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  1. I just want to print the actual content of a note as a PDF without the note status and data at the top. Can I do this please? oz
  2. Yes, it'd be great for Win to have it but I think as you say, they rely on 3rd apps although using Edge with EN I can do it okay. It does read the notes okay. Just need it to work in my Samsung Android now. I've tried a few apps but so far none reads the EN note. Thanks for the help
  3. Thank you. Yes I have tried a few on the Store but so far nothing reads Ev Notes. Shame they don't have the TTS option as I am sure it would be very popular. Maybe in the future. I'll keep looking.
  4. Yes I have TTS working now with EN in Edge but would like to get TTS working in Android with EN. Any ideas please ? Thanks
  5. Okay was able to update at least on one of our PCs to the latest10+ and wow it certainly is different cosmetically to say the least. One thing I miss is the Sync Button top left and a Sync option in Tools and the word count at the bottom. Hard to know if it has Synced. Where are these options now?
  6. Thank you. I'm not sure how O got this version. I have been with DP since it stared and an Premium. I cannot see how I get the latest Win 10 version as I want the latest there is. Doesn't seem to be anything in Account. oz
  7. HI, I am using (309091) Public (CE Build ce-62.6.10954) on a Desktop Win 10 x 64. Is this the correct version? oz
  8. Many thanks. Yes using the MS Edge Browser does it once the Read it loud was selected. It reads all the note content beautifully, using comma's too !
  9. I cannot see any Back arrow or way to go back to what I was just reading. Is there a way as it is a drag having to try and remember what it was and in what Notebook etc. Thanks oz
  10. I would like to actually hear my notes. Is there a way to have them read pout to me on a Win 10x64 PC? If so, how? I have the latest EN
  11. Hi.. No I dont have any attachment in any of the notes just about 4k words in each. I would imagine they would still work if I had them, altho ? I create a PDF from each Note individually but in Adobe 8 I Create one PDF by combining all indiv PDF files. It is the latest Win PC Evernote.
  12. Sorry, yes it is a Win 10x64 PC and I use EN I have found a sync option in the Note Tools option so guess I can use it. I do use the Ctrl S but there doesn't seem to be any reaction so not sure if it does save it. I would like a little revolving circle on the actual note like it is in the home page. Many thanks for the help. Ah haa. I have just seen on that Tools menu it is the F9 key to save.
  13. I have the note on full screen and zoomed in so the tect it is quite large abd can be seen easily. Can I use Ctrl-s to Sync/Save what I have done every now and then or do I have to go to the Sync button on top left of the Desktop Home Page ? Thanks
  14. Many thanks for the suggestions. I decided to number each note 1. Name 2. Name etc then save each note as a PDF, then in Acrobat 8 which I have, created a new PDF file by 'Combining' them all. They showed in number order as being saved and in the new all were there in order. Just had to change 10 to 9a as it kept coming up after 1. Thanks again.
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