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  1. They need more beta testers? (Oh! Did I just say that in my outside voice?)
  2. And many of us who worked on platform specific clients have gone on to other things. (Robotics is way cooler than office apps!)
  3. You won't be able to. v10 requires Win10. (I, too, am on Win10 and staying with v6.)
  4. LOL! The internal project name when this was first started is leaking! (I moved on to other things about 1 1/2 years ago)
  5. They changed from an all-users install to a per-user install. (Pretty sure it's so they can do silent updates without requiring admin access.) I just saw in another thread that they're working on an all-user install. (No idea why you had a problem installing. Of course, I haven't tried. You can pry v6 out of my cold dead hands!)
  6. It is. > There should be no binaries in the profile directory — software goes into "Program Files." I know why this was done. It can now be silently updated behind your back without needing admin permission.
  7. One reason for that would be anything using the Win key may be usurped by Microsoft. A program not use the Win key as an accelerator (by default). I remember when I was there, we used to use Win+Shift+S for screen capture. Then Windows 10 came along and "stole" it. I remember posting messages here for months saying "you need to change the key you have assigned". (Legacy's default was eventually changed to ctrl+alt+s)
  8. And 6.25.2 is evidently not an upgrade - I'm on 6.25.1 and doing a "Check for updates" says "nope!".
  9. Welllll.... v10 is an Electron app. So it may be running locally, but it's basically the same code as in the web browser version.
  10. Yes. I like working in C++ (yeah, I'm a weirdo). I don't want to work in Javascript.
  11. Yes. And as @Dave-in-Decatur notes, the legacy app does too. It's a sign that the application uses CEF (chromium embedded framework). Yes, the same thing that the Chrome browser is built on.
  12. The special EN version of ScanSnap was "killed" off a while ago. Fujitsu was provided the steps to upgrade from the EN version to iX500 version (http://scansnap.fujitsu.com/global/evernote/index.html) I haven't done that yet... But I just use mine as a scanner, not connected to EN. (Got mine when EN closed down the store - EN offered employees a can't-pass-it-up discount) (plus, I think mine is dying - when scanning double-sided, I get a massive vertical black bar - cleaning did nothing)
  13. It's also why I now work in surgical robotics (and oddly, I switched from Windows to Linux to do that!) (I spent 6 yrs working on the EN Windows client)
  14. Wait - does that imply there's actually an end date to an application's development? 🤣
  15. Hey, I know that one! I worked there (2012/2013) before moving to Evernote. ("moving" == "laid off")
  16. That would surprise me... During my 6 yrs there, it was a very firm "we don't announce timelines/dates" that whole time. But a lot can change in over a year...
  17. I'll bet it's so updates can be done without requiring UAC!
  18. Try pasting into Notepad first, them copy/paste from there into Whatsapp/etc. Evernote puts text onto the clipboard in multiple formats (in this case ENML (EN's special format), HTML, and TEXT). Whatsapp is interpreting that HTML text badly. (Using a clipboard viewer, you can actually inspect what it looks like - I use ClipSpy from Michael Dunn (the URL listed in the program is no longer valid - it's old (2001)!))
  19. And the typical reason this happens is because the MSI file in \Windows\Installer was deleted. (never clean that directory!)
  20. The note list is not controlled by the CSS you are changing. (CSS is only used in HTML based views) The note list is a raw Win32 custom control.
  21. EN certainly didn't write an HTML renderer . When I said "The browser used internally is Chrome's browser", I probably should have written that CEF (chromium embedded framework) is what is used. Which is also the same thing the Chrome browser (and many others - including MS's Edge now) use.
  22. EN has no integration with Pinyin that I know of (I left in 2019), so I don't really know how EN could be causing a problem with how Pinyin works...
  23. Just so you know, this is completely normal. The browser used internally is Chrome's browser, so like Chrome, EN spawns multiple children to deal with html rendering. Another thing to know about EN - clicking the close 'X' does not exit the program (by default), it merely hides the program. (If you turn off sync-in-background that behavior changes) To actually exit, use the menu item "File->Exit"
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