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  1. I beta tested the new version and gave forthright feedback - and got no initial feed back to that - which is a no no for Beta testers in my preious life. To add insult to injury the CEO then requested that Beta testers give feedack - BLOODY FURIOUS. I was not polite in my reply. So on advice from these boards, I reverted to the old version - had to re-install it every few days as somehow the newly labelled and usable old versionw version kept failing to come up whilst new version took over. To-day I couldn't even use my carefully labelled and usable old version ("Evernote_6.25.1.9091
  2. For several years I have been able to mark a few paragraphs in, say, Facebook, which includes an image/photo, Ctrl C it, and then paste into a new Evernote note under directory of my choice. This has gone seriously wrong overnight !! After some experimentation it seems I can drag an image/ photo across on its own (once it has been enlarged by clicking on it). That'll be very tedious as I also want the words with it. Clicking on the marker on the evernote photo frame takes me back to facebook. That'll be no good when I am in the field looking at botany! [I know facebo
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