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  1. I'm currently on 10.8.4 but I upgraded manually. I've yet to see it auto update. It may be that it takes several days and every time I've checked it happened by chance to be just after the new release? But this doesn't seem too likely. In terms of expected behaviour, it seems logical to me that even if the app normally autoupdates itself, if you've gone to the trouble of manually opening the menu item to Check for updates, it should actually check if there is a current update and offer to install it, even if you'd otherwise not receive it for a while due to a phased rollout. If
  2. Since I first decided to give the new evernote (ver 10+) a try, I've found that Help/Check for updates... command always says, "You're up to date!" even though when that's clearly not true as the version available for download on the website is newer. This has been the case on 2 computers I use (both Windows 10) since the first time I've installed on them (at least 4 version ago). So I need to manually check the website for updates. I'm not sure how to even easily do that. I end up starting a download and looking at the version number in the filename. If it's not newer I cancel the download.
  3. Don't know if this has already been reported but there are still major issues with touch interface. The note can't be scrolled with 1 or 2 fingers in the normal way by touch (I'm using a Surface Pro 4). The Notes list can be scrolled with 1 finger, but the scrollbar doesn't seem to be selectable by finger touch. The note itself can be scrolled with 2 fingers but only using a really weird technique I learned for 5.x: you have to hold one finger on the screen, then drag a second finger vertically below the first finger. This works but is strange. Dragging 2 fingers or holding 1 finger in place a
  4. I may be naive, but I think zero knowledge encryption of notes and notebooks with group sharing of encrypted notes is much more valuable to business users than work chat. Of course this has to be done right and they need to hire a security expert and vet it rather than try to graft on some homemade solution that will be easily hacked. But this is the sort of feature I think users would be willing to pay. I sometimes use Lastpass to store notes on sensitive information. Lastpass note editing and attachment handling is terrible. I'm already a premium user, but I would love to be able to have Las
  5. There is weird workaround that kind of works on my Surface Pro 3: you have to put 2 fingers down, but do so vertically, not horizontally (like you would with normal 2 finger scrolling). Then keep your top finger stationary and move your bottom finger up or down (kind of like a vertical half pinch) and it will scroll. It will scroll in the wrong direction relative no normal touch scrolling, but it does seem to work. But it's awkward. Also, I've found it's somewhere from extremely difficult to impossible to grab the scrollbars using touch so that's not an option either. Hopefully they will u
  6. Firefox 39, clipping as bookmark still does not save the thumbnail image of the page or the favicon into the new note (just broken image link icons). They show up in the preview, but not in the final note. The toolbar icon is also still too small compared to other firefox icons.
  7. I like on the latest widget the option to have several notes displayed but it's annoying that I have no way to control the ordering of those notes. I believe it uses last modified date. It would be really nice if I could specify the ordering to be something more useful to me. At least it could respect the ordering method used within the main app, but it would be even better if I could independently specify the ordering either from within the main apps settings or at creation time for the widget (which would provide the opportunity to have different widgets with different orderings). Thanks.
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