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  1. Exactly, notes created on the phone with the Evernote app installed. Now, after I uninstalled the EN app, I create notes with Shortcuts and search for notes using everPost. Now I don't have problems any more with phantom notes.
  2. I also never lost a note as far as I can remember. My problem is like the opposite. Notes created in EN for iPhone are recreated after I deleted them in EN for Windows (Desktop). In fact some of them are always there unless I delete them also on EN for iPhone. Anyway I finally deleted the Evernote app from my iPhone. It was just not giving me any value at all. I'm using Shortcuts to create the EN notes. It works pretty well, but only if you are online.
  3. I finally gave up and changed the Surface to use the standard Windows 10 Home out of the S Mode. I don't expect the Evernote team to waste their time in basic functionality. They are busy on adding new and exciting features to Evernote that almost nobody wil use.
  4. I have had the new Surface Go for a few days and I still didn't manage to start Evernote. Somehow it starts but it stays in the background. There is a process EvernoteTray.exe but there is no window, no UI. There is also an icon in the task bar (right side). When I try to open Evernote from here a message window opens with this message: "Evernote is not ready to accept clips. Please open the main application and try again." I have installed Evernote from the Microsoft Store which is what Microsoft recommends to save battery life and security. I have not tried with the standard Evernote version for Windows.
  5. Thank you Stacy!!! Evernote should hire you as support engineer.
  6. What do I have to do to save the Evernote login information in MS Edge so that I don't need to put user/pwd every time I want to use it? It seems to log off after some minutes.
  7. Hello anybody is using the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 with Android? Is page overflow working? I currently have a Google Nexus 7 and since it was updated to Android version 4.4.2 the page overflow is no longer working in Evernote. When I zoom the notes to make the font bigger, the line breaks are not adjusted and I have to scroll horizontally as well as vertically to read the note, which is very unconfortable. I want to dump my Nexus 7 and buy a new tablet, but first I have to be sure that the page overflow is working in Evernote. Thanks
  8. To make a test I removed all the format of the note and left it as pure text. This doesn't work either. Even wiht text only notes the lines are not broken. Is anybody from Evernote reading this? Is there any plan to fix this in the future? Can you provide us with some kind of feedback? Could you just acknowledge the problem?
  9. Dolphin Browser for Android in Nexus 7 is doing Autoflow. They go on adding useless features to Evernote (see http://blog.evernote.com) and leaving all the Nexus 7 users in the lurch.
  10. Well, regarding the preference of iOS over Android, I cannot understand why they delivered Evernote for Android if they were not really commited to keep it working in the long term. All software nowadays relies on third party libraries or components that at some point stop working as expected (specially if they are provided for free and are maintained by Google). But here is where the developers come into action and react to minimize the consequences to the end users of the application (or this should be the way). I'm ok if Evernote decides to leave Evernote for Android as a second priority. I understand that it is much more difficult to guarantee a good user experience in Android than in iOS. And that the Evernote developers must be as frustrated with these changes in KitKat as the end users. But they should communicate that to the users: "If you want stability and good UX in Evernote go for iOS, we cannot guarantee that in Android". Then I could decide to move to iOS or to remain in Android and search a substitute for Evernote. I'm using Evernote for a very important project, and I need to have confidence that Evernote will still be usable in the long term and that my data will be safe and available. These latest events are making me lose confidence in Evernote.
  11. I went on investigating this issue. Apparently Google decided to replace the old WebView (based on Webkit) to a new WebView based on Chrome. This newest version of Webview does not yet support Page Autoflow (if it will ever). As Evernote for Android uses this component, it has now lost this Page Autoflow feature. What do they plan to do about this? Who knows? Evernote is a great product but their communication strategy is poor. I cannot see in their blog any entry regarding this problem. The Dolphin browser for Android was also affected by this change in the WebView, but they have reacted quickly and apparently they have bundled with the new versions of Dolphin Browser the old WebView component (not shipped in KitKat), Can't the developers of Evernote also use this solution until a better solution is found? I'm a user of Evernote from the early days but only started to use it heavily when I bought my first tablet and became a premium user. Now I am (was) an everyday user of Evernote and I am dishearted by this lack of reaction. After my tablet was updated to KitKat (about november last year) I bricked my Tabled and installed a Cyanogenmod ROM (which then han an older version of Android). But about one week ago I installed and updated version of the Cyanogenmod which shipped KitKat and I'm now again having this problem. Now, what can I do? Should I try to brick again my Tablet and try to install again an older version of Android? Should I change to another product instead of Evernote? Should I buy a WIndows Tablet and forget about Android? Any of this solutions involves time and/or money. It would be helpful if Evernote shared with its users how they plan to deal with this, because we are the ones that are the most affected.
  12. For me the page autoflow stopped to work when at the same time both in Evernote and Dolphin Browser after the to Android 4.4.2 in my Nexus 7. It is a known problem: http://code.google.com/p/android/issues/detail?id=62378 Apparently Evernote for Android is using this WebView component (as many others Android apps). There seems to be a workaround for this problem: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/19986305/no-more-text-reflow-after-zoom-in-kitkat-webview/20000193#20000193 So I guess it is a question of waiting for the next release of Evernote for Android to have this issue solved. I hope it is quick.
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