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  1. I believe the tone of the release notes is intended to make Evernote personable. This is definitely not unique to Evernote, and we've received a number of positive responses to them as well. Given that past sentiment on the board was that Evernote was not taking any interest in users and not communicating, I think any attempts by the company to have a more personal conversation is a good thing. I personally enjoy the tone. The notes still convey what was changed, just with a little extra fun.
  2. @PinkElephant I totally understand what you're saying and I'm aware of more people using VPNs to obscure their internet activity. I was just discussing that with one of my coworkers. I'm not too familiar with the paid VPN providers (like NordVPN). Do you know what specific information they obscure? I'm still trying to get information from the team, but if the VPNs are somehow modifying something like the MAC address or machine ID (I think this is a unique ID generated by Windows at installation time), I could definitely see that causing us to identify the client as a different device. We need to be able to track it somehow, at least for our current design. To your point, perhaps unique devices should be reconsidered given the changes in how users connect to the internet, but that kind of decision is above my level.
  3. Thanks for the additional info @oup59. I will follow-up internally regarding how VPN can impact device count. We shouldn't be taking IP into account for devices, since it's just as possible for a desktop (i.e. laptop) to change IPs regularly like a mobile device would. But, perhaps the unique device identifier that we calculate takes something into account that changes with the VPN. I'll post again if I get more info.
  4. @Visionline The last status I heard was that we had a potential fix ready to go out. We didn't have a release last week due to some special events internally. It should be going out this week. But, it's worth mentioning that we aren't actually able to reproduce the issue internally (we've definitely been trying), so the fix is based on a best guess of the issue by the development team.
  5. That was a separate issue that was fixed. @oup59, I checked into your account and can confirm the multiple occurrences of the PC device, but nothing looks out of place at the moment. I see all the previous devices revoked and the iPhone and PC currently active. I believe the current state of your account should be good. Let me know if you still have this problem and I'll see if I can get some developer assistance on this.
  6. @Jeshi, just wanted to let you know the developers are actively looking into the issue. I'm sorry I can't provide more context than that, but wanted to make sure you knew that we weren't ignoring it.
  7. Thanks @Jeshi. I will make sure to pass this on to the dev team. When it reloaded, I assume the pasted content was gone?
  8. @Jeshi It definitely sounds like you're hitting the issue that our devs are looking into with regards to large notes and often with pasting in of large images. One of our support staff commented about this in the other thread. @Ashley Gittins I'm glad you aren't running into the issue too much. We'll hopefully fix it soon. With regards to the bulleted list issue, I noted in another thread that the issue comes up with using the older client that we won't be fixing since we're focused on the new client and editor. I think you'll really like the new editor when it's ready. We're using it internally. It shows a lot of promise for addressing many feature requests (and bug requests) with the existing editor. Also, I'm happy to be more engaged with the community. It's not actually my main job, but since part of my job is around product quality, I think it's important I understand the issues the customers are encountering. It's already helped identify numerous bugs and usability issues that I've reported to our development teams.
  9. @Jeshi Sorry for not responding at all. I was OOO all last week. We've got developers looking into the issue in this thread, which I think may be similar to what you're seeing? Just the error is slightly different because of being a different client. Like I the other thread, can you provide any details on attributes of the notes that exhibit this behavior? Are they larger notes? Do they include attachments? Are you pasting in a large amount of data at once? We're trying to reproduce internally, but haven't found an exact set of steps that causes the issue. It may be something specific to certain types of notes.
  10. It definitely wasn't that we weren't allowed to. I think it was a combination of things. People were too busy on other projects or it wasn't really prioritized. I also think most employees didn't take the time, as there wasn't really a "culture" of engaging our customers, as you put it. I can't really say for sure. What I can say now is that the CEO is trying to change that. We've got a senior leader whose title is basically "Voice of the Customer." The CEO is also pushing everybody to think about the customer as we work on initiatives. I think it will take time to get people more engaged, but I'm seeing it a little more already.
  11. I agree about it being unwieldly. But it appears that you only need to enable it once and then it should always appear on the first screen. I followed-up with the dev team and here's what they told me: In general, clipping multiple emails in a thread is a bad experience. This is due to each message in a thread often contains all previous entries in the thread as well (due to email clients defaulting to "quoting" the previous email). So clipping multiple messages just ends up with lots of duplication in the Evernote note. Also, it quickly balloons the size of the resulting note, which slows down the save, making for a bad experience for our users. So ultimately, they decided to not show the option by default, but allow it to be discovered and enabled for those seeking the option.
  12. @Jim Finn You can do that now. After opening the Evernote GMail addon, Click on the "..." menu next to the "X" and select "Settings". Then, enable "Show messages in thread". Click "Apply Changes." Then click the left arrow to go back to the previous screen. You should now see an entry for "Conversation" and should say "1 of X messages." Click "Edit" and select what messages you would like to clip in the conversation and click "Apply changes". This should then clip all the selected messages to the note. I personally think this is too complicated and will pass on the information to the team so that they can hopefully surface this information better.
  13. @Tidal1234 As I noted, we have numerous rate limiters in place (which will present a captcha or even just block) and we added another one just last week based on the behavior we're seeing. But, we can't go too far with counter-measures without the potential for blocking legitimate users. So it's a balance.
  14. @jessicaevernote Are you using any Google Chrome plugins that might be interfering with the Evernote web application? This might be an ad blocker or some other plugin that interacts with and/or modifies the content on the page.
  15. @Jeshi Can you also please let me know if you are running any Chrome plugins that might be interfering with the Evernote web application, such as an ad blocker?
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