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  1. This is the EN-for-Windows forum. I'm not certain, but it appears you're using EN-Business, and possibly there is a permissions issue preventing you access from those functions. I'm using EN-for-Windows v6.18.4 and the issue you described works fine on my machine
  2. I have a 3 column table I'm using to plan a trip schedule. In each column I have used bullet points. Until just now, I was confused why EN's 'Match Note Width' or 'Distribute Column Widths' table formatting features, were going haywire when trying to apply them, instead applying very weird column width ratios like approx. 1:4:5. I discovered it was the use of bullet points used on the text inside each column? Once I removed the bullets from all or just 1st and last columns, it worked as expected! Is this a bug, or just me, and if me, is there a fix? I'm using EN-Win v6.18.4, cheers. See screen shot below
  3. I'm using EN for Win (308489) Public (CE Build ce-62.3.7750)... and same experience here, Import does not work! ouch
  4. Hi @gkoclanis Yeah I just tried to copy/paste some text into a pre-existing line of background-highlighted text, and got the same outcome as you...so it appears that my workaround only works for entering new text the old fashioned way via the keyboard. I don't know of a way to allow copy paste to work, sorry. Interestingly, copy/paste does work if the background-highlighted text uses the EN-Windows defualt background highlight color! EDIT: I just tried the above using EN-Web, and copy/paste does work there if you use CTRL+SHIFT+V to paste and match style...but of course you don't need to bother as EN-Web app already offers all 6 colors for text background highlight. So unless someone knows a way EN-Web is the only solution EDIT #2: I'm like a dog with a bone lol... If for some reason you cant access/use EN-Web, I just discovered you can open a MS Word Doc, paste a line of EN pre-highlighted background text >>> Then copy/paste all other text inside that line and it works >>> then copy back to EN-Win. Note you can also use the MS Background colors, BUT, these colors will not display in any other EN-Apps (EN-Web, EN-Android etc) but will remain in EN-Win
  5. Hey, yeah I noticed that, and from that side of the coin-perspective, makes sense also. The inconsistency for me is that Bold & Italics & Underline have a dedicated menu option on the editing toolbar and keyboard shortcut, yet 'Text Color' which also has a dedicated menu option, but NO dedicated shortcut. Seems to me if someone wants to apply/create a 'Text Color', then all other Font Formatting CTRL+D options are not required. Ultimately I guess this is for EN designers to debate, but seems to me Text Color needs its own dialog box...esp for the few of fairies out there that like to throw glitter colours on their text...lol
  6. Hi @Dave-in-Decatur, yeah at the end of the day I simply close EN using the top right 'X' close icon, then shutdown the PC. I just tried a File>Exit, then seconds later re-opened EN, to find the custom color was dropped from my saved custom colors list. Ultimately I just want to add a custom color and have it retained, but given your comments about MS Word then perhaps EN does not allow it... not a biggy. thanks for the info Cheers, that makes sense, a three for the price of one font dialog deal. Would be nice, if the CTRL+D shortcut still allowed me the user the same function, of applying or creating a 'custom' color. But actually the... CTRL+D doesn't allow any use of custom colors...however CTRL+D does allow one to 'apply' one of the existing standard colors! In my experience keyboard shortcuts provide a different path to the same feature/function but in this case the shortcut is limited...easiest fix in my mind is for EN to simply stop displaying the CTRL+D alternate route to access this feature. If you really look at it there is an inconsistency when compared with other icons on the editing toolbar. To 'Bold' Font you can use the icon on the toolbar or CTRL+B... To underline CTRL+U...to Italicise CTRL+I... and all of these are also accessible via CTRL+D as well, however Text Color appears to be the 'black' sheep in the family...lol...again not a biggy, cheers
