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  1. Kruger2147

    Unknown device listed in Devices list

    1) Definitely contact Evernote directly. https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us 2) If you are changing your password to something similar to your old password, or any other password you use, stop. 3) Change the password for your email, and if it asks make sure you revoke access to all other sign ins upon your reset. (if it's Gmail you can do a full security audit of your account). 4)This isn't directly related, but definitely do some research into using a password manager. LastPass, KeyPass, Enpass, and BitWarden are all fantastic, but please do your research.
  2. To sideload an APK, users must specifically disable security settings, which is not something any respectable company or developers wants to do.
  3. Right, so, you want to be able to choose your own security from a company whose service you use, and you want updates from that company, but not security updates, even though said company had had issues in the past with security? That's not how this works. Secondly, I feel like this thread is everyone freaking out that their notes will suddenly disappear and their work will suddenly burst into pixelated flames. Evernote still works on devices running Android 5.x. The only change is that you will not be receiving any updates past Evernote 8.5.3. If you want to install the APK manually, here is a link to a (IMO the only) trusted APK site. APK Mirror is run by the guys over at Android Police. (I am in no way responsible for what happens if you decide to sideload an APK) https://www.apkmirror.com/apk/evernote-corporation/evernote/evernote-8-5-3-release/
  4. Kruger2147

    Request: Pinned notes

    It would be great if I could Pin notes to the top of a notebook for quick access whenever I go to that notebook. I know there are shortcuts, but I don't always need constant access to a note(s). 1) If I visit that specific notebook, like my school notebook, I could have my main project pinned to the top, and when I leave my School notebook, it's out of the way. 2) Sometimes I want to edit a note, but not on my phone. If I could Pin it, it would be at the top ready to go when I got home on my computer. 3) To do lists in different Notebooks. I don't want to have 3 to do lists saved to my shortcuts, but if I had one pinned in my Personal, Work and School notebooks, I would still have quick access to them. I'm sure others can think of plenty of other use cases.
  5. Unfortunately, Evernote does not support mobile web. Side note, my feature request that Evernote have a progressive web app, would alleviate this issue.
  6. I did some searching and could't find a direct feature request, so I'm making one here. The current web client, and the beta are both missing the image/pdf annotation feature. My main computer is a Chromebook, and as they gain rapidly in popularity having the web client be in, or close to, parity with the desktop clients is probably a good idea. Parity would also help the users who use Linux, and those who have work computers, but can't install the desktop client due to company restrictions, Please bring image and PDF annotation to the web client.
  7. One of my uses of Evernote, like many others, is to save articles for reading. I used to use Pocket, but I gathered so many articles, their tagging and search function couldn't hold up, so I switched to Evernote. The issue is Evernote's Simplified Article still has some formatting, even hitting the "remove/simplify formatting button, it still keeps the article in a small column. Whereas if you send an article to Pocket, then send it to Evernote, it truly removes all the formatting giving the article room til fill the whole window making it much easier to read. It would be nice if the Simplified Article option in the Web Clipper and the Remove Formatting button when editing a note, actually simplified/removed all the formatting. As you can see below, the remove/simplify formatting still leaves tons of wasted white space, whereas sharing from pocket utilizes as much screen as it can, making it much easier to read and maximizes note taking efficiency.
  8. Confirmed that my Amazon Kindle Fire 8 HD (2017) is based on Android 5.1. Evernote used to work on it, but the 8.6.1 update killed it. Pretty sure there were API changes with that update.
  9. Kruger2147

    Web Client taking 45 seconds to login

    Try clearing cache https://community.canvaslms.com/docs/DOC-10708
  10. @Shane D. Fixed. It says PREMIUM now. Thanks.
  11. Right, it's two years old and was released with an OS version that's four years old. Google stopped supporting Android 4.x this year, I'm willing to bet that support for 5.x will be dropped next year. Samsung shouldn't of released a new tablet with an old OS version. On the other hand, I agree that Evernote allegedly dropping support for 5.x probably wasn't the best idea. The Evernote 8.6 update killed support on my Kindle Fire, and it's based on Android 5.1.
  12. Even the Evernote Blog has an article arguing for using Notebooks and Stacks as the main organizational method, and tags as a filtering/search supplement. Each has it's strengths, but the potential behind Stacks is being restrained. https://evernote.com/blog/stacey-harmon-michael-hyatt-wrong-organizing-evernote-tags/
  13. They probably dropped support for API level 22, which is the API used in 5.1.1. I don't know why, probably restrictions from the API, or a very small set of users no longer target that API it isn't worth supporting anymore. Developers dropping API support for older versions is regularly done as a part of app maintenance. If Evernote is planning a big update. if there "is a lot more to come in the next months and even more in 2019", dropping API support for older devices on preparation for a big refresh would make sense. Either way, quoting a bunch of stuff from a former CEO, complaining that it doesn't work with an old tablet, and bashing the developers is not s productive conversation. This forum is here to try and help users, not to throw shade at Evernote.
  14. Kruger2147

    Request: Progressive Web App

    Disagree. Google is going full speed ahead with Web Apps. Full APIs and with Chrome 71 they're bringing even more PWA to mobile as well with the ability to register as an app to share to. Since Chrome is the most used browser in the world, and Microsoft just announced that Edge will be based on Chromium, PWAs are definitely a band wagon that companies with Web platforms need to jump on. Edit: or in my case, I, like many others, use a Chromebook as my main computer. A PWA could mean that Evernote would have a "desktop" app for Chromebooks (and Linux users too). Chromebooks are quickly gaining in popularity, having a web app would be good for usability, but for Evernote, it would be good marketing.
  15. Kruger2147

    Using Android's native share feature

    Agreed, the Android clipper is awful. I've resorted to saving just the URL, then re-clipping when I get home and can do it on my computer. Edit: I made a similar post on the Android section of the forum.