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  1. So, now I have a completely new computer and am also using Windows 11 instead of Windows 10. Since EVERYTHING is new now, I installed the latest Evernote version and exported a PDF with great anticipation. Unfortunately, the same problem again!! Now I can at least rule out hardware & software on my PC as the source of the error. This "new" Evernote version is really very unsatisfactory ;-( It is extremely slow, many functions are immature and do not work as expected. Very unsatisfactory
  2. that doesn't work on Andriod! I think there should be the option to sort by reminder date on EVERY device! Evernote has a lot of catching up to do on mobile devices when it comes to practical functions ;-(
  3. Thanks for your Tipp! I tried that. Interestingly, I see some notes that I shared via web link at some point, but NONE of the notes that I recently shared with a friend via email. Even though that friend has already "accepted" some of the notes. I select "all notes" in Evernote and then enter the "sharedate:*" to search. Am I doing something wrong?
  4. How can I see a list in Evernote of which documents I have shared with WHOM?
  5. Has the export to PDF feature worked for you before? Last Time this worked, was as i used the latest Legacy Version. Now i user the 10.94.3 (Windows) Have you tried copy/ pasting the content into a new note and exporting that to PDF? Yes, without success! I even created a new note that only has the heading and ONE line of text, same error message! Or copy/ pasting the content into a new word-processor file and saving that as PDF? Yes, Word can save this WITHOUT problems Currently I am unable to export ANY note, no matter how simple it is! I have attached a screenshot of the last export window. Only heading and ONE line of text
  6. How can I view all reminders due today in the Android version? Or how can I sort notes by reminders in the Android version, like in the web version?
  7. When I try to save a note from Evernote to a PDF I get an error (see attachment)
  8. sorry no problem: When I share something to Evernote from the Facebook app on Android 14 (S22), an unusable entry is created! (see Attached screenshot) If i just copy the link and then MANUALLY paste it into Evernote, then it works. Do any of you have this problem too? Maybe there is already a solution for this? Or is that a bug?
  9. Wenn ich auf Android 14 (S22) aus der Facebook App etwas an Evernote teile, kommt ein unbrauchbarer Eintrag zustande! (siehe Anhang) Wenn man nur den Link kopiert und dann HÄNDISCH in Evernote einfügt, dann funktioniert das. Hat jemand von euch das Problem auch? Vielleicht schon eine Lösung dafür? Oder ist das ein Bug?
  10. @Mackid1993 Batterieoptimierung habe ich bereits ausgeschaltet, hat leider nicht geholfen! @Akos-M Habe mir das gerade bei mir angesehen, diese Option existiert in meinen Einstellugen nicht (siehe Anhang) Sehr seltsam!?
  11. Please @RevDevPaulReynolds create a support case with Evernote as well, because only if a lot of people report the bugs will Evernote get enough pressure to look into this issue! I created a ticket with Evernote a month ago, unfortunately no response yet.
  12. I just opened the next ticket with Evernote Support... I advise anyone who has problems here to generate as many support requests as necessary, because it doesn't look like these problems can be solved here in the forum!
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