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  1. Hey @DTLow Thanks very much for your comments/questions, which motivated me to get straight on the subject of EN backup-restore. After reviewing all your comments here, and in another thread I had clipped Automating EN backups?, I agree the 'Print to PDF' format will not be as useful. I confess, I hadn't really applied any logical thought process to this. But believed I should do something, rather than trust/rely exclusively on EN. This is distinct from my PC backup, where I Do trust/rely on Microsoft via MS Onedrive to take care of things (which also includes the EN Db folder/files I occasionally copy to Onedrive synced folder). Your scenarios work for me also. The couple of minor-scenarios that have come up, resulted in me just using the notes-history to recover. But it's the 'Worst-Case' scenario, I want to make sure I have reliable, or functional backups for, that could work on their own, inside just a browser, should EN go dark as you say. I found the HTML 'export-as-multiple-pages' feature works great for that, and all the links, including the in-app links continue to work fine. So if EN never, never, never came back, I could rebuild into another app from there...so the Armageddon solution. I'm looking into getting Backupery as @gazumped recommended (in thread linked to above) as it looks like it can make the whole process simple and give me the peace of mind I'm looking for. Cheers agin
  2. I use EN-for-Windows ( (308489) Public (CE Build ce-62.3.7750). Just discovered the 'Print to PDF' feature, which I'm thinking of including, for select notes, as part of my back-up process. I noticed that in the resulting PDF doc(s), that the hyperlinks to external web pages continue to work fine, as was the case in the source EN-note, yet the Classic/In-App links do nothing, don't go anywhere when clicked! Is there a way, or some config setting, to get the Classic/In-App Note-Links, that were contained in the original EN-note, to continue to function once that note has been exported to PDF, has been 'Printed to PDF'??? cheers
  3. Cheers for that. I've never looked into this before, as never had need to print my notes, but your advice worked perfect, and I noticed the page setup margin adjustments made, also applied to PDF's, when using the 'Print to PDF' function, nice.
  4. This was from a support request i made. Again this is for Windows Version but perhaps it will help you. Since you're seeing "!" on your end, please use these steps to reveal any unsynced notes: 1. Select the Note List View icon and select Top List or Side List 2. At the top of the note list, Select the Sort Icon > Sort notes by > Sync 3. Unsynced notes will be listed with a dot displayed in the Sync column After that you're able to see the unsynced notes, please follow the steps below. 1. Copy and paste the content out of the referenced note into a new note 2. Delete the referenced note 3. Go to your 'Trash' notebook at the bottom of your notebooks list and delete the note from there so it's entirely removed from your account 4. Sync Evernote
  5. ...and it's the specific note you're having issues locating, right? In which case there is a method to identify which notes aren't syncing, at least on EN-for-Windows, what i use...will lookup my notes and see if i have something for you
  6. oh...yes this EN for iOS forum...whoops
  7. Pretty easy... Make sure your 'Note List' is visible (F11) or Menu>View>Note List (and use sidelist view) In your Note list, Right-Click the Column Header field, and make sure 'size' is checked Then Sort Notes by 'size'...think you might also need to check 'reverse sort order' to see largest at top
  8. I saved a note about editing EN's dictionary in 2017. Essentially you could edit the 'user.dic' file (the dictionary). The user.dic file in 2017, was located "C:\Users\<username>\Evernote\Dict\user.dic" ....and it worked great when I made some changes/ tested it back then. But now in 2019 I can't find it...maybe you can. EDIT* Sorry I should have read my note further... because a year later, in 2018, @jefito is quoted as saying "For Windows users, as I understand it, user.dic is no longer used as the dictionary file, due to the underlying framework that Evernote uses. The dictionary that they use is in a binary format, and not generally user-editable. "
  9. Ditto to both... I too check the forum to gauge the overall success/issues of an update before choosing to go ahead. Seems to me, that the 80:20 seems to be on fixing issues, rather than adding features. Okay, so good to know I wont be, potentially won't be, disadvantaged, by holding strong on a previous earlier version, unless of course latest versions fixed glaring issues that my version of EN suffered from.
