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  1. Hey @jefito, yeah the subsequent results are more reliable but 'powerful'? ... I can't get there. I mean adding the search syntax '-resource:image/*' simply removed 'matched notes with no images' meaning, as I understand it, that IF those notes also contained text, where the word 'dog' existed it would now NOT be included in the search results... hence i come full circle to search being unreliable for text based searches... hence why the argument for using tags more makes more sense I think a great feature-request/idea would be to do as Google Search does: You search for something, then it returns filtered results (using tabs) e.g. ALL | IMAGES | VIDEOS | SHOPPING etc... Would be great if EN added a few buttons under the search bar that similarly provided filtered results...just a thought. Or select search filter (other than existing All/Any) prior to searching
  2. To answer my own question above, I learned that using the following search command/syntax: "dog" -resource:image/* Instead of 179 notes.... Only 24 notes were found, including notes that had MS Word docs or PDF docs attached... and within ALL these 24 notes (or within the notes embedded documents), "dog" was indeed found... yippee
  3. What's the other one please? WHAT!? I have to go into 'Customer Support Features' & do a 'Rebuild Search Index' just to get EN to give me more accurate search results... How is this user friendly, hence my position this is not reliable..I can NOT rely on just going to the search bar and searching for "dog". I'm gonna have to get a dog after all this 😉 But seriously...So I should be rebuilding my search index in the EN windows client...and this should fix the problem, right??? Okay I will do some reading on this then give it a go and see how it affects the search results for "dog"...cheers
  4. + Okay...so I scrolled through the list of 179 search results, and looked for notes that did NOT display a thumbnail image ( I use snippet view where a thumbnail image is shown if images in the note exist), and found 11 notes. I then did a CTRL+F text search for "dog" on these 11 notes without a thumbnail... and YES, ALL these notes did indeed contain the word dog 🙂 So this confirms your guess, for me anyway, re OCR being at play (even though I couldn't see where they were getting "dog" from even with the images results)... which begs the question, 'Other then scrolling through a search-result-list looking for 'thumbnail-less' notes, How can I search/tell EN to search for TEXT ONLY in notes and ignore OCR Text Recognition??? ...and for sure if i search for "dog" I want "dog to be returned NOT "document"!
  5. Cheers @CalS & @jefito and still within the theme of this Posts Title "Issues with Search..." Final question... but first, let me say I have never relied on EN Search, and the unreliable results it provides, NEVER! Maybe its me, my approach, competency at using EN Search. though I have reviewed EN Info Resources: Search Grammar | All things Evernote search 11 Advanced Search Techniques to Quickly Find What You Need | Jun 2017 Find what you need How to use Evernote's advanced search syntax But as an example, I just clicked on my 'All Notes' ...(I have 4,038) then used the search bar and searched for: dog = 235 notes "dog" = 179 notes any: dog = 235 notes any: "dog" = 179 notes intitle:dog = 6 notes tag:dog = 0 notes I promise, at most I would have just the 6 notes where the word 'dog' might appear as seen in the intitle:dog search result above. I'm not a Vet by profession, or a dog owner, or do research/clipping of dog related stuff, so these 6 (mostly used when testing stuff on EN) should be it... so why am I getting so many bogus/false and waste-my-time search results? When I sift through and randomly select one these 179 to 235 notes, then do a 'CTRL+F' (Find) to see where the word 'dog' appears in the notes content/body... It's Nowhere to be found, doesn't exist, simply returns 'No matches found' ! This is why, to date I've never bothered with EN Search! Instead, I've always successfully relied on a Nested Folder/Notebook approach (Stacks>NoteBooks>Notes) with the heading of each note commencing with an ALL-CAPS subject descriptor + the use of Tags... always worked for me. BUT...am I doing something wrong? Any ideas why I get so many BS EN Search Results?
  6. I'm using (308094) Public (CE Build ce-58.1.6897) It appears to be working fine on my app version for windows...see image My question is... Should the word 'dog' in the Note Title + the Note List (Middle Vertical Pane) also be highlighted? And on a different, small thing... but should the margin difference be so large as seen when using a check-box v a bullet point?
  7. I'm using EN (308094) Public (CE Build ce-58.1.6897), on a Windows 10, 64-bit laptop. I attached this 'vertically-long' image within a table... and realised if I sliced it up in a few pieces I could place the pieces of the image side-by-side so as to save space and continuous scrolling In an app like MS Word or PPT, it would be a simple case of copying the image and pasting it 3-times, then crop each image accordingly. But in EN this is a very buggy hit-n-miss ordeal... Sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn't at all, sometimes what was done to one image, happened to the other etc. I tried 2 file formats JPG and JPEG (which i understand are the same). I also tried attaching the same image, one at a time v the copy-approach used above... and tried attaching within tables and outside. There was nothing special about the image file size or resolution...so again pretty weird and unreliable The whole annotating experience was very buggy... again when using duplicates of the same image (i don't suspect this would happen for different images). My workaround was to go back to the website where the image was and screen-cut each section individually then upload each 'unique' image... This, duplicating-cropping-same image, is not something I need a lot but seems like a pretty basic thing that I should be able to rely on EN-for-Windows to handle?
  8. RavBoy

    Cannot move notes via Drag/drop anymore?

