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  1. I wish you could set this at the "app level", I do all my editing on computers but also have Evernote installed on my iPad for browsing/reading *ONLY*. The number of times that I've accidentally edited the damn note making it sync back is beyond frustrating.
  2. Hey @Dave-in-Decatur Unfortunately Ctrl-Shift-V strips out all the nice syntax highlighting that is part of the RTF/HTML. And yeah, I think you're right in that I should probably just open up a support ticket with Evernote directly. Thanks!
  3. I think this may have been brought up before, but it's been an on-going issue for at least a year and I'm finally at the breaking point where I need to post about it. Indentation is never consistently preserved when pasting in blocks of text (Ctrl-V) from other applications, but it's particularly buggy when pasting from some IDEs. In this case I've uploaded a video demonstrating the bug from JetBrains IDEs. You can see in the video that Microsoft Word handles the cut/paste like a champ. I'm also using a Clipboard spy to examine the RTF and HTML in the clipboard. Exporting both of them shows that the indents are there, so Evernote is definitely incorrectly processing that data. Hilariously, if you insert this clipboard data into a Evernote Code Block, it will correctly preserve the indents, and then proceed to double the amount of "empty lines" (linefeeds) . Evernote has been so bafflingly inconsistent when handling copy/paste for YEARS NOW. Evernote Devs.... please FIX THIS. Evernote Indent Bug.mp4
  4. Scroll-wheel zoom used to work (I think), but it was inexplicably removed in favor of the slightly less intuitive ctrl plus and ctrl minus. (no idea why we can't have both). Evernote really needs an option "Remember Zoom Settings per Note" that would retain the last zoom level at a per-note level so that if I came back to a note that I had previously needed to zoom in, it would restore that zoom setting.
  5. THIS PROBLEM IS STILL HAPPENING AS OF Evernote v6.20.8626 (308626). Doesn't matter whether you Paste (Ctrl-V) or Paste and Match Style (Ctrl-Shift-V) - empty lines are inexplicably getting stripped out before pasting. Repro Video: Every program that I've tested from has this issue (Visual Studio, Linqpad, even Microsoft Wordpad). If I were to take a guess, it would seem like Evernote is struggling to properly parse RTF clipboard data.
  6. Ah, I hadn't realized they were referring to the UI itself. I can't speak for the majority of Evernote Dark-mode proponents (wouldn't mind seeing this in a poll though), but for myself, I'd be fine with the standard looking interface as it is as long as the notes themselves had dark mode since that's where the majority of my attention is directed anyway. Most of the people I know who use dark mode is because its less strain on the eyes, or in some cases because myodesopsia makes white backgrounds more distracting. If Evernote were making the case that it wouldn't be thematically consistent having dark notes with standard looking GUI then why provide the option for dark mode on just the notebook-tree hierarchy in the first place...
  7. I don't understand why some people in this thread appear fixated on Win32 v. UWP and seem to be missing the obvious clue that Dark mode has already been partially implemented... It already exists in some fashion in *PRESENTATION MODE* for a note (click the Moon icon). And from my tests, it works pretty darn well which is to be expected considering it's probably doing some really basic CSS styling since notes are already HTML-based anyway. And heck, if they're concerned that some notes won't show up correctly in some globally applied Dark Mode, then they could just take a hint from the Firefox Dark Reader extension and allow you to turn it on/off at the Note level and have the system persist the specific note preferences. And honestly, most Windows users concerned with dark mode are most likely already configuring apps at the individual level via themes for dark mode - Pycharm, Visual Studio, Notepad++, Sublime, etc. Who cares if one app's dark mode differs thematically from another app's dark mode. I'm not decorating my house for jebus sake.
  8. @jefito Thanks, yeah, that's what I thought too, but the tables are already in the new format (I suppose they autoconverted them, so there's no option to convert) - but I'm positive that these tables were previously the old ones because these particular notes have a last modified date of 2014. For now I'm using the "Match Note Width" as I encounter the problems.
  9. @CalS Thanks, I hadn't realized 6.14 was out, I'll give it a shot!
  10. Basically if you search your notes using F6, click on one of the found notes, then highlight some text from the note and start to hit Ctrl-C to copy it, the Ctrl button will immediately cause the highlighted section to be deselected. When you're trying to get stuff done these kind of things just serve to slow you down. I made a quick 30 second video demonstrating the issue - SUPER ANNOYING EVERNOTE , and definitely something that didn't exist in 6.5.x which is what I used before the forced update. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zntei88_tR8
  11. Since the forced update to the latest version of XXXX, this is what a large number of my tables look like now: From what I can tell, these are much older tables - eg, they were made prior to v6 of Evernote. The more recent tables don't seem to have this issue. Annoyingly, the problem manifests itself on the Windows client as well as Web Evernote. It seems like it just can't display the old tables properly anymore. What am I supposed to do here? Recreate the tables or just resize the width and hope it "sticks"?
  12. I guess I either didn't get the official email, or it got autolabeled into a non-priority box in my email because the way that this issue suddenly presented itself was OBNOXIOUS. I just all of a sudden couldn't sync - looking in the log showed no obvious issues or anything. Restarting Evernote didn't help either. Given that Evernote is clearly capable of issuing notifications on startup (like when a new update is available), they should have at least put it there. I had to come to the official website to find this out. Also thanks for the forced update! I'm going to have to monitor my total notes and total note summed size daily to make sure nothing gets corrupted since I'd been previously holding back from 6.4.2 as it was the most stable version. This + reliability + lack of dark mode is putting me precariously close to finally jumping ship, which is a shame since I'd been happily using Premium for years.
  13. @gazumped Yeah - I back up all notes basically weekly in the native ENEX format. At the time I made this decision (around 6.8x) I figured the chances of losing data or having it corrupted was actually higher if I ran latest than if I stayed on an older release.
  14. Since I got heavily burned the later released starting from around 6.7x onward - I made the calculated decision to revert back to what was (at least for me) the most stable version of Evernote for Windows, (303788) Public. And life was once again good - it's responsive and has all the features that I want. The concern I have going forward is backwards compatibility against the Evernote servers. I want to make sure that Evernote is not going to introduce some changes at the server level that will break syncing with this older version or even worse corrupt notes. Is this a possibility? What is Evernote's stance on running previous versions? I would hope at the very least that it would warn me with a Popup message at some point that I have to upgrade if that unfortunately becomes a necessity.
  15. For me I had to downgrade to version: Public . I feel like this was the last stable version before formatting issues, table issues, etc were introduced. Since using this version everything's been rock solid. EDIT: Just noticed you're on a Mac, whereas I'm on Windows 7, so YMMV.
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