  10. I use EN-for-Windows ( (308489) Public (CE Build ce-62.3.7750). The idea of updating from my existing EN-for-Windows version, makes me very anxious. Indeed I have always felt this way when updating EN. Just seems to be like 2-steps forward, 1-step backwards. So, other than updating in order to avail myself of some added new feature, or critical security issue.... is there some rule-of-thumb as to how frequently one must update EN, or how long I can leave it before I must update? cheers
  11. I don't think so. This dual EN-Clipper Icon on the Outlook ribbon/menu bar, has continually been there, over all the 8+ previous EN updates I can remember making. I'm not computer savvy enough to understand or know about your other comments re MS Exchange, indeed I find the whole MS ecosystem very confusing. If i had to guess as to a possible cause why 2 EN-Clipper icons (1 grey, 1 green) appear on the ribbon when specially accessing my default outlook email account, the name@outlook.com account, I suspect it's because this account is using some native syncing tech to get the emails versus the others i.e. name@yahoo.com using pop/smtp servers etc... I really don't know, but would be good to resolve. Ultimately, and as a work-around, once all day-to-day emails have been dealt with, I could simply bulk-move all emails/from all accounts, into the outlook email account, so as to use the green EN-Clipper icon, as it does seem to be more effective at clipping emails to EN.
  12. I use MS Win 10, with a MS Office 365 Subscription, and use EN-for-Windows ( (308489) Public (CE Build ce-62.3.7750)), 95% o the time. My desktop installed MS Outlook App, is the bucket where I collect all emails from my 5 different web-mail accounts, gmail, outlook, yahoo etc. My MS Outlook app, only shows 1x EN add-in has been installed, yet 2x EN-Add-ins display on the Outlook menu/ribbon, when specifically using my Microsoft email e.g. name@outlook.com versus when using any other email account, whereby only 1x EN-Add-in menu icon is displayed. So my 1st question is why is this? vs Sometimes when using my gmail or yahoo email accounts, the EN-Add-in-clipper doesn't play nice, and throws up errors, and simply wont clip to EN, no matter what i try...and so my last resort is to move the email into my MS Outlook email, that displays 2 EN-Add-in icons (as pictured above), use the green icon coloured add-in, and hey presto, it works every time. So my 2nd question is why is this, and how can I resolve it? cheers
  13. Hey @PinkElephant I liked the way you put that... So yeah... I don't know about that stuff either. However, I think both his companies have achieved so much in so little time, compared to what I perceive as industry norms, not withstanding that NASA also took less then 10 years to put someone on the moon. And even in NASA's situation, I think it could be argued that it's stunning results were achieved through JFK's leadership and inspiration, to get his people to reach further than what they thought was possible. But SpaceX' results (see image) speaks volumes, and is testament to their ability to get things done efficiently, fast, and effectively. And in this case it is 'rocket science'! So if Elon and team can do all that rocket science so good and so fast, then so too can @Ian Small and team give us dark mode for Windows! 😉 I might have to look into setting up some EN lobby group... lol
  14. In a recent Elon Musk interview/video by YT Channel, 'Everyday Astronaut' (view from time-index 3.00 min to 6:20 min mark), Elon Musk talks about how SpaceX is able to get things done so fast. Unbelievably, he expects his new Starship rocket of reaching Orbit in 6 months, and after having just finished construction of their Mark-1, 1st test proto-type. Amongst his tips, Elon-Musk talks about the significance of how "organisation errors are reflected in the product errors"...interesting! So if he/his team can get that done, I reckon @Ian Small & Team, can easily get "Dark Mode for Windows done in 6 months" easily 😉 wink wink, nudge nudge, and elbow to the ribs, for not having done it yet since 2013! It's not rocket science, but I have faith that Ian & Team can get it done! This is obviously meant as playful tongue and cheek, except for the Dark Mode for Windows part! 😉
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