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  1. Working for me now too. I was assuming a back-end fix as it was broken on the web version as well, but the saved search now works across all platforms again, whatever the fix was.
  2. Same issue for me. Re-creating the saved searches worked for most. For one stubborn one I need to click the X to close the tag buttons that show and then re-enter the tag criteria in the search box. Then it works. Hope they fix it soon.
  3. Evernote 10.17.6 I use a bunch of saved searches for my workflow. About a week ago they stopped working. Re-creating most of them fixed it, but one is refusing to stay fixed. Saved search is: -reminderOrder:* tag:6-Waiting If I click on the shortcut for this I see If I delete the "6-Waiting" tag bubble and just re-enter the search I see: Re-saving the search doesn't help. I assume this is a back end thing - the web interface is the same. Cheers Rob
  4. Search is key to my use of Evernote, and fundamental to my workflow. I have saved searches and will typically process the search results, addressing each of them in sequence until there are no more left to do. I am struggling with 2 fundamental issues. a) Evernote is displaying results showing notes that were deleted months ago b) It takes so long for the updates I have done to be updated in the search results, it makes checking that I have fixed the issues very difficult. In the old version this update was instantaneous and the results disappeared from the search list immediately as they were fixed or deleted. This was today, around 7am AWST after I had processed a saved search. Only one of these entries should be appearing. 1) Is correct 2) and 3 of the others including the one showing updated 11 minutes ago were updated and should have been dropped by the filter, 3) and the untitled notes have been deleted and should not be displaying 4) and below are notes that were deleted ages ago, have no location or update date and should never be seen again. I would much prefer to see fundamental issues fixed before moving forward with new features. Rob
  5. Valid points, and it isn't a priority I agree. "Nice to have" is a fair categorisation. It is a pain point for me though, hence the suggestion, and it doesn't feel like a huge thing to implement. The "adding new tags being infrequent" was poorly explained - what I was trying to say was that the number of times I actually *want* to add a tag is infrequent, the number of times I accidentally add a new tag is significantly more often. Having an "Are you sure" prompt would save me a lot more time than it would waste. I can only speak from my use case, but don't ask don't get 🙂
  6. I would like to be able to confirm the creation of a new tag from just typing into the tags area in a note (similar dialog to the confirmation for tag deletion). I am frequently having to go and delete a newly created tag where I've just typo'd an existing tag and hit enter as I add multiple tags to a note at speed. I have a fairly structured tagging system so adding new tags is a very infrequent occurrence compared to using them. I appreciate this may not be for everyone, so a setting to enable/disable the confirmation would be ideal.
  7. I would be very interested in this too! Cheers Rob
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