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  1. This field is why I felt in love with Evernote years ago and is the most used features in my day to day work. It allows me to display in real time all notes containing typed characters, its effective and way more faster than using your search engine in the left bar in the new Evernote 10.x version or having to open the filter menu. By just removing some characters or adding new ones in this filter field while my hands keep staying on the keyboard, I can check and adapt the displayed results in real-time. If you don't plan to implement this in the new version, I will have to leave Evernote and find a more effective solution.
  2. I had the same issue. My solution was to press f2 twice as the title field gains the focus and any default title that was generated by Evernote is selected. At that point, all is left to do is to type or paste the title of your choice and it will replace the selected value. I believe they can't do what we ask because for unkown reason a Note has to have a title the moment we create the first character in the content field.
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