    I'm on (308094) Public (CE Build ce-58.1.6897) and it still works ok at my end.
  9. @Don Dz so your attached image, which looks great, this is using RobertJ solution???
  10. Hey @Don Dz not that I know of, but again I don't know coding, perhaps your could hack the ET app and see how the banner background is created then change the margin. But that margin is an acceptable trade-off given ease of implementation... and this workaround is much better than the 1-column table solution. But I don't think this workaround does resemble the 1-row/column table solution, as it wont resize should you hit F10 'collapse left panel' whereas this does.... and the table-solution wont allow you to insert further tables inside a table... Agreed... @RobertJSawyer solution is better, when considering this workarounds margin. But I found his solution too hard to get working, and thanks for your help/advice re that. The margin isn't that big IMHO...and having this much screen real-estate background colour change to a pseudo dark-mode, is good enough for me, until EN pull their proverbial out 😉 Agreed once again...be awesome if you could find a way...cheers
  11. Gotta say I'm loving my workaround. I've made my final colour selection, and have chosen to go with a grey background. Attached image shows my colour choices. Also attached is a quick screen dump of how the colours inverse/look on my Android phone (Samsung Note-8 landscape oriented) with Dark-Mode enabled. On my iPad (IOS) with EN dark-mode enabled, the colours are nearly the same but the background (BG) looks a little more faded. This workaround is really so simple, not perfect, but a big enough improvement so as for this to not be an issue for me any longer....yeehah EN-on-Android.mp4
  12. Until EN find the time to help us EN-for-Windows users also have a Dark-Mode Feature/Option, like was introduced for IOS and Android a few days ago, I believe I have stumbled upon a great little Dark-Mode workaround. This workaround is BETTER than just creating an EN Template that consists of a Single Row/Column Table that has a Dark Cell-Background... And not as involved (as I'm not a Coder/Computer Guy) to implement, as the More Complete and excellent solution that @RobertJSawyer graciously developed and shared with us all. I was reading a post the other day about someone importing Excel tables when @ctxhou promoted his 'EverTool' (ET) app as a solution. I went and purchased the app on the MS-Store for $7.45 AUD, mostly just for the ability to create Heading Banners in a Note, plus the feature of being able to Resize Images quickly. Anyway whilst creating a Text-Banner using ET, I realised I could use this feature to create a dark-mode note background, then save it as a template (see template image). Whats great about this workaround, is the new Note background auto resizes when using key 'F10' on EN Windows to hide the left panel + I can use the note like any other note, by adding tables/images etc and further formatting (see images with and without left panel) I use EN-for-Windows 95% of the time, and then might use EN on my iPad and Android Phone for the remainder. I have activated dark-mode for both these devices...but wanted to make sure that any colours I used re this Dark-Mode workaround still looked good on the above dark-mode enabled devices, as they tend to inverse the colours... so I went through some colour combinations, and reckon the last 3 look great. All you have to do is enter the RGB colour-values on the ET tool to create your own custom theme, then apply to your note, add a few line breaks, then save as a template...voila. IF EN does get around to giving us Dark Mode in the next 5 years (or later) and you need to clear the background, just use the Note 'highlight text' icon twice and it will be remove though a slight margin will remain. This is so simple, looks great, though not a complete dark-mode overhaul, as it's just the note background, but easy to do...and No I am not getting any commissions from the ET app/developer 😉
  13. I'm using EN (308094) Public (CE Build ce-58.1.6897), on a Windows 10, 64-bit laptop. This is a small issue but a frustrating one for the OCD in me. Whenever I add a Table, EN automatically adds a line break/carriage return between itself and the preceding line of text. However most of the time I don't want the line break. If I backspace the line break, that doesn't work, as it just reappears later.... If I hit the delete key on this line break it somehow selects the newly created table beneath! The only solution is to cut/paste (or drag) the text line above to where the line break is, which works most of the time but strangely not always, especially with older notes. But then, after removing the line break, If I want to delete characters/words from the text-line (now moved to the position directly above the table) using the 'delete' key, I have the issue once again of EN selecting the table and deleting it, if i wasn't paying attention, resulting in me scrambling for the 'CTRL+Z' (undo)... so I have to remember to use the 'backspace' key, instead of the 'delete' key...anyone else get this...do I need to report a bug to EN?
  14. Small things can sometimes make a big difference. I've had the same experience with others helping me out on these forums as well...glad it helped, cheers
  15. I have experienced this as well, and have the same version as you. When positioning the cursor on the start position, then holding down the Left-Mouse-Button, and scrolling highlighting/selecting the text, beyond just the visible page, that I want to copy or move, EN gets very jerky as you say, and continues to get worse the larger the quantity of text I try to highlight...but eventually mine gets there, though I never bother using this method! The simplest/easiest and most effective method I use when wanting to select large blocks of text, or any type of content for that matter...is to: Simply Click the Starting Place/Position of the content to be copied - so the cursor will be blinking in that location Use the Page/Note's Vertical Scroll Bar -or- your Mouse Wheel to navigate to the End Position of the content you want selected/copied/moved Once you've identified he End Position > Hold down your SHIFT Key 1st (then while holding it down) Click your Left Mouse Button...all should now be highlighted in an instant