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  1. Yes, you can safely delete those installers.
  2. As far as I know, all those other clients support dark mode natively. Win32 does not. Which means writing custom controls for pretty much every single UI element in the app. That is a massive job (I know, I looked into that before I left). So prioritizing performance is a much better bang/buck for the Windows client. LOL. You joke about that... The Windows dev team is about the only people there that run Windows. (Tho, when I left last June, they had managed to convince a couple more people to use Windows as their primary system)
  3. No, no socks. But I did get some at my new company - they were part of the holiday gift bag!
  4. And the mug! (and LOTS of tshirts...) And who knows how that may change across MS updates...
  5. Oooo. That one looks nice - I'll have to keep it in mind when it gets time... I do often bring mine to dog shows (where I'm secretary) - that would travel _much_ better!
  6. As I remember, the ordering is simply what Windows says. (Keep wanting to type 'tells us' - but I'm not 'us' now LOL!) EN doesn't know how that is sorted. And who knows how Windows actually keeps its internal list...
  7. Unless something changed since I left, the Windows EN installer does not create a send-to item. Never has.
  8. I didn't figure it was. But all the googling seems to imply "this is how to fix it". You know... the internet... sigh. For now, single sided scanning is fine. For things that are truly double sided, I can use Acrobat to reorder the pages. When the scanner fully dies, I will probably go for another ix. They're not cheap, but I've been loving this one! (It also helps I was an EN employee when I got it - EN had a blowout sale for employees and we got it for something like 80% off!)
  9. From the image, it looks like you're running the normal Windows exe. And there just happens to be a full screen browser running behind it. Why the note keeps opening there, I don't know. When I open a note, move it, close it, open another note; that 2nd open opens where I closed the first one.
  10. Here's a scan I just did... 2019_12_30_08_21_20.pdf
  11. Ah, that's good to know! The SS web page certainly seemed to imply everything would be done via wifi... Now I can debate about whether to do it or not... Though I'm wondering if my scanner is dying - it now has a black bar on the backside scan. Tried cleaning as suggested, but that didn't fix it. So at least for now, I've disabled 2-sided scanning.
  12. No one here is paid... (well, except the folks who actually are Evernote employees - but those are clearly shown in the info under the poster's name)
  13. I got that email saying the Evernote specific version is now dead - Hey! Upgrade to ScanSnap Home! (firmware update plus PC software update) (reads the fine print) Um, this looks like they're taking away USB scanning and forcing me to wifi - and their cloud. <expletive> no! (I take my scanner to remote places with my laptop [dog shows] that have no wifi)
  14. Windows tends to stick to Win+<something> for its keys. It could be a different program registered that sequence. Global hotkeys are a first-come-first-served type thing. And that's not a global hotkey for EN - it's just a standard accelerator sequence (as in, it will only work in EN, not when another program has focus) And it still WOMM! (Works On My Machine) (Win10Pro + current patchs, EN6.22.3)
  15. Just run the old installer again. If it prompts for anything, you're doing a "repair". EN should be able to upgrade (or uninstall) fine after that. It sounds as though you may have some clean up tool that is removing msi files from \Windows\Installer. As you can see, that's a _really_ bad idea. Those MSIs are used as the script to uninstall old programs.
  16. If you hover over the setting, the help tip does tell you.
  17. When I was there (left last June), we had 2 week sprints and aimed at a 6 week release cadence (sometimes longer). At the time I left, E4W was being prioritized lower so work could progress on the new (multiplatform) version - I haven't been following that, but I believe it's in Beta.
  18. This was something (when I was there) that we could never reproduce... Maybe these hints about resolution might actually help with tracking it down! @Iriska
  19. If you're being blocked in a browser (not the desktop exe), then it sounds like ISP is blocking the URL. EeGads! I'm actually surprised that can still connect as I thought Evernote blocked all clients before (shoot, I forget the exact version, but I think) 6.7.
  20. That's true. The Ink editor is a special MS control so it doesn't integrate with the editor window (chrome) at all.
  21. Alt+Right, Alt+Left. If you modify the toolbar and add the back/forward button, hovering over that will show the shortcut.
  22. I don't remember for certain (I'd have to dump out the enml and look), but I think the ink data is also stored as an attachment. Either that, or just a binary-cdata section in the html... (That code all existed before I started there and I never worked on it - except to port the actual inkedit dll from Visual Studio 2005 to VS2010 (I think that was the port...) - I just remember the new compiler triggered some compile errors in the code due to C++11 changes - but that didn't require any knowledge of how we used the control within the editor)
  23. Actually, the fix is easier. Just unpin the blank icon. And re-pin. Officially, Microsoft does not allow access to changing user choices (pinning is one), so the installer doesn't try to do nefarious things like other installers (Firefox!) do. Since the underlying exe has changed, MS no longer considers the previous pin a valid shortcut.
  24. I'm pretty sure that's Windows. Windows "knows" the exe you mapped that too has been deleted (because of the installer) so it removes the mapping. There's not much EN can do about that...
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