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  1. As I remember, that number was defined by product managers... I don't remember if it's a configurable number...
  2. That would be the UNICODE consortium!
  3. Do you close acrobat? As I remember, EN only updates the attachment when it sees the program it launched has exited (which simply doesn't work for Windows Store apps - because they're "special".)
  4. Evernote has no direct support for a pen. Any pen actions it sees act simply like mouse actions. (Well, unless they added that in the last year, but it doesn't look like it)
  5. Not random. It's how the OS says to sort it. (As I remember, it uses the Win32 comparison api)
  6. I know during the 6 years I was there, it never even appeared as a hint in any upcoming work...
  7. That is the standard windows folder selection dialog. (Since I'm no longer there, I don't remember what option are passed to it) You can browse to your OneDrive folder by navigating to "C:\Users\<yourname>\OneDrive".
  8. If I remember, it just goes into your default notebook. You can also drag/drop the enex to a specific notebook (or just to the note list).
  9. Sublime is a plain text editor. Google Docs pasted exactly as EN did. Your 2nd paste was paste-as-plain-text - that's different. What's missing in EN is Google's paste-as-plain-text. (I'm never sure what paste-and-match-style does - I don't use it) What I do for things like that is paste into a plain editor (notepad, sublime, vim, etc), then select the text there and copy it. That puts plain text on the clipboard and removes any other format that EN may attempt first. (EN will always use html before plain text if it is available)
  10. What EN is capable of completely depends on the source from the website. If they have really squirrelly html source, there's not much EN can do about that...
  11. Guess my old Lenovo X61 isn't the future... Yes, that's a 32bit piece of hardware - still running Win7 (I tried to update it to Win10 at one point. Failed miserably. So it makes a good test machine) The only other 32bit "machines" I have are a couple Win-XP VMs. Not really sure why I haven't deleted those...
  12. Yes. And sometimes they do get autosaved and become real notes. So as usual, your mileage may vary... (but if delete was disabled as above, then the note is still just temporary)
  13. To the OP, as far as I know (and I doubt it's changed in the almost-1-year since I left), Ink notes cannot be converted to text (there is no text in them - only ink strokes), nor can a text note be converted to Ink. I have no idea whether they get OCRd (I don't think so since they're not images)
  14. Right click on the toolbar, Customize. You can drag/drop icons off the bar and put them on.
  15. There is. When a new note is initially created, it's not really there yet, so you can't delete. If you just switched to a different note, that new empty note will just vanish. (That whole new note flow is funky as h**l. Caused me no end of grief when working on issues in the various note lists. So much more fun to be doing greenfield work on robotic systems!)
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