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  1. Clip without formatting and you can highlight til your heart's content.
  2. The new web and desktop clients have the toolbar split into top and bottom. At the top is the notebook, then a bunch of empty space as the tags are listed at the bottom. I think this makes for a relatively poor UI/UX. The notebook and tags should be together up top, that way all the note information (and editing tools) is in one location allowing easy access for users, and more space below to write notes. Attached is a mock-up of what it would look like.
  3. Soon™ Kidding aside, it's super stable and fantastic to use. I would try it out for yourself. Click on your name/profile icon, then select Try the New Evernote Web.
  4. Ah, it's in the Evernote Web Beta (which is almost out of Beta). I use it exclusively, it works fantastically.
  5. Highlighting is alive and well on Evernote web,it has been for a while now.
  6. Not sure what your talking about, the new version of EN isn't live for Android yet. I just tested it, I attached a PDF no problem.
  7. Nope, but it's a rollout from Google, so it may just take time. Update your Google app, maybe sign up for the beta. I'm running version of the Google app.
  8. Google just announced a new API for apps and services to plug into Google Assistant voice commands. I would love to be able to make voice notes and reminders with Assistant/Evernote again. https://blog.google/products/assistant/hey-google-now-works-your-android-apps/
  9. The new Beta Note Editor has the Notebook and editing tools on top, and tags on bottom. There is a bunch of wasted white space on the top bar that could easily fit tags. If everything were on the top bar/ribbon it would make for a really good UX, all of the note management and editing tools would be in one place. Please consider moving the bottom tag ribbon to the top, every other note editor/word processor/markup tool, has the tools in a top bar/ribbon. Having a top bar has been standard UI for years because it's naturally at eye level and is easier for users to find the option or tool they're looking for.
  10. TickTick is an amazing todo list/ task management app with built in teams, kanban, pomodoro, lists, tags and reminders. I and many others (millions of people) use TickTick every day. It would be amazing if I could sync notes and reminders to TickTick. They are working on releasing a REST API later this year, and creating more integrations with more apps (https://ticktick.com/integrations)
  11. @Shane D. This post is 7 months old, this is still an issue. Any update?
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