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  1. interesting comment, which I had heard before as well, however having migrated all my data from EN to DT last october due to all this V10 mess I must say, that, in fact, I started using DT almost exactly the same way I used EN. my initially required learning curve was pretty minimal. gradually unlocking and starting to use all this new (for me) additional functionality has been and still is taking me time, but to me that's actually exciting and adding plenty of benefits for my workflow(s)..:-)
  2. might be as people have simply left...like me for Devonthink...just checking in less and less frequently when feeling nostalgic..:-)
  3. you might want to look at DevonThink as you are a mac user...it is apple eco system only and is not as flexible in sharing data but otherwise superior to EN in any way that matters to me....also you can do backlinks like in roam or obsidian, however without the graph view at this point...
  4. from anecdotal evidence here on the forums performance of V10 might be correlated with the number of notes in your account. with my 14k notes performance of V10 used to be abysmal (have migrated away from EN since)...
  5. you might want to look at devonthink...have moved over in october and am very happy...with all of it, their clipper included...other folks here have recommended keepit (mac) and joplin (mac & windows).
  6. you might want to look at devonthink...have moved over in october and am very happy...with all of it, their clipper included...other folks here have recommended keepit (mac) and joplin (mac & windows).
  7. am all fine with what you are saying, it's simply that I do not trust EN any more after what I have experienced over the last few months - both product as well as communications wise....I do have backups I could re-instate in the very unlikely case I would want to come back, but I do not want to leave my data with EN even on the pure speculation of them considering data mining...wild guess? probably, but would you have guessed in august or september what was about to come? am very happy with Devonthink with all my use cases and will very likely stay there for the coming years...never woul
  8. if we follow this train of thought you will likely not know about a transaction until it is official, which might or might not be too late for saving your data from google (you could argue it is already on theirs servers, but I don't think google can actually access it at the moment). having migrated away to Devonthink in october due to the V10 mess I guess this is the point I start actively deleting my EN data...
  9. very interesting point - I hadn't thought about that. let's assume for a second you are right. some of ENs recent decisions seem to make a lot more sense in that light: - removing local (i.e. non synced) notebooks as they cannot be data mined, - not addressing paying customers concerns as their revenue might not matter as much strategically, also it would be a way for EN to monetize those non paying free customers. might even be a mixed form where you won't get data mined as a premium customer and ad supported for free. they certainly would loose a lot of premium customers, but
  10. just out of curiosity: it sure looks nice but what new functionality does the home screen add that did not exist in the side bar before? and more importantly: what features you have canned in V10 will be re-instated when? and which are gone for good? thanks...
  11. it turns out DevonThink does not take the data from ENs servers but instead from the local database of the mac "legacy" client. this allows it to keep not only the notebooks and tag structure intact, but also import all the local, i.e. non synced notebooks. and it is keeping that local data local that was one of my key points for moving over to DT after the release of V10 in october (am very happy I switched). have summarized my experience over there in case somebody is interested: https://discourse.devontechnologies.com/t/moving-from-evernote-to-devonthink-in-2020/59211
  12. have been in a similar situation to yours and have migrated to devonthink in october - only regret not having done so earlier. for me and my use cases / my setup devonthink is truly an upgrade in comparison to any version of EN. I have summarized my experience with the migration over at their forums. here's the link, if you are interested: https://discourse.devontechnologies.com/t/moving-from-evernote-to-devonthink-in-2020/59211
  13. I was one of these faithful, almost religious, EN users and this mess has made me move on to devonthink - something I never would have thought possible just a few months ago. forcing the barebones V10 on unsuspecting users seems (judging from the forums here) to have triggered quite a significant number of folks to move elsewhere and cancel their premium subscriptions. Ian's blog post can be read as an attempt to stem that tide. what that could mean is that things have started to move / slide and that EN has created the unenviable position of no longer being in charge of the process, but needi
  14. if you are on the apple / mac side DevonThink is a real good substitute for my use cases (in fact it goes far beyond what EN "legacy" can do). have been using it for a month now and am very happy with it...
  15. while apple only, I would add devonthink to the mix. have migrated out of this EN mess a few weeks back and am very happy with the decision...
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