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  1. Just following up on whether you are still seeing this. We had a temporary problem with email to note that has since been fixed.
  2. Hi @OmtatSat. I can't comment on specific release schedules. I only know that the team is working on the new Firefox client.
  3. @sdysart@gmail.com, when you were using both your MBP and iPhone, were they staying in sync in regards to all the notes you created? Or is it possible that all the notes you took never synchronized successfully to the server? Another issue that is quite common is that users forget what account they previously used and either create a new account or log into a different account. Did you try logging into any other email addresses you may have created an account with?
  4. So I just tried this myself. The currently released Firefox version (6.x) does not show related notes. Chrome and Safari have our newer Clipper release (7.x). I installed our internal build for Firefox 7.x and confirmed that the related notes properly show up. We are still working on the release of 7.x for Firefox. I don't have an exact release date, though. But it's in the pipeline. Unfortunately, we aren't releasing any more 6.x versions, so you won't see a fix for this before we release 7.x.
  5. Also, the "Web Clip" in the video is how the new editor tries to maintain the most reliable view of the content that you clipped, as opposed to the random formatting that the old editor attempted to apply automatically to clips.
  6. Yes, the new editor will be on all platforms. I think we're looking to release the new clients pretty close together, though I think mobile is a bit ahead in terms of progress. The setting for note width is persisted for any note you view.
  7. @RavBoy I don't use Windows personally, but if I understand what your issue is, I think we have this addressed in the new editor which we're working hard to release across all platforms. It will be available in the new Windows client we're working on (see the earlier link to our blog post for 2020). If you take a look at this screen capture, you can see we allow you to manipulate captured content and also select how to display content in the editor. clips.mp4
  8. @Jeshi I escalated this to our support. They'll reach out to you ASAP.
  9. @eric_treelight Thanks for the info. I took a look at your account and the last time an iPhone device was connected to it (Nov 07, 2019). Unfortunately, I'm able to confirm that the access was part of the security incident we've mentioned before where hackers are using passwords from other site compromises to log into accounts and search them for important data like Bitcoin wallets. If you haven't recently, I suggest you change your password to something unique to your Evernote account and enable two-factor authentication. This is the best way a user can secure their account.
  10. @Jeshi, I asked somebody in our support team to reach out to you. You should hear something from them tomorrow. They'll help you sort it out and make sure you don't get locked out of your account.
  11. Hi @CAVOK. Since you are a paid member, you are not required to use an authenticator app. There's a skip link on the authenticator download page. Please see the attached screenshot.
  12. @Jeshi, you can view all connected devices on the Devices page and revoke any that you are no longer using. If you are unsure which are which, you can always revoke all the devices and sign in again from whatever ones you want to use.
  13. I'm able to reproduce this issue in the latest available Mac version. That version is not using the latest note editor that we have running in the web client. The issue does not exist there. We are actively working on new desktop and mobile clients built on top of our latest code base. This is a top priority and I hope that we'll have a Mac version available soon. Unfortunately, that means the issue in the existing client will likely not be addressed since we want to actively move our users to the newer clients, and not spend too much resources on fixing non-critical issues in clients we hope to replace in the very near future. I apologize that we can't immediately address this issue for you, but I hope you understand our priority is to get our users newer clients on which we can more quickly build out the features the community has long been requesting.
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