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  1. It is unlikely that it is being caused by other software. This is a very "mature" computer where software has not been added for a long time This problem seemed to start spontaneously 2-3 months ago.
  2. My wife is getting repeated requests to login to Evernote whenever the screen saver becomes active. She is running a current version of Evernote on a Windows 7 Professional laptop. She does not have this problem on either her home desktop or her office desktop. I have checked her settings and I can't find anything that might cause this. Any ideas?
  3. It is great idea EXCEPT that notes in a local notebook do not show up as unsynchronized at any time. Frankly, that was the technique I was using to try to reconcile my note counts. I only realized that a couple of notebooks were Local when changed notes did not appear to be unsynchronized.
  4. Is there any way to generate a list of "local" notebooks? I use over 150 notebooks and discovered that two or three had been inadvertently set up as local notebooks which obviously resulted in them not synchronizing. My note count is off slightly from my web evernote data. I suspect there may be one more local notebook. Is there any way of checking without manually going through each notebook and checking its properties?
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