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  1. Search is key to my use of Evernote, and fundamental to my workflow. I have saved searches and will typically process the search results, addressing each of them in sequence until there are no more left to do. I am struggling with 2 fundamental issues. a) Evernote is displaying results showing notes that were deleted months ago b) It takes so long for the updates I have done to be updated in the search results, it makes checking that I have fixed the issues very difficult. In the old version this update was instantaneous and the results disappeared from the search list immediately as
  2. Valid points, and it isn't a priority I agree. "Nice to have" is a fair categorisation. It is a pain point for me though, hence the suggestion, and it doesn't feel like a huge thing to implement. The "adding new tags being infrequent" was poorly explained - what I was trying to say was that the number of times I actually *want* to add a tag is infrequent, the number of times I accidentally add a new tag is significantly more often. Having an "Are you sure" prompt would save me a lot more time than it would waste. I can only speak from my use case, but don't ask don't get 🙂
  3. I would like to be able to confirm the creation of a new tag from just typing into the tags area in a note (similar dialog to the confirmation for tag deletion). I am frequently having to go and delete a newly created tag where I've just typo'd an existing tag and hit enter as I add multiple tags to a note at speed. I have a fairly structured tagging system so adding new tags is a very infrequent occurrence compared to using them. I appreciate this may not be for everyone, so a setting to enable/disable the confirmation would be ideal.
  4. I would be very interested in this too! Cheers Rob
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