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  1. Hi DTLow, thanks for your comments and your feedback - am aware of the procedure, yet my impression is that we still have multiple open threads on the same subject despite the september consolidation attempt be EN (eg encryption / pw protection) and some very old threads. I thought the top three thing might re-ignite discussion a little, but it does not seem to catch on, so never mind..:-) best, Lorenz
  2. hi all, having read Ian's blog post and having seen his video for the community I understand his focus on fixing things first and focusing on new features second. also Ian suggested to give a stronger voice to us, the enthusiastic user base. so I figured why not come up with a list of features we need the most. if enough of us participate, this could be an interesting read for Ian an the entire evernote team so here are mine (in ranking of importance to me): 1. end to end encrypted notebooks maybe it is my European data protection paranoia, but I do not want e.g. my health records to go anywhere unencrypted. or diary entries. or important legal documents. you get the point. currently I am helping myself with local notebooks, that only reside on my computer, but that obviously defeats the point of multi device synchronization. currently about a quarter of my notebooks is local. I would sync them at once if I could only encrypt them safely. where to look for inspiration: joplin, the open source evernote substitute attempt. 2. better data representation evernote with its myriad of ways to input data and its extremely flexible ways to organize this data with notebooks and tags (yes, both!..;-)..) for me is a dream come true as the basis of literally all my digital processes. it has however not aged well in how all this data can be represented. why don't we have kanban boards? why no graphical representation of the data? playing around with tools from the competition or even just add ons is providing plenty of new insights. would love them internally to evernote as well. where to look for inspiration: trello, droptask, bubble brower & notion. 3. recurring reminders my GTD implementation on top of evernote needs to integrate well with my calendar. while I am helping myself with the chronofy service I would much rather have a direct calendar integration out of evernote. most importantly however I am missing recurring reminders for tasks that come up weekly, monthly or yearly. shouldn't take much, but would certainly improve my processes quite a bit. so much about my top three. would be curious what yours are. best, Lorenz
  3. Dear Ian, (in case you actually read this) another evernote enthusiast with a strong opinion here. to me evernote is 1st and foremost a personal database with huge flexibility to build my digital processes on top of it (in my case literally all of them). having notebooks and tags gives a tremendous degree on flexibility on how to structure and view my data. and this is why I love and need it. another amazing strength of evernote is the multitude of ways I can feed data into it. I use web clipper as a "read it later" process in evernote, anything I scan goes straight into my evernote setup, any idea on the road or task in a meeting goes straight into my GTD implementation on top of evernote in my mobile app, etc, etc. where evernote has been falling behind is giving that same flexibility in data representation. we do not have kanban boards (trello only exists due to evernotes weakness in this area from my perspective), we do not have graphical representation allowing us to take a fresh look at our data sets to gain new insights (hello bubble browser, hello droptask), we do not even have spaces for premium customers (yet?). there might be good business reasons for focusing on business customers and I do not have the user nor revenue data, so I am sure you will know what to do business wise, but in my experience there is much more spill over from premium users importing evernote into their business lives than the other way round. enthusiastic individual users make new business customers. and then there is stability and performance. I do not need to re-state the obvious, just get somebody to summarize the feedback on the forums here as well as on the support side. there is substantial room for improvement. also watch out for notion as these guys have (imho) understood the personal database and data representation opportunity evernote has left for them. this whole personal database/productivity space is evernote's to lose. it's just up to you and your new team now. so I do not know your numbers but I feel time is ticking, so my recommendation (based on my commercial ignorance): release spaces to the entire base immediately. focus on stability & bug fixing for a few months acquire one of these smallish data representation companies and integrate it into evernote fast. if you want to be bold do the same on the communications/collaborations side. what evernote has today is cute, but if I were you that's not a term I would like..;-) finally: I love your product. it has helped me in more ways than I can recount and I would gladly pay more than I am already paying as a premium customer, but please watch out and move forward. I'd like to save myself the hassle of migrating my giziliion notes and plentiful processes to some other service at some point in the future... thanks & best regards, Lorenz
  4. Hi there, I am using EN 7.5.2. on my Mac. I occasionally get this error message: "Note is unavialable. Make sure you are online. / Try again.". This has been going on for a while (so it is not an issue just with 7.5.2). for one my connectivity outside of EN is excellent, which might indicate an intermittent issue with evernote's servers, but my key question is this: as my notes are or at least should be local on my mac why would the mac client refuse to show me a note even if it would have connectivity issues? it should always show me my notes, or am I missing something? thanks, lorenz
  5. I really like the templates feature, however a number of my existing templates include attachments and these disappear when turning them into templates. so please add support for attachments in templates! thanks, Lorenz
  6. since upgrading to 7.0.1. I can no longer show only current reminders (instead of the complete reminder list) on top of the note list. the option to do so exists in the reminders menu, it's just broken. would be really helpful if the basics kept working after these upgrades - continuously (re-)introducing bugs with upgrades (e.g. blank list view) is pretty annoying and a sign of issues with quality management.
  7. would strongly suggest / recommend to add spaces for premium customers as well - this is an important improvement to organize projects and work flows. maybe don't let premium users share spaces, but for internal organization of information a more flexible approach to showing and organizing the stored information is way overdue from my perspective.... best, Lorenz
  8. thanks for moving it....it's not every message for me either....maybe one in ten I would guess....
  9. same here - if they kill local notebooks I am gone...it's weird, I would have thought they finally got the message about data privacy when they announced they would read selective notes and then retracted after the outroar....would be a sad day and I am pretty sure we are not alone with that thought.... also weird there is still no option to encrpyt entire notebooks...it's almost as if evernote was planning to monetize us and our data as google monetizes search and email data....
  10. Hi all, over the last few days a number of emails I have sent to my evernote address have not showed up in evernote, which is obviously highly annoying as that feature has been working reliably for a long time. is anybody else experiencing this? thanks, Lorenz
  11. just to let you know, if you encounter the same issue: I checked with support and, yes, with 6.12 or one of the prior releases local (i.e. non-synced) notes in the evernote client for mac are no longer counted in the note count. note counts for local notebooks still show up in these notebooks though...
  12. Hi all, I have observed something off after the upgrade to 6.12 a few days back: the number of notes shown in the sidebar in the notes section has come down by about 1400 from roughly 7700 to 6300. has anybody else see this happening? I have not yet found missing notes, but that's not easy either considering the total number. any pointer would be appreciated.... best, Lorenz
  13. DTLow, how did you arrive at this conclusion? or in other words what graphical representation did you use / try? bubble browser (while it was still working on my mac) gave me quick insights into my data I was not getting as easily with the existing interface. a trello like interface (essentially columns with pre-defined notebooks and / or tags for that column and with notes being dragged between these columns getting the attributes of the column they move to, doesn't sound too hard either. if nothing else implementing these two as additional "views" would be amazing already, however I am sure the EN guys could do something more general (and thus flexible - the amazing strength of EN)... so I guess with putting some more thought into it, providing the user base with UI flexibility should be doable and could be a tremendous step forward for EN. just my two cents worth...
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