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  1. @AlxaThanks for the bug report. We already had this in our ticket backlog. I asked the team to prioritize it and they'll have a fix soon. Take care.
  2. As @CalSshows, it's not an issue that impacts everybody. @stocky2605, I'll pass on this thread to the main ticket tracking the issue. We'll see if we can pull something from our backend to help narrow down what is going on. The more people who report the issue here, the easier it will be to find commonality. We definitely want to fix the problem for all of you.
  3. @stocky2605Thanks for confirming. I'm sorry the change we made didn't help. I was hopeful, though not too certain given my understanding of what we fixed. We have people investigating the issue, but I don't believe we have clear indications of what the problem is. If you can provide any information that might be helpful, that would be appreciated. Details like: Did you make any changes to your account recently? What version(s) (and what OS) of the client do you use to set/update your reminders? Thanks. We've been trying to address this issue for some time, but the reports we get are very
  4. @stocky2605 Did you get your reminder email today? We made a change last night that might have fixed it, so wanted to check if your issue was related or not.
  5. @ElephantPaper I'm sorry about the Upgrade button. We did not intend to nag our paying users to upgrade. This was a bug that we have fixed. You should see the button disappear within the next 24 hours as the updates get pulled in by the new client. Please let me know if you continue to experience the issue after that.
  6. It's likely that you logged in with a different email than the original account and accidentally created a new account. This happens if you don't remember what email you signed up with or you accidentally mistype the account. You should try logging out of the account on the phone and logging back in, making sure to use the right username and password. If he is still logged in on another device, you should go to the account settings and confirm the email of the account. Or maybe he has an email from Evernote that he can reference.
  7. @MrWagstaff Thanks for the additional feedback and examples. I've passed this on to the team. They've put the ticket in their backlog to address, but I can't give any specific date. The team is actively working to help ship the new clients we're working on. I think they plan to address a lot of issues and improvements once we've got those clients out. That includes updating the shared note viewer.
  8. @MrWagstaff Ahh, that's helpful. I thought we were still talking about emails. A while back we updated the editor/viewer that is used by the share note page from a really old version to the one utilized in all of the newer clients. Part of the redesign was to set a fixed width of the editor. I believe this came from UX research that shows that readability is reduced when you have super-wide columns of text. A similar change was made in the editor within the clients, though in those cases, we have a button to disable it and allow the editor to increase to the full size of the window. I bel
  9. Can you share a screenshot of this issue? Or give a bit more details on how I can create an example? I'll be happy to get this in a ticket if I have a reproduceable example.
  10. Entering a phone number is required to initially enable 2FA. Once enabled, however, you can choose to use an authenticator app instead of SMS. Having the phone number on file gives you a fallback in case something happens with the authenticator app.
  11. @CalS Yes, we are in the process of migrating all the email sending to a new system. We were just turning it on and had a few issues. It's been disabled for now until we address the problems.
  12. Hi all. Thanks for reporting this issue. We made a change to the system that sends the emails that introduced this problem. The change has been reverted for now and we'll make sure it gets fixed when we're ready to turn on the new system again.
  13. Hi @Scott32 Thank you for the bug report. I have filed an internal ticket for the issue and I'll make sure our developers look into it.
  14. @GiannisTs Thanks for the report of this issue. I have created an internal ticket to track this and I'll make sure it gets fixed.
  15. Regarding point #2. I can't speak for any decisions the company might make, but I can speak to experiences at my former companies. Hard limits on things related to storage are usually completely arbitrary. There are only limits in order to prevent abuse. Without the limits, abusers can and will find ways to exploit it. If there were concerns that legitimate users with legitimate uses were hitting that upper limit, I'm sure the company would make efforts to either bump the limit for all or have one-offs for the specific user so as not to impact their experience.
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