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  1. I used to do this, and love Google, my main laptop is a Chromebook. However, all of my school papers need to be in APA format, and the formatting doesn't convert right from Google Docs to Microsoft Docs. I write it up in EN, copy and paste to Word online, apply the formatting. then save the final doc as an attachment to EN.
  2. Evernote recently introduced their Gmail Add-on, I use it all the time, but would love to be able to set reminders from the add on. This way I could remind myself to respond/reply/take action to the email later.
  3. Agreed. I use EN for school, all of my homework, papers, notes and research is in EN. Currently I have to write it in EN, copy/paste to Word, then save. It would be great if EN could simply Export, I could skip a step.
  4. I use EN for School, so some of my Tags have long names, like "MPM357: Project Performance and Quality Assurance", will I be able to search for "quality" and have it bring up the tag for that class? I have a 2 layer parent/child hierarchy for my tags. I have !School, !Tasks, #Dates, @People @Places and Topics, then the child tags that fits under each parent. Side request, the ability to batch edit/move tags. Currently food and food related tags are under Topic, having to move all of those tags to a new Food parent is a pain, which is why I haven't done it yet. Being able to select multiple tags, drag and drop into a new nest would be amazing. This would also help for archiving tags after completing a research project or work project.
  5. The big thing for me is the ability to search and filter by multiple tags at once. For example search for: New York #Policy #Tax #Employment. Being able to start typing a tag, and have autofill suggest tags as I type, tap on a tag to select and type the next tag. It would make it super fast and easy to quickly type and select multiple tags.
  6. I noted the Web Beta isn't a part of the "Evernote Betas" section of the forum. When will that be added?
  7. I have my tags set up in a hierarchy by type (Date, Places, Topic etc.), when filtering by tag in Evernote for Android it only shows the top layer, not the tags beneath. It should allow for either expanding the hierarchy, or typing in a tag with auto-fill/prediction to easily find the tag I want to filter by.
  8. This is probably something already being worked on, but the Web Beta client doesn't show Tags in Favorites. I use tags to organize my classes, and I make my current class(es) favorites so I can easily access notes, I can't do that in the Web Beta. In the screenshots you can see that MPM357 Project Performance tag is missing in the web beta. Please add Tags to favorites in Web Beta.
  9. Sorry for the light details, it's the web clipper extension on my Chromebook.
  10. Every time I try to use the Web Clipper I get the pop-up to log in, it's successful, and the popup goes away, but the Web Clipper never comes up. Every now and again I'll get a dialog box saying that my browser might be blocking cookies, I've double checked everything, nothing is blocking it. I've cleared all my cookies and reset my browser preferences, and un-installed and re-installed the Chrome extension. This started a couple days ago, not sure what happened to make it not work.
  11. Tables in the app are super narrow and do not expand to fit the display size. Screenshots of issue on my Pixel 3 XL and my Chromebook. Version 8.9.1 on both devices.
  12. 8.9_beta3. Not an issue. If I recall, 8.8 fixed it for me.
  13. @Shane D. SInce there is a new section of the forums just for Beta's, why isn't the Web Beta listed there?
  14. Currently the only browser that supports attaching a file from Google Drive is Safari. This feature should be on all browsers, especially Chrome as it's the most used browser world wide. https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/218734618-How-to-attach-Google-Drive-files-to-notes
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