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  1. I've always found the back button unreliable in both V10 and the legacy version. I think it normally returns to the previous note view but does not always return to the previous note within that view. I may be wrong though. I increasingly put backlinks into notes which I go back and forward to alot.
  2. I agree that just being able to type in the date into any of the date fields (creation date, reminders , task etc) would be really useful. However I don't understand the comment about scrolling. I can see all the years to select by clicking or I can use the arrow keys to select them - I have no need of scrolling.
  3. Just type in the tag name in the box, ignore the suggestions of existing tags and hit enter. Obviously if you have any sort of tag hierarchy you will need to then move it in the app.
  4. I don't knwo what platform you are using. These instructions work for the desktop and web versions but you will need to adapt for mobile operating systems. If you go to the notebook you want to search and click into the search bar underneath the text field is the name of the notebook and the instruction to "add filter". Click that and then add your search text as normal. Alternatively you can filter by notebook after you have done a global search.
  5. I suggested avoiding it in order to take a cautious approach. Because & is often used in searches, even if not in EN, it is something I would as a general principle avoid in names, tags etc. Quite happy to be told I'm being overcautious but for me there are plenty of other characters to use.
  6. There is a really useful shortcut (alt+F2) to open the filter menu with the tags area already open. However if I have already filtered by a tag, the behaviour is not always what I expect. If I filter by a tag (e.g by clicking a tag in the sidebar) and press alt+F2 the tag filter comes up with the selected tag already there. This is the behaviour I would expect Sometimes though I search for a tag in the search bar (not using the tag: syntax) and select a tag from the suggestions. The tag lozenge still appears at the top of the list. Now when i press alt+F2 it clears the previous tag and I have to start from the beginning. On the other hand clicking the filter icon works as expected.
  7. I agree. I wonder whether @DavidAmplefordcould confirm that Windows is working as expected:
  8. Not seen that before. I just tend to be cautious about using characters that commonly have special meanings in various search languages - e.g. * ? &
  9. I sucessfully use $, period(.) and + at the beginning of tag names. I would avoid using * as it is used as a wildcard character in the tag search. See https://dev.evernote.com/doc/articles/search_grammar.php tag:cook* Matches any note with a tag that starts with "cook"
  10. Windows users have never had that capability so I'm afraid this is an example of dumbing down to the lowest common denominator. Although I would love the feature to be introduced in V10 I would however disagree that there is currently little benefit over just opening the file in the operating system. My main reasons for attaching files are: Automatic backup in the cloud Easier to search for by adding a meaningful title, tags etc Bringing all my resources for a topic together in one place Ability to bring together one of more files with text etc to explain a bigger story.
  11. Very strange. I assume you mean double click rather than just click. Mine is still working as expected. Evernote just uses the file association defined in Windows. I assume that if you double click a pdf in windows it opens the pdf in your preferred viewer.
  12. I think you should be careful what you wish for. The example of "qnap" in the original post is probably fairly safe as it is not a common fragment in English. To use "car" as an example. If you look at only the 85,000 most common words in the British National Corpus there are 164 which contain the letters "car" but don't start with them. There are another 229 which start with the letters car but there I can search for "car " to find only the exact word. I suppose an option would be ok or the introduction of a more sophisticated regex search to allow very specific criteria to be found.
  13. What like this you mean: It is already a feature which works fine for me. Sorry, I've no idea why it doesn't work for you.
  14. It wasn't unannounced in the release notes but it was in 10.20 which was released on 25 August before your post. It has been an issue raised throughout the life cycle of V10 (preview, beta and main release) so like @PinkElephantI can assure you that you don't have a god like ability to influence the development process. 😄
  15. Good point, you are right. In windows in the note list you can right click a note which is not currently displayed and there is an option to "open in new window". This doesn't alter the note displayed in the main view. I hope that translates to mac.
  16. Working on Chrome on Windows PC using Version: of the webclipper
  17. I'm not a Mac user but the Mac and Windows versions are now almost identical so I expect you can convert my answers (where they exist) to a Mac answer. 1. Double click the "+New" button or use the shortcut (alt+ctrl+N on windows) 2. Double click it 3. No suggestions on this one 4. I can't reproduce that on Windows, sorry 5. Again, provided the floating window is in "edit mode" - ie the editing toolbar is visible it seems to work fine. Sorry not to be more help but I expect a Mac user will respond eventually.
  18. You can do this via a saved search. Filter the list Press "Save search" (the ability to save a filter as a search has only been introduced recently) Give it a name and tick "Add this saved search to shortcuts" It will now appear in the shortcuts area so you can quickly click it to get the filter. In addition you can also access the search using the ctrl+<number> shortcut - ctrl+1 being the first in the shortcut list and so on.
  19. This feature has been in the coming soon section of the release notes for some time. Therefore I'm hoping that the current (unannounced) behaviour is simply work in progress.
  20. The behaviour of the back button, even in the legacy product, has always been a bit strange. The only way I can rationaise it is that it goes backwards through the note list views rather than, as I would expect, backwards through the notes viewed. I'm not even sure that is correct.
  21. I agree. It's being unreliable for me although I don't normally use this method to move notes. The shortcut (alt-shift-M) seems to be working OK.
  22. And if you save it to a template it will work for all notes created from that template.
  23. ctrl-Z reverses it for me. I personally like the check list most of the time but when I need a checkbox at the beginning of a line, e.g. in a shopping list, I just use .[]
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