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  1. Google used to allow third party note apps to take notes through Google Assistant commands, the feature was removed a while ago. Google has recently announced the return of the feature, and Evernote should integrate with the new Google Assistant notes feature again. https://www.androidpolice.com/2019/12/16/google-assistant-can-now-manage-lists-and-to-dos-in-keep-any-do-anylist-and-bring/ https://blog.google/products/assistant/5-ways-beat-holiday-stress-google-assistant/
  2. How do you have a new note generate every day with the tasks and things you need? Does it delete the old note? Do you have a notebook full of day old notes going back for months or years? How do you keep it organized?
  3. Yes, it works in this forum, Word online, Google Docs, Gmail, even the old Evernote Web Client.
  4. Do you have anything else on your SD that you care about? If not you can format the SD card and it will erase everything. Edit: this seems like a generic tech support issue, not an Evernote issue.
  5. Browser: Chrome The CTRL+Z/CTRL+Y commands for undo/redo don't work in the web beta client.
  6. I set my sorting to "Date created: Most to least recent" for all of my notebooks and tags. The new web beta doesn't remember my sorting, everytime I load a new notebook or tag it defaults to "Date updated: most to least recent". EN should remember the sorting method, or at least have the option to choose default sorting.
  7. I like the new web beta, it's still a work in progress, but is already way cleaner than the old version of the web client. There is a lot of wasted white space with the new UI however, wasted space means there is less options and setting on screen so something have to get tucked away into the menu. In the old version, the only option in the overflow (three dot) menu is Copy Notebook Link. Everything else is easily viewed and easily accessed. On the new Web Beta, there is tons of wasted white space, and many of the frequently used options are tucked away in a menu. Having so much wasted space means it can be harder to get to the icon/option you want, creating extra clicks or scrolling, it can create tiny pain points in the UI/UX. It means users can read and write less in the editor before having to scroll. One of the ideas from this new editor is to give users and information dense, but easily viewable and usable editor. Give the users all the tools they need up front, so we can concentrate on creating note, rather than managing them. Wasted white space and shoving things in menus, makes that more difficult. I'd like to see the Notebook and Tags in the top bar, completely eliminating the bottom on. Editing, formatting, sharing and reminders in a bar directly below, and a big blank canvas for editing and creating for the rest of the window. Below is a comparison of the old and new web clients, the old one is so much more information dense, yes so easy to use. If the EN team could combine the information density from the old clent, and the UI/design language of the new client it would be perfect.
  8. In the new Web Beta, hitting TAB indents the whole paragraph, not just the line. When writing documents I have to hit the spacebar 5 times to indent the line for a new paragraph.
  9. Agreed. Having Notebooks, Tags and writing tools all at the top made it efficient to create and manipulate notes. The new design creates more distance and more clicks, bad UI/UX, IMO.
  10. When I click on the Notebook label icon on a note, it just reloads the note, it does not let me change the notebook like it should. Screenshot/video: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Tx6Js-5v_qfCthwVnUWHhlT60L9Kaajz/view
  11. I'll use this for now, but most user's aren't going to want to have to manage their reminders. This also doesn't work for the Android Widget, I use to quickly glance at my task list.
  12. I use EN primarily for personal and school, and a little for work. Currently when a note as a reminder is shows at the top of the client, even if it isn't due yet. It would be nice if reminders only showed when the reminder was due. For example, all of my classes have their assignment due dates and descriptions posted on my student portal. I'd like to be able to make notes with the title and description of each assignment at the beginning of the semester, and assign a Reminder a couple of days before the assignment is due. That way, when an assignment is coming up, it notifies me, and the reminder pins it to the top of my notes list. I can jump in and do my homework. For personal stuff, I save documents and registrations to EN. For example, when I get my auto insurance policy, I save it to EN. I'd like to be able attach a reminder for 6 months down the road when it renews so I can call my insurance company and negotiate again. Or for vet appointments, I can remind myself what shots/examinations my dog has or needs. Sometimes I take pictures of quotes for customers for callbacks. It would be nice if I could take a picture, set a reminder and have it stay out of my way until the time/day I need to call the customer back.
  13. Even when it's my own writing, the right click, [correct spelling] still causes this to happen.
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