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  1. Thanks for championing the non-dated reminder for pinned notes idea @VincentC! I agree with many in this thread...it's really just a workaround and having a way to officially pin notes to the top of a notebook list AND control the order of them would be super functional for those of us who rely on notebooks for project management. Legacy Evernote handled this need more elegantly than v10 does in 3 key ways (adding them here in hopes that the product team looks at these comments): Non-dated reminder appeared pinned at the top of the note list which was slightly more efficient than needing to tab over to the Reminders tab as you must do in v10 (seeing them in one list vs having to click over to a new tab is less clicks) If you had multiple non-dated reminder notes, you could drag/drop the order of them and it would hold even if you changed the sort on the notebook. In v10, the notes with reminders re-sort to reflect the current sort order of the notebook. (I used to purposely order my non-dated reminders because they served a priority function for me that was independent of the current note sort in the notebook (which, related request – note sort order should also be a setting that is remembered on a notebook by notebook basis when you "save current view"). Clicking on a stack would show you all the pinned / reminder notes that are in the notebooks of that stack (super helpful in several business workflows that I taught for years). v10 doesn't show you the reminders tab for the notes that live in the stack notebooks. Why it doesn't, I don't know...seems like it should. People complain all the time about not being able to have notebooks nested in notebook. A key organizational feature that helps with this constraint is the ability to see those "pinned" reminder notes in the notebook AND stack. So, why they are not letting us creatively use this feature by hiding it from stack view...I don't know. Other issue: Non-Dated reminder is a terrible name for what we are really using this feature for. A pin or staple (?) is a much better description of what we're trying to accomplish. This creates some name confusion with the Pinned Note Home widget (maybe that could be "Featured Note Widget")? They are different functions and I think the name should reflect what they are used for. Evernote Teams offers pinned notes in Spaces (a concept that doesn't appear in the individual plans). So, Evernote knows there is a use case for this and they've created a solution for it in Teams accounts. I vote for them to bring the idea of a pinned note (for a notebook) to the individual plans in a well though out way. It doesn't have to be by introducing spaces, but creating a clear way for us to have pinned notes would be powerful. Having featured notes in a notebook is a key concept that supports Evernote being used as a project manager. Users want to be able to somehow "feature" notes of priority inside a notebook (not just on home or in shortcuts, which both offer options). My 2 cents....
  2. Myself and several of my clients experience this issue when trying to copy text and images from an Evernote note into email. I recently reported it and got back that this is something that are working on. I certainly hope we see a resolution soon.
  3. I'm experiencing this too – error message, and spinning circle for images on merged notes. Mac v10.58.3. Have submitted my activity log for troubleshooting purposes by support team.
  4. @Federico Simionato The note load lag time that I was experiencing this week (even on RTE converted notes) has been alleviated today using the v10.58.3 client! Tasks are also performing better – the buttons to save after updating, and the ability to complete a task appear to work. However, I think I am still experiencing completed recurring tasks reappearing on the date I just closed them out on. I will watch for this more closely and create a support ticket with logs if needed. Progress though...especially on performance.
  5. I just updated to the 10.57.6 client that is now available. The sync message persists on Mac – had it appear 2x within 30 minutes. Each time it lasted 2 minutes or less. That's better than this morning when it was lasting 15 minutes or more (in 10.57.5). Reporting here in case 10.57.6 was supposed to clear this up.
  6. Reporting that this is happening to me today/now. I've had this message on the note I'm working on for the last 15 minutes. Edit: After posting this, I clicked to another note, then back to this note. The message disappeared. So, maybe it reconnected but didn't remove the message???
  7. I'm experiencing this too..on Mac desktop. Not sure if it is problematic on my phone too as I rarely update/access tasks there. But Tasks performance (and functionality) has been really problematic the past few days (and today).
  8. I 100% agree with this....don't change the modified date if the note moves notebooks. This represents a change in behavior from what it used to be (even in v10...although it appears that it changed a while ago and I'm just now noticing). Moving the notebook should not change the date, for exactly the use case that @BoDerrickposted.
  9. @sBhamI've been thinking a lot about this issue lately, and, although this isn't the exact solution you are seeking (being able to tag tasks), I'm wondering if we had the ability to: Save a task search (like we can save a note search...we have lots of filters for tasks currently, but we have to run them manually every single time we want to see them)) Add a "filtered task widget" (like the filtered notes widget, but for tasks) to Home that displayed saved task searches, or whatever group of filtered tasks we defined. I would want multiple instances of this widget. if this would allow you to use a naming convention in your tasks (like @Boot17suggests) and quickly/effortlessly pull or view that group of associated tasks. I feel like if we had both of these task options, there is SO much that could be done with tasks simply using naming conventions (vs tags).
  10. You're correct @Sandeelynne3 – there is no automatic way to sort or organize multiple tasks in a note (including the default task note). You need to manually control the order through workflow design and consistent habits (such as @AmethystProductivityhas done). That's the solution given how the tool works now. To your point, however, I see lots of customers struggle with tasks that are on the default task note as the volume of tasks gets large, and as items get completed (which means active get co-mingled with completed tasks). I think this is represents an opportunity for improvement in the app and tasks feature. We discussed this and brainstormed some ideas and use case issues around this during today's ECE office hours call – you might find the replay interesting!
  11. @gazumpedThanks for your response. In further forum research, it seems to me that no one clearly understands what this preference does! I also can't get it to behave differently in my tests with the option selected, or not. Good to know I'm not the only one. Will update here if I find a good web-page to test or get further clarification on this feature. Seems best to just merge clipped notes in Evernote after clipping anyhow...especially with the enhanced merge functionality of v10.
  12. I'm trying to better understand this option too. I've read your comments @gazumpedbut still not clear on what this setting is saying. Is it referring to those websites that make you click through to a 2nd page, or a 3rd page, to continue reading? Or, something else? I guess I'm not clear what type of web page would be multi-page. (I use Chrome if that matters). Ideally, does anyone have a link to a webpage that this clipper setting would apply to so I can test it for myself? I can't seem to find a page that triggers this. Thanks in advance for any further clarification.
  13. Hoping the option to set the view preference on PDF returns to v10 soon. Definitely miss this option.
  14. As feedback to Evernote on this topic, it feels inconsistent that (as of v10.26.5) the way search currently works is that if you have a notebook selected, your search filters to that notebook (unless you click 'everything'), but this doesn't work if you have a stack selected in your notebook list. Seems logical to allow the user to select a stack and have the search be restricted to the stack (still with the option to click 'everything' to search everywhere). It would be a nice improvement to allow for stack search by: 1) clicking on a stack to initiate a filtered search and 2) having stack be a filter option along the lines of the "Located In: <notebook> filter option vs. having to type the search syntax. I'm guessing the 2nd option presents some challenges as not all users use stacks, but the 1st option seems intuitive and consistent with the way search is working now. Hope this is considered as a feature improvement.
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