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  1. If you're being blocked in a browser (not the desktop exe), then it sounds like ISP is blocking the URL. EeGads! I'm actually surprised that can still connect as I thought Evernote blocked all clients before (shoot, I forget the exact version, but I think) 6.7.
  2. That's true. The Ink editor is a special MS control so it doesn't integrate with the editor window (chrome) at all.
  3. Alt+Right, Alt+Left. If you modify the toolbar and add the back/forward button, hovering over that will show the shortcut.
  4. I don't remember for certain (I'd have to dump out the enml and look), but I think the ink data is also stored as an attachment. Either that, or just a binary-cdata section in the html... (That code all existed before I started there and I never worked on it - except to port the actual inkedit dll from Visual Studio 2005 to VS2010 (I think that was the port...) - I just remember the new compiler triggered some compile errors in the code due to C++11 changes - but that didn't require any knowledge of how we used the control within the editor)
  5. Actually, the fix is easier. Just unpin the blank icon. And re-pin. Officially, Microsoft does not allow access to changing user choices (pinning is one), so the installer doesn't try to do nefarious things like other installers (Firefox!) do. Since the underlying exe has changed, MS no longer considers the previous pin a valid shortcut.
  6. I'm pretty sure that's Windows. Windows "knows" the exe you mapped that too has been deleted (because of the installer) so it removes the mapping. There's not much EN can do about that...
  7. Wait, what? Must. Beat. The. Estimate! (yeah, not happening on my commute... 16mi on a 65mph highway - I'm lucky if it only takes 45min.)
  8. As a previous employee, I'll just say it would be crashes that they could actually reproduce. Not all crashes reported here can be. (And some crashes that are seen in-house can't be either. It's _really_ hard to banish those gremlins when they keep disappearing!) Please, keep those coming. If crashes aren't reported, there's no way they can be fixed...
  9. I remember that! I owned a number of versions of it. Still like how it determines estimated drive times better than what Google does now... (since it uses, by default, lower speed limits, it effectively accounts for stop lights - which google maps obviously doesn't - since my ETA always slips when I'm caught at a light!) (I actually started fulltime AT&T in 89, started as a contractor there in 87)
  10. When I worked at EN, that's pretty much what I did. Company stuff was via Chrome. Personal stuff (EN included) was via Firefox. (The Win client was pointing at either my company account or, more usually, test accounts)
  11. LOL. I started programming on Windows in 1992 (for AT&T/theychangedtheirname/NCR). Win3.1.
  12. I know first hand... way back when, I had a tape backup system for my DOS system. When I needed it, I discovered it was write-only.
  13. I'm pretty sure that was the last thing done during shutdown. Obviously making sure the database is properly closed is the highest priority! Guess I'm pretty lucky at this point in my career - my bosses usually listen to me when I say it's worth taking the extra time now! Age (and experience) do still count for something in our world! (mumblemumble young whippersnappers and their framework-of-the-week mumble...)
  14. When importing, evernote loads the entire enex file into memory first (before parsing). Evernote is a 32bit process. So if you have a large enex, you will fail to load it. You can use a single large file as a backup mechanism, but you're not going to be able to get that back into EN...
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