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  1. There has been some discussion of this in the past. My experience is like yours. It appears that if you have logged in to the app on that machine and it has downloaded your data in the past, you can open the app without an internet connection.
  2. I'm using 10.11.4 on Chrome. You are not using V10. Either that is a deliberate choice of you have a large account. Accounts with more than a certain number of notes (I don't recall and can't find how many) are not being updated to the web veresion of V10 at the moment.
  3. I'm not quite sure what version of the web interface you are using. Here is a screenshot from my account:
  4. Clicking the tag in the sidebar is also quicker than the filter button
  5. Evernote was having major problems with indexing notes on Wednesday. This is thankfully a fairly rare ocuurence these days. It should be working properly now.
  6. I don't merge anymore in V10 - it is just too unreliable. Attachments and images just go missing even after they initially look OK. This has been going on for some time in various guises and I'm surprised, given that we are talking about loosing users data, that it has not been properly addressed.
  7. If you create a new note within the app I agree there is no way to create it in a new window. There are at least three ways to then open that new note in a new window but that is obviously an extra step. If you use the global key board shortcut (alt-ctrl-N) for creating a new note the new note is automatically created in a new Window.
  8. Click the grey web clip banner. Then hit the magic wand icon that appears. You can also hit the three dots menu and choose the option from there. By the way emailing into my account, which as a premium member you can do, also worked.
  9. I can reproduce that behaviour. The whole email appears in a web clip box. If I "simplify and make editable" I then get the pdf inline and can change it to an attachment. The other alternative to try is to email it directly into your account.
  10. I see where you are coming from but they do seem to be having search problems today. Fortunately this is rare and will I'm sure get sorted. I'm certainly constantly evaluating the alternatives but remember that search normally works much better so bear that in mind in your evaluation.
  11. There seems to be an issue today with indexing of new and modified notes. This takes place on the server. It would be nice if this could be confirmed by EN but so many people are having problems today that I am pretty sure it must be an EN server problem. It would be nice if we got confirmation, an apology, a brief statement on what went wrong and what they are doing to stop it happening again! Back in the real world I know that is not going to happen.
  12. Search indexing appears to currently be broken and has been all day! I am getting eratic results when searching for notes that have been created or updated today. Others on the forum are reporting similar problems.
  13. I think there are at least two issues here. If I look at your second screen shot the top of the note says "last edited on Apr 7, 2021" not Mar 23 as indicated in the updated column of the note list. It therefore looks as though you have the correct note but that the updated column is incorrect. You could try a refresh (ctrl-R) to see if that corrects it but I doubt that it will. The second issue, which may well be related, is a tag updating issue. It takes a finite amount of time for a change in tags to be reflected in search. Normally these days this is a few seconds. However if t
  14. Oh well, it was worth a try. When I search for a tag name in inverted commas, as you appear to have done, I don't get the results for that tag unless the text is in the body of the note. Here's a list of other things to try which you may well already have done of course: Check the number of notes attached to each tag by using view -> show notes in sidebar or using the main tags window (click the tags icon in the sidebar) Try selecting the tag in a number of different ways: Use the filter menu using the arrow to the right of the tag in a note Start
  15. Sam i've just looked at your screenshot again. You seem to be in the reminders tab rather than the all notes tab. So you will only see notes with both the tag and a reminder. You need to click on the note icon to the left of the blue bell reminder icon.
  16. Chances are it will correct itself. The server doesn't seem to be behaving itself today. There is normally a short time delay between adding a tag and it becoming useable in search/filter. This has massively improved. You might want to try on the web version but I appreciate you may not be able to if you don't have enough devices on a free account.
  17. Yes. You can have saved searches that you have not put into shortcuts. If you clcik in the search field at the top of the sidebar you will see an area which says "saved searches" with the first three searches listed . Pressing the triangle below these reveals the remainder of the saved searches. Deleting the saved search isn't as straightforward as it should be. You need to run the search and then use the three dots menu at the top of the search results to delete it.
  18. In the windows version there is a note width option which can be set to "optimise readability" or "fit to window". I should imagine there will be a similar option on Mac. On Windows it's either note -> note width from the menu or use the three dots menu for the note.
  19. I checked again and things have obviously moved on. On 17 March, using 10.9.10 on windows I noted down that when offline I could not search at all and only the tags and notebook filters work. I tried again today (10.9.12 tasks beta so not the most upto date core program) and now filter does not work at all and search does. In particlular my saved searches worked which they didn't before. However I am still not finding some of my notes from this morning. Strangely when I specifically look for words in the title (intitle:) I find it but not if I use a general search.
  20. No Interesting. When I disconnect from the internet search doesn't work at all for me ever. Filtering does but not search.
  21. I seem to be having the same issue. I guess the search indexing is having problems. If EN want us to accept that all searching is now to be done on the server they need to publish data showing us how reliable this is.
  22. Not repeatable for me on 10.10.5 Windows. Works as expected. What platform are you using? See also:
  23. You can't currently sort by location - I hope that will come back at some stage. There is some information about problems with sorting search results here:
  24. I'm unclear whether you are trying to search within a notebook or a notebook stack or both. My answer here answers both questions:
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