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  1. Scott T.

    First impressions and problems as a new user of Evernote

    Work chat is mostly a mechanism for notifying users of shares they have received. The new web version exposes that via the "Shared With Me" view. Use of work chat for non-sharing means such as actual chatting is a highly underutilized feature. Though the width of the columns is not adjustable, such as in the notebook view, adjusting the browser window will resize the columns. For a notebook view where you have the middle note column, that doesn't appear to be resizable. Moving notes between folders can be accomplished by clicking the "..." menu on a note (upper-right corner) and selecting "Move to..." The "Notebooks" tab will display notebooks that you've created or viewed. If a notebook has been shared to you, it's not added to your Notebook list unless you've taken action to view the share. This is to support the idea that you might not want notebooks that were shared to you to show up in your notebook list. Should this be the case, we support the ability to "Leave notebook", such that it no longer shows in your notebook list. All shared notebooks will always be accessible via the "Shared With Me" view As you notes, the "All Notes" view will reflect notes that are in notebooks in your list. Again, all shares are always accessible via "Shared With Me" For syncing, we've really tried to obscure this from our users. In the modern age of always-on internet, a user shouldn't be concerned with trying to manually force a sync. We've made vast improvements to all of our clients such that syncing is near real-time. It's a feature that should not be exposed to or even on the mind of a user. All data should be accessible on all clients instantaneously. We still need to do some more work for our non-web clients to make it truly instant, but the web version really shouldn't have that problem. As for your issues with the desktop client, you need to provide more information on what client you are actually using and I can try to help out. I don't understand why you would be getting duplicate notebooks like that.
  2. Scott T.

    BUG - New List While Indented

    @LRogers I apologize for the frustration the issue is causing. I checked and we have an open ticket for this. I've added your feedback to the ticket. I can't give a specific timeline for a fix, unfortunately.
  3. @Nissen Thanks for the screenshot. I'll send this over to our team working on templates and see if they might know what's going on.
  4. Scott T.

    2 devices

    @Sayre Ambrosio Sure. I'll try to keep the thread updated on status.
  5. Scott T.

    2 devices

    @Sayre Ambrosio It's too early for us to determine a cause. It's actively being looked into, but I'm guessing it's not related to iOS 12. I think it goes beyond just a client-specific issue.
  6. Thanks for your report. This issue is currently being investigated.
  7. Scott T.

    2 devices

    Thanks for your report. This issue is currently being investigated.
  8. Thanks for your report. This issue is currently being investigated.
  9. Scott T.

    You can't copy/paste? You're not serious?

    @kelliann.beavers@unlv.edu, can you please provide details on what operating system and browser version you are using? I am able to use keyboard shortcuts just fine in our web version on Mac/Chrome. So it might be some combination that has an issue.
  10. Scott T.

    Importing from Google Keep to Evernote

    Although it would be nice to have the ability to import into Evernote, I think it's wrong to expect Evernote to be able to import from whatever other service people are using. We have a lot of other issues to address and features to add, so I wouldn't expect to see importing in the near future.
  11. Scott T.

    what is note with ?EN_ATTACHMENT?

    This issue has been filed in our bug ticketing system, flagged as a priority, and is being reviewed by the development team. I can't promise a timeline, but it should hopefully be fixed soon.
  12. Scott T.

    New Photos App w/Evernote

    Just tested with Photos 3.0 on High Sierra. I'm unable to drag and drop a photo into the editor. This likely has to do with the way the editor is implemented. Not sure there's an easy fix here. But, I am able to use the Share button in the top nav bar. If Evernote isn't listed, click on More. You should be able to enable it in the Extensions window that opens. This allows you to send the photo to Evernote, which creates a new note with the picture. Don't think there's any way to send it to an existing note, though.
  13. Scott T.

    2FA not working

    @GreyGray, please take a look at our documentation on how to enable 2FA. I personally use 2FA for more than 10 different Evernote accounts I need to switch between and they all work great. I'm personally using Duo Mobile for my authenticator, but any of the others should work fine. As @zotje noted, 2FA is enabled per account, not per device or client. You may want to go to your account settings and disable 2FA. Then, delete all the Evernote 2FA entries on your authenticator apps. Then, try to setup 2FA again.
  14. I looked into the current status of the PDF thumbnails. For reasons I can't discuss, we needed to turn off the existing system that created the PDF thumbnails. We are still actively working on restoring the functionality, but it requires investigating and evaluating different options. But we do plan on restoring this functionality soon. I apologize for the inconvenience it causes in the near term.
  15. Scott T.

    Cannot remove a notebook

    @mstanwyck0, are you on the Mac version? If so, we have an open ticket for this. I don't have a timeline for a fix for this. One possible fix is to remove your local Evernote database and resync all the data down from the server. Please make sure all your data has been synced up to the server before you try this, as it clears out ALL local EN data. Make sure to sync your data Close the Mac app Open terminal Run: rm -rf ~/Library/Containers/com.evernote.Evernote Reopen the Mac app Login All your data will resync down.