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  1. Don't know if this has already been reported but there are still major issues with touch interface. The note can't be scrolled with 1 or 2 fingers in the normal way by touch (I'm using a Surface Pro 4). The Notes list can be scrolled with 1 finger, but the scrollbar doesn't seem to be selectable by finger touch. The note itself can be scrolled with 2 fingers but only using a really weird technique I learned for 5.x: you have to hold one finger on the screen, then drag a second finger vertically below the first finger. This works but is strange. Dragging 2 fingers or holding 1 finger in place and dragging a second finger horizontally next to it won't work. It looks like other features are being added that use hovering which isn't usable by touch. I'm not necessary advocating a touch first interface, but it would be nice if features could still be used by touch through menus or alternative methods. At least the basics such as scrolling should work, though. At least the wider notes scrollbar, which doesn't work with touch, is now workable with the stylus.
  2. I may be naive, but I think zero knowledge encryption of notes and notebooks with group sharing of encrypted notes is much more valuable to business users than work chat. Of course this has to be done right and they need to hire a security expert and vet it rather than try to graft on some homemade solution that will be easily hacked. But this is the sort of feature I think users would be willing to pay. I sometimes use Lastpass to store notes on sensitive information. Lastpass note editing and attachment handling is terrible. I'm already a premium user, but I would love to be able to have Lastpass level security with Evernote level notekeeping.
  3. There is weird workaround that kind of works on my Surface Pro 3: you have to put 2 fingers down, but do so vertically, not horizontally (like you would with normal 2 finger scrolling). Then keep your top finger stationary and move your bottom finger up or down (kind of like a vertical half pinch) and it will scroll. It will scroll in the wrong direction relative no normal touch scrolling, but it does seem to work. But it's awkward. Also, I've found it's somewhere from extremely difficult to impossible to grab the scrollbars using touch so that's not an option either. Hopefully they will update the client to support hiDPI screens and touch in the not to distant future or make a Windows 10 universal app with feature parity, but I'm not holding my breath. I've been meaning to try TouchMe Gesture Studio so it's nice to hear that works. I think that may be the near-term solution.
  4. If I attempt to import a Onenote note (unless that note is empty) it crashes Onenote. Is this a known issue. Is there any fix planned? I currently export my Onenote notes to PDF to import them into Evernote. I don't know if the import feature would produce better results, but I can't tell because it doesn't work.
  5. It's the lack of encryption that is the problem. The data should be encrypted in transit through SSL, but if it's stored on their server's unencrypted, or even stored encrypted but they have the keys, then a hack could allow note contents to leak (not to mention government being able to compel Evernote to give them user's note data). The only way to ensure that your data remains private even in the event of a hack or government intervention is to use strong encryption that is "zero knowledge" or applied entirely at the client side with the cloud server never having access to the encryption keys. While I believe Evernote has some crude per note encryption features I've never used them as I don't particularly trust them and it's clearly not something that's been an Evernote priority. If you want to use Evernote to store information that would ruin your life if it were to escape you would need to pre-encrypt locally and upload the encrypted data as a note attachment. The contents of such would not be searchable through Evernote or easily viewed online. There are arguably better services for this type of thing. Personally, most of what I put in my notes would not be life ruining or overly embarassing so if it were to leak out I could live with it. Anything that I really don't want to leak (including banking information and other data that could be used to steal my identity) I keep on Lastpass, which I trust much more to give me strong client side encryption. Lastpass or something similar is useful for password management anyway, so I highly recommend it. I'm already a pro subscriber, but I'd pay more for a version of Evernote with strong security: Zero Knowledge folders that are client side encrypted with Evernote not holding the keys. In order to maintain at least some of the overall Evernote functionality (searching, etc) with these folders the client would have to handle indexing and searching without sending data to the server (just for the encrypted folders). I think this is doable but would require a real commitment to software development. Frankly, the slow evolution of the Windows client doesn't give me much hope that this is feasible, but maybe they'll surprise me some day.
