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  1. +1 from me also. Tried other, always come back to EN. Its worth paying as you get central hub for all your documents, easy search options for them and OCR ( best in class ). Solid iPhone app, web access and desktop app. So yeah, def good purchase. Additionaly I have backup of all of my documents on NAS.
  2. Voted up...Its crazy how I miss this option. Or connection with Alfred. In meantime I use cmd + control + E to go directly to EN search bar from wherever I am and that kinda made search to work again for me on Mac.
  3. Yeah, I see. I thought that maybe somebody from EN will see it here in "bug issues"...
  4. I think this is EN problem, as EN ads https:// to x-devonthink address. Funny it doesn't do that to Bear url. But yeah, I will check also there.
  5. For me speed is actually OK. And on Mac OS I don't see that kind of speed issues that everybody is talking about. But I reality I don't care if something is opend in 3 sec or in 5 sec. But, connected to @gotofritz move to Obsidian, I don't see how that are same programs? I like Obsidian a lot, but whenever I wanted to replace Obsidian with EN it just didnt work. I see Obsidian only for some notes, wikipedia style like, but when you want full productivity system it just doesn't work ( well for me in any case ). Specialy for capturing phase.
  6. If you wanna export Notebook with more notes just press Notebooks ( in Mac app ) then you will get list with all Notebooks, than press three dots right by Notebook and choose "export notebook" where you will have 3 options - enex, single page html and multiple pages html
  7. I have issue with link to Devonthink in Mac EN app. While you can add link to file on HDD and it works or link to Bear app for example with bear://x-callback-url/ and it works ok and lead you directly to that note in Bear when you want to add a link to file in Devonthink x-devonthink-item:// EN ads http:// in front of x-devonthink-item:// and link doesn't work after that.
  8. Tnx a lot on this @PinkElephant. Definitly their IP locator is not really accurate For me additional questions were devices, as this Akmai IP showed as used devices my computer and my phone, with 2 different IPs in same Akmai network. That was wired for me. Easy solution for security on EN side would be to give us option to allow access only for countries we choose, and IPs from these countries.
  9. @PinkElephant can you please try something, can you visit with VPN EN to get different address and than see which device was shown? Or if all yours devices were shown with this IP that you visited. Tnx
  10. Sorry @PinkElephant but i dont agree I have some files ( business ) that i wouldnt like to be hacked. I dont know what you have but for me my data is valuable to me and security is number one thing for having confidence in app/product. Thats why you take service from known companies instead others. Also, i expect when I contact support as customer who is paying to get support and security in answers, not guesses, not situation where i need to google and ask. I expect proactivity from support. Also, why i wanted support is that for example from link that you sent i have all steps done. Yes i have 2FA, i dont have no not authorized devices or services i review acces history regulary and i use password only with 1Password or Gmail login. Hell, you gave better answer to problem that we/I had than support, and that is not ok. Support is backbone of confidence in app.
  11. I had same issue. On 16th August Akmai IP showed access on all of my 3 devices. That was problematic for me as I have 2FA and Google login enabled and if I am entering password I will add it with 1Password, so basically I will never write something, taking that in consideration I wasn't so worried, but I didnt like to see that there is some Texas and New York login But, what is problem for me is very bad support from EN where I talked with person on chat who actually told me that they don't have resources to monitor who logged in or what could be done. Also, all responses were generic I am sorry for your situation blah, blah, without any useful info what to do, btw, I googled and showed them IP of Akmai but their response was only "I am sorry for situation" with winner answer to remove Google login as entering email and password manually is better for 2FA. For me that is problem, as it potentially shows that if there is real hacking actually we are on our own. Not good feeling.
  12. I have the same issue. I strugle with separating what to add to Instapaper and what to Evernote, and usualy find some solution in between. Good point with Instapaper is that it is connected to my Readwise so i can send only things i find valuable from article to Evernote as separate Readvise qoute and explanation.
  13. Agree...but its only one that works until EN fix this in new update. I think on my ticket support said they know for this and are working on that.
  14. Started to work. I found on other topics steps you need to do: Go to File > Sign Out [name] from the menu bar. Select the "Remove my Evernote data from this device" option, then click Sign out. Restart your computer. Sign back in to Evernote
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