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  1. I think the issue is that the Windows Store offers EN when in S mode. I remember a thread a while back where EN acknowledged v10 doesn't work right. (I thought I saw a post saying it was resolved, but - what were we talking about again?) v6 does not work in S mode. As far as I know, no "centennial" apps do (the whole security issue).
  2. That's by design. So it can continue syncing in the background. V6 did that too - you had to do a File->Exit to really close (unless Sync-In-Background was turned off, then the 'X' would close EN). I don't run v10, so I don't know if the same thing works in v10.
  3. ... and do not install both the AppStore and direct download (v10) versions. (You can install the AppStore and v6 direct download)
  4. Legacy didn't allow customizing the non-global shortcuts either. However, they should only be active when the application has focus so they shouldn't affect other applications. (Note, I don't run v10 so I can't check)
  5. Another thought - wherever the OP was getting that has somebody who is man-in-the-middling. ISPs (and companies) are known to do that. Though they usually wouldn't have untrusty sources.
  6. (waves hand) I was looking into at least making more things respond to the current dark "theme" that's there now. Talk about spiraling down a rabbit hole... I remember the list control (the one with columns) gave me particular issues that I never resolved. Had to go back to fixing existing bugs about that time.
  7. I believe Plus gives you access to note history. (or is that a premium feature - I honestly don't remember...)
  8. Thought of another choice: leave v6 alone and install the Store version of v10. Because it's a store app, it shouldn't affect your v6 install at all. (Caveat: I have not tried this.)
  9. LOL. Usually because they can't reproduce them! Can't tell you how many times (at every company I've worked for) I've tried to fix things like that.
  10. Sounds like you're using more than 2 devices. Log in via the web and revoke access to the unused devices. (Free users are limited to 2 devices. In the past, the webbrowser wasn't counted. It is now.)
  11. This one is too. But what we (users) consider critical can easily be different from what the company does. And often there simply is no good response to some the of criticisms, so they refrain. (Yes, I know from personal experience - I worked there for 6 years. Some of us were a little more willing to post here than others.)
  12. I will say, during the 6 years I worked on the Windows platform, a lock feature was never even discussed internally. All I'll say to that is "Thank $deity!" I really wouldn't have wanted to implement an entire security system within that code. (Do you know how easy it is to get security completely wrong? **shudder**!)
  13. I'm actually surprised Plus is still a thing. I could have sworn it was being deprecated when I left 1.5y ago... Guess they haven't forced the conversion of existing Plus users yet...
  14. Wait. Wat??? It should be: if it don't work 5th time I use a bigger hammer...
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