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  1. Scott T.

    2 devices

    @Idahobob, I looked at your account. The recent iPhone devices that have shown up in your account (and you have revoked) are different device identifiers than your currently active iPhone client. This looks like the issue Rich identified in his post above. Please ensure your account is secured. I would advise changing your password and not sharing it with any other website login. You may also consider enabling 2FA for your account. Rich's post: https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/117015-2-devices/?do=findComment&comment=525791
  2. Scott T.

    Firefox support for new web version updates

    @ever_coffee: I can't say too much, but there's definitely hope for Linux users sooner than later. For Firefox, I can't say for sure, but based on my knowledge of changes we're making, it's quite possible we'll get better support for Firefox. Again, can't give any specific timeline. I can only point to Ian's recent blog post with regards to priorities.
  3. Scott T.

    2 devices

    Thanks @Grzamy. I'll send this over to our dev and support and see if they have some information on this that can help.
  4. Hi @23hagan. I'm not too familiar with the Scannable app. When you go to save, is that all within the app, or does it open a view of the note in a browser, and then you click "Save" there? If so, then yes, functionality of the web "single note viewer" was changed to save to your default notebook.
  5. Scott T.

    2 devices

    @Grzamy To clarify your comment, you're saying that the device in your list is definitely your own device and just a duplicate? You're saying it's not potentially an unauthorized device?
  6. Scott T.

    Templates Not Saving Anywhere

    @Trentphoto Are you still having problems saving a template? If so, is it the same behavior as Tupira where you have to log in over and over? Seems like a case where the credentials aren't being saved, so it is unable to save the template.
  7. @Dave-in-Decatur Thanks! I just got back from vacation, but I will take a look. Just heard from our support that we're seeing an uptick in template save issues.
  8. @DavidAmpleford The fix was on our server and should apply to all existing clients. No need to download an updated client. If you're still not seeing the thumbnails, please let us know what client and version you are using. Please note that @Garrett P mentioned it's possible that a client may have a cached placeholder thumbnail for up to a week.
  9. Scott T.


    Yes, you are right. I've only used templates as a premium subscriber, so I didn't realize that creating custom templates is restricted to paid accounts. TIL. 🙂
  10. Scott T.


    @marshrp The templates feature is available to all users and is not limited to paid users. Are you having problems accessing it? Regarding mobile interaction with templates, you should be able to create, edit, and save templates from your mobile device.
  11. Scott T.

    2 devices

    @freelee Unless you change your password after revoking the device, it will show up again if your account has been compromised. As noted above, please review our security tips for additional help with securing your account.
  12. Scott T.

    2 devices

    @salilmeister@gmail.com / @clswenson and others who see unknown devices in your account: If you ever see devices listed on your account that you do not recognize, you should revoke access to these devices in your settings and change your password. Please review our security tips for more details on keeping you account safe and preventing unauthorized access.
  13. Scott T.


    For those experiencing this issue, can you please provide the version of Evernote you are using (Help->About...) as well as the version of Windows you are using. Thanks!
  14. Scott T.


    FYI, we've bumped up the priority on this ticket and we hope to fix ASAP. I will post any updates, but if anyone has a consistent set of steps to reproduce, that would be very helpful.
  15. Scott T.

    changing from old device to new device

    @VeronicaMCalarco, here's a help article that walks you through how to log into our web client and revoke access to a device. You can just revoke all your devices, then log into the new computer. https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/208313878