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  1. What a depressing reply, especially from someone who is obviously so highly experienced. Listening should be a high priority in any firm that wishes to grow, and not just in the IT world. Not watching the discussion groups beggars belief. Communication is so vital everywhere. I am saddened - You further diminish my belief in this product which seems to be taking a wrong turn with vs 10.x. I don't think I have read anyone praising it. I can not agree with your comment "I for one would prefer to see them working on improving the app rather than talking to me." You would be able to point them to where the app most needs improvement, where it works well etc..
  2. Users all seem to roughly be saying the same thing. i.e. Evernote 10 is S L O W, and virtually unusable. Why do we not see developers taking part in discussion - even defending some of their crazy new ideas? Over the months I have made several suggestions for improvements - not even acknowledged. Evernote if you do not sort out our misgivings about vs 10, we will leave you in droves. To-day I have again had to install vs 6, as new version (both web and PC based) failed to take a picture with paste - I know it was there as I could see it in a DOS based clipboard program that I have been using with Evernote for about 6 years, possibly longer. Pasted in immediately with vs6. The only good thing I have so far found is some windows/word based keyboard shortcuts for text insertion. My only feedback has been a threatening letter telling me not to share my issues with Evernote publically. If I am forced to leave by an unusable upgrade (i.e.vs 10) I will tell the world why, which will include the apparent inability to have a dialogue with EN. You are shooting yourselves in the foot and don't seem to realize or care.
  3. Unless they make it faster and sort out the current mess of upgrading, I will be moving to One Note fairly soon.
  4. (Premium user) When the new evernote came along I started using it but found it UNUSABLE - it was just too slow. And a whole host of other issues. I gave feedback about a series of issues but never received any thoughtful discussion back from Evernote. For the last ?? ~ 10 months I have been limping on with an old version of evernote, which needed to be re-installed from time to time. I was not asked any further questions and felt rejected. I have in the past been a Beta tester of medical software, and found the experience useful for me and I think the company. The only feedback from Evernote was to send a threatening letter to say I must not discuss these issues in public. This week I could not make my old version work. In for a penny, in for a pound I re-loaded the new version. The web based version is U N U S A B L E It is so slow that it is impossible. (and other issues) After digging around on the abysmal website I found the official legacy version which is usable - yes I have cable which, like everywhere, has slowed somewhat during lockdowns - but I can not work with the lag time of new Evernote when saving stuff, especially photos and opening largish notebooks. I should have been informed about this - but silence. I can not believe that the new version still only allows a file directory depth of 2. This is absurd. What on earth is going on? I shall be off to OneNote if things continue and I am forced to use the web-based version. Even the legacy version has some glaring holes - Ctrl + N no longer gives a new note, but appears in the Alt+Tab picking list in windows.but can not be accessed.
  5. I beta tested the new version and gave forthright feedback - and got no initial feed back to that - which is a no no for Beta testers in my preious life. To add insult to injury the CEO then requested that Beta testers give feedack - BLOODY FURIOUS. I was not polite in my reply. So on advice from these boards, I reverted to the old version - had to re-install it every few days as somehow the newly labelled and usable old versionw version kept failing to come up whilst new version took over. To-day I couldn't even use my carefully labelled and usable old version ("Evernote_6.25.1.9091 do not destroy this old working version.exe") but somewhere on these boards I found a reference to "Evernote_6.25.1.9091.exe" and a download link, which happily does work and gives me the old version. Presumably my version had got corrupted. I used the new version for a couple of hours. TO RE-ITERATE - it is HOPELESS. I don't think any of my and others complaints have been sorted. The main thing from this morning's session is S L O W N E S S It is bordering on unusable. Wasted screen space (space and half between items on note list) Search is now across whole database and not hightlighted notebook (give us the option with two search boxes) When going to Evernote on web, all it wants to do is log one onto ones own databse - getting these pages is not intuitive At least Ctrl+B now works or bold! Wake up Evernote! Hobjob David Jobson UK david@jobson.ws
  6. For several years I have been able to mark a few paragraphs in, say, Facebook, which includes an image/photo, Ctrl C it, and then paste into a new Evernote note under directory of my choice. This has gone seriously wrong overnight !! After some experimentation it seems I can drag an image/ photo across on its own (once it has been enlarged by clicking on it). That'll be very tedious as I also want the words with it. Clicking on the marker on the evernote photo frame takes me back to facebook. That'll be no good when I am in the field looking at botany! [I know facebook photos went down last night in UK - could that be a reason?]
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