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  1. In addition to forcing updates on old versions, the upgrade stuff could be set so specific versions were tagged must-update. Sounds like that was one.
  2. My personal opinion: "the likelihood of it ever changing is beyond low". I could be wrong... I have no idea what the new beta can support - I stay(ed) as far away from javascript was I can(could)!
  3. I know you knew that! But some of the newcomers may not have made the connection!
  4. You could open the EXE in Visual Studio (as a resource) and modify the resource table... But, no, the ability to allow the user to remap accelerators was never done. It's not the simplest thing - I know, I implemented something like that in my little hobby program. With very limited developer resources, that was a conversation I never even heard come up during my 6 years there. (And, no, I don't know the history behind the mapping - that was done long before I started there)
  5. F3 is already in use. As is almost every key combination! As I remember, there's well over 100 different accelerators. (With a note in focus, F3 jumps you up to the tags and lets you start adding a tag)
  6. As I remember, the option to Skip is removed if you're on an old unsupported version. What version are you currently running?
  7. `@dconnet` was my previous Evernote time (thru Jun 2019). `@dcon` is me!
  8. The first one you may have previously said GOAWAY! ("Don't show again") I know the first time I install on a new machine and exit, I always click that! I think the 2nd only comes up sometimes (I don't remember the conditions). But you do need to have sync-changes-on-exit enabled (in options).
  9. Just using the `/DebugMenu` one. Tho I don't really need any of that stuff now...
  10. On one of my machines, the shortcut is always broken after install. The other machines are fine. No idea - and I worked on installers for a couple years before joining EN. I just delete the weird shortcut because I have a custom one that passes some command line args. I blame MSI.
  11. Obviously, from my point - Good! From other peoples? I'm too old and cranky to care!)
  12. 🤷‍♂️ No clue whether it's the EN editor or CEF. (I never looked at the EN javascript editor. I'm a C++ dude - I have to preserve my sanity!)
  13. Not really. The only way a Win32 app knows that is by looking at an undocumented registry key. (Unless MS has changed that in the last few months - I work on Ubuntu now so I don't really keep up on things like that) And trying to get some system components (like the list control) to draw correctly is ... um ... I'm sure people at Evernote can still hear the echos of my screams (I left last June!) when I tried to get the listctrl working correctly...
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