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  1. Seems to work OK for me. Do both the tag and notebook "lozenges" appear at the top of the note list?
  2. The only EN shortcuts that are supposed to work outside of EN are the so called "global shortcuts". These can be changed or disabled from the keyboard shortcut menu. (help -> keyboard shortcuts)
  3. That's the menu I get if I use the three dots menu for my default notebook. ie no option to make it the default notebook (because it already is) and "delete notebook" greyed out (because you can't delete the default notebook). I would try changing it on the web version and also raising a support ticket.
  4. More detail of what exactly you are doing would be helpful. Your post says literally that if you just copy a cell (how?) a new note is created. Is this really what you meant? The only think I can think of is that you are using the alt-ctrl-V global shortcut which will create a new note from the contents of the clipboard wherever you are in Windows. This shortcut can be changed or disabled in the shortcut menu (ctrl-/ or help -> keyboard shorcuts).
  5. You are right that you can't filter by notebook stack. However you can still search by notebook stack using the advanced search syntax. stack:my_stack_name Enclose the stack name in quotation marks if it contains spaces So for example stack:my_stack_name evernote Would bring up all the notes in the stack called "my_stack_name" containing the word "evernote". Alternatively if you click on a note stack in the sidebar the view is then of all the notes contained in that note stack. You can then filter as desired for whatever you want.
  6. Difficult to answer without knowing which platform you are using. On the desktop versions there are left and right arrow icons at the top of the sidebar.
  7. In my experience you can decide what view you want to open in by doing the following: Go to the desired view Completely close down EN using either File -> Quit Evernote or quit EN from the elephant icon. Do not just close Evernote using the X. Check that the elephant icon in the task area has gone. Next time you open EN it will remember the last view
  8. And for completeness you can also use help -> keyboard shortcuts. With three ways of accessing the list of keyboard and auto-formatting shortcuts I don't think EN can be accused of hiding it!
  9. Very strange. Have you tried the web version? I would definitely submit a support ticket.
  10. I can't reproduce this. As you know EN groups according to whatever criteria you chose to sort by. Is there any way this has accidentally changed to title and all your note titles start with a U?!
  11. Best way to get started is to either insert a calendar event using the blue + insert menu in a note or take a look at the calendar widget on home. When you do one of those it will ask for permissions to access your google calendar.
  12. I guess I normally circumvent the issue by filing the note after I've finished working on it.
  13. If I attempt to save a new template everything appears to go OK with appropriate messages to say that it has been created. When I then create a new note and open the template gallery the new template view icon is blank. Clicking it leads to the appropriate message (Note crerateed from...) but the note remains the same and does not include the content. Existing templates work fine. The web version works exactly as expected and new templates can be saved. Anybody else able to replicate this? 10.15.6-win-ddl-beta (2691) Editor: v125.1.16140 Service: v1.36.3 © 2019 - 2021 Evernote Corporation. All rights reserved UPDATE. It appears in some circumstances I get part of the template saved. For example in one case text followed by a table saves the text but not the table
  14. I actually quite like the treatment of plain text files. It stays as plain text and yet I can see and search it in EN. If I want to edit it I can use my preferred editor. The ability to keep html files as an attachment is another change that I personally welcome.
  15. It would be helpful to say which platform you are using. I'm guessing from the context it is a mobile device. In general it seems to be easier to bypass the home screen in the desktop or web versions 😞.
  16. 13 years ago web pages were much simpler with basic html and none of the bells and whistles associated with modern web pages. May be the web pages you want to clip are still relatively simple in which case I sympathise. My experience is that the old way of doing things routinely messed up the formatting while the new system is better albeit with the significant disadvange of not being able to even highlight text.
  17. My experience on the Windows desktop version is that you can just click the ticked box again and the tick disappears. I don't use V10 on IOS so I can't comment directly.
  18. On the desktop clients at least you need to have added something to the search box in order for it to be defined as a "search" and hence able to be saved as a "saved search". You can then filter the search results if you need to. If you start from all notes and simply filter using the filter menu you do not get the option to save the filter. To give an example with tags, if I search for the RKanalysis tag using the search syntax I can save the search. If I simply filter by clicking the tag in the sidebar or by using the filter menu I get the same results but do not have the option of saving the search because EN does not think it is a search. The workaround is to search for * before filtering. No option to save as I've just filtered all notes: Search for * and then filter and I have the option to save: I totally agree that we need search syntax for tasks!
  19. Not quite as simple as it sounds as you cannot save filters. You do need to search first and then filter. If you want to filter all notes the best option is to search for * and then filter.
  20. Well spotted! This used to be the case with the edit tags menu - you could search and move through the tags with the keyboard but not select. It is ironic that they have fixed this in 10.15 and then broken the same funtionaility in the move menu.
  21. I don't believe so. The work around is to create a note as you want it and then either set it up as a template or use it as your own informal template and just copy or duplicate it to create a new note.
  22. You can still use the filter menu but as you can't save filters you would need to do it each time which is a pain. On the other hand single tags can be easily found or added to the shortcuts menu.
  23. Searching and filtering are now very different. If your search is at all complex you are stuck with the unacceptable delay of search. If it's a simple search for one tag you can filter on that tag either by clicking the tag in the sidebar or using the filter menu. For me this is updated instantaneously.
  24. It was raised in the beta so I hope it is on the list of things to do.
  25. I suppose you could argue that a code block is plain text! If you attach a plain text file you get an inline view rather than it being copied into the note as in previous versions. You can not edit it in EN and EN can not change it's formatting. Double clicking the file takes you to whatever app is associated with that file type, just like any other attachment. You can then edit it and it automatically saves back into EN. I guess the nice thing is that you can see and search it in EN but create and edit it in your preferred editor.
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