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  1. It is actually useful if you cannot connect work calendar as you can add then event there. And later when you will be able to sync it with your connected calendar will be super useful. But it is nice addition.
  2. Got this option, add new event in Calendar. Must say looks pretty useful to quickly add to calendar if not connected. Can see this super useful when/if there will be sync with calendar.
  3. Again, that part also did not worked. So, you could not log in in any way, Google, email, Apple, nada. When you would add email and press connect nothing happend. Until few days and that also started to work normally. It was obviously that EN login error. Btw, in the same time my Google login worked on every other app or login i use and that is big number.
  4. Exactly like me. So obvious Evernote login problem and issue where we could not use our app that we are paying for few days. And Federico who is on forums constantly casually skips that topic. Huray for new Evernote and BS.
  5. I had this issue from Sudnay to Tuesday, and could not loging. Today it started to work for me, but i needed to login with email and password, not Google. Try like that. Adding email and password instead Google login.
  6. Today is Tuesday and from Sunday i cannot login in my ios app that i pay. Top service! UPDATE: so finally after Sunday i managed to log in with email. Which confirms there was error on EN side connected with login, as i did not change or did anything different that hour ago or yesterday.
  7. Subscription Premium, cool, ha. I really dont plan to delete half of possible things and lose 3 hours so that i am able to login in app i am paying. I did : - restart of iphone - update of iphone - update of app - one more restart - removing of app as device - what should i remove more @Federico Simionato as for your question, I can’t pass after manually adding email on login as clicking on Continue doesn’t do nothing. If i click on Google login i am passing to elephant logo and after minute of looking in elephant logo and black screen returned to login. Also, until yesterday my app worked and I didn’t log out before.
  8. Nope...tried all gimicks...removed from EN web, restarted, relaunched, re all...
  9. @Federico Simionato i would like to see if all is good after update but still from yesterday cannot login in iOs app. Any suggestions how to handle that? After Gmail login i get just elephants logo and than spin back to login. And it goes from yesterday.
  10. I know posting here will not do nothing as sending support request will do nothing. But in any way, i do like how you are always very EN protective, that is cool. Also on other hand i am pretty tech savy, so tried: - powering my device off on - heck, similar as i do with router from telco and not stupid notes app - updated iOS to last version - like i said my 5G works like charm, also wi fi - unistalled installed app from app store - i cannot exit EN as i cannot log in - i could also try maybe indian holly dance to see if that helps..but it seams that note app that you need to use on the move is dead, kapput..good i am premium user, getting premium service
  11. Also still can’t log in app. So now we are few hours out of possibility to login in app and use it.
  12. Neither way of login to app works. So, login by Gmail, Apple or sign with user email and pass. So, app is totally dead. It starts to login, you get elephant login screen and after that you are returned back to login options. Spiral of death :):)
  13. For me it was. But managed to log in now. Before that was getting Internal error message.
  14. And adding to mobile problem, also now web login in doesn't work. It says Internal error for Google login. Desktop still works, as I am logged in.
  15. Well my friend if you would have documents ( old that you need now ) about your diabetes and you cannot log in and you need them urgently you would scream too. But forget about that, my connectivity is better than super, 5G, phone is iPhone 13 max pro, latest EN version from app store..my problem is that EN is starting to be ***** of a product and you cannot count on it, if and when you need to use it.
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