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  1. I am waiting for sync to my Outlook 365 calendar. Right now I am using a workaround to Google but this is not a good long-term solution
  2. I have a support ticket open on a similar issue. Any new calendar entries show up in the Evernote calendar widget within a few minutes. However, if I delete an appoint it takes hours to sync with Evernote.
  3. I am unable to open a support ticket although I have upgraded from Premium (old) to Evernote Professional. Everytime I go to Evernote Support I put in all the information and the only response I get is a link to "Community" the options to create a ticket are greyed out and I am not I need to upgrade which I already have. This is frustrating.
  4. I have tried this after I upgraded my account and I keep getting a message that I need to upgrade my account to create a support ticket. This is very frustrating!!
  5. I have been unable to add a new calendar item through the calendar widget. I am also finding that Evernote is very slow to update its calendar -- a lot longer than the 30 seconds promised.
  6. I uploaded the newest version 10.15.6 and found a bug. If I create a new note and add the title, I am no longer able to see or access Templates. The work around is to access the Template before adding a title. Is this a bug?
  7. Aprroximately 2 days ago the merge function started working again -- no idea why.
  8. When I went to merge three notes, I found the merge function greyed out and unavailable.
  9. Evernote 10 is "growing" on me. Like many others, I thought I might have to bail after 11 years using Evernote and accumulating over 16k of notes. However, after a couple of weeks I have developed work arounds and am begining to really like this version. However, -- and this is a big however -- I need to make certain that I own my data and I can access it if the Evernote company ever crashes and burns. Right now I feel comfortable because I can still use the legacy version and I use Backuppery to backup my database daily. If this ever goes away I may be forced to make a change --- and I really do not want to!!!
  10. It appears that a number of documented shortcuts are not working as one would expect.
  11. Thank you for pointing out the F3 at the bottom of the note --- very helpful!!
  12. It appears to me that if I am adding a note with a new tag that I first have to add the tag by going into "tags" and then clicking on the "add new tag button." I have been unable to add a new tag from within the note itself by using the edit tag function. Am I missing something? My experience has been that that the Ctrl+Alt+T shortcut works sometimes and not other times. If there is some easier workflow I would appreciate it if someone could point it out to me.
  13. I have found version 10.1.7 working much better but it still feel like a beta version. It is slowly getting better but the question is why did Ian Small choose to release the software in this condition?
  14. Evernote was not frozen. Also, the keyboard shortcut did not work. I just rebooted my computer and it appears that I can now add notes but it stopped working again as soon as I opened my legacy copy of Evernote. Should they both be able to open at the same time?
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