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  1. I hope hard that there will be an option to select this "feature" because i NEED to edit fotos OFTEN and so it ist much more work do do with this new "feature". so please evernote developers let us choose if we want to user "internal" editor or editor of OS!!!!
  2. Thank you Steve! I have to ADD the actual date & time AND a specified text to an selected evernote note each time i scan thr NFC Tag..... I tried Trigger a time ago, but it cant ADD a text to a specified note in evernote! with trigger it is only possible to OPEN a note and show it ;-(
  3. i did already, thats the reason why i ask here! All NFC Programms i found are able to do various things, but i did not find ONE for doing things with evernote in an easy and stable way! i use another program do this with barcodes, and this works PERFECT! so i thougt this would be possible with NCF also!? i am no programmer or power user, i just look for a easy solution to get an notice to evernote by easy scanning a NFC Tag. I'm sorry that I bothered you with it here, but maybe i am in the wrong place for such difficult questions ;-)
  4. Hi, what i have in use now: i have an ifttt button on the homescreen of my Smartphone that can write a line with some text, date and time to an existing note. that runs perfect. what is missing? i want to find a solution for doing that function with scanning an NFC Tag instead of pressing a button! i looked ad tapmynote, but this Software does not run on my xperia Z3 phone! i tried to find any ifttt reciept, and i found lots of reciepts for evernote, but there is nothing can be triggered by a nfc tag! sorry for my lousy english, i hope it is clear what i am looking for ;-) does anybody have a tipp for me?
  5. Hi, i am searching for a way to ad a specified text to an evernote document, by scanning an NFC Tag. i looked in this forum, but did not find any usable tipps. does anybody has some tipps to get this working??
  6. Hi, i tried NathanVs software it looks very interesting. works good: adding new entries by scanning a barcodfinding a already scanned entry with same barcode goals for future: searching an existing entry when scanning a barcode does not work on my device.
  7. Hi, is there a possibility to make or change an evernote entry by scanning a barcode or NFC tag ?? or does anybody know a 3rd party can do so?
  8. Barcode scanning I'd find useful for selections. Example: I scan a product and it is added in category "shopping".So its very easy to have lots of products in Evernote and make an shoppinglist with them simply scan a barcode.
  9. I am looking for a possibility to scan a barcode and search for an entry existing this barcode in Evernote. i want to scan a product barcode and search the coresponding product in evernote to add it to a special catergory! so i can generate special lists is this possible ? maybe with some ad on software ?
  10. Danke ENZO für die rasche Antwort! Leider hat der EMailreminder nicht funktioniert, daher sehe ich deine Antwort jetzt erst! Ich habe die Suchstrings auch mit meinen eigenen Namen benannt und trotzdem sehe ich die Einträge doppelt. Ich fürchte das ist ein Bug !? Es passiet nämlich auf allen PC's wo ich Evernote drauf habe, nicht nur auf einem!
  11. Hallo Enzo, Super Idee mit dem deutschen Support hier, danke!! Ich habe gerade heute eine Anfrage an den Support geschickt, die du mir vielleicht auch beantworten kannst: Wen ich eine gespeicherte Suche erstelle in der ich zwei Tags suche und diese gespeicherte Such wieder aufrufe, sehe ich in der Suchzeile MEHRERE suchkriterien DOPPELT! (Evernote1.png). Diese lassen sich aus der Suchleiste auch nicht entfernen! Wenn ich daraufhin die Suche editiere, sind auch dort die Kriterien doppelt (Evernote2.png). Lösche ich die doppelten dort heraus und speichere die Suche, dann ist beim nächsten Mal wieder alles doppelt drinnen! Mach ich da was falsch, oder ist das ein Programmfehler??
  12. thanks for this hint! So i delete evernote 5 and install back my v 4,x. I dont want to use the new version with less features than the older one .... when v5.x has ALL features built in, then i'll try it again...
  13. since update to evernote 5.x i miss a very usamble function! the menuebar to set user filter!! please let me know how i can get this line back, because i had lot of filters there and tehy are all gone with the update!!
  14. When using Evernote (build 1188) i cant use categories in german "ausschnittansicht" because the Icon to insert category does not work! (see attached screenshot!) is there anything i do wrong, or is this a bug?
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