for Android already has the ability to take handwritten notes, sketches, in essence, it already provides for free hand notes. Let's just bring parity and leave it at that. Cheers
  11. Bottom line folks, this is a real struggle because Evernote is the best darn note taking and collection app in the universe, partly because of everything it does and partly because of the folks who stand behind Evernote, who happen to be the most responsive to us users of any company I know. The only app I have found out there that does what I wish Evernote would add is Notability. If we could get that basic functionality, Evernote would again be light years ahead of anything or else in the universe. I will start using Notability for the time being hoping Evernote can emulate the functionality in its own product. Funny thing, Evernote already has a solution called Penultimate, if they could just port it over, it would make Evernote feel complete beyond my wildest dreams. Just lose the new interface adopted for Penultimate and go back to the original if anything as the new interface caused me to stop using it. Big step back for an otherwise awesome app. Thank you all and cheers! EDwin Diaz
  12. Good morning folks, As it relates to hand writting in Evernote, my opinion is that I can do all kinds of note taking in Evernote from taking a photo, recording my voice and typing some notes, and even forward emails to my account all on the fly, with full access to all of these notes, on the fly from within the app I'm currently using all day long, so with that, the only thing that is missing, is the ability to sketch or write some quick notes right in Evernote. Penultimate is ok, not as good as it once was, but at the end of the day, it is a separate app which the ability to save files to Evernote, like so many others, but you still need to open a different app to edit. Again, I am in Evernote all day long. I'm taking notes in a meeting. Bullet notes, photos, and even sound. I can even email other pieces of information to my account. Then, I want to sketch a thought real quick or take some quick hand written notes and I have to close Evernote, open Penultimate, create a sketch or save some hand written notes and then I have to switch to Evernote. Later, I am looking at my meeting notes, and I can update any of it on the fly with the exception of the sketch. I can see it but I have to switch/open Penultimate to edit any of it. Not as conducive as everything else in Evernote. Penultimate should be used for more intense work perhaps, but for a quick sketch or a quick note, let me do it directly in Evernote. Example, I made a note with my sprinkler system so I can troubleshoot it easier but the only thing I can not do is make a quick sketch right in the same note. I don't think hand writting recognition is all that important in my world. Simple is what Evernote is all about. Thank you in advance...
  13. Thank you for the email, as this is the kind of thing that makes Evernote stand second to none against everyone else. With that said, where I would like to use Evernote hand writing is when talking to someone and they are providing me a quick phone # or address or I need to make a quick sketch. Neither of these situations would require OCR or anything like it. It would be nice to make selections of areas of the hand written notes or sketches to move them around within the same screen, but that would not be necessary. Several apps I use for this kind of thing is ZoomNotes, Paper and Penultimate although Penultimate,even with its integration to Evernote is not the one I go to first as it really worked better at one time before it was updated and in my opinion, ruined. The advantage of being able to create these hand written notes natively in Evernote would be that I wouldn't have to open a separate app to do what I do. I would like to create, manage and edit these notes natively within Evernote. Not even Penultimate does this. Thank you for the opportunity to provide my feedback.
  14. Wow, i just updated Paper for iOS and it is beautiful. Giving credit where credit is due, the folks at Evernote are awesome as they have consistently added a lot of functionality to Evernote even when it seemed impossible to do so and they are responsive to our needs and request, as I learned first hand when the removed the sharing link and they reverse that change almost within 48 hours on request from many of its customers, myself being one of them. Evernote is still the king of note taking, but I will be the first to say, adding some sort of free style now taking to Evernote would be huge as it is the last frontier which is still missing in a wonderful and productive landscape. Thank you I advance for considering the aforementioned and thank you for being so incredibly open to listen to your customers needs and request. Cheers
  15. I'm so glad to see that I'm not the only one who feels that handwriting is the missing feature in Evernote and that penultimate, which use to be a great app, was not and never will be the answer. Funny that for all the great things that Evernote is, and it is many, a place to write and sketch it is not. Hand writing recognition is not important to me. Just being able to scribble some notes and sketch some ideas would do if for me. You've got the engine I penultimate, just migrate it over to Evernote Premium so you at last get paid for it. Now rat would make an otherwise perfect app three best app ever. Cheers
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