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  1. https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/requests says that chat hours are Sunday 2:00 PM to Friday 5:00 PM CST. Does that mean 1) 3 hours each day from Sun-Fri ? or 2) continuously from Sun 2 pm thru Friday 5 pm? If the former, that would typically be written Sun–Fri 2–5 pm CST. Oh, … just saw the 'Due to limited holiday staffing, chat will be unavailable from Thursday, July 2 at 5:30 PM (CDT) to Monday, July 13 at 8 AM (CDT).' notice at the top.
  2. I pm’d everybody above a couple of weeks ago and 1 added a vote (after some difficulty). Ever since that voting mechanism was instituted, I’ve written in repeatedly about its invisibility, awkwardness, general poor implementation, etc., etc., and the fact that people aren’t using it because they don’t notice it, but the damn thing hasn’t changed. Maybe if you create a ticket on your own for that??
  3. To promote this suggestion, tap the up arrow at the top to the left of “Annotation Summary …”.
  4. To anyone who likes this suggestion (to show all annotations for a pdf), pls tap the ‘up arrow’ at the top left of this page by my OP. Evernote implemented a non-obvious voting mechanism that generally goes unnoticed. (And it’s not that the votes mean much, but it does show support.) thx
  5. Also, removal of this feature was -not- announced in the release, so waiting for 8.1 was not an adequate strategy. In good news, Support filed a 'formal' request with Dev; some changes are in process there, one consequence of which might be more thorough release notes.
  6. Agree. As a matter of general principle, feature loss for whatever reason is not a plan -- particularly for a tool that is a core element of user workflow. Features should not be removed but rather added at least as (and preferentially as user-configurable) options on all platforms. In a broader sense, is a feature reduction as it makes the app substantially less usable. I raised the issue for user-configurability of the formatting bar with Support and that was passed to the Dev team. Perhaps the same could be done for other contexts, e.g., the home page as well.
  7. I’ll say this: It’s not available on MacOS. Apparently to cohere the platforms, they removed the feature on iOS rather than make it available on all platforms. I relied on it and can't wait for restoration. Beyond that the particulars don’t matter here.
  8. Agree. Further re missing features: the Dev Team continues to remove more features in 8.1. I have communicated with Support re the particulars, am waiting to see how quickly this is rectified, and won't get into a conversation about it here except to say this is enough to have broken my trust in EN, am exploring alternatives, and will move on if this is not quickly fixed.
  9. Aah … I see that after our PM conversation you edited your note: from 'your' to 'my' in the first part and added the second part. As I said earlier: But the effect of telling others, e.g.: is contra the interests of community of users when considered as a whole, and EN (and Apple) in the long run. [I've edited the above in consideration of the PM conversation you initiated. Perhaps we can make further progress there and more completely resolve the issues.]
  10. As I said, you can't: This responds to one requirement -- not the requirements as a set (much less the broader context previously stated).
  11. Note the lack of 1) apology for past behavior and 2) commitment to refrain from doing same for future releases.
  12. Exactly. No other iOS app gets such a pass. Such encouragement requires users to expend more effort because of an app's poor quality assurance (updating apps individually, monitoring forums, …); fosters habits at EN that further this trend; drives customers to other products; and degrades the whole platform. Naive and harmful, @DTLow
  13. Apparently not in reading or writing. That is in no way shape or form what I said. Again, shifting responsibility.
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