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  1. Wait. Wat??? It should be: if it don't work 5th time I use a bigger hammer...
  2. Sounds like v10 supports overwrite/insert mode. Every program (Visual Studio being the main one) I've used that supports that uses Insert to toggle between the modes. (No idea if that will work as I still use v6)
  3. Actually, they're saints. All customer service is - they have to be! They're the ones literally between the rock (the managers that made that decision and the developers who had to implement it) and the hard place (the users).
  4. Something to be aware of - as far an EN is concerned, "name+tag@address" and "name@address" are 2 completely different accounts. (As an ex-evernote employee, that was a great way to create a bunch of test accounts)
  5. It sounds like somehow the size of the window was made larger than the screen. I don't run v10 (you can take v6 from my cold dead keyboard!) so I don't know if this will work - press alt+spacebar (brings up system menu), use arrows keys the select 'Move' (press return), press any arrow key (to start the move), then use the mouse to get the caption visible. You should be able to resize it then. This should work with any windows program - unless the program is doing something truly funky. This even works when a program thinks it is located a million miles off-screen. (I used to have to do t
  6. Not 'may'. 'Will'. I forget the limit, but I believe import limits to somewhere between 1 and 2 GB. Because of how the parsing is done, everything has to be read into memory first.
  7. This is entirely expected when you use CEF (Chromium Embedded Framework). (Dear Lord, Please let me never have to deal with CEF in my career again...)
  8. Evernote does not have sub-notebooks. Only notebooks and stacks.
  9. Well, yeah, if you completely rewrite export/import then anything can be done! Even just adding the note's GUID to the export is not sufficient - because the current export has no notebook information. If you modified the import procedure to allow selecting multiple enexs and assigning each to a notebook on import, then you could reconstruct the graph. That's not an insignificant task. (Yes, I've worked on that code in the past - v6, never worked on v10 before I left)
  10. Except for one very important fact. When you import an enex back into Evernote, it is created as a new note. So that old GUID is basically useless. Ok, you could keep a complete history of every GUID a note has had. But now when you import that, do you want to link to the old (possibly existing note)? Or to the note that's in the enex that you're going to import in a couple minutes? Clairvoyance is hard! And, no, importing a note back in with the same idea would be a very bad idea. What happens if that old note exists? What happens if you're offline and that note does not exist locally bu
  11. Not sure I would call it "integrated" It's just a command line program that is installed (to the same directory EN is) when you install v6.
  12. Well, they had to at least skip v7 because that was where the Mac version was. (Rolling 5 different platform versions to a single common number)
  13. I had mentioned that as I thought I'd seen someone else post that in another thread. (I'm only running v6...) I'll edit (if I can) my post above...
  14. Not possible. Win10S only allows store installs. The only solution (until the scheduled 10.6 fix) is to use the web client.
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