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  1. Updated to the latest version (android, mobile) to quit getting the notification but wish I hadn't. Not only is it buggy when I try to edit (freaks out and starts rapidly scrolling up and down, frequently won't allow me to select text, etc) but a new 'swipe to close' feature has made even trying to just read notes a challenge. I'll be reading a note and accidentally scroll the wrong way and the note will close, forcing me to reopen and scroll back through long documents only to accidentally close it again moments later. What's more is that this function is incompatible with template tables, rendering them unusable. Is there a way I can disable this feature?
  2. I'm also having this problem. I would like if there was a feature that allowed for the 'swipe left to go home' function to be turned on and off as I keep accidentally closing notes when scrolling through documents. It's quite frustrating and has made the app hard to use
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