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  1. Ellen G, thank you for jumping in and giving us (the collective of EN IOS users) an update. Maybe, others in your company could learn a few things about how to communicate and treat users (customers) from your honest, timely, and straightforward response and helpful information. Kudos to you Ellen G.
  2. Evernote has just released Evernote for IOS 8.2.1. In the notes for this release it specifically calls out fixes for issues with tables on IOS. Give it a try!
  3. While my suggestions will not harm anything and my help, I too am having issues with the IOS Evernote 8.1 on my iPhone 5S running IOS 9.3.5 and iPad Air running IOS 9.3.5. My issues are related to freezing of the app upon open for anywhere from 5-45 seconds, before it will respond to a touch. Yes, I have "background refresh" turned on for this app. If there is a suggestion from the EN people on how to configure or setup a device so that this is not an issue, then point me there. Otherwise, let's get this fixed. If it were not for the fact that over half of my use of EN is from my Windows EN application, I would have migrated to a new platform a month ago. Sign me, "a premium user".
  4. I wonder if your settings for Account -> Settings -> Synchronize On WiFi Only are set to ON and you are not on WiFi. This would certainly hamper your IOS devices ability to get fully synced and make those little green "need sync" indicator bars go away. I would not suggest turning OFF the "Sychronize On WiFi Only" without understanding the potential impact on your wireless data usage and the automatic syncing that will occur on a regular basis that will use your device battery.
  5. I can only assume that the original feature request is not regarding either the Windows or the Mac OS applications. In the Windows application, you can unselect under Tools -> Options -> Notes (in Note Viewing Options) -> unselect "Always show PDF documents as attachments". With this option unselected all PDF attachments are rendered as viewable documents with their own hover over page navigation tool. I realize that I am just expanding on something mentioned in jefito's previous comment, regarding the option in the Windows application.
  6. In regards to the reported slowness issues. May I suggest that you do the following 2 things: 1. Allow enough time after upgrading and opening the app for the 1st time post upgrade on your IOS device, for all proper synchronization and possible rebuilds of indexes to occur. 2. Ensure that your IOS device is set to allow both "background app refresh" and specifically background app refresh for "Evernote". In IOS, Settings -> General -> Background App Refresh. I had, in an attempt to reduce battery consumption, severely limited the background app refresh on my own IOS devices. I was experiencing the same slow laginess upon initially opening the app in response to touches and attempt to actually do something. After I turned on "background app refresh" for Evernote. This has become a non-issue.
  7. Another nasty bit about this dragging the scroll bar behavior; if you are dragging the scroll bar and would like to stop the view with a particular note visible, it jumps about a screen view full from where you release the mouse button on the scroll bar. Thus, making it impossible to actually stop the scrolling (by dragging the scroll bar) at a particular note in view. It appears that the focus of the scroll bar window is offset by slightly more than the visible screen list of notes.
  8. I am aware of the other proper ways to get to the top of the Note List. Sometimes, clicking and dragging the scroll bar is just the handiest way. Thank you, I was not aware that this was previously reported. Just wanting to give Evernote team the opportunity to not have random unplanned software behavior in their user interface.
  9. Ever since upgrading my Windows EN client to version, I have had an issue with the following behavior, when using Note List View "top list" or "side list": When you click and drag the note list window scroll bar up to the top, it bounces back down so that the top notes are not showing. The scrolling in the note list works correctly if you left click on the scroll up button. It also works if you select a note in the list and then press the "home" button. The ability to drag the note list scroll bar to the top worked in previous versions of the windows client. I am on a 64-bit Intel PC, MS Windows 7 Pro SP1 (64-bit) OS. This issue is the same on both my home and work computers. Same hardware and OS.
  10. On my iPad Air, with IOS 9.3.2 and the current Evernote for IOS app you do the following to accomplish what you have suggested in your reply above. 1. Open the Evernote note that contains the PDF file. 2. Tap on the PDF file to open it for viewing (by default I do not show my PDF's in full view in the note, a setting). 3. From the PDF viewer screen, I see the Send To/Share icon in the top right, along with the Search, Annotate, and Grid view icons. 4. Tap the Send To/ Share icon. 5. On the second line, tap "Open In". 6. Tap on "Notability". If Notability does not show in the list, scroll all the way to the right, tap on "more". From there find Notability and enable it. You can also reorder the pick list to place it near the left. 7. A pop up will ask you Send to Notatibility - OK? Tap to approve and it is done. 8. Open your Notability app. You will be presented with an Import window; please choose whether to "Create new note" or "Add to other note". 9. In Notability a second popup will show thumbnails of the pages to be imported. You may select or deselect individual pages. Then touch "Import" in the top right. You are done. I hope that his is what you are looking for.
  11. Bravo for the detailed instructions. The instructions provide good information for those who follow us and they are a great use of Skitch or the Evernote annotation tools.
  12. Update: After a good nights sleep for me and my iPad; the offset problem seems to have gotten better, as in gone away. Searching among the discussion boards, yields that the angle that you hold the Jot Script can affect the offset, power cycle of iPad can fix, wrist position setting is critical, etc.. I am not sure what fixed, so that bothers me. Also, I have periodic issues with missing text that I write. Yes, multi-touch gestures is turned off. This missing strokes issue seems resolved when I changed my "wrist protection position" setting. Overall, getting comfy and happy with my new Jot Script 2. Also, the Jot Script will power itself off after 2 minutes of inactivity, this is a battery saving feature. I love the small nib of the Jot Script even in non-approved apps. It works because when it is ON, it projects a larger capacitive "fingerprint" than its little nib is. It feels good to use on the screen. The rubber tipped styli don't always glide well on a screen that is not squeaky clean.
  13. I have been using Notability as my goto note taking application for over a year now. The fact that I can mix together written, typed, highlighted, photos, annotate PDF's all in the same Note if I want is the reason it is a keeper. As for how I use it. Generally, it is my goto PDF markup app or for taking notes at a meeting. I will keep a note in Notability until I am finished with adding or changing any content to the note. Then I will user the Share feature to send it to Evernote as a PDF. After it is safely in EN, I will delete the note from Notability. While I appreciate the flexible note naming, folders, and dividers in Notability; I will not compromise by having multiple Trusted Systems for keeping my content. That is how my life becomes a mess anyway, with multiple places to look for things. I hope that my experience helps you in some way.
  14. I just received my Jot Script 2 on 4/10/15 and am seeing the same issue. The stylus tip is aligned with the detected point in other apps on my iPad Air, just not in Penultimate. The issue seems to happen in both zoom mode and non-zoom. It is not as bothersom in zoom mode, because as the box drifts it seems to mask the effect. I have not seen it get better after any length of time. Help! Is there a way to get them back in alignment. I swear it was aligned in the beginning and just snapped at some point.
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