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  1. @b3dzik It's possible that you have some bad data locally due to a bug we fixed that can cause the spinning circle. Unfortunately, the client can't currently auto-fix the issue (I've requested that feature). Can you try these steps? Go to File > Sign Out [name] from the menu bar. Select the "Remove my Evernote data from this device" option, then click Sign out. Restart your computer. Sign back in to Evernote This will have it pull down the data again from the service.
  2. @Truong Dai I personally don't have an M1, but we definitely have our developers testing on there. In fact, our CEO just confirmed it works on his M1. 🙂 Since you tried on Chrome, can you go there and open the Developer Tools console? It's in View -> Developer -> JavaScript Console. Please look for any errors and send me a screenshot. It will help us understand what is going on.
  3. @Truong DaiWhat browser is that you are using? Have you tried other browsers to see if it's a problem in the specific browser you're using?
  4. I think it's important to point out that this is how companies are developing new products today. Gone are the days where companies spend years developing a full-featured product before releasing it. With the ability to quickly release features to users (instead of having to print and ship CDs), companies now create MVPs and iterate on them based on customer feedback. This greatly reduces the risk that a company spends time and money developing the wrong thing. It's important to gauge user sentiment and market acceptance of what you're trying to create. This is 100% the direction we want to take Tasks. We actively listened to the feedback from the Beta and Early Access users. Key features quickly rose to the top and we are actively investigating how to build them out and improve Tasks. We have no intention of just leaving the Task feature as-is with no further development. Please continue to provide us feedback and we hope to sway the nay-sayers who aren't happy with the first version. It's an evolving product that I think will get a lot better.
  5. None of the existing accounts would be auto-switched to Professional since it's a newer, higher-priced tier. Yeah, we're already looking into getting this swapped properly.
  6. Yes, the desktop apps will cache the Early Access info for a period of time (to reduce network calls) and then will refresh it. Logout/Login will force the clearing of that cache.
  7. Thanks, we're actively looking into this now. In the meantime, please try logging out and back in and let me know if that solves the issue.
  8. If you logout and login again, does it resolve the issue?
  9. @mada74Personal is the same as Premium. Those users that were on current Premium plans were converted automatically to Personal. Please refer to this link that shows the plans.
  10. @gazumpedWhere are you seeing it show you as Professional? Can you give me a screenshot?
  11. You can assign to any email address. The user will receive an email notification about the task being shared. If they're already an Evernote subscriber, they can log in and it'll automatically show up in their Tasks view under the "Assigned" tab. Non users will be able to view the Task in a special web view (similar to when you share a note publicly) that doesn't even require signing up. They can mark the task completed within that view. If they sign up for an account, they'll be able to then see it in their Tasks view.
  12. @aweinstein100Can you please provide some more details so we can help figure out what is going on? Is the screenshot above from your mobile device or desktop? After the tasks disappeared in the mobile device, do they still appear in the desktop or did those become Untitled as well? Did you edit the note in any way in the mobile desktop, or did they show up as Untitled as soon as you opened the note? What versions of the desktop and mobile versions are you using?
  13. Please try shutting down the app and restarting. There seems to be an issue for a small subset of users that can cause the app to believe that the Tasks feature should be disabled. Restarting should force the app to check again and show Tasks.
  14. @efmikeThanks for pointing this out. I think we had a miss when it comes to accessibility use cases for Tasks. I will raise this as an issue and try to get it addressed soon.
  15. Cut and paste of tasks works, though I'll admit that the highlighting of tasks is a bit weird and can be improved. I think we'll work to make that better. To cut and paste, make sure that you see the blue box around the task(s) as you highlight them. You can copy or cut and then paste into a different note. All the metadata should get cut/copied as well. Works in both desktop and mobile, though admittedly harder to select tasks in mobile.
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