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  1. I don't know when v10 was released on Mac, but it's the default install from Evernote's website and the complete lack of customization/options as compared to the Windows version is almost baffling.
  2. I wish you could set this at the "app level", I do all my editing on computers but also have Evernote installed on my iPad for browsing/reading *ONLY*. The number of times that I've accidentally edited the damn note making it sync back is beyond frustrating.
  3. Hey @Dave-in-Decatur Unfortunately Ctrl-Shift-V strips out all the nice syntax highlighting that is part of the RTF/HTML. And yeah, I think you're right in that I should probably just open up a support ticket with Evernote directly. Thanks!
  4. I think this may have been brought up before, but it's been an on-going issue for at least a year and I'm finally at the breaking point where I need to post about it. Indentation is never consistently preserved when pasting in blocks of text (Ctrl-V) from other applications, but it's particularly buggy when pasting from some IDEs. In this case I've uploaded a video demonstrating the bug from JetBrains IDEs. You can see in the video that Microsoft Word handles the cut/paste like a champ. I'm also using a Clipboard spy to examine the RTF and HTML in the clipboard. Exporting both of them shows that the indents are there, so Evernote is definitely incorrectly processing that data. Hilariously, if you insert this clipboard data into a Evernote Code Block, it will correctly preserve the indents, and then proceed to double the amount of "empty lines" (linefeeds) . Evernote has been so bafflingly inconsistent when handling copy/paste for YEARS NOW. Evernote Devs.... please FIX THIS. Evernote Indent Bug.mp4
  5. Scroll-wheel zoom used to work (I think), but it was inexplicably removed in favor of the slightly less intuitive ctrl plus and ctrl minus. (no idea why we can't have both). Evernote really needs an option "Remember Zoom Settings per Note" that would retain the last zoom level at a per-note level so that if I came back to a note that I had previously needed to zoom in, it would restore that zoom setting.
  6. THIS PROBLEM IS STILL HAPPENING AS OF Evernote v6.20.8626 (308626). Doesn't matter whether you Paste (Ctrl-V) or Paste and Match Style (Ctrl-Shift-V) - empty lines are inexplicably getting stripped out before pasting. Repro Video: Every program that I've tested from has this issue (Visual Studio, Linqpad, even Microsoft Wordpad). If I were to take a guess, it would seem like Evernote is struggling to properly parse RTF clipboard data.
  7. Ah, I hadn't realized they were referring to the UI itself. I can't speak for the majority of Evernote Dark-mode proponents (wouldn't mind seeing this in a poll though), but for myself, I'd be fine with the standard looking interface as it is as long as the notes themselves had dark mode since that's where the majority of my attention is directed anyway. Most of the people I know who use dark mode is because its less strain on the eyes, or in some cases because myodesopsia makes white backgrounds more distracting. If Evernote were making the case that it wouldn't be thematically consistent having dark notes with standard looking GUI then why provide the option for dark mode on just the notebook-tree hierarchy in the first place...
  8. I don't understand why some people in this thread appear fixated on Win32 v. UWP and seem to be missing the obvious clue that Dark mode has already been partially implemented... It already exists in some fashion in *PRESENTATION MODE* for a note (click the Moon icon). And from my tests, it works pretty darn well which is to be expected considering it's probably doing some really basic CSS styling since notes are already HTML-based anyway. And heck, if they're concerned that some notes won't show up correctly in some globally applied Dark Mode, then they could just take a hint from the Firefox Dark Reader extension and allow you to turn it on/off at the Note level and have the system persist the specific note preferences. And honestly, most Windows users concerned with dark mode are most likely already configuring apps at the individual level via themes for dark mode - Pycharm, Visual Studio, Notepad++, Sublime, etc. Who cares if one app's dark mode differs thematically from another app's dark mode. I'm not decorating my house for jebus sake.
  9. This isn't bad but it would be a lot more convenient if we could select one or more notebook/notebook stacks and say "Exclude from Searches by Default", that way quick searches / etc wouldn't keep pulling them in. Having to type "-tag:archive1 -tag:archive2", etc is kind of a pain. For those of us that keep a notebook for each client that we work with, this would be an extremely useful feature, since once we've concluded our business with that client we need to keep the notebook but exclude it from future searches.
  10. In that case here's hoping that it gets the attention it needs and gets fixed soon, because right now it basically makes pasting in content from external sources (particularly from IDEs) borderline useless.
  11. I just tried pasting some raw text from Notepad and Evernote inexplicably removed all the blank lines, squashing the entire block... Steps to reproduce: Type a line of text, hit enter twice, type a second line of text Select All Copy Paste into Evernote (Normal Paste or Paste and Match Style both reproduce the issue) Evernote removes the blank line between Line One and Line Three. Current Version: (305825) This does not occur in v6.4.2.3788 (303788)
  12. Same. I was just about to create a new post for this issue when I saw this one. The huge margin cuts down on the available space *especially* if you have side columns for Notebooks and Notes visible. At the very least this should be a customizable option.
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