  6. Firefox 39, clipping as bookmark still does not save the thumbnail image of the page or the favicon into the new note (just broken image link icons). They show up in the preview, but not in the final note. The toolbar icon is also still too small compared to other firefox icons.
  7. Firefox 38.0.5, Windows 7 - When choosing bookmark from the clipper it shows a nice little thumbnail snapshot of the site being bookmarked. However, once you confirm you want to save this clip what's stored as a note contains a broken image link rather than the thumbnail. If it matters, I've got it set to use my desktop app, not the web. Also, under options you can't select a default folder for filing new notes. Also, the clipper's toolbar icon is about 1/4 the size of the other icons. I think Evernote is important enough for a full size icon...
  8. Thanks, I'll give that hack a try. Anything similar for touch friendly scrolling?
  9. I have a Surface Pro 3. While the touch/metro/? might be nice if it ever gets developed (especially if it could share the same database as the desktop version rather than have to sync independently), I'm not holding my breath that that will happen any time soon. Instead, I'd be very happy if you could update the standard desktop Windows app to be: 1. High DPI friendly - in fact most applications respect the limited screen scaling features built into Windows 8.x (and 7?), but Evernote is one of the ones that doesn't. All screen controls are tiny, and the scroll bars are very narrow. Even using the touchpad or mouse, getting the cursor at just the right place to register on a scrollbar is slow and exhausting work. Using a finger or stylus is virtually impossible. As high DPI screens are becoming increasingly popular on laptops and even desktops this is a problem that will affect a large number of systems, not just Surface Pro 3 users, so I hope it gets some attention soon. 2. Touch friendly - again, most apps I've tried seem to support basic touch gestures such as using a finger to scroll. Some applications using a single finger to move or copy elements, but those cases usually allow scrolling with 2 fingers. Many applications also allow pinch to zoom. Firefox even will reset the zoom to 100% if you tap with 2 fingers. Evernote has some weird behaviour if you try to scroll any of the panes using touch. You can kind of use 2 fingers to scroll but you have to hold on in place and move the other one, and then the direction of scrolling is backward compared to how most apps deal with touch scrolling. If you mess up, you end up moving a folder or note, so it's best not to mess with it. It would be nice if you could implement standard Windows touch features in the desktop Windows app. 3. Better pen input - There's some limited inking ability but it's far too limited and not very seriously implemented. That's true across platforms. On Android I used LectureNotes for note taking and exported to Evernote. On my Surface Pro 3 I use OneNote for note taking, then export as a pdf and import into evernote. I've seriously considered just switching to OneNote, but other than the vastly superior inking support and a few other nice features, I just find Evernote much more versatile and prefer it's organization strategy. An inking module with vector support like OneNote would be great. If that's not in the cards any time soon, perhaps a OneNote plugin to make it easier to export OneNote pages into Evernote. Number 3 is a bit of wishful thinking, I know. But hopefully the first 2 improvements can be incorporated sooner rather than later.
  10. Just in case you haven't tried these: - Tusktools - Sunrise I've heard good things about both. Tusktool looks interesting. I might try that. Sunrise looks like it's mobile and online only, which doesn't interest me. I like tools that sync online but are available offline as well. I may just be too oldschool but I'm much more comfortable when I know that if the service disappears (or locks me out) tomorrow I still have the ability to export my data out. My calendar, contacts and notes are too important to me to trust entirely to an online service, which is why I've stuck with exchange/outlook for contacts and calendar (and evernote, of course, for notes) rather than fully moved over to Google services despite the advantages that would give me being on the Android platform for my phone. It's for that reason, along with reasonably good cross platform compatibility that I fully agree with the OP. I'd love to see a full calendar implementation with all of evernote's note features built into appointment notes. Outlook does actually allow for a great deal of information, formatting and attachments to be included into an appointment but much of that never makes it across to Android and other mobile platforms clients. Even support for appointment categories is pretty hard to find in a decent client. So having a calendar piggyback on evernote's existing cross-platform software would be fantastic. I'd also love to see a contact manager with better annotation of phone numbers and other fields and support of evernote's notes. I was hoping evernote was moving in that direction with "hello" but it looks like they're abandoning that too. Ideally calendar and contacts would also sync with other services (or provide API to allow for third party addins to do so) for better integration across different platforms but having the original data backed up safely in evernote. As a remember/annotate everything system, which is the heart of evernote, I think these functions make sense. Certainly they make much more sense to me than selling upscale physical accessories through an online store... Although if that makes extra capital that's actually put back into evernote software development, please continue to sell those...
