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  1. It's nice to see another Evernote user bothered by the lack of a Symbian client but using terms like "Stupid" won't help. The statistics r there for everyone to see how may users Symbian still has and that didn't moved them either.
  2. Well there is also that topic on the same subject and that one. In some of them I myself have replyed. The reason why I started a fresh one is that in the old ones the discussion got a bit hot and maybe it's time to start over. As I said in the OP ,it seems that Symbian is here to stay for some years ...more than Palm OS at list. I'm sure that there are plenty of evernote users that own a Symbian smartphone and they should be able to enjoy a mobile version of EN just like eveyone else. I gave up my beloved N8 a year ago and went on the dark path of Android because there was no EN app but as soon as N808 is available I will switch back. Never got used to Android and eversince I made the switch its been a pain to use it.
  3. Hi all, A while ago I replyed/entered in some hot discussions here about a Evernote version for Symbian. To put it briefly everyone who replyed ,being either EN employee or just forum memberes, told me to relax cos it will never happen. Why?Because Symbian is a dead platform and they will rather invest in Win mo . Still I want to open a new topic about this old issue because it seems that Nokia keeps releasing new Symbian smartphones, some quite exciting like the Nokia 808. Also the number of Symbian phones out there is still high and continiues to grow not as fast as before but enough to matter. So I would like to know if maybe EN position has changed and also to have a single place where Symbian/Evernote users could post their opinions.
  4. I don't think u can change their mind.They supported a Palm version which had far few er users than Symbian.
  5. @ engberg As you can see from latest developments symbian will still be supported till 2016 and also Nokia announced 10 more symbian devices this year only. Also I came across this http://www.myriadgroup.com/Device-Manuf ... alvik.aspx.
  6. http://www.myriadgroup.com/Device-Manuf ... alvik.aspx Will this help in bringing Evernote to Symbian 3?
  7. My intention was not to offend but to express my amazement to that guy's statement. "So ok we did almost nothing for Nokia users but hey,look it turned out to be really smart of us cos they are jumping in bed with Microsoft anyway.So ppl get smart and buy Iphones/blackberries/palm/android." Which btw are all american companies. Ok maybe I was wrong:they care more about american customers.
  8. Loved the totally off topic/useless reply.I can do that too. I don't think that you need evernote to manage the supply of burgers and fries.
  9. Well you must be a real Sherlock Holmes doing such bright deductions.But how about the current Nokia users that happen to be also Evernote customers?
  10. Same here. Premium evernote service waiting for an dedicated app for my N8. The only explanation is that american companies will support only other american companies.
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