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  1. Same here, I did not understand why so I did not upgrade anything.
  2. This is what I wrote in a discussion about a possible ON/OFF switch for Home Screen. "You can add a switch to enable or disable Home screen, but please do not remove Home screen. I use it all day long, as a base landing page to access my WIP, latests notes, active notebooks, searches, favs, ... This is a great addtion to Evernote."
  3. So the answer is pretty easy. You need it, you upgrade. You do not need it, you uninstall.
  4. That's what I do too since the launch of V10. I can get the best of both (and the worse but V10 makes progress every month hopefully).
  5. Since my post in this thread I have been in touch with Evernote support and I tested multiple actions they required me to do in order to solve the issue. None of them really improved the situation. Even dealing with the registry etc. Some expert tests you can do following the request from support. I must say that the support team has been reactive to my case, they follow up on a daily basis or so, but right now I cannot measure any real improvement. I do not use Evernote for Windows anymore to write. I switched to a different editor and then do my best to sync everything. This is not convenient at all, but other alternatives are even worse. It’s a pain, and if I was using Evernote for writing only I would switch for a complete new software, OneNote is free and very efficient. I have other needs covered by Evernote Premium so I keep using it for theses reasons, but really waiting for an issue with Windows.
  6. I agree too that using a password manager app is a better solution, I personnaly use LastPass. On the slow issue, to me Evernote is a slow application. W10 app is slow, iPhone app is slow. When I type in a text it is slow. When I open the app it is slow. When I search it is slow. This is not compatible with a password storage system where you have to be quick. But this is not compatible either with a note taking app in general.
  7. Same here with a gamer like Windows 10 PC. All Evernote optimization done. I am a blogger and cannot write in Evernote at a normal writing speed. Not usable on a daily basis. A real issue. I am investigating different other solutions as this is not acceptable to me for a premium product.
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