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  1. I deleted V10 because the changes make the tool unusable. I downrev'd back to version 6 located on CNET. (I won't add a link, but go to CNET and search, you can find it)
  2. Thanks for the link. I ended up deleting the recent version and downrev'ing from an installer located on CNET. Version 6.25
  3. Been using Evernote for a long time EVERY DAY in the context of the GETTING THINGS DONE methodology. Upgraded to 10.1.7 and can no longer: 1. Sort notes by a particular tag in a given Notebook. Not all notebooks. And not 'filter' - only sort by a tag in one notebook. 2. See the note preview at the bottom of the screen. The workflow was great by having a list of notes at the top and sort by a certain tag and see a preview of a selected note at the bottom of the screen. How can we get this back??
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