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  1. So we explicitly changed from evernote:// links to en:// because legacy registered the former URL prefix. In order to make sure links opened in newer clients, we had them (10.x) register to use en://. So links in emails should all now use the en:// URL format causing them to be opened in 10.X and not legacy. This may be the cause of the behavior you are seeing. Though I haven't explicitly checked the reminder emails code to confirm.
  2. @CalS Are you able to send me a sample link from your reminders email? I want to validate if it is of the format evernote:// or en:// Or perhaps it is getting wrapped by our email sending engine (links.comms.evernote.com). If that's the case, please see if you can click through and get the URL it redirects to after being processed by the link wrapping endpoint. Also, are you on the latest Evernote app version? I believe it should be 10.18.x So are you saying that you get prompted by iOS to always open links in the Evernote app, but that isn't persisting? If that's the case, are you opening those links from within a specific mail app, such as the GMail app? If you are and it's opening a web page within that app, you might try launching that app into Safari first and then telling it to always open. I saw a case (albeit in Android) where it didn't persist when I said to always open from within the GMail app, but worked when I forced the URL to open in the base Chrome app and selected always open. I'll see if I can reproduce this locally or otherwise get a member of the team that worked on the fix to take a look.
  3. Came here to ask everybody to check if they were getting the emails now. Glad to hear people are. We finally pushed out a fix yesterday. I'm sorry it took longer than expected. @CalS I will ask about the link. It sounds like the association of the Evernote links to the app is not sticking. I assume you are on the latest iOS version?
  4. @PhilBarberSo is the issue that you never receive the initial SMS that is sent when you are trying to enable 2FA? If so, can you let me know what country you are in and what the prefix is? It's possible there's a problem with our SMS provider sending for specific international numbers/prefixes. I can investigate further with that info.
  5. @agsteeleI agree that you should be able to clear out items from the history. I think that will either be possible or not necessary once we update the backend for Shared With Me. Without getting into details, the existing view is basically pulled from your WorkChat data since that has historically been how shares were managed. We've since created a new system that stores your share data and can be directly queried, whereas the existing share data is really hard to aggregate. So now, we basically need to shift the Shared With Me implementation to use the new backend. We're currently reviewing our large backlog of sharing tickets and hoping to start working through them.
  6. Can you let me know what version of the Windows client you are using?
  7. FWIW, it's not that it's "intended", but more that it's a side-effect of how that data is populated. The data is based on historical share data, rather than the current state. So it is not really clear what is no longer shared/accessible. Not ideal, but it was a quick way to build that view prior to further development that has since occurred. The team responsible for sharing is going to be ramping up after completing some other important work. You should start seeing some improvements in sharing in the next 6-12 months, hopefully. I'll look into whether this is on the roadmap, but I'm pretty sure it should be.
  8. Is it blank or are you getting the flashing/blinking rectangles that symbolize that data is being loaded, but nothing after that? Also, are you on iPhone or Android (I assume Android, but double-checking).
  9. @Paul A.Took a quick look. We have a ticket in for this and it's got a higher priority. But the editor team has been knocking out a whole lot of other high priority issues as part of the overall effort to improve the quality and performance of the V10 clients. I'm not part of the editor team, so can't speak to when this might get fixed. But, I will ping the manager about it and see what I can do. Can't promise more beyond that. 🙂
  10. Not sure...just tested it myself and can't reproduce following the steps. Search index seems to update within a few seconds. @Tmanmickle, are you still having issues? If so, I can see if we can have somebody look at the search index for your user.
  11. @darrenbuttoniowJust wanted to follow-up. It looks like support got in touch with you and we have your issue logged. I think it ties into an issue other users are seeing as well. We're currently investigating all the problems that seem to be pointing to a common problem where the client believes there is a task, but can't find the note it belongs to (may have been deleted or unshared). That causes the query that fetches tasks to fail and therefore not be able to display something. Hoping we can improve the error handling here as well as fix the issue where it can properly resolve cases where a task should no longer be accessible and therefore be properly removed. This is a top priority for the team that works on Tasks as well as our client devs.
  12. @darrenbuttoniowI've asked someone in our support to reach out to you. They can help diagnose the issue you are encountering. Sounds like you've tried several things yourself, so I don't have any quick fixes for you. Hopefully they can help address your problem.
  13. I suppose that's one way to solve the problem...old client won't show any of the new features like Tasks and Calendar integration. 😂 Probably not the solution they're going for, though.
  14. Also, we have somebody working on a detailed help article for boolean search with examples. It should be ready soon.
  15. Where did you get this information? Boolean does indeed support tags. For example, I just ran this myself: (tag:Bob AND tag:"credit card") OR (tag:backlog) I had multiple notes tagged "Bob", but only one had "credit card". I separately have one note tagged "backlog". So the search above returned two notes.
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