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  1. I hate to once again sound like the ungrateful curmudgeon, but a quick scan of this 7 month old thread with dozens of users experiencing this debilitating bug and the first participation by an Evernote employee is after the problem is solved? I assumed that nobody from Evernote read these forums. It's even more annoying to know that they do and still nobody addressed this. Again, I'm glad the problem is solved but I'm an IT consultant who's spent years recommending this product to hundreds of my clients and all my positive experience was completely undone by the failure to address this glaring and serious flaw. Some acknowledgment of the problem and an update of what was being done would have gone a long way and I might still be recommending the product today.
  2. I've not rebooted since installing but I'd try a full uninstall, reboot and reinstall. Sounds like something that EN loads got messed up and it's throwing the error each time it loads the first time.
  3. You're a lot nicer than me. Making software that I pay for finally functional after a year-long debilitating bug doesn't get a "thank you". ? But I'm glad it finally works.
  4. As someone who's experienced this issue with 100% repeatability for many many months I can also confirm that the current build 307671 is currently free of this issue for me. I can F6 search, click on a resulting note and begin typing with no need to either F6 again to clear the search box, click "X" to clear the search box, press ctrl repeatedly, etc. I'll post back here if it returns but for now I'd encourage anyone experiencing this issue to try the update, especially if you've had to downgrade to an older version to avoid it. -Jason
  5. Has anyone else tried the beta and found it resolved their forgetful focus issue?
  6. Thanks for the heads-up. Very exciting news if it turns out to be the case. Curious, did they mention it in the release notes or is it just under the category of "general bug fixes"?
  7. Once I saw Ralph77's very helpful step by step to repeat the problem it was much easier to recognize when it was happening. For me the use case that triggers the bug is: F6 (global search) > type a search term > click on the note (or click IN it if it's already selected b/c it's the first result) > try to type but lose focus > click on the note again > finally can edit Once I was able to identify that, the workaround I came up with (similar to Smacs I think) is that I click once on the note in the results list (even if it's the only result) and then press F6 again to return to the global search. My desired note remains selected so it's still in the preview window and in fact my full list of 6000 notes will repopulate but will be scrolled to a spot where the selected note is visible. But now that the search box has been cleared by the second F6 I can edit without losing focus. I tried a few different methods to come up with one that would work without too much headache and interestingly the above steps do NOT work for me if I double click the note in the results list and open it. If I do that, then F6 again to clear the search box, and then click into the opened note window to type, I lose the focus again. It sucks to have become so reliant on a program that is constantly requiring workarounds as opposed to competent software development, but this is better than constantly triggering the bug.
  8. Thanks for this explanation. It's helped me to confirm that this is a problem on all my Windows installations -- it was unclear to me before whether it was only happening on some devices and not others but now I've installed a clean Evernote on a clean Windows 7 machine and reproduced the bug using these steps. Is there anyone using a current version of Evernote on any Windows device who goes through the steps above and does NOT experience the bug? I am annoyed at how long this bug has been going on but I'm far more annoyed now to realize that it's 100% reproducible -- no excuse for not working on it when it can be so easily reproduced.
  9. On further analysis I've determined that I was experiencing two issues with the same symptoms. This Windows Error Reporting issue was happening on both machines (possibly due to some software or file that runs on both machines) and the Evernote Forgetful Focus bug was happening on one machine (my desktop). Disabling Windows Error Reporting therefore solved the problem on my laptop and appeared to solve the problem on my desktop because what was happening every few seconds now only happens every couple of minutes, but indeed it does still happen. I'm going to leave my earlier entry since someone may end up in this thread because they're experiencing the Windows Error Reporting issue, but I'd concur with others that it's not the cause of the Forgetful Focus bug.
  10. Hoping some others can try this out and confirm the very limited data I have thus far. For those who have this forgetful focus problem pretty frequently and are on Windows, run SERVICES MANAGER (press Windows and R, then type services.msc and then ENTER) and scroll down to Windows Error Reporting Service. Right click and select PROPERTIES then under Startup Type change it from Manual (I believe that's the default) to DISABLED then APPLY. Obviously if you're not comfortable and familiar with what I'm describing hold off a bit. If it works for a few other people I'll go into some more detail on what is happening. I tried it a few minutes ago n my machine because of some testing and research that led me to believe that might be the cause, and so far the forgetful focus problem hasn't occurred in Evernote for me. If it seems to be the cause for others as well then I'll go into some more detail that will enable those less comfortable with these kinds of changes to decide whether they want to do it. Please respond here whether this works for you or not. Thanks! --Jason
  11. I totally agree and my post was unclear. I never would have used Evernote in the first place if the data were not exportable. That means what I've put into my EN database is always accessible to me in a universal format but it doesn't solve the problem of getting them into another tool (I'd prefer whatever I use next to not only have my notes from today going forward but for the last 10 years as well). Also, the fact that the database can and does work offline means that my regular backup routine, which includes the Evernote folder, and my saving of various installers going back years means that I can always generate an HTML and/or ENEX file anytime even if EN takes away that functionality in the future (no reason to think they would). Do you also export to ENEX and have you tried importing that to OneNote? Curious how well things like formatting comes through. As far as I'm aware there's not currently an import option into Google Keep, right?
  12. I've always felt like I'd invested so much time in Evernote and had so many notes in it that I was going to be using it forever. That is, as much as people tell me how much they love Google Keep I've never even looked at it because I felt like it couldn't be enough of an improvement to merit the headache of converting over from Evernote. Today I downloaded Google Keep for the first time. I'm not sure how many people are affected but there are multiple threads on it (for example) and a whole lot of "Me Too"s. I need to start working on an exit strategy since it doesn't appear Evernote has any plans of acknowledging or fixing this. For those who are experiencing it, is it equally prevalent on all your Windows devices or does it tend to affect only some or one?
  13. This has been happening for me as well for months. Currently on Windows. I'm invested enough it Evernote that it will take awhile for annoyances and ignored bugs like this to get me to switch, but I'm an IT consultant who in past years has helped hundreds of clients learn about Evernote and half of those purchase premium accounts. Now, I no longer even tell people about it. It's too embarrassing to have to explain why I use, much less recommend, software that pays so little attention to it's bugs.
  14. Not sure how long this has been in the program. I'm using and just noticed it for the first time today. After years of hoping and asking it looks like we can now navigate around a table without having to go row by row. Are there other improvements in the table functionality I've yet to discover? This is a huge one and much appreciated. Thanks!
  15. Don't get me wrong, I'm glad this annoyance is finally being fixed, but SIX YEARS from when the problem was first identified and THREE AND A HALF YEARS since spg SCOTT explained precisely what was going on and how EN could fix it . . . Think of all the millions of customer annoyances that have transpired in those six years that could have been avoided with what I suspect is a couple of lines of code. I can sort of understand the 2011-2014 period because diagnosing the root cause of problems is hard, but spg SCOTT did that part for EN. Changing the code to NOT save something to the registry is a few minutes of work. How many Evernote users have thrown their hands up in frustration and switched to something else (or opted not to pay for Premium) because of this constant annoyance during those intervening three years? Workarounds are not only inferior but they only work for those of us who happened to read this thread and it still means that every few months I'm having to refer back to the thread, open and close, etc etc. Someone at EN should dedicate a few hours a week to harvesting this kind of low-hanging fruit so as to have a regular string of customer-oriented wins to talk about.
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