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  1. TickTick is an amazing todo list/ task management app with built in teams, kanban, pomodoro, lists, tags and reminders. I and many others (millions of people) use TickTick every day. It would be amazing if I could sync notes and reminders to TickTick. They are working on releasing a REST API later this year, and creating more integrations with more apps (https://ticktick.com/integrations)
  2. @Shane D. This post is 7 months old, this is still an issue. Any update?
  3. Throwing in my support. I use EN heavily for saving articles and for school notes and homework. I'd love to be able to put an EN link straight to the tags for each of my classes in the shortcuts on my favorites bar on my browser, or to set my browser homepage to go to my !Inbox tag so I can address or read anything new as soon as I open Chrome.
  4. Thank you, this is exactly what I needed. Edit: Is there a way to Copy Internal Link for entire notebooks? I want to set my browser homepage to go to !Inbox, and maybe set a bookmark for my School notebook.
  5. I want to copy note links to other sources outside of EN, but I don't want the links to be sharable, I'm the only person that needs access to these notes. Basically, I use EN for school, as I create notes for class notes and homework, I want to copy the link into my Task List app, that way I when a reminder to do an assignment pops up, I can tap/click the EN link and it'll open up the note for that assignment. But no one else needs access to the notes, I'd like to keep them as private so only I can access them. Is there a way to do that?
  6. The New en Web client has full highlight features now.
  7. I have one notebook for all of my college notes, I use tags to organize and filter by class. This would be a super helpful feature to be able to share my notes.
  8. You can sort your notes by date created, updated or alphabetical. You can also use reminders to "pin" your notes to the top.
  9. PDF attachments are currently collapsable. You can view them as an attachment, or view the PDF within the note. It would be great if users could do the same with images. When I take notes for class, sometimes I have images as a part of my notes. The issue is that I have big pictures in the middle of my notes, I'd like to be able to collapse and expand pictures like I can PDFs.
  10. Google used to allow third party note apps to take notes through Google Assistant commands, the feature was removed a while ago. Google has recently announced the return of the feature, and Evernote should integrate with the new Google Assistant notes feature again. https://www.androidpolice.com/2019/12/16/google-assistant-can-now-manage-lists-and-to-dos-in-keep-any-do-anylist-and-bring/ https://blog.google/products/assistant/5-ways-beat-holiday-stress-google-assistant/
  11. How do you have a new note generate every day with the tasks and things you need? Does it delete the old note? Do you have a notebook full of day old notes going back for months or years? How do you keep it organized?
  12. Yes, it works in this forum, Word online, Google Docs, Gmail, even the old Evernote Web Client.
  13. Do you have anything else on your SD that you care about? If not you can format the SD card and it will erase everything. Edit: this seems like a generic tech support issue, not an Evernote issue.
  14. Browser: Chrome The CTRL+Z/CTRL+Y commands for undo/redo don't work in the web beta client.
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