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  1. I tried both legacy version and export as HTML and the HTML is way easier .
  2. Yes there is a solution . See bellow.
  3. And whats even funnier is that every attachment I'm trying to save (individually ofc) is called ATTACHMENT. Very well designed.
  4. I didn't, the guy who initiated this thread apparently did.
  5. Thank you @agsteelefor your answer. But as you can see in the OP, that person was stating that it is. Please see my ss.
  6. After a recent update I have noticed that the Android back button is no longer working in the Evernote app. In order to navigate I have to use only Menu or the back button from the app. Is this a new "feature" or a bug on my side? Thank you
  7. Could you please tell me where could I find that menu ? The one from the v 10. Thanks,
  8. Found myself with the same font default size problem and Thanks Eric for the temporary solution. So select a portion of text within the note, select the desired font size and the go to NORMAL TEXT and click UPDATE NORMAL TEXT TO MATCH. As Eric J said it will work for the current note.
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