  7. When using EN-for-Windows, should I wish to change the color of any text, or in my case add a 'custom color' to the palette for later use, I simply go to the Editing Toolbar, and click the icon as pictured below, or use keyboard shortcut of CTRL+D keyboard shortcut. My 1st question/issue: When I create a custom color on the Text Color palette, EN gets rid of it, the next time I open EN, which I notice happens from day to day, rather than closing and immediately reopening. Anybody know how to add a custom color to the Text Color palette on the Editing Toolbar that EN will retain?? My 2nd question: Why when accessing the Text Color editing via keyboard shortcut CTRL+D after first highlighting text I wish to have it's color changed, that... a) The popup dialogue box is so different ....and more seriously b) The custom color, at the bottom of list, weirdly changes to reflect the text I highlighted, rather than display the custom text color I added earlier...very weird! Notice the dark grey color in my custom colors, and by way of example, look at what happens when I try to apply this to some lines of text, but using CTRL+D shortcut (versus accessing text-color feature from editing toolbar)... the first line is green text I want to apply my custom 'grey' to... the 2nd line is red text, that I also wish to apply the custom color to... but it the pop-up box just changes custom color to the text selected color!!! Making CTRL+D shortcut, useless for 'Text color'! ...how could a flaw like that pass through alpha, beta, omega, whatever testing? Screen captures added below. *Note, EN does not actually get rid of the custom color, It just means I must use the editing toolbar to get to it
  8. Thanks...yep that worked for me on v6.18... little things hey.
  9. I just tried that out of curiosity but that did not work for me, I'm on EN Windows v6.18 Go to Top Main Menu: Click Tools> Customise Tool Bar Then drag the highlighted icon as pictured below (ignore my customised shortcuts see top right) You can also use keyboard shortcut: Press & Hold: CTRL + Left/Right Arrow Keys ...to go back forward pages at any time
  10. Cheers @Narnk ...I read the link and 1st activated or made sure the touch keyboard for my Win10 PC was displayed on the taskbar, but no 'Mic' Icon was given at top left on the touch keyboard. I played with all settings I could see, but nothing. The link you provided does say "when using PC in Tablet Mode" perhaps that's the issue, as I'm using my PC/laptop in regular PC mode. If you have a sec and know the issue, would be great to hear from you, cheers again
  11. This question piqued my curiosity... and so I found a workaround for you @RedEyedRocker Create a Note in either EN Windows or EN Web... this note will serve as your Template 'Colour Palette' note when using EN Windows. Create 6 lines of text, or just use characters e.g ellipses for each line ".... ..... ....." etc for each of the 6 available colours Format the backgrounds of each line text with each of the 6 colours (edit note in EN-Web) Return to EN Windows > Double click your Template Colour Palette Note, so it opens in a new window Now when you create new notes, you simply copy/paste a line of text/background colour required from your 'colour-palette' note window to the new note and edit text as necessary Example Images attached... shows the note in EN-Web v EN-Windows
  12. Many Thanks... Think I will trial this with my wife or son's free account on their PC and see what happens. Else, if one was to do this and then later wanted to reverse it, I imagine it would not be an easy process? Not like EN has a restore point or anything! cheers
  13. does 'specific' mean All/Any of font changes: SIZE - COLOUR - TYPE
  14. Awesome...where/how do i make that happen? cheers
  15. I have set my Note default font type-size to Tahoma 12. The last time I changed/updated this, which was quite a while ago, I think I recall that making the change had the effect of changing the font size to not only any new note I would create, but also changed the font size to ALL pre-existing notes, which especially affected the layout of text I had formatted to my liking, inside of tables. I'd like to go ahead and change my default font size to 14... but am having quite a lot of anxiety about it, as I have many template notes (not setup as actual EN Templates) that include lots of tables with font size layouts etc, that are just the way I like it... I fear changing the default font-size will throw everything out, and most concerningly in my tables Am I correct...will EN change font size, esp in tables, in my pre-existing notes ? IF yes, is there any way to tell EN to apply the NEW default font-size to ONLY new future notes created from this point in time?
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