  11. My issues with current version: 1. I'd like to add my vote to have the Title not scroll with the note body. I'd also like the Title to stand out either by separating from the main note body as in evernote 4.x or have a different background (say a light grey). As it stands it's difficult to destinguish a title from the first line of the body text and the horizontal line looks no different than an HTML line. If the Title scrolling is a contentious issue at least give us an option or put a little thumbtack icon to the right to activate/deactivate fixed Title position. 2. I also don't like the tagging behaviour. It's also inconsistent with the web version. When typing a tag the first item in the dropdown should be automatically highlighted so I can just press enter to insert the existing tag. Having to press down means I need to move my hand from the home row then back again. This does not make for efficient typing. If I want to create a new note rather than insert the suggestion there should be an easy way to do this too: tab or delete keys, for instance. 3. I still can't select Win+Shift+V in Windows 8 as a hotkey. I realize this is pretty specific but I don't understand why that hotkey won't work and perhaps this affects others as well. 4. I don't like that the note info (created, updated, source url) overlaps with the note formatting toolbar so that it can be difficult to access or view at times. I'd prefer this to be a separte line always visible. Again, if contentious this can be collapsed with a button on the right edge. Feature Requests: 1. I'd really like to see additional keyboard shortcuts for selecting different different panes (short/note/tag pane, notes pane, preview pane). After after clearing a search I want to return the note list to the top of the list but this requires positioning and scrolling with the mouse. If there were a keyboard shortcut I could quickly select the notes pane and then press the home key on the keyboard to get back to the top. I could also automate this with Autohotkey (my go to macro app) so I could clear the search and go to the top of the note list with a single keyboard shortcut. (Actually, is there a clear search hotkey?) 1.b a toolbar button that sould clear search and go to the top of the note list would also be nice. 2. Note editing needs lots of work. I sitll want the ability to easily add text to the top, bottom and inline to html notes clipped from the web. Currently it's exremely difficult to do so without inheriting formatting from the web clip and sometimes the cursor ends up in strange places depending on the html formatting used. It's also tricky to insert notes before and after attachments. 3. Let me resize bitmap and pdf attachments so they fit an appropriate space. 4. multiple checklist in one note and ability to sort checklists (by checked status, alphebatically, last modified) 5. Separate layout preview and notes panes from note pane type: Let me choose horizontal or vertical stacking of notes and preview pane regarless of which view is selected. Thanks!
  12. I agree this should be fixed. If auto syncing is enabled, Evernote should sync on loading by default. For now you just have to sync manually or set autosync to a low enough interval that it's not an issue.
  13. The F2 trick is nice, thanks. Is that actually documented anywhere? I also prefer to start a new note by entering in a title. I changed the registry key as described and this works when creating a new note from the main evernote window, but is ignored when creating a new note from the hotkey (which is how I usually start a new note). Can than be fixed?
  14. Seems like in the latest versions of Evernote for Android, the attempt to simplify the formatting toolbar has removed important functionality. Particularly, paragraph indentation is gone. (Or was it never there I didn't notice until now?) I was able to add indentation manually by inserting tabs but what I've found is that while the tabs show up while editing the note, in the viewing mode they don't. They show up as barely perceptible spaces instead. If I edit the note, the tabs show up again. We need better format retention between desktop and mobile platforms. I think it just got worse instead.
  15. Tapping on a note preview in the widget results in an error, "Note loading error. You may not access this note as it belongs to a